How important to you are the major Android updates?

by XB on 16th December 2013

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Android updateEveryone loves a firmware update,  but let’s be honest,  if being on the latest Android version was critical to you then you probably wouldn’t own a Sony Xperia. The Nexus devices would feature more highly on your list.

The reaction to the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition was an interesting one,  as despite launching with stock Android 4.4 KitKat, many comments here professed an attraction to Sony’s skin.

So despite all of the desperation around the big Android firmware updates,  it seems that there are certain factors that have tied you into the Sony Xperia experience.

With the Android 4.3 updates due to hit the Sony Xperia lineup in the next few weeks,  we would like to know how important this is to you? Are you happy with the phone as it is, or are promised Android updates crucial to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • jack

    it doesnt matter… android updates are jus too minor…

  • digitalteddybear

    Little mistake in text : “Are you happy with the phone is it is,” AS IT IS.

  • brapi

    Well updates are important, but for me a stable firmware is the real deal. No one wants a buggy firmware since it ruins the overall performance of the device and of course I really prefer a smooth Sony UI anytime.

  • solano89

    Not that important but it’s nice from time to time to have a new android version on your phone. The feeling is like heaving a new phone. I’m changing my phones in every 2 year so I’m at my second Xperia phone, X10i and Xperia pro. Every time I got a new android version that was the feeling that I experienced alongside with the feeling that SONY gives something for the costumers and not just takes their money (customer care is working). I like SONY and I liked better ERICSSON so that’s the main reason why I’m with SONY and I’m going to buy next year my first SONY Xperia without ERICSSON. I just want the riight price for the phone! ;)

  • Feanor

    They are important but Google have also to put their act together; The jumps between 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 were too small to justify the fuss. Particularly 4.3 seems to have been released in order to market the Nexus 7 with a new OS version. If Google released one major update yearly, then the manufacturers would also be more able to update their products on time.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks, amended.

  • grammar_nazi

    also… we wouldn’t to know how important this is to you?

    should be…we would want to know how important this is to you.

  • Thom

    Well, I had a Nexus device before my Xperia Z. The reason I changed is that my N4 died and I never wanted a new one because the bad memories. And yes, updates are important because of security reasons, stability reasons, memory footprint and new services and components as well.

  • perec96

    I want 4.3 and 4.4 very very want!!!

  • arunprakash

    Everyone wants Sony’s proprietary technology improvements in the name of Firmware update…
    Now I am expecting only the increase in performance in camera side for my ZR

  • Marinko Agic

    To many updates and nothing big new!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    “we wouldn’t to know how” – should be “we would want to know how”

  • Guest

    Update are not so important as part sony is concern. because each new update bring little good thing and more problem.. All android update are buggy and not up to the level.

    Sometime it is good to stay on same version rather than to update the firmware. Also Google and other vendor are deploying poor update thinking that they will solve all problem in next update.

    So a each new update mean that their is lack of effort from OS developer or Vendor in fixing the Old OS buggy and this mean that they are not able to developed a good OS which require minimum update and save our internet bandwidth…

  • jake

    Major update is fine , but 4.1 to 4.2 4.3 is not important to me .

  • zzsetozz

    For me I don’t care About Updates as updates, I care how Sony would
    implement the new features and users feedback for missing features, for
    me I would like to see the moving apps to SD card option, but my Xperia Z
    latest software is perfect.

  • Niclas Sweden

    That’s not very important I’m just glad to get a better phone :-D and its fun but I don’t get orgasm excited about new firmwareB-)

  • pixlas

    Numbers don’t matter. It’s the content that matters and frankly, lately the cookies have not been that important. Android is stable enough now so only new cool features will drive the urge for speedy updates. But then again, all bigger companies like Sony and the rest will have side tracks for features anyway. So, when push comes to shove – my love for new android cookies have faded somewhat.

  • Dominic Wong

    I am always very excited over new updates…

  • lex

    Hope the 4.3 comes to xperia V by this year end n 4.4 soon

  • XperiaBlog


  • Alex

    Only 4.1 was important for my Xperia S, because Project Butter really make Android smoother.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I want Android update not because it’s latest. I want it because of the useful feature and better performance.
    And at some situation, you want it because of the bugs of your current software.

    Stable > Latest

  • perec96

    very very important!

  • Vitali

    I’m not happy with my Xperia S, now I’m stuck with 4.1.2 version, and updates are pretty important for me because it can improve performance, bring new features, and now I’m stuck with old walkman, movies, album versions, and these are very useful. Give us walkman update S owners will be much happier. That’s what I think..

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Google is acting like some Mobile corporation, whenever a feature is announced, be it a minor or not useful a long as they can use it as advertisement, they will release an update. The curve phone of Samsung for example.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I don’t know why Sony is not giving app updates officially to older devices when it’s obviously can support by the devices. Marketing strategy, I guess.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    It’s always exciting for me to wait for the new features. But it’s just for the fun of it, nothing more. Aside from the minor glitches, these devices are always up to the tasks they are intended to do, out-of-the-box.

  • Ritesh Ramtohul

    New features! Its always about getting new, interesting and useful stuffs that matters to me. Take 4.3 for example, it does not have many striking new features compared to 4.2.2. Sony could have just skipped it for 4.4. However, we (xperia z users) are getting a new camera ui and a new theme! So yeah major update matters to me but its not necessarily just from android versions.

  • David S.

    I would say that the major updates are important if they add new features to the core OS. And example is the bluetooth features of 4.3 that allow apps to show meta data of songs on a car stereo. Other than that, I think that the Sony Experiance is an enhanced version of Google’s Experiance and is more beautiful. And becuase it is more beautiful and a joy to use, I dont mind not having the latest Updates as much
    So I will say that updates are important when they are important, but no as much when they dont have that much in them (i.e. 4.1-4.2).

  • Jerry Berglund

    There is reasons why Sony didnt skip 4.3, and it must be the reason that 4.3 was almost done allready before 4.4 was released. Instead of make you guys wait even longer for an update, they did go on with the 4.3 instead.

  • Jerry Berglund

    I concure with you. I bought the Sony Ericsson for the Ericsson feeling, and is for me to the reason why I now have a Sony without the Ericsson Logo. Despite it actually is a Sony Ericsson phone too.The problem with Sony Ericssons phone wasnt bad hardware, or even bad software. That was that the hardware was maybe outdated before it hit the shelfs on the market. But the phones were good.

  • Rajat

    The UI on Sony Xperia devices has been satisfactory till now. An update to version 4.3 will definitely do its bit to let people stick to the Xperia phones. Eagerly waiting for the update to release before Christmas!

  • Jerry Berglund

    I guess thats what happend when Sony Ericsson desided to billed Xperia S with this old plattform. It wasnt a bad one, but Qualcomm dont do drivers to that plattform anymore. So thats why it cant get updated beyond 4.1. Its a pity, because it wasnt a bad phone.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    The updates must contain something new.

  • Jerry Berglund

    For me an update is important, but not vital. I still think updates is for making a phone work better, to fix problems and so forth. If the phone really works good, and wont get better, then an update is of no use. The fun part is that the phones get new features with every update. Makes the phone feel like a new phone. but sometimes it can do the other way around and make it worse. That only happend for me once though, and that was with Sony Xperia S and its ICS-update.

  • xperiaDROID

    Yes, major updates are important and especially to tech enthusiasts because we want to see something new on the UI and features, and phones will show their age as you used it for a long time so major updates will improve the speed of the UI and the performance of the phone IMO. So yeah, major updates are important to me.

    I didn’t choose the Nexus because I’m used to Sony’s UI so why would I want to change to stock Android? But I’m thinking of getting a Nexus 7 (2013 edition) because I want to try the stock Android on a tablet.

  • fried_egg

    Not massively as the flexibility of having a “late enough” O/S for all the apps I want is good enough. However I do always buy the flagship and so expect to always have the expected “support” for its “life” (2 years). I did not buy a feature phone so I do not expect to be “left” on an old system or limited to the apps that the maker installs.

  • fried_egg

    The S was great, but it is long in the tooth and Sony made the error of launching it with a “lesser” chip to the “latest” – that cut its life for updates. However it still pees on many of the mid-tier phones being released today. It was a flagship and the quality shows. It however is now “very old”

  • luka3rd

    For every Android user updates are important! It has been that way from the beginning… We are mostly stuck with Xperia for its design and Sony brand… Some nice features also…
    But, if updates don’t come to my SP soon… I’m going back to galaxy S5!
    Android version IS critical, as is for any brand… That exactly shows the brand’s strength!
    It’s like Sony wrote this article to tell us that they just can’t keep up to date. Poor Sony…

  • Heau

    I have only one major reason to wait for 4.3 on my Z Ultra, that is to use the bluetooth finder (tinyfinder) that I bought. Other than that I’m pretty much fine with 4.2, compare with 4.0 on my old Xperia Ray.

  • lewko

    Since Android 4.1 there is really no big improvement to the Android OS…. The performance improvement lies in the drivers area mostly and features of the new OS are already many times present in the Sony Skin…
    Sony should really release a “themes” editor so people can create their own themes for Xperia handsets, thus clearly gain advantage on competition…
    Also some basic “profile” app would be beneficial, again something sony can easily do to improve customer experience…
    And one more thing, the moment Android starts displaying adds in gmail and core apps… good bye..

  • Billy de Fretes

    the only problem for me is xperia z camera. sometimes, my girl friend acro s get better image than my xperia z (she’s using auto while i’m on manual mode). and of course WALKMAN. the quality of sound from walkman in xperia z worse than old sony ericsson W series

  • boss hoss

    i was tired of waiting for xperia m dual, so i did get e.
    i am mainly using phone and messages but it feels slow
    so waiting for an update to 4.4

  • waseem ahamed

    Annoyed by the way sony is making a delay in the update line up…… more over the major people in android are going to samsung were as sony is lacking in features……. :( Just camera or screen is not required they need to build a phone which has a inbult features like the samsung do…. :(

  • Anders Hansson

    Very important, but the nexus phones seem to always be a step behind hardware wise. not all of it but there always seems to something that is skimped… I’m probably gonna go Nexus as soon as i see it as reasonable. Why is it important then? Well, do you update your operating system on your computer? Do you make sure the drivers and games for instance are the latest version. Bugfixes, tweaks and security issues. I would hate being half a year or a whole year behind updatewise if something comes out that i really want but it needs a newer version of OS.

  • sacrow

    The fact that google play store don’t sell nexus devices.
    Given the spec at that price point

    And typical sony to optimize their OS update + their sturdy build ( and yes I love the waterproofed phones )
    Taking xperia is the logical way for me.
    But OS update is very important, for security reason and optimization

  • Dmitry Perets

    I don’t care about major Android upgrades per se – in fact, if my last-year phone is stable and well-performing with the current Android version, I don’t mind if it won’t get KitKat or whatever the newest Android release will be. So for instance, I am pretty happy with 4.1 on Xperia V. Upgrading it to 4.3 is nice-to-have, but not a MUST, in my opinion – and hopefully the stability will not be compromised (because currently the phone is very stable IMHO). However, that being said, fixing BUGS is another story. Just like other vendors (including Google itself), Sony seems to be pretty unresponsive to users’ bug reports. So, for example, a long-lasting bug in Walkman app can last forever, because nobody spends time to reproduce and fix it. My conclusion is: I would prefer if Sony (and other vendors) would spend more time in fixing existing bugs in proprietary software, rather than incrementing major Android version number. Of course, if it is possible to do both – that’s great.

  • AnP

    Yes, major OS updates are important for me. But I am reasonable towards it at the same time. I didn’t buy a Nexus device but I bought a Sony ’cause it offers those extra enhancements that are useful for me. I don’t make unreasonable comments against Sony for delaying an update or taking more time than usual. Let’s face the facts, the moment you buy an OEM device, OS updates “TAKE TIME”. One more thing that people need to understand clearly is that OEM’s mostly care for their flagship devices ONLY with respect to OS updates and I don’t blame them entirely. If you chose a mid-ranger or entry level phone, it’s ’cause mostly you’re either not a power user of smartphones or you can’t afford one at that time and so also accept the fact that the manufacturer might not give you all major OS updates instead of bad mouthing them. Whether a flagship or mid-ranger, as long as your phone functions fine and smooth with the OS that can be best provided with it, BE HAPPY! And it’s annoying when some people come on XPERIA blog, ranting about updates comparing with Samsung or other OEMs. If you like them so much, why are wasting your time here? Duh!!!

  • hans

    It depends. My opinion though:
    4.0 to 4.1 is quite major because of Project Butter
    4.1 to 4.2 is not that major but lock screen widget brings a new useful feature to lock screen so it’s 50/50
    4.2 to 4.3 depends on how Sony implements the fstrim command. If it doesn’t work by default, then this one is a really minor upgrade.
    4.3 to 4.4 is minor if you already have a flagship device with 2GB RAM. even some feature like App Ops is removed so not really that important to have a KitKat.

    So there you have it. With my XZU though, 4.2.2 is already as good as it gets. Everything is smooth and cool. I actually care more if Sony releases 4.2.2 update with hardware enhancement (namely the camera side of things) than Sony releases 4.4 with no big difference.

  • xperianer

    in the past i flashed many custom roms for my xperia T.
    but since some weeks i use my own stock based custom rom 4.1jb.
    and i think updates arent that important anymore for me.

    There are just some nice things, for example the 4.2 lockscreenwidgets. i think its a must-have feature.
    i mostly use my phone in fullscreen with hided status-/navbar…thats why the lockscreenwidgets are important for me.

    and i think the step from 4.1 to 4.3 is good to go. i totally understand sony for switching 4.2.

    love the sony ui, and honestly….after my flashaholic time, now i also like some of the sony applications.

    ask me that 7months before, i would have answered i want have the newest alltime, CM, AOKP, Omni. but iam over that :)

  • xperianer

    sonys firmwares are custamizable. so we can mod the hell out of that firmwares, that nice too

  • Alvin

    More frustrating is that Xperia P has better support than Xperia S. I paid more and bought Xperia S, and they had a stable firmware one and a half year later but it is still buggy in terms of unnecessary ackground apps.

    And don’t tell me about the support of Qualcomm again and again. Although beyond 4.2 is impossible, Sony can bring updates of their apps such as Walkman and Album. However, when they launch this phone, they never. They introduced new features to Xperia P and U etc first and were unwilling to bring to Xperia S. Finally Xperia S can have the so called Extended Standby Mode which can just force some apps to sleep… And some camera functions without improving pictures quality but you know the GPU of Xperia S is totally shit!

    I don’t know what Xperia S users did something wrong. Seems Xperia S users are being discriminated by the company: high radiation among Android phones, outdated CPU and GPU, worst battery (worse than Xperia P and U), expensive, worst camera… That’s why I will never buy Sony products again, even they show improvement afterwards.

  • notarious

    Super-buper important

  • Shanky Mantri

    Definately updates are important…i am using sony series with android 4m start with x10 so i can definitely see the updates solving n improvng performance…Rite now i am lookng forward 2 solve camera noise speclly in 4.3 …otherwise the 4.2.2 updates is relly cool…

  • tk

    If the phone is fully functional, has decent battery life, etc i wouldn’t be bothered with a whole ui overhaul. Wish they could update different components of the ui separately. In this day and age when manufactures are pushing hardware refreshes every few months I suspect some updates are designed to render your phone less usable so as to get you to upgrade. I remember keeping my 3310 for more than 3 years and even now if I was to power it up I know it would still work as well as it did 10 years ago.

  • Toni

    1 security
    2 not feel wasting money on a device
    3 fresh features

  • Stefan Finland

    Since Wifi is not working properly on my brand new SP I hope that the new 4.3 has a fix or I’ll return it to the store…

  • Rob

    “It’s like Sony wrote this article to tell us that they just can’t keep up to date. Poor Sony…”

    You do realize that Xperiablog is not affiliated with Sony corporation, right?

  • Giannis Salonikios

    Sorry for bad english…who update Xperia SP 4.3 jb;;;

  • Changez Khan

    Updates should be given as soon as possible so that we will never miss out any feature which comes with updates even the people will be more attracted to the devices which gets the update soon even u should update the mid range devices because the most selling mobile in the market will be those rather than the flagships

  • luka3rd

    My poor English… Sorry.
    What I meant: it looks like it was written by Sony…
    I know that Sony has nothing to do with it.

  • ryan

    Not so important. Stable, bug-free firmware is more important for me. I also prefer latest sony app update and camera improvements.

  • Guest

    very very important for me now because my phone xperia S have a problem, not working HDMI after update 6.2.B.1.96 so i want 4.2 4.3 or 4.4 to fix my phone sony please.
    do it sony that fans want!

  • swedishfan

    I bought my Z1 less than a month ago, so I could have chosen the LG G2 or the Nexus 5 which have more up to date versions of Android. It really doesn’t matter that the Android is a little old to me, it works. And I appreciate that Sony is talking time to ensure that all their own Apps on my phone will work well with the new versions. I chose Sony because I like the brand, the styling of the phone and its quality finish. As it is, the Google side of the product works nicely with my Android tablet and my Chrome browser on my Mac. Google Now is cool too. The Sony software on the camera and the Walkman app are well designed, and work really well. They are not clunky and cartoony style like the Samsung bloatware on my tablet. Nor do Sony overload the device with their own versions of everything like Samsung do. My only comment is that I would the Walkman app to be better developed to allow my existing music library to be sorted by year or genre. As it is I have to create my own playlists to do this, which should not be necessary as all this data is embedded in the music track. All Sony should have to do is to add the appropriate selection button on the Walkman homepage.

  • Senay Mehreteab

    very very important for me now because my phone xperia S have a problem, not working HDMI after update 6.2.B.1.96 so i want 4.2 4.3 or 4.4 to fix my phone sony please.
    do it sony that fans want if respect us!

  • ShinOrochiX

    After being with Sony (Ericsson) for several years I don’t mind if I don’t have the latest Android version, but what I do want is a modern version (4.0+) that fully works/bugfree. I just want a bug free version of android that runs optimally-is that to much to ask for Sony?

    What Sony do is provide android updates but what happens is that when they fix one bug they expose another one, it is a never ending cycle…

  • ShinOrochiX

    The last stable/bug free firmware I used from Sony (Ericsson) was Gingerbread, it was the best and still is-too bad GB is outdated otherwise I’d still be on it. The current 4.2.2 on my Xperia L is riddled with bugs.

  • Xperia S was killed due to Qualcomm stopped the production of the S3 chipset, can’t blame Sony for that. P and U on the other hand have NovaThor, (ST)Ericsson’s chip which is dead but still being develop to some extend

  • ShinOrochiX

    Yea. But then again the P ran on the NovaThor platform by ST-Ericsson which no longer operates. Atleast Qualcomm are still around. NovaThor is history.

  • 4.3 update that was released by doomlord for Xperia Z was pretty bug free, haven’t encounter any and it’s really smooth. No lag found yet.

  • pars71

    i think 4.4 has good features and improvements . i hope we see 4.4 on xperia M and others . i appreciate Sony update support

  • Brad Hayuma

    Also disappointed as a Xperia S owner, for a long time stuck with 4.1.2, seems that good news are coming for Christmas ?

  • Saurabh Raut

    I am happy with my Xperia Z in all matters…
    but having a new Update bring you more features, performance etc..
    like Battery life will surely be one of the notable change…
    Heard that Xperia Z Will Be getting the Z1 UI, it will be fun even for the ui and all new features that sony will offer

  • Vlad

    I don’t really care about updates for the moment. I have a Xperia P with Android 4.1.2, the battery is bad and it’s slow sometimes but I really believe that this is because Android is very inefficient as an OS, particularly an embedded OS. From what I have read and tested on other devices, the 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 versions do not improve much when it comes to the processor usage. And since I have 1 GB of RAM I don’t care about its usage. It’s really really hard to optimize an OS so that the processing time and task switching time is smaller when you don’t know the applications (the perfect way is to optimize applications and OS in tandem). Any computer with a lot of ram and an SSD will work bad if you have a bad processor.

    “Android 4.4 takes system performance to an all-time high by optimizing memory and improving your touchscreen so that it responds faster and more accurately than ever before. This means that you can listen to music while browsing the web, or race down the highway with the latest hit game, all without a hitch.” From official Kit Kat website, as you can see, they only improved multitasking in terms of memory, touchscreen but not the execution itself.

    Also for sure battery cannot be improved significantly since Android is made to eat you alive.

    Embedded systems professional,

  • toni7

    Xperia S was way better supported some months ago

    xperia U/P/S/go has 5-6 active developer which can do much more work than raymanFX alone

    btw the 4.1.2 update for XS is the best stock FW i have ever seen and camera and battery are perfect here. even w/o that useless stamina/extended battery mode

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    I have a Xperia P, and I just installed Greenify now I have 350 – 400 MB free RAM. It’s smooth. but it still has some bugs especially if you enable stamina mode

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    It’s not very important anymore, because Google updates Android with new features without updating the whole OS (except features that depends on a new OS core).

  • Tim

    It really makes sense when people nearly get angry waiting for Android 4.3 on their Xperia, even if it might simply bring similar experiences. By updating your phone, especially mid-range ones, we will have the feeling like ‘Hey, Sony still even care of their mid-end concumers, thats cool’. Trust me, that helps us believing in Sony for choosing a high-end phone in the next time. If not, well Motorola phones are cool and up-to-date aint they?

  • santhosh

    Sony if u are not release android updates for 2012 phones is not a problem because each android versions 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 is small changes but please update firmware bug fix, Walkman app, movies app, album apps, new theme, new UI for 2012 smart phones. When you update this kind of new apps we are little happy and feels something new and next we go to buy only Sony smart phones otherwise your customers will buy Nexus or some other company smart phones.

  • Berg

    From what they’ve announced, it looks like at least some of the 2012 products will be updated. I assume the ones not based on NovaThor platform. ie. T, TX, V etc.

  • neville chidawanyika

    Why not jus make the current OS stable and fix bugs? And juss add features

  • Paul M

    Stability first, new releases second.
    I’d rather Sony skip a few minor releases and produce a solid firmware than rush things out with bugs.. The XZU Play Edition shows how things can go wrong on the rush to release.

  • Paul M

    Yes we can blame Sony for this. Sony shouldn’t have signed the deal with Qualcomm without agreeing Linux kernel support for N years where N >= 3.

  • Telaran

    I had a X10 with 1.6 and waited several Months before we got 2.1 and at first Sony wouldn’t go 2.3 (after a “Shitstorm” they made the update). I’ve bought the Xperia S when it was on 2.3 and luckily I had only to wait 5 months for 4.0.4
    Major Updates were back then Important and crucial. Now? Android still stuck on 4.x since almost 2 years. At least for phones the changes are not that crucial.

    For me are other points important:
    – Security (Bugfixes -> So they should be available on all releases)
    – Stability
    – Battery Life (Depend on Hard-/Software together)
    – Apps (Camera, Walkman, Timeline)

    As for now:
    Since the 4.1 Update I’m not satisfied with my Xperia S. Battery Life seems less (but I cannot be 100% sure if it’s due hardware or software). The Camera App seems somehow slow.

    For Future:
    I’m waiting for a “high-spec” smartphone with 4-4.5″. So it’s Sony’s Turn: If they offer Z1mini I will be a Sony Customer. If not? I would have to see or keep my Xperia S until a “Normal-Sized”-Smartphone will be available.

  • paul_cus

    I’m happy with the Sony UI. It’s one of the big reasons I go with them. It’s not very heavy and has a classy look. I also wouldn’t want to go without the Walkman app. I have skipped any updates that have come to the ZL and the Tablet Z. I liked the way they ran out of the box and wouldn’t change anything. So, I guess the Android updates aren’t important to me at all. I’ll get one when I buy a new phone in 2014.

  • Eduardo

    Ansioso por recibir la las próximas actualizaciones ya que cuento con un Xperia ZL, muchas gracias por u trabajo desarrollado y lo que continúan realizando para contar con los mejores equipos de Sony,


  • Better

    For people who DON’T have a Flagship Series…Don’t get butt hurt on the fact that, if ever they stop giving updates for your devices…You cannot update again and again for you historic devices…

    Would you even expect to have a 4.2 on an xperia x10?! No, right?!

    Feel lucky enough if your device has an update roll-out!

    Badmouthing Sony because they did not give you a latest version support won’t do any help…
    If Sony stops supporting your device, then thats’ it. Maybe its time to move on to another device..

    And yes I’m talking to Xperia S users…I know you guys love your device, Heck my Girlfriend has one also and its amazing…but if Sony chose not to continue it’s breath, than maybe it isn’t worth crying over spilled milk.

    To be honest the NXT Devices were a bit of a guinea pig for the first SONY only handsets..Quickly followed up with numerous devices and the ever so stealthy ARC series…

    But When the OMNI balance series came, also birth of Z family…The Xperia name found its way back to the smartphone battlefield equipped with better arsenal…

    So, We might sum-up that the 2013 series will have better support on updates since Sony is back in the mobile game…

  • ShinOrochiX

    Your right to an extent, but if Sony release a device they should provide updates for it regardless of it being a flagship. I am not fussed about major android versions but the quality of the current firmware e.g. I have the 2013 Xperia L running 4.2.2 and I don’t care if Sony ditched us on the firmware but all I want is a fully working 4.2.2 as opposed to the current buggy thing.

  • Bhargava Bruce

    I really like xperia line up and the xperia Ui which Sony has put up and if we get firmware update to entire xperia line up it ll be amazing coz I think xperia line up is made up of premium hardware and with proper firmware update xperia devices can do more and perform even better

  • Bhargava Bruce

    I really like xperia line up and the xperia Ui which Sony has put up and if we get firmware update to entire xperia line up it ll be amazing coz I think xperia line up is made up of premium hardware and with proper firmware update xperia line up can do more things and perform at its best

  • Xyor

    Not so important, but I do care about them. I like the functions that the android updates brought but those new stuff that Sony added are more appealing. Like the theme changing in the new 4.3, it’s so deep integrated and well designed. I choose Sony because of the Xperia experience, so even though I do like to have much more timely android version updates and the new and exciting functions by Google (such as the remove of the nfc security chip integration requirement, that enables google wallet for every nfc equipped phone) , I’d prefer to wait for the whole package by Sony.

  • lol

    i’m xperia L user and sony give AOSP 4.4 for this phone, owh ya i also pay less than xperia s

  • solano89

    Totally agree with you! They were phones with outdated OS. I remember my X10 with android 1.6 and waiting to get 2.1 and finally 2.3, those were the times! :) You know why I’m not mad at Sony Ericsson? The X10 was a good looking and ergonomic phone! I just loved it and my Xperia pro is the same but it’s time for me to go forward and to buy something new, a new SONY :D PS: I have all my ERICSSON and SONY ERICSSON phones that I’ve used till now, all working! ;)

  • boosook

    But if Qualcomm is the only option it’s clear that Sony cannot choose the terms of the agreement. Since competition it’s good, let’s hope that competition with Mediatek will convince Qualcomm to be less arrogant.

  • Praha

    Just see xperia j column in talk.sonymobile forum… we are suffering from many probs, stock ics apps for more than 8months time… :(

  • Keon Fraites

    Well minor new features are going to be within the 4.+ bracket when a whole new features comes about and even greater improvements it’ll be more of a full number jump instead of a decimal, it’s pretty standard if you ask me. Almost the same route when a game updates it says, Patch 3.15 next patch might be 3.17 / 3.20. Then when the game changers are incremented it’ll be 4.0 and the minor patch and bug fixes to that will be 4.1 / 4.15 depending on the work they did to the 4.1 patch pre release and then 4.15 released.

  • Untouchab1e

    People underestimate the underlying changes that came with 4.3 and 4.4. The security enhancements alone justifies the updates! Merging more and more SEAndroid components into AOSP is awesome and with 4.4 a few policy sets are in enforcing mode by default too!

    I got the Z1 because it’s great hardware and fairly compatible with AOSP with some minor development work. The bootloader bug was annoying though.

    Overall though I would prefer a Google Play Edition by far any day, So Sony, bring it on please :)

  • Samir

    Many times I thought of installing AOSP or Cyanogenmod but I like the Sony stuff too much to give it up for alternate firmwares. As far as the updates are concerned, would love to get them fast but can’t imagine taking Nexus.

  • AA

    Xperia S’s camera isn’t all that bad. I used to think it’s pretty bad, until I bought Xperia SP for my mom, only to find out its camera is horrible; much worse than Xperia S.

  • mina

    yes it is important it is like U tell me with a new update that Ur phone has no difference that the latest phones on the at least on the software point of view I always update my pc to the latest version of windows and I thought about my XZ with custom rom 4.4 but before I did that sony announced that the 4.4 will be available for us In a nut shell updates make fell I bought an Iphone from sony :D :)

  • Sabin Jamal

    I love My Xperia SP and I would like to receive more and more updates for my SP. Now am eagerly waiting for Android 4.3 to hit my phone,,,, :)

  • Prashant

    Being xperia user i always loved to see the changes made by sony in each firmware update. The level of expectation have increased so much…. But the thing is that sony takes a lot time to bring update into the market that is sad thing for xperia lovers. People love the new things… And thats why updates are more inportant. If you add one unique feature in some firmware upgrade then people gets attracted towards it.

  • ipatz

    very important, pls update “xperia tablet s”

  • Rca

    It is important as long as the update brings inprovements, new and interesting features and bug corrections.

  • Ricardo Ca

    It IS important, as long as it brings new features, improvements, bug fixing etc.

  • hocestquisumus

    Quite important because I’m a huge nerd. But I’m also a social being and Sony’s stuff just looks so much better than the Nexus line. I bought my first Xperia because I liked the form and I stayed for the balance between sexy looks, super high Sony quality and relatively timely updates.

    However, I have the Z1, the XTZ – and a Nexus 7 (2013). I can play with the Nexus and my inner nerd is happy.


    i like firmware updates but even though sony is late i’d still choose XPERIA because nothing else compares to it!! especially the design. Still in love with my Xperia Z

  • Theodor

    If it was for updates then why are Samsung and HTC phones sold in millions its because they get regular updates from their respective oem’s!

  • at least Fix Bug..

    Tht sick >:[

  • Updates are important, but I can wait for them. Bugfixing and stability tests are more important than latest features. I’d be happy if Sony was pushing out a new Firmware, being it a new Android release or just bug fixes, every 6months or so. This would be perfect.

  • naeemh123

    The XS will NEVER get any update higher than 4.1.2 obviously, this sucks. I do think Sony should release new Album and Walk man updates for older devices

  • dereknobuyuki

    Where’s the poll to go with this? =P

    The android team has worked very hard to decoupled a lot of the most important updates from OS version releases — in particular google apps and the framework that goes with the google play store are decoupled meaning that we get a lot of great features available to developers (and in turn features available to app users of app that actively develop). This means that OS releases are far less important than they used to be on a practical level (but the hype and demands of users that go with releases is relatively unchanged in my opinion)

    Kit Kat is a minor release on the user end of things. I have it on one some of my devices but I don’t really care if my Xperia devices are updated.

    I would personally rather have them updated to a major release in 2014.

    That being said, the Sony Mobile team has been working very hard at reducing their upgrade path and Android in general has matured to make upgrades far easier to develop (in part thanks to major makers contributing code back to Android.. rather than the Android team “copying” the best/popular ideas from makers).

    I think the 18 months of upgrade is reasonable. Even after that 18 months, devices are still perfectly good device on the OS side even if they aren’t the “latest and greatest” version.

    I’d rather get more bug fixes and only a few major OS releases rather than every OS release.

  • Awesomeeee :D :D :D

  • David Avila

    They are very important, as they bring stability updates, security updates (this is the most important thing to me), better performance (lets face it, KitKat will give the best performance right from the OS) also they bring better battery life and more app support for the comming years.

    As of the Android version releases I agree that Google should do only one update per year in order to avoid this disaster of going first through 4.3 and then going to 4.4 KitKat (or skipping versions altogether), at the end of the year every supported phone should be on the latest Android version. (and if a security breach is found, make the M$FT policy of sending a direct, very minor update to the supported phones)

  • vivamro

    The latest upgrade (4.3) for Sony Xperia Z1 is mind boggling. Whether or not Sony included MANY new features, but the update offers more stability, stability in Apps, BETTER battery life (most important), and speed to many Sony apps like video player, album etc.

    Hope they will continue the make things better always…

  • sfordesign

    totally depends on what the new android updates have to offer

  • john

    The software of the smartphone can be updated to fix specific issues, update applications or to update the used version of Android. Running the latest software will allow you to get the best from your smartphone.


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