Here’s how Sony’s Android 4.3 ‘Xperia Themes’ look on the Xperia Tablet Z

by XB on 18th December 2013

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unnamed_7_One of Sony’s big new features in the Android 4.3 firmware update is “Xperia Themes”. These are downloadable theme packs available from Sony Select, allowing you to change the custom user interface. Whilst we’re still waiting for the Android 4.3 update to hit the Xperia Tablet Z, the screenshots below show how these ‘Xperia Themes’ will look once released. These themes are a nice addition and we can’t wait to give them a try, adding that extra bit of personalisation.










Thanks Ben!

  • Night of Xperia Z

    When and How is our Xperia Z?????

  • Patrol619

    That is amazing cool feature by Sony! I hope this will be available on Xperia SP..

  • DrKrFfXx

    Right now.

  • Weh

    Love the snow and the color theme

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Proud owner of the Xperia Tablet Z and I’m definitely waiting for this.

  • Umer Hamid Enam

    Xperia z, waiting for 4.3

  • Night of Xperia Z

    Ya I love the Snow Theme’s Wallpaper and it’s color, and I also love the Colourfull theme’s 3 button(Back, Home, Apps)

  • yuskhayru

    Nice. Hope it will be avaiable to all 4.3 device!

  • AA

    Yes I want it for SP too. I like the snowflake one.

  • I love how it changes all of the system UI and not just wallpapers

  • HeartySteel

    Xperia ZL waiting 4.3 :P

  • jc

    Sony smartphones most awesome ui!

  • Harut Hajin


  • yuskhayru

    is it avaiable for all sony device or just tab z?

  • XperiaZRGuy


  • jc

    z1 have this feature even in the prototype 4.3 fw in Z and ZL

  • P9

    I even want sony features than android updates, but android updates include it, that’s why…
    sony ftw

  • Lalala

    Yeah! Sony Style came back!

  • Krishna

    Hey sony, We love your work these days :) your awesome with updates and stuff :)
    How about you introduce “FONTS” tooo :) Hope You’d look into it and make us feel more awesome :)
    cheers !!

  • m sacha

    This looks awesome. Can’t wait to give them a try.

  • KinG

    what about Xperia Tablet S?will it get 4.3 update?

  • Keon Fraites

    So Nice O__O

  • reDalerT

    awesome! hope they have plans to expand on the selection in the future, maybe from the community or other developers.. but filtered down + QC by sony so we don’t get flooded by horrible buggy themes

  • Sh’ Dynasty

    Cant wait till they add more.

  • spatch

    So ugly, this is not like Sony at all. Seems like something Samsung might try…

  • 4.3 for xperia z please .

  • hans

    With Sony’s 4.3 it will be possible to most Xperia device. Just wait for the update.

  • lewko

    Fantastic! Finally! Now last thing to complete the package is to release themes creator! :)

  • ??????

    ?????? ??????…Fuck

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  • N

    And who said on-screen navigation buttons were a waste? I’d say it’s worth it for these customized looks. Others can enjoy their separate and boring capacitive buttons

  • Ben Lim

    xperia ion please…

  • Dat Leopard Theme <3

    Now I *really* want the 4.3 update for my XTZ!

  • ibanez7

    Wow, I can’t wait to get 4.3 Jelly Bean update for my TX, and make some themes ;)

  • Camilo Uribe

    More themes please !

  • Ana Heluši?

    This is cool

  • digitalteddybear


  • digitalteddybear

    On xperia z ultra it looks really stylish. Feels like a really good Symbian theme.

  • Brian Byron De Guzman

    I want to know how to develop / code these themes. Any idea guys?

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  • Mauro

    a beautiful reference to Monkey Island (a 1990’s videogame)!!!

  • Vitalik Andre

    Aaa…. ?!?!? :-/ amazing…?!?, cool..?!?
    Wath is vrong with you people…?!?
    Aa… Pirates… ?!? ……seriously…!?!
    Thi’s for – children 7 year old , who have a – gameboy. !!!
    All theme there – soo.. Ugly.. ore the dont have points for use.. !!!

  • Screenshot!!!

    Screenies Please!!!

  • Rafael

    I hated these new themes for Xperia ZQ (android 4.3), now i only get an totally white background on menus (also calendar, and other places), that sucks, i want my black background menus skin back.

  • anita singh

    me too . i hate this white background after updating to jelly bean 4.3 andriod

  • Alisa

    I honestly hate these themes since they have very light background in Settings menu. Android just erased ALL nice black backgrounds. Why? Is it so hard to leave at least ONE pure black theme???

  • Moehamad Pay

    unfortunately it can not be run on xperia L,,
    Xperia L waiting 4.3 :P

  • Jd

    I really have no idea how most people find these good. Seriously Sony, just bring back the old black theme. We all love it, you know, actual real life people. White is just not for xperia. If I want hipster white theme, I would’ve gone to iphone

  • GK

    Letting my Xperia Z update to 4.3 was the biggest mistake I could’ve made. The all white looks horrible, not to mention that it’s just not as clear. Also, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have easily given us an all black option, not to mention that white uses battery, while black doesn’t. What a turn off. If I had wanted an iphone, that’s what I would have bought. Going from 4.3 back to 4.2.2 is very time consuming and difficult. Never give them the option to update when everything is already working fine.

  • GK

    4.3 looks horrible. I should have known better. Never allow updates if everything is already running fine. I know it isn’t going to make much difference, but also, white uses battery, black doesn’t.

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