Sony Xperia Z1 f released in Japan; now all we need is a global launch

by XB on 19th December 2013

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xperia_z1fThe lucky Japanese can now get hold of the Xperia Z1 f (SO-02F) from today. The handset is available from NTT DoCoMo stores and from its website. The Xperia Z1 f will launch in four colours (black, white, striking lime and pink). Everywhere else, we sit enviously waiting for a global announcement of the Xperia Z1 mini, hopefully which we will see at CES 2014.

The Xperia Z1 f is the mini version of the Xperia Z1, sharing most of the same hardware including the Snapdragon 800 chipset, 20.7MP camera, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and IP55/IP58 dust and water resistance. It differs by offering a smaller 4.3-inch 720p display, 2300mAh embedded battery, a chassis measuring 65 mm × 127mm × 9.4mm and weighs 140g.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Just imagine if they suddenly decided not to launch it globally o.0

  • Tech Gospel

    Woohoo!!!! Hope this gets released in the US market as well! :D

  • Sky

    That’s awful! I’d love to have a global variant.

  • AA

    Yes you got that title right, Xperiablog!

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    4.3 updates plsss

  • nidou bossy

    this phone is more for girls, we guys love Z1 in it’s big size and 1080p display!

  • HardyHarHar

    Wrong this phone is made for normal persons… Xperia Z1 is made for giants. I can’t even imagine that slab sticking on your face everytime you make a call. Doesn’t really look like a phone anymore. Heck it’s alot wider than the phone in the 90’s

  • scw

    When Ray was released in Japan, it was marketed as a girls phone. It is now generally considered to be a huge mistake. Such idea is just plain stereotype is totally unfounded.

  • HardyHarHar

    Samsung would own them then… I’m pretty sure with all the hype of Xperia Z1 mini for the past few months in the internet already got samsungs attention.

    I say expect this in the upcoming S5 line. A non stripped down mini variant.

  • nidou bossy

    well, i had this phone in my hands, and i even used it for calls.. it’s quiet comfort for me.. so it’s still a personal choice but it’s not that big as u said!

  • Hurrr

    The better android counterpart to the iPhone 5s

    ~Compact size
    ~Strong Internals/Hardware
    ~Variety of colors
    ~Glass and metal materials

    This can give the iPhone users a chance to switch without the shock of having a bulcky handset…

  • ZL

    Very good specs and perfect screen size but it would be better if its bezels are smaller.

  • Jonfensu

    SHUT UP! Lol

  • Sean

    What a stupid comment. We don’t all want a massive screen

  • adreno


  • adreno

    oh man.! are you sure 4.3inch screen is MORE for girl? what about iphone 5s?

  • shah

    well amazingly, without any telco plans, the price is 79,800 yens in which translates to roughly about 767 usd or MYR 2500. Lets hope that is the price only for japan market, of not, well… T,T

  • Colby Leong

    I’d guess around $500 and under. It is smaller, but it still has high end specs.

  • Colby Leong

    It’s too bad, Samsung and Apple(especially Samsung). I remember when they use to be the front of innovation, now Samsung just pretty much follows what everyone else does. First it was the highly anticipated, and successful Xperia Z, then some lazy half assed, barely water-resistant S4 Active.

  • adreno

    what? crazy price @.@
    yeah i hope this phone at 500usd

  • adu552

    Might be for midgets… :P

  • zairolafzal zainal

    No worries… The price will be lower than that in malaysia. Xperia z1 price rumor in malaysia starting at rm2999 but end up just for rm2399 and the current price xperia z1 u can get as low RM1999 only. Japan are one of the country that have the most expensive price taq. So dont convert it based on the yen price. U will get heart attack… :-)

  • shah

    phew! thanx weyh, seb baek tak pitam. If what this guy say is true, than i’m keeping my hopes high =D

    And if my calculations are right, it might endup in malaysia retailing rm 1999 =.=”

  • xperianer

    Hmm. Seems really nice. But why so high size. Nearly 130cm :(

    I not complain about it. I still like and would buy that phone. But still I would prefer I smaller height.

  • bru_boy

    This is the perfect “mini” variant of a flagship device! Shame on the One Mini and S4 Mini. Those are complete and utter embarrassments for donning great flagship names but offering a smaller device and very washed down experiences and internals of their big brother.

  • Colby Leong

    While we could all agree that the price (right now) is ridiculous, we have to remember that Sony isn’t pushing this phone as a budget friendly phone, but a mini flagship. All the high end specs in a smaller device, and lets be honest, majority of Sony’s products are pretty high in price, but totally worth it.

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  • shah

    but then again, a friendly reminder, the price might drop at a very good rate. This is because, early next year new processors will be out, therefore it will make the specs on the mini a tiny bit old, therefore price might drop at a good pace in my opinion~

  • cesar suarez


  • nidou bossy

    chill the fuck out, and if u don’t want a 5” shut the fuck up then!

    it’s not a massive screen… maybe u’re short or midget! so it looks giant for ur tiny hands! LMAO

  • dead_lion

    but if sony still slow in update… for me still useless…. -,-

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  • shah

    the old sony? yes. but the new sony seems promising. Didn’t you realise that sony has been really working on updates. Just check a few posts back and you could see the updates they pushed. =)

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  • Legolas

    wont it be better to seed the updates instead of releasing new devices??

  • Ben Lim

    Hopefully coming to Malaysia,…. plsssssss..

  • JHMBB2

    I’m so confused as to the desire for a small phone. Personally, I think 5 is a good size with all that we operate on our devices these days. With that said, I’ve never owned a 5 inch phone! My last smart phone was a Galaxy S2, key word WAS! I’ve been using an old Sony Eric C905 for the past 3 months! Next week I should be getting my own Z, then who knows, maybe I’ll understand the desire for a smaller phone!

  • zairolafzal zainal

    Are u kidding? 4.3 already seeding xperia z1 n z ultra and shortly xperia z , xperia zl and xperia zr followed by xperia sp, xperia t , xperia tx and xperia v will recieve the 4.3 update. Sony sure bring update a bit alow but the device recieve the update are higher then others. Just look what happen to sammy when their release 4.3 for s3 to quickly.. The device brick and forcing sammy to pull of their update. Better late then never… :-)

  • sammy

    @XperiaBlog which android version ? 4.4 ?

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  • Saman Aziz

    Can anyone answer me please???
    Does t have IPS display or not??

  • Cindy

    Z1f is definitely the perfect size for me. It’s be great if it has a red one too.

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