Xperia Z1 Info-eye app updated to version 1.2.04; brings improved maps and redesigned overlay

by XB on 19th December 2013

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Screenshot_2013-12-19-09-19-39Sony has updated its Info-eye application from version 1.1.02 to 1.2.04. The app is rolling to all Sony Xperia Z1 handsets right now. Info-eye is a visual search app that gives you information about the places you visit and the objects around you.

The update brings a number of improvements including a redesigned information overlay, improved map quality including the ability to add map markers. Other additions include scanned barcodes which show product details, higher resolution images and bug fixes.



Thanks Armaan, @GarDeady, Micro and Sahil!

  • APai

    nice. looks like sony’s hired a couple of more software guys; we are seeing steady software updates. keep up the good work, we are expecting a wee bit more you know :D

  • Jiakushi

    How can i get the apk file?

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    What about 4.3 update? sony please roll it out

  • Csoka Laszlo

    Since dec.16. jb 4.3 is out.

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Yeah for only two devices ultra and z1 you moron

  • Clive

    Shame the 4.3 update for UK unbranded Z1 still not rolling out as this would be preferable to having app updates at present!!!

  • Mirrorpurple

    Rarely used the app…

  • Stephen

    got mine today in ireland, but i still didnt use the original, so i doubt i will use this

  • Stephen

    :) lmao,

  • Rafael Hipólito

    Not available on my Xperia Z1 (C6943 – Brazil)… And no Walkman 8.0.A.0.3 or .4… I’m starting to think that Update Center is broken here in Brazil!


    album app just got updated via update center, it’s just a small stability fix and better synchro with playmemories

  • P9

    sony software best, almost even better than higher android version.

  • Sameer Qureshi

    Same here. Xperia Z1 UK Unbranded…still no 4.3 update yet…just waiting patiently. Well, when I say patiently I mean refreshing the update centre every hour or so. Ha!

  • mike

    somo apps you can find in the market place…

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