SSX for Android now available for free exclusively on Sony Xperia devices

by XB on 24th December 2013

in Games, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

SSX_Sony Xperia_AndroidThe SSX (short for Snowboard Supercross) series has a long heritage, with the first game launching as a PlayStation 2 launch title back in 2000. Well SSX has finally made its way onto Android and the good news for Sony Xperia owners is that you can download the game for free right now.

We understand that it is available exclusively to Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra owners. The game can be downloaded via the Xperia Lounge app, with the apk coming in at 1.23GB. Head over to the Xperia Lounge for your early Christmas present from Sony.





Sony Xperia SSX

Thanks @JoypadJedi!

  • lon

    What about 4.3 jb in xperia v, t, tx? we hope that it will launch before 2014

  • Yali AA

    it doesnt launch before new year… It will probably launch in january!

  • Mark Walsh

    God I give fucking up its a fan site sony aren’t fucking listening to your stupid begging for updates its pathetic

  • Stephen

    finally a decent game

  • lon

    but sony says it will launch in december? does it mean sony is lying their promises about xperia v, t and tx? :(

  • Yali AA

    Read it…. Says Devices gets it from December and onwards.. meaning devices who have priority gets it first. older devices gets it later… meaning January!

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    We want 4.3 update for t tx and v but even certification from ptcrb… Ughhh no news :( why sony whyyy

  • nickyvengeance

    I can’t see this on the Lounge app.

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    NO its stated at the official sony blog that it will also get 4.3 on december . You make a research first before having a comment

  • Tako

    uhhh nope i cant find it on xperia lounge

  • Jiyeon90

    What the hell, when I click download game it days it’s only available for Z1, Z & Z Ultra, I have Z1

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez


  • lon

    Absolutely TRUE!!! Sony says ” it include also from next month ” same in xperia z series

  • Len ?lovek

    Why do they need to be able to send SMS from a SSX game??

  • Nikolai ivanov

    january ??????? are you sure now ?

  • Mike896

    Ok, and now about the actual game. It gets stuck on install..

  • blitz_arc

    I am using xperia sp at the moment, and i dont f**king care about any update! Just use your phone as usual and stop whining. If your phone has too much problem to use with, sent it to repair! Pathetic kid nowadays… Its true when people says that our society is rotting..

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  • AtomicGadget

    OMG, their servers suck. This will take ages to download.

  • jamesbdx

    For those who can’t see the game on the lounge app, just change the language in the settings to English (us)

  • marcyff2

    Why is this app permissions asking about sending text messages?

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  • aman singh

    didnt work :

  • Stephen

    you need to use chrome to download, i had opera as my default, and had same problem

  • osin17

    can’t get it, even when i set English US

  • m sacha

    How about you stick to the topic of the story?

  • Xajel

    Any Play Store link?

  • APai

    “We understand that it is available exclusively to Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra owners”

    then you’ve gotta title it appropriately
    “SSX for Android now available for free exclusively on Sony Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra”

  • bharath kumar
  • SonyErection

    change langage to english and scroll down the page

  • jamesbdx

    At the very bottom of the lounge app selection screen, it worked for me

  • Jiyeon90
    Join this new subreddit for the latest xperia news

  • tron126

    I really want this game but don’t see it on my app. For those that were able to download, what part of the world are you in? Wondering if this is territory specific.

  • nickyvengeance

    That’s not even the same game…

  • Gaelex

    Xperia SP, this game is nowhere to be found.

  • vigneshprince

    may be u’ll get on 31st DEC

  • Diego

    No Sony gift for the italian Xperia Z1 customers! ;-(

  • Xajel

    This is not the game, I remember playing this game when I had my Satio… I just miss it here with Android…

  • M L

    Can someone pls help the community by providing an APK for this?
    The messages so far, on this thread is confusing. Not sure if the game is actually made available. I used the Xperia Lounge app and there was nothing. Tried this on both the Xperia Tablet Z and the Xperia ZL.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Joko Kurniawan


    7 Legends of Symbian :

  • hufgujbhu

    Buy Z and fuck up with your old crappy phone

  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    Fuck you im not talking yo you . You son of a bitch moron stupid! Get lost such an idiot

  • roeshak

    Sony can keep pushing as many freebies as it wants to the Z1 and Z ultra. Bottom line, the Xperia Z is and will remain their best selling phone. The price of the Z1 has dropped considerably and much faster than Z did. This is mainly due to weak sales. They should have spent most of this year trying to fix and improve on the Z rather than releasing another phone. I’ll bet the Z is still outselling the Z1 even now because it’s cheaper and does the job admirably for most mainstream users. Someone just bought a Z at my place of work on a £30/month contract and when I asked why he didn’t go for the Z1, he replied it was too big and had a smaller screen than the Z. That’s the damage big ugly bezels can do you see.
    Sony keeps making the same mistake with their second flagship policy every year. As an example, take this blog. Most of the activity follows articles relating to the Z with very little going on for the Z1.
    The Z1 was never going to be as commercially successful as the Z was because of its look and also the timing of its release. It’s gone into competition with the very successful iPhone 5S, and note 3. Add to that the G2, very affordable nexus 5 offering a very similar spec sheet and Google support, and also the cheaper Z which android authority described as the better value for money. I agree with that totally!
    You can see how such larger than average devices would struggle.
    For me 2013, has been a strange one for Sony. They started very well with the Z but then took 7 steps back with the Z1. Processing specs don’t sell phones, that’s a lesson HTC is learning but it may be too late for them. Sony after the success of the Z should have know this and so to release a bigger uglier phone with a faster processor is baffling.
    Focusing on the Z for this year would have served them better rather than veering off on some ridiculous tangent.
    They’re still some people making some very bad decisions at the top in the company it seems. They just don’t seem to have a clear strategy like Apple and Samsung. It’s like they’re whistling in the wind and hoping that something will stick.
    Funny company indeed!

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    What a talkative !!
    The ideal phrase is that which is short and to the point

  • roeshak

    Says who? You? Please do me a favor. Joker!

  • EowynCarter

    I would have sent my sola for repair, if the problem i was suffering wasn’t a know issue… Sony even acknowledged it, but never fixed it.

    Even bugfixes are too much to ask from sony :(

  • JHMBB2

    It is pretty crazy how fast the z1 came out, and probably in a few months time the z1 will be replaced. I wish the original z was released with specs almost as good as the z1 and a “z1” coming to a worldwide release next month with even better specs and design.I say worldwide because I think its pathetic how long it takes for the USA to get Sony phones here, we still havent gotten the z1 in the USA and am settling for a z this Saturday.

    However, I’ve read in an article that Japan’s phone culture is ridiculous. They bust out new phones every few months. This sounds crazy, but answers a couple of perplexing issues. One, is why they release phones so often, two why the USA doesn’t get phones so often. It probably looks bad in the typical eyes of the american phone user, well obviously it looks ridiculous for everyone! Except Japan apparently.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    You are still talking/writing too much …
    I’m gonna tell you this
    I didn’t read your 1st comment and neither your 2nd comment
    I just dislike your very long comments

  • roeshak

    I think you need to go back to school if you have a problem with reading.

  • roeshak

    You’re absolutely right! It’s a confused strategy that does nothing to further their cause.
    They certainly need a much stronger presence in the US because to put it simply, it’s one of the biggest markets in the world. They’ll certainly sell more flagships to the Americans than they would to the Chinese or the Indians. No offence to China and India but I think Americans just have more disposable income.
    Like I said, a very confused company. The sad thing is, they started the year with such promise only to revert back to tactics that have failed repeatedly over the years. Leopards don’t change their spots that easily it seems.

  • Brad Williams

    It is in fact Sony policy to NOT target the US market. They made the decision to target India and now China. I might add this is fast showing to be a very good policy. But I can agree they let me down by bringing the Z1 out so early after releasing the Z. Within a few months my brand new phone was obsolete.

  • roeshak

    No that policy isn’t working at all. The US should be a priority for Sony. Like it or not, it’s one of the most important markets in the world and Sony will not make a significant dent in the Samsung Apple duopoly without making significant gains in the US. A simple fact I’m afraid.
    As far as sales go, Apple and Samsung sell more phones in a couple of months than Sony does throughout the year. That’s certainly not down to the US alone but it plays a major part.

  • Did@

    JB spammer buy self new phone and stop cry that your old archeological phon has not update lol

  • raj

    Grabbed mine baby

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  • Istvan
  • Cristian Grigorescu

    Doesn`t support my Z1 :D:D:D

  • shayan gozarabadi
  • Sherkhan

    its available only for z1 and z ultra

  • Phantom
  • mr_nismo

    Mine won’t install either … Tryed downloading it twice … I’m on a Z1

  • LG is Better than Sony

    Just download it from torrent and install. Playing it on my LG G2 and it looks amazing! Nothing is exclusive in the digital world

  • Camilo Uribe

    Now in Colombia ! Yeah !

  • Marco Taviano

    Diego cerca in Xperia Lounge

  • Diego

    Ciao Marco, grazie, trovato in rete ed ora, dopo alcune settimane, l’ho visto comparire in Longue. Grazie per la segnalazione, cheers, D.

  • myxperia z

    My SSX stopped responding…any idea how to get the APK file back to reinstall?

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