Xperia Z1s is T-Mobile exclusive in the United States

by XB on 7th January 2014

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Xperia Z1sSony unveiled the Xperia Z1s (C6916) last night at CES as a T-Mobile exclusive in the United States. The handset is slightly changed from the Xperia Z1 we know globally, but pretty much identical to the recently released Xperia Z1 (L39t) for China Mobile.

This means it comes with 32GB internal storage, but unlike the Chinese L39t model, the Xperia Z1s does have a microSD memory card slot. Other changes to the global Xperia Z1 include the placement of the front-facing camera and headphone jack. We don’t yet know whether the Xperia Z1s has a plastic frame like the L39t, as opposed to the aluminium frame of the global Xperia Z1.

The Xperia Z1s will get a new camera app called Background defocus, although we would expect this to hit other Xperia Z1 handsets in due course. The Xperia Z1s will also be the first phone to have the PlayStation App pre-installed.

T-Mobile is taking online pre-orders for the Xperia Z1s from 13 January, with nationwide availability from stores on 22 January. A limited pre-order offer means that you can get a $100 rebate if you pre-order the Xperia Z1s before 21 January 2014 as well as buying a PlayStation 4 from any retailer between 6 January to 5 February 2014. For further information click here.

Xperia Z1s owners will also get an entertainment offer that will offer six free movies to download (including Captain Phillips), 10 PlayStation Mobile games and a 60-day trial of Music Unlimited.

Xperia Z1s white paper

Xperia Z1s_2

Xperia Z1s_3

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Xperia Z1s

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • JHMBB2

    Crap, I already bought a PS4 and an Xperia Z Last week!


    They are killing themselves in the U.S. with the one carrier crap!

  • return both

  • Tjaldid

    return Z ;)

  • Rammstone

    Does that mean this will eventually be released in Europe or what?

  • Sand

    This apk defocus came by default in my Xperia s since android 2.3 until now! xD

  • Kevin Tan

    xperiablog was missinformed, the z1s has a micro sd slot fyi

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    Z1s is a T-Mobile Exclusive, like how the Z1f is Japan exclusive, so the rest of the world only gets the Z1 global version.

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    Oh and the Z1 Compact:) cheers!

  • Arturo Pastrana

    It says that it have it….

  • Sumo

    It can’t be help because Americans love their ‘apples’! That’s what makes them obese and have anger issues!

  • Sumo

    Wait for 2014 or 2015 flagship! Enjoy what you have for now! Z is still a good phone!

  • Mr.S

    Z1s wi’ll work in Europe? I now that some phone doesn’t work.Thx.

  • Akira Y? (??)

    It was confirmed by tech sites that the frame of the Xperia Z1s is indeed plastic. It’s a request of T-Mobile due to signal issues. :)

  • holjok

    The aluminium frame is changed with chrome/ plastic – pocketnow

  • hash

    I thought Z1s was a 720p phone.. SMH


    Huh… I was referring to Sony making the phone a T-Mobile exclusive. At least Americans brush their teeth!

  • Apollo89

    The whole “carrier concept” is bullshit anyway. In Belgium, if we want a new phone, we just buy it at the full price, without contract, branding, SIM lock or any of that crap. Of course the monthly fees of our mobile subscriptions are much lower because no phones are included in the price. Also, we can change to a different operator or tariff without changing our phone and vice versa. In my opinion, this is the only good system as it allows maximum consumer freedom.

  • Apollo89

    If it is not SIM locked, everything will work except for 4G/LTE (because only bands 4 and 17 are supported). The model number of this phone is C6916. The ‘6’ at the end means that it supports the North American LTE frequency bands. For Europe, the model number normally ends on a ‘3’.

  • Mint

    Learn English before trying to insult anyone, idiot.


    Agreed. I go with unlocked versions when at all possible.

  • Sumo

    Learn to read before insulting me you moron :)

    BCHILD: Very True! You guys do brush your teeth!

  • TechGuyChris

    Whatever happened to Sony’s and AT&T’s relationship?

  • Ziich

    why did you get the z when the z1 has been out for a while?

  • JHMBB2

    It isn’t released to carriers in the US just yet. I can’t afford the price they ask for off contract.

  • Ziich

    well you can still return them and get the z1s and ps4. even with the restocking fee you will still save 50 bucks

  • JHMBB2

    Yeah, I’m probably going to work on returning the Z. I will be stuck with a vintage phone again from 06 for a few weeks though. That’s my issue. haha

  • sfordesign

    sony destroyed it using xperia ion and xperia t

  • Guest

    You are the one to talk Sumo.

  • Stephen Van Eron

    I can’t get theme elements to work. I even paid for a theme but I still can’t change nav bar status bar or any colors. Everything else works fine. Anyone rise having problems….

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