Xperia SP Android 4.3 screenshots leak; could the update be arriving very soon?

by XB on 8th January 2014

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Xperia SP_About_12.1.A.0.256A new Android 4.3 firmware build for the Xperia SP (C530X) was certified just yesterday, yet here we are with leaked screenshota of what looks like to be the same firmware – build version 12.1.A.0.256. The leak comes courtesy from XDA legend DooMLoRD, who has leaked other firmware in the past.

DooMLoRD says that this is the real update, hopefully indicating that it will hit handsets sooner rather than later. Judging by the screenshots, it looks like the new update will include Sony’s Social camera apps, Xperia Themes and the new Xperia Z1 home launcher. As always, this is unreleased firmware, so anything can change until launch. Check out some pictures after the jump.

Xperia SP_About_12.1.A.0.256

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_1

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_2

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_3

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_4

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_5

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_6

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_7

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_8

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_9

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_10

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_11

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_12

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_13

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_14

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_15

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_16

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_17

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_18

Xperia SP_Android 4.3_Leak_19

Thanks DooMLoRD!

  • pkash2097

    Haha Sweet!!

  • DooMLoRD

    here are some more screenshots :)



  • pkash2097


  • Prateek Bhanushali

    can you tell us more ??? When it is arriving ??

  • aekara21

    hell yeah!!!!!!!

  • Crax

    Dont get your hopes up people. Even if it’s released, lets say tomorrow, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the update for another month. I haven’t gotten the 4.3 update for my Z1 yet… Slowest roll-out ever!

  • panagi?tis

    can u leak it please? :D
    thanks for the screenshots

  • Riga23

    DoomLord you’re the man!! :D the xperia warrior!

  • Tech Gospel


  • lucasarg

    NO, cuz my ZL didn’t got it yet haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xD

  • Zender

    You make ftf file, please :D

  • ron3000

    you can always flash

  • jmx2012

    you are the man DooMLoRD!

  • Qarol Hoffmann

    I´m excited

  • MerdaLiquida

    Well wake up, if you don’t want to unlock the bootloader you can still root, install cwm and flash the original firmware if you can’t wait…..

  • karamelakimo

    still no fuckin update 4.3 for my Xperia Z

  • ????????? ???????

    Dude, Flashtool you in the teeth))))

  • JHMBB2

    Same here. T-Mobile US?

  • Crax

    Well, no fucking shit sherlock holmes… But should I really have to do that to have the latest update earlier then a month after the release

  • Nawi

    And what about Rootkit for 4.3? =)

  • saif

    I thought glove mode was limited to xperia sola only as it was having special screen. Can anyone explain?


    only tell how about android 4.3 for XPERIA TX?is it ready too?

  • Guest

    I already have it on my SP, I assume if the mid range phone has it, then the Z series does too. Maybe sola was the only phone that had it that year, then Sony implemented to most of its phones the next year? My guess :)

  • MerdaLiquida

    I don’t know if your phone is branded or something or if you live in Burkina Faso, i just think that people who visit these sites have some kind of knowledge of their phone and if you want the update asap it’s easy to install it when the official firmware is available

  • Guest

    What is daydream?
    Also, I hope they let you have more options for the LED bar, like how many pulses per a min and more colours (it has orange when charging but you cannot select orange for a contact, etc)

  • saif

    Thanx for telling. I don’t know about z series i own xperia m. I thought it was related to hardware rather just software only.

  • Crax

    It’s an unbranded phone imported from Germany so theoretically it should arrive pretty fast, but nope. NOT the case… Im just a guy interested in tech and not really an “advanced” user so I would rather skip the hassle of flashing..

  • Goutham Raj

    I’m excited!!
    Thanks DooM LoRD & Xperia Blog!!

  • MerdaLiquida

    Ok i understand that you’re worried to damage the phone, especially an expensive one like the Z1.. I’m not an advanced user, i was just trying to give some advice :) … try to read some guides and start from the easy things, it’s interesting!anyways I would be pis*ed off too after a month of no updates..

  • Crax

    Yeah, thx dude! It’s nice to see someone who understands and doesn’t have to be a dick about it all! *Highfive

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  • Petersoniq

    Thanx DooMLoRD, it s 1st step to 4.3

  • jet199

    Another update that Xperia L will never get. But BTW hope that SP users enjoy this update.

  • jet199

    *that my

  • DooMLoRD

    that is still the 4.2.2 FW

  • Guest

    Also, I hope they add the MyXperia location app, I would really like that.

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    So there is only a performace defference betwen z and t when it comes to android 4.3? Cause the way i see it besides the hdr option and the xperia connectivity/personalisations option (witch are moved) there isnt any diference in the software, am i right?

  • Guest

    At last, finally, hopefully comes to India soon.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais – Xper

    Excellent.. Hopefully this comes to India soon.

  • Guest

    Wonder if Asphalt 8 and other new games would start working on the C5302 now.

  • Guest


  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Wonder if Asphalt 8 and other new games would start working on the C5302 now.

  • Harry Raithatha

    Cheers for the screenshots. One of my friends has the Z and he got the update a couple of days ago. From the UK by the way

  • blitz_arc

    Hopefully there is no more bug about high battery usage of media server, system and auto on wifi out of nowhere.

  • lon

    Where is the downloadable themes?

  • King Adrian

    No Info Eye,Social Live and AR Effect. i understand that our camera can’t do the timeshift burst..

  • tristi lumina

    Xperia T RAM usage lighter than SP ;n;
    Is that mean Xperia T 4.3 package quite bit different with SP ??

  • rvjaywaks

    it is hardware related. xperia sp have same touchscreen with sola.

  • Billy de Fretes

    you can see the “+” mark on the top of the themes menu.

  • Billy de Fretes

    i have xperia z but i don’t have gloves mode in 4.3. i guess it’s pretty cool feature

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  • Billy de Fretes

    no, my xperia z didn’t have gloves mode on 4.3 :(

  • FArt’em Russakovskii

    73 mb of extra ram too :D =839 mb now

  • Tim Aries

    No curve corners, cool!

  • Sabin Jamal


  • Jerry Berglund

    But well, why someone has to wait is because of the batch your phone came with. They dont let every batch on simultainiously, because that would mean no one gets it. So maybe you that unlucky guy that has the batch that is in the end of the update-session.

  • Akif Akmal Zulkifli

    Okay let’s seen the date

    Sony Xperia L (15.3.A.1.12)

    Certified PTCRB –> 23 Dec 2013
    Roll-out(First Country Get Germany) –> 30 Dec 2013
    (6 Days)

    Sony Xperia Z (10.4.B.0.569)

    Certified PTCRB –> 16 Dec 2013
    Roll-out –> 23 Dec 2013
    (6 Days)

    Conclusion, maybe our devices will get it next week ( 13/14 January 2014)

    What ur expected date?

  • Tim Aries


  • saif

    got it thanx

  • saif

    Ya it is really cool. If it is in sp then don’t know know why Sony skipped in z series.

  • saif

    hey do you have any idea why sony is not releasing 4.2.2 in xperia M when the dual version has it since launch.

  • Vills SkyTerror

    I dont think there would be a move2Sd card feature yet…

  • Ravi Theja

    Yay! So it does come early!

  • Ravi Theja

    The features of Xperia SP had Glove mode, Go figure!

  • Imran

    Can I install apk in SD card on 4.3 update ?

  • Imran

    Can I install apps in SD card on 4.3 update ?

  • panjgoori

    its way too early for asking this. method will be released when firmware will be widely available.

  • asdf

    LOL…Stock 4.3 can’t be better than CM11 from FreeXperia. I using it for weeks and it runs so smooth and stable. Battery Life is also BETTER than stock. I love it so much and i’ll never go back to stock.

  • maverickg5

    I hope it will arrived before Chinese New Year or late January…

  • Xperia SP and Z user

    Dude, it is hardware limitation that’s why Z does not have the glove move. But it is call because it is like an air touch. Xperia SP’s screen can sense your fingers even if did not touch your phone directly. Pretty cool!

  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    I hope they sort out the terrible battery life, my wife just got her SP and she’s lucky to get a day on light use. Hopefully this sorted in 4.3!

  • jlol


  • Giannis Salonikios

    *.ftf Rom;;;

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  • glein

    It’s been there ever since I bough my SP, even before updating the firmware.

  • MerdaLiquida

    Seriously? I’m interest about installing cm11 but i’ve read lots of complaining on xda about battery life.. some people said that you’ll get 1:30 hours of screen time on before running out of battery.. does it work well on your SP?

  • Hand It Over !!!! NOW!!!!!

  • Amey

    Launch it soon ..!

  • Ravi Theja

    Hey after seeing the delays it was making i consider it early! :P

  • vieltf

    Has anybody checked out the leaked firmware yet? Is it legit? I’m asking because I own an Xperia SP and available ram is only 766 mb on Android 4.1.2. I have observed in one particular screenshot, though, that the new firmware can utilize up to 839 mb. I’m just a bit skeptical about it.

  • renz

    What is the advantages of the update?can someone tell me.Should i update it?i got no big issue with this phone now. Thanks really appreciate it if someone can explain it.

  • Riv

    I have a lot corcerned about the camera improvement on this new firmware update..

  • POuria POrogrammer – POPO

    Me and my friends say Iran: We’ll wait, but please Release a rom without bugs and please try to update to 4.4 because the SP is our favorite smartphone … tanx a lot

  • Giannis Salonikios

    Today is 13 January 2014 12:25 in the Greece… where are update 4.3;;
    Sorry for bad english…

  • Giannis Salonikios


  • mahm?t

    12.1.A.0.256 is deleted PTCRB

  • Erdélyi Gábor

    12.1.A.0.256 disappeared from the list! See below:

    What this might mean?

  • NiggaHigga

    Neither does Z1 have it… :L

  • panagi?tis

    i used it too but the battery drain make me to roll back to stock. else the cm11 is amazing rom

  • thompson

    I am really regretting buying a experia SP as still no update and who knows when it will ever get 4.4. the stupid bootloader is locked to so cannot put a custom rom on it. Never had these problems with Samsung. rubbish.

  • mecnunadam

    All the people saying that they don’t have to buy Sony phone because of their delay in android 4.3 read this carefully

    Sony is the only company which is giving new update to their phone like xperia SP range and Samsung is not giving update to this range for example you can check that grand doesn’t getting even 4.3 . Galaxy s3 is only getting 4.3 because it is 2012 flagship so stop blaming Sony

    Second if they launch the bug containing software then you will complain like galaxy s3 users are doing because Samsung has launched bug containing software for galaxy s3 nov 2013 which make the phone terrible and Samsung have to take it back and after 2 months now the again launch it and it still contain bugs which make the phone again terrible

    So first you decide you want a bug contain software or a more close to perfect software guys think that Sony has dropped 2 versions of their android 4.3 because of these bugs in dropping of a software they have to waste a lot of money OK and large company don’t do this if Sony is doing this then wait because they are not canceling android 4.3 for xperia SP even they started testing 4.4 for SP whose link is in my previous post

    I can feel that what is going on in your mind even I want to get android 4.3 sooner but with a least bugs so if the Sony said that in the end of Jan so wait and Sony mostly release it on Tuesday so this Tuesday hope for it
    Add Comment

  • Niyas Mohammed

    not able to take screenshots :(

  • Alfian

    How screenshot on my phone? I’ve held the power button on my xperia sp. But there is no option for the screenshot, but before I upgrade to 4.3 I could do it.

    thx :D

  • Alfian

    How screenshot on my phone? I’ve held the power button on my xperia sp. But there is no option for the screenshot, but before I upgrade to 4.3 I could do it.
    thx :D

  • Amey

    U need to press both the “volume down key” and “power Key” together to take screenshot

  • aji

    Where is the screenshot feature? Cant find it. Please help

  • aji

    How to take screenshot on the new jb 4.3. I cant seem to find a way. No more longpress power button. Please help…

  • Amey

    Press the volume down+the lock key together for screenshot in 4.3

  • Ygandran YG

    yes how to screenshot?

  • Rk

    How to Take screenshot in sony xperia sp android. 4.3

  • Jayesh Mahadik

    Press the power button and volume down button until the shot is taken! Even I was baffled at first after not seeing the Screenshot option! :) Found this trick on Google!

  • Ygandran YG

    Thx!! Tht did the trick!

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  • Dhoshina R

    i’m using Sony Xpera Sp c5303.i want to set screen short in my fone… i was using 4.3 its … i was gt this 4.3 version updated automatically. after updated this version in my phone no screen shot is not available..
    its waste only……….
    i feel v badly y unnecessarily i did this update in my phone

    i like to do screenshot…
    screenshot most impt to me in work wise nd personally also..

  • blitz_arc

    press power button + volume button at the same time for 1 second. it will works on any android device. cheers. :)

  • nusair

    Not happening

  • nusair

    Done thnks mate cheers

  • I


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