Xperia C gets its first firmware update with build 16.0.B.2.6

by XB on 10th January 2014

in Firmware, Xperia C

2014-01-10 14.55.05The dual-SIM MediaTek powered Sony Xperia C (C2305) has up until now not received a single firmware update. The phone launched with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on build version 16.0.B.0.21, however Sony is now rolling out a new update with build number 16.0.B.2.6 (still Android 4.2.2). The build number moves up from 16.0.B.0.XX to 16.0.B.2.X but at this point we’re not sure of the exact changes made.

We hope that Sony has fixed a number of issues that users have reported including the quality of the camera, severe battery drain below 30%, low volume via the headphone jack, apps disappearing from the home screen on reboot and internal memory restrictions. Initial reports suggest that the new update brings performance improvements and the app home screen problem seems to be resolved. If you have downloaded the update, let us know what changes you’ve noticed in the comments below.

2014-01-10 14.55.05

2014-01-10 14.55.36

2014-01-10 14.56.11

Thanks Fredrik!

  • xperiaDROID

    Xperia C should get Android 4.3 or jump straight to Android 4.4.

  • Xperia Ion FTW

    Be warn! Crazy Xperia SP users will terrorise here!

  • Pulak Bhagawati

    974mb RAM? :O

  • lol

    no body cares about Xperia C,

    COME NO SP!!!!!!!!!

  • xperiaDROID

    Be warn! Crazy Xperia SP users will down vote your comment!

  • devstaff

    Can you please leave this post if you have nothing to add? This is for Xperia C users and I don’t give a fuck about Xperia SP. Seriously, be mature and stop wasting others time on your bullshit you fag.

  • xperiaDROID

    Nobody cares about your whining.

  • tbh

    I do! I’m with you lol!

  • xperiaDROID

    You sir, should go take a chill pill.

  • Tim Aries

    “This is Xperia Z’s cousin” WHAT?

  • Mint

    What’s so impressive about that?

  • Tim Aries

    you guys are doing the same annoying thing XSP user did

  • jlol

    GOD DUDE calm your tits.

  • P9

    almost 100% of 1GB useable. O.o how could? becoz of different chapset to other xperia 1GB?

  • P9

    xperia z brother’s in law as it’s married to, zl? xD

  • Harshad Pagare

    What rubbish everyone is saying Xperia Z’s cousin. It dosen’t match Xperia SP peroformance. Xperia SP is premium smartphone. I hardly think u guys gone through Xperia SP specs. Xperia C don’t stand in front of Xperia SP. And only Xperia Z series and Xperia SP users will get Android 4.4 Kitkat

  • Erdélyi Gábor

    Oh, yes! :D

  • xperiaDROID

    I disagree with you, Xperia C doesn’t need to stand in front of Xperia SP, what’s good about the Xperia C is that it has a 5 inch screen, quad core processor, 8MP camera, and dual SIM in a cheap price. Yes, Xperia SP is more premium, but the Xperia C is more affordable. And what do you mean that only Xperia Z series and Xperia SP users will get Android 4.4 KitKat? That’s BS. Can’t the Xperia C, L, M, E get Android 4.4? They all have 512MB RAM and higher, Android 4.4 can support devices with 512MB RAM or higher, so it’s up to Sony to update it or not, not how premium it is.

  • ImAnurag

    LOW resolution 5″ screen, not even 720p…..LOL The worst screen in a phone XC has. No one cares what you agree or disagree.!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    You should consider the price point as well….. XC is value for money product from the customer point of view.

  • ImAnurag

    yes it is value for money….but that doesn’t mean it is superior than others having high specs, it may be best in its range but no point of comparing it with other ones..

  • xperiaDROID

    Xperia C is a value for money phone, so you expect a 720p on such cheap price? This phone is not for you, Mr. Rich Anurag Spec Hungry guy.

  • ImAnurag

    Yes definitely this phone is not for me, because I own a 100 times better one than this.!

  • jeti

    So what’s the point coming in here? This is not the phone for you so this is not the place for you…go on and show off your phone to a jerk just like you!

  • ImAnurag

    the point of coming here is to tell a big jerk like you that don’t compare XC with XSP when XC don’t stand at all anywhere.

  • ImAnurag

    Lol Like cousin…WTF Biggest joke of century.

  • Tim Aries

    Here you go, fanboy fighting.
    Ladies, you get what you pay for, ok now?

  • Tim Aries

    some people here are trying to say the XC is even better than higher-end phone from Sony, thats what come to the fight.

  • ImAnurag

    Atleast one user here is intelligent enough to understand that :) Nice comment buddy..

  • Avi Chaudhari

    nice buddy

  • Avi Chaudhari

    first use mobile then join conversation….if u want HD display n all spec then pay 50000 u get everything in phone

  • ImAnurag

    Do you even know on what we are talking about actually ? Go check above comment from “Tim Aries”…..I paid 50K and got that.! Those who have not got it, kindly stop comparing it with other high end devices…..Above person said XC is cousin of
    XZ, how come ? Care to explain….

  • jeti

    What every we are doing it’s in xperia C blog. So better get your ass out of here you filthy mudblood!

  • Badhan Ganesh

    On the whole, no one here talked about the update of the XC, right?? Crazy! Stop arguing guys. We all are the users of SONY product. It makes sense if we have a fight between Sony and other company. But we are having a great fight within ourselves. Every phone is a gold for the owner who owns it.. Cheers. :)

  • jeti

    Why does this cousin thing even bothering you. You know it’s not so why even care about explanation? So just _|_

  • taeny

    ‘Mudblood’ omg I’m dying!

  • JLol

    More like Xperia Z’s distant poor cousin

  • Tim Aries

    well said

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Exactly Bro. Very Well Said !!!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    No one is saying that XC is better or worse than any of the high end, from Sony or even from other Companies. Point here is people say XC doesn’t “STAND” a chance against, but its not about Standing somewhre, its all about where it is placed, as XC is sitting between XSP and Xperia M from the price point and i am dam sure with respect to price, it is again between M and SP in performance too…. Or if any one disagrees ???

  • pars71

    What a bout Xperia M . its a new phone like Xperia C . but no update yet . 4.4 or 4.3 expected for these new phones

  • Tim Aries

    I’m not into fighting with fanboys mate, I got hurt enough this blog before LOL

  • Diego Mendes Fernandes

    Kernel 3.4.5, I think it’s a good thing, correct?

  • Melvin Rillera Manuel

    the reason for a quick update response from sony is that there are actually a lot of users of xperia c, I use z1 as my main phone and keep sxc as backup for its dual sim and outstanding battery life, seriously it even lasts longer that my z1

  • Melvin Rillera Manuel

    nope, Z1 is a premium smartphone, C and SP are midrange smartphones, try to do some research sometimes

  • XperiaBlog

    It used the same kernel before, so no change there.

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  • thoma

    i’ve updated but things seems little worse now,, graphics performance get slower, menu loading is not smoother as before, also the storage issue still persists..

  • Zesi Delos Santos

    Can someone provide a System Dump?

  • JS

    Does the Xperia C support 64GB Memory Card?

  • adleyformulation

    does ne1 update the firmware

  • SaSingh

    Answering the questions in the post:

    The quality of the camera : After updating to new Firmware, there is no affect on this.

    Severe battery drain below 30%: It’s improved, but depending upon the applications running, If talk about putting on standby,there is quite an improvement.

    Low volume via the headphone jack: This has improved a lot. jerk sounds in music,low sound while on call has improved. Also, previously after maximizing volume in music,I never had any warning for high level of volumes, but after update i got at first try.

    Apps disappearing from the home screen on reboot : Issue is fixed.

    Internal memory restrictions : Still there

  • SaSingh

    Yes i did,

    Here is my review after updating and verifying things :
    The quality of the camera : After updating to new Firmware, there is no affect on this.

    Severe battery drain below 30%: Its improved, but depending upon the applications running, If talk about putting on standby,there is improvement.

    Low volume via the headphone jack: This has improved a lot. jerk sounds in music, Previously after maximizing volume i never had any warning for high level of volumes, but after update i got at first try.

    Apps disappearing from the home screen on reboot : Issue is fixed.

    Internal memory restrictions : Still there

  • adleyformulation

    i had also updated my firmware. the quality of camera has been better as compared to earlier. rest are the same changes which sasingh have noticed in terms of battery, volume, apps disappearing (Fixed). after all a better phone to use and show now.

  • emadabdoa

    This update do nothing with phone.

  • BPC101

    Just installed yesterday. Resolved the issue of the SD app shortcuts disappearing and I think improved the file management in general (prioritizing the SD card). My battery has never dropped below about 50% so I can’t speak on that issue and the camera always seemed great to me. And yes, What the hell is wrong with everyone arguing about their phone being better? I’m an American consultant based in Hong Kong. I think the Xperia C is a great phone. The xperia SP is also a great phone. Depends if you want a bigger screen and dual sim or a faster chipset. I think it’s fair to say the C is a ‘little brother’ budget alternative to the Z, which is fantastic but for me (not a gamer and I don’t really need the power to watch 4 videos at once) not enough better in a practical sense to justify 2.5X the cost.

  • Andy

    i jusy bought xperia c and i already updated it but still, the phone lags when the battery is below 50 and i need to turn off the device. I hope sony will do something about lags of this phone… specially when im using fb app…

  • Coy Chasez

    I’m Also Disagree with you…I know that the Xperia C is the Surrogate siblings of the Xperia SP because of different chipset but what do you expect from an Affordable Device??? Don’t be Sarcastic!!!!

  • anuj

    can u please tell me how can i update my phone

  • shayutheprince

    not as per GSMARENA and Sony`s specifiations. and why would one need 64Gb anyways? I have a Sandisk 32Gb class 10 card which is more than enough.


    Sony please update xc to 4.4kitkat…its a request from all xperia c users:!!

  • Fap

    Connect your phone to a pc/laptop w/ Sony companion. then you’l see

  • balaji

    even i am using the same memory card, the problem is when i connect to pc to download my files……the sd card opens very slow……is it a phone prob or sd card prob?

  • vikas

    SP is jealous of C, they think that they have made a mistake by buying sp instead of c, that’s why you guys trying to console themselves by telling c bad.

  • Rathore

    Hi I have updated the firmware however my camera flash is not working ? is there any one faced such issue or can suggest me to resolved this issue …also there is blue line on the screen..

    thanks in advance

  • Palimatix

    Xperia M 4.3 testing scheduled as per Vodafone. Things will be coming, it will take time. I have had low end Xperia phones before. Update comes really late but it comes for sure. Just try being more patient for the time being.

  • ali

    I upgraded my phone but The antenna suddenly disappear during call and return in few second

  • Muthu

    I hoped that Sony would fix the issues such as the quality of the
    camera, severe battery drain below 30%, low volume via the headphone
    jack, apps disappearing from the home screen on reboot and internal
    memory restrictions.

    But only the apps disappearing from the home screen on reboot issue is
    resolved with the firmware update 16.0.B.2.6.

  • Rubel

    I installed new version. I face very slow capturing picture with my xperia c camera! I don’t know it’s for my settings or anything for. Could anyone tell me what the convenient settings would be, where I can get much speed to capture photo! It seems very irritation while taking photo because of slow time. I use transcend class 10 SD card. Thanks in advance. Hear from you.

    I’ll be grateful if u inbox me here (

  • seiferfury

    I’m done with the update too:

    App shortcuts disappearing is fixed, headphone volume is fixed.

    The rare Contacts app crashing when My Profile is chosen (a bug which I have) fixed.

    In my opinion camera quality is slightly improved. But needs more testing.

    Will be back with the 30% battery drain issue when I drain my battery.

    Internal memory, well I’ve given up on that, since that can’t be fixed, but it would be nice for Sony to just use up the 1GB user storage that is included with the phone for system storage, it’s not being used anyway (or unlock bootloader, I’ll do that myself >:) )

  • Rubel

    How can I set below the status in facebook ” via Xperia phone”? …eagerly waiting for knowing it! Any altruist here who can inbox me (, i’ll be thankful. Thanks in advance.

  • seiferfury

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention that if you notice the screen begins to show some blurred portions or red/blue lines, wait for 10-15 minutes, or hard-reset the phone (AFTER the update process). The distortion should disappear.

    Happened to me, got scared for a while (thought my display was broken). Maybe the screen got too much power while doing the flashing process. Sony should look into that, because this might harm the device permanently.

  • seiferfury

    Somewhat fake anyway, around 150MB not accessible

  • san

    XPERIA C – low volume via the headphone jack

  • Pooja

    The icon on my taskbar that tells me I have an update for my Xperia C has still not disappeared although I have already updated my device. Help?

  • Uttam Sharma

    After the update in my both xperia c, i am facing problem in sending videos on whatsapp..
    it sends video but other person is not able to play videos just grey lines and audio is perfect.
    It seems to be a firmware problem because i am facing same issues on both xperia C.

  • Gaurav4u4ever

    Yes Bro u r right, SP users are jealous to us…….. We got excellent XC…… at affordable price……

  • Powee

    My screen is blinking :((((((((((((

  • nitin

    after firmware update alarm is behaving very strange. alarm is ringing automatically after 30-40 min everytime. so i have to disable it.

    second wi fi hotspot is not working properly. it connects the device but there is no internet accesss.

    if some one has a fix pls contact to me at

  • yanix

    Hi, here’s my story…

    after updating my xperia c with there latest firmware – my apps, games installed on my sd card are not running but yet the storage capacity still the same, so I wandered my games and apps are still there but yet just invisible. So I try removing my sd card physically and putting it back and this message prompt “Default memory for applications has been change to sd card. Future applications will be installed in sd card. History data of current applications may be invisible but not erased. You can remove the sd card to retrieve the history data.”

    by following the message still my games and apps are not found, I try looking at the settings > apps > all or running or sd card —– still not found.

    Now question is – how can I run my previously installed apps/games again after the firmware update? or these apps/games are now totally gone but yet the data on there respective folder are still there that is why the sd card storage capacity still the same?

    PLEASE HELP! thanks …!__!…

  • Rocky

    can any one let me know if my contacts n messages will be deleted after the new update in my xperia C?

  • Dave

    Seems to me, reading through some of the blogs on the Xperia C, the people who have bought this Cell haven’t had a dual sim Android phone in the past, otherwise there would be complaints about the lack of a selector of which sim you want to use when you place a call or txt. I have used dual sims for several years, from the cheap Myphone, Alcatel, Lenovo to the Samsungs and they ALL have a selector of which sim you want to use.

    I find having to go into setup to switch sim insane!!

    I am pondering getting a T2 Ultra Dual, but if Sony doesn’t correct this, will get a Mega 5.8 instead.

  • Maq

    Very unsatisfied with the update.. same problems occurring after the update, none of the problems seem to be fixed..

  • Pratyay Ghosh Dastidar LP

    No Only upto 32GB sdcard is supported pal…. :)

  • rango

    can any1 please explain how the 3rd process is done while updating in PC companion..
    i’ve tried press & hold both power & volume up key.. wait for 3 vib. & connect the usb.. its not getting updated.. plz help..

  • Farid Ridzuan Fye

    my xperia c stamina mode didnt show any changes with stamina mode or without it.. the estimated standby time is static whether i turned the stamina mode on or off.. what should i do?

  • F.B.Hi.

    Can i ask how long it takes to update?i dont have a laptop so i have to go to the internet cafe to update. Thanks

  • Alvin

    Depend on internet speed in your internet cafe , if fast about ~30min

  • Alvin

    First turn off ur phone n wait for about 30 second to plug usb n hold ur volume button no need for hold power button

  • Gauravps4u

    Before updating I don’t have problem regarding battery crashes after 30% to 15% but after updating now I m facing this problem………
    Why it happen?

  • Shahil Shivanjay Singh

    updated xperia c2305 but all my apps and contacts lost please explain this my important data is lost after the update please help

  • Sebin Chacko

    I have Met The same Problem.After 10-15 minutes the lines got disappeared .but after a week the issue was worse again .My display got damaged .I was Totally Sad. For my Good Luck the Phone was replaced by the seller . I suggest not to update .

  • pradeep

    Can I update my phone through WIFI?

  • Garv

    If I Update to the new version,What are the data that I might lose????

  • Atal

    pc companion is unable to connect to internet . Please connect to the internet and try again . But I am connected to internet . What can be the issue . I am not using any proxy and when I test It says that settings are correct and PC companion can connect to internet.

  • Chandan Kumar Ck

    people please help me to know does fonts can work on our XC

  • KB

    Yes, I am facing several issues in my Xperia C after build upgrade. Problems are listed below

    1) After getting update of the new build for Sony Service Center, Surprisingly, Phone is not connecting to any Google Service including Gmail, Play Store, Contacts etc. It’s constantly giving error about “Google Server”. I am stuck due with this.

    2) Severe Battery drain when it’s under 30% even though “Stamina Mode” and “Low Battery Mode” is active.

    3) Recently installed apps are not showing although it was installed in SD card.

    Please, let me know some suggestions to overcome all these issues?

  • manmohan cheema

    what to before updating my sony xperia c phone….is it compulsory to remove memory card …..

  • manmohan cheema

    what to before updating my sony xperia c phone….is it compulsory to remove memory card …

  • manmohan cheema

    what to before updating my sony xperia c phone….is it compulsory to remove memory

  • Ashish Ragtah

    My battery is still sync after 30% of usage after the firmware update………wat will I do…

  • Vivian Jesu

    I’m a C user. I’ve not get the above update yet. Please Help !

  • Vivian Jesu

    I’m a C user. I’ve not got the above update. Pls hep !

  • arumio

    well,i’ve been using XC and Z1..both are ok..depends on user n usage..dont fight..

  • Debashis Kumar

    Latest available software: 16.0.B.2.13

    Release started: 2014-03-24

    I am now use software: 16.0.B.2.6 What benefits will I get updates software: 16.0.B.2.13, please tell me

  • harry

    That’s not a problem it’s an issue, you can fix it by going to settings, developer options,and then you can see ” show gpu view updates”
    All you have to do is just unmark it…

  • harshi

    i have already updated my firmware but still got its notification in my update center wat to do nw?

  • prauxiar


  • prauxiar

    never let me down till i got c, literally, i feel i have got a( c )in my test papers.

  • prauxiar

    guys please buy moto e’s and give two of them to charity, you’ll still be happy , don’t go for phones, ive seen and conclude that,sony is a greedy company , they absolutely do not care about people who have their product, their aim is to lure fresh meat,

  • Bad Xperience

    Can anyone tell me why my average upload speed suddenly dropped from 6 Mb/s to 0.1 Mb/s!?
    That is on both sim networks in phone. I even tried factory rest (no success)
    Device 3 weeks old. Been slow for 4 days in many areas.


  • zero

    Hey guys my xperia c is very slow and it is hangging too often… Do you guys have a suggations to make my phone faster

  • HarrY

    My front camera isnt responding after the day i bought it :3 can anyone help me ?

  • Vinay

    hi guys how can i update sony xperia c phone

  • Vengatesh

    What about giving us Kitkat update????? nothing change have found in updates of build number.

  • opulanceee

    I already updated my xperia c and guess what,northing change,and that piss me off

  • shie using sony xperia c many hours the software installing?

  • shie

    share with me guys..when im trying the sony phone installing,then the power off then..until 1 still off and i saw only the color blue blinking when i im trying to open..can u please guys share with me..

  • Mayur Kamble

    is there any offline way to update to this firmware,bcoz this firmware takes more time to download for repairing my xperia’s firmware

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