Sony’s latest TV ad emphasises heritage of artists and engineers working together

by XB on 13th January 2014

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Sony Be Moved ThumbSony has created some of the most iconic devices that have ever existed when it comes to electronics. The company’s products are known to pack cutting edge hardware in an exquisite design. It is this joined-up philosophy that Sony is leveraging in its latest TV ad campaign called ‘Be Moved’. The ad shows what can happen when engineers and artists work together.

The ad features a whole portfolio of Sony devices including the Xperia Z1s, QX100 lens-style camera, the Walkman Sports MP3 player, AR1 loudspeaker, 4K Ultra HD TV, Personal 3D Viewer, RX1R camera and PlayStation 4. Check out the brilliant ad below. For further information on the Be Moved campaign click on the source link below.

Sony Be Moved_2

Sony Be Moved_1

Via Sony and Sony Blog.

  • kenobi

    Great ad! Everything I love from Sony in one video :D

  • Micro

    That’s exactly what I love Sony for. Every single thing they make is always a piece of beautiful art, not only a great device.
    Let copycats copy, this is all they can do – Sony will always stay several steps ahead.

  • xperiaDROID

    I love Sony.

  • zjhg

    I think ‘be moved’ is sonys new slogan

  • Guest

    I was thinking the same :) I still like their current one though.

  • techielover

    they are great designer and creator of beautiful gadgets

  • Mint

    Yep, several steps ahead especially when it comes to displays and updates. Oh, wait….

  • 3zeez

  • SPindahood

    Xperiablog imma let you finish but where is my 4.3 update?

  • dead_lion

    well… good point from u.. hehehe

  • fuckin’adult

    4.3 Update ? When ?

  • fuckin’adult

    And Xperia Z1 4.4 update ? When ? Even the moto g got it, wtf sony?!

  • xperiaDROID

    NO, NO 4.3 FOR YOU.

  • Micro

    only I don’t see any problems with updates for some time, and about the displays – hmm.. I love my Z1. Probably matter of needs/taste. It’s perfect for me.

  • xperiaDROID

    What? The 4.4 update whining has started already? That’s too early man. And about the Moto G got the 4.4 update first, that’s because Motorola is a Google company, so of course they will be the second (or first) of all to roll out the update.

  • Tjaldid

    yep seems like they got rid of “Make.Believe”

  • xperiaDROID

    Just like HTC got rid of Quietly Brilliant.

  • Tjaldid

    Or Apple’s “Give us your money sheeps!!!”

  • xperiaDROID

    Apple’s slogan should be: “Ba, ba, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”

  • The Rock

    As always, Sony does a great show for us… but behind the greatness is the expensive prices LOL~ But still…. we still love them and will follow them to the depths of hell!

  • Sumo

    Because it’s hard to believe them anymore. So they need to tell us to be moved or ‘woah’ whenever we see their new products.

  • Mohit Gupta

    One of The biggest Sony Fanboy I guess! I love Sony and for that reason I own almost all of their products from Walkman to Bravia. PlayStation to Cybershot!

  • Sony

    Well, now it is crystal clear that Microsoft and Sony has come on the same ground and we will definitely see a couple of new Sony Xperia Windows mobiles this year.

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    i have my xperia z1 with qx10, bravia tv, and im seriously considering switching to the ps4 over the xbone as my next gen console

    im starting to really like sony right now,
    almost as much as i like yamaha as my bike maker of choice

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    still a hell of a lot cheaper than apple

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    i read somewhere that there are rumours of kitkat for the z1 appearing in late february

  • Asad Ahmed

    I always consider sony as most reputable brand as they never bash its rival or any one, :)
    good job Sony keep it up :)

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Agreed… Sony isn’t kind of some other brands, :ARROGANT”

  • techielover

    Of-course that may be true as sony new phones with snapdragon 805 might be launching at mobile world congress in feb so there is a great chance to see upcoming models with kitkat pre-installed

  • Alfino Setya

    I love Sony. Exactly, I love My Sony Vaio Tap 11 and My Xperia Z1. Sony Make.Believe

  • sony

    i love sony too much

  • Ben Lim

    omg i couldn’t be prouder of SONY :) Just why I love SONY cos it is iconic.

  • lander

    All hail Mr Kazuo Hirai!

  • JHMBB2

    I’m with you, their designs are beautiful and classy. I own the Z and honestly hardly ever notice the washed out display, and I don’t have any issues sharing the screen with someone else. Over hyped flaw.

  • P9

    the best technology company ever yet, Sony. :)

  • P9

    It’s even more funny to kno that iphone design everyday is taken idea from sony, and even iOS7 now look really similar to xperia UI.and even more… Not to talk about sammy. Sony still king of us. :) keep it up!

  • The Rock

    Exactly. That is why not many people are willing to jump into the pits of fire for Apple… Unless Steve Jobs was stiil around, some may still do so.

  • Fuckin’MILF

    4.3 DOD? When for you?

  • shnam

    What happened to “Make.Believe” slogan?
    I love that slogan that was at the end of every video.

  • Tako

    go go sony show them what you are made of

  • Zaim

    Only google devices/editions have 4.4 at the moment!

  • SYG

    when Sony said , “We are going to give you 4.3 updates for Xperia SP, T, TX and V by DECEMBER .” Everybody applauded.
    How about now ?

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