Free PSM games for this week: Monster Hotel and Quiet Please

by XB on 15th January 2014

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Sony PSM Quiet PleaseSony’s PlayStation Mobile game promotion concludes with two final titles: Monster Hotel and Quiet Please. Monster Hotel requires you to look after a guesthouse, keeping the unusual inhabitants happy as you try to rise up the online leaderboards. You can unlock new monsters, bigger hotels and special rooms as you progress. Quiet Please is a classic adventure game requiring you to interact with your environment and solve puzzles.

If you have a PlayStation Certified device, you can download the games through the PSM app. You can find a full list of PlayStation Certified devices here. The promotion is available in Japan, United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Mexico , Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.


Via PlayStation Blog.

  • Giovanni

    We want to know a date release for the 4.3 update for xperia sp!

  • Ash

    I think they cancelled the remaining 4.3 updates to focus on developing 4.4 for the Z series.

  • Don

    How could they cancel the update!?

  • Guest

    Why not in Poland?! :|

  • Giovanni

    But what?? I see on the PTCRB, and Sony have removed the last certification of the update….. Why?? Can we have an information?! The update has been deleted??!!

  • techielover

    Sony pc companion got a update today does that mean some good news??!!

  • Giovanni

    There is a update for pc companion!? But the update for Xperia sp there isn’t…. Sonu have deleted it……

  • techielover

    maybe they are going with previous certified update and gonna issue bug fixes updates later on !! and judging by so many product launches this year starting they are real busy for lot of things!!!

  • Giovanni

    wtf? and now sony have issue a bug fixe in the last cetification? and now we must wait other more time for the other certification, and then the rollout?? ……. very bad

  • chrisj96

    they should be releasing it soon as the screenshots were leaked

  • Kunorishi

    I think they want to stick back to the .253. Maybe they realized that the .253 is better than the .256


    Why not in India? This is too much!

  • techielover

    this time there may not be any certification they just send the update directly to the phone till then go to beaches everyone and enjoy fresh air lol !!

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