Xperia Z1 to launch in Samsung’s home market of South Korea

by XB on 17th January 2014

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Xperia Z1Sony has announced that it plans on releasing the Xperia Z1 (C6903) and SmartWatch 2 in South Korea. Sony has traditionally steered clear of South Korea, which is understandable given it is Samsung’s home market.

As well as being sold through the Sony Store, the Xperia Z1 will be available from carrier KT (Korea Telecom). Sony did sell the Xperia Z in South Korea, but only direct to consumers through the website. The Xperia Z1 is priced at KRW 749,000 (£431, €517, $704) and the SmartWatch 2 will be KRW 219,000 (£126, €151, $206).


Thanks ki-hyun kim!

  • war

  • pongnamu

    Finally… I have been waiting for it! :) Sad that my carrier is SK. :/
    And, Sony did not release Z in Korea, it was Xperia Tablet Z which was sold online.
    The last phone released in Korean market was Xperia Arc and Ray. :(

  • raj

    That’s a good news..
    Let the war begin

  • Geography

    To Launch? You’d think they’d be out there by now, based on Geographical location…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Let’s rock !

  • xperiaDROID

    You’re just a troll that pretends you’re good at Geography. :P

  • lucasarg

    Sony, you’re rock it!

  • jjk

    Koreans deserve better phones too u know

  • Alfino Setya

    Sony declare a war against Samsung! Rock Sony!

  • Fanboy

    Just ready for battle ur rocks Sony

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Common Sony show them

    What is a Real smartphone UI
    What is a Real smartphone interface
    What is a real waterproof smartphone
    What is a beautiful Smartphone

    Kill Samsung on their home ground :-P

  • Mirrorpurple

    Aluminium phones you mean lol

  • Sony lover

    I believe you can buy it from the Sony store or online and use it on SK since it’s unlocked.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    not aluminium its Dragontail glass body with aluminium frame kid. far far far better and beautiful than Samshit Galaxy plastic series

  • :D

    come on *

  • H-R-K

    Korean market is so hard to break because of Samsung & LG. Maybe this is Sony’s first step to achieve some share in Korean market.

  • o1eroy

    now bad time start for samsung….lol

  • jj

    So I am in japan at the moment and debating if I should get the

    Sony Xperia Z1. The only thing is that NTT Docomo does not sell them unlocked and the are about 890,000 Yen, which is about $890.00. Guess the question is if it would work on AT&T. I was told usually Japan phones are more robust and will work anywhere.

  • jj

    actually I meant the Z1F

  • roeshak

    It’s amazing to see just how much hate you fanboys have for Samsung. I too would like to see Sony back in the game with solid devices but the stuff you guys come up with is just hilarious. Do you guys actually realize how big the gap is between Sony and Samsung is in terms of sales and market share. Sony has a long way to catch up and it will take some pretty spell bounding devices to really make any difference to that gap. They improved a lot in 2013, but they need much better this year to carry on gaining ground.
    The truth is, they’re are all at present, fighting over the scraps apple and Samsung leave behind.
    You can attack Samsung all you want, the simple truth many many millions of people around the world love their phones. That’s not going to change because a small minority of die hard Sony loyalists cry on xperia blog and elsewhere

  • ckck

    Officially carriers in Japan won’t sell the phones without signing the contract. For docomo they do offer unlocking for android smartphones with a fee.

  • Denislav Popov

    I don’t even know what you meant to say by writing this, i also fail to understand why you’re here in Xperia blog but not in a samsung forum… tired of plastic? We know Sony is not on first place by incomes, but that doesn’t mean at all that Xperias are bad phones. I’d like to hear why do you think samsung’s endless variety of galaxies is better…

  • :D
  • roeshak

    You missed the point totally, I prefer Sony devices and that’s why I’ve been using them since the dark days of the x10. It’s just the hate you guys have for Samsung that’s mind boggling.
    Just take it easy chaps, the success or failure of either of these companies won’t make that much of a difference to your life. Relax!!!!!!
    You only did what all fanatical fanboys do which is to assume that everyone that doesn’t agree with you your way of think must have a Samsung device in their hands.
    By the way, I know many people who prefer the cheap plastic because it’s a safer option as far as maintenance goes.
    Stop living in the clouds and come back down to earth. It’ll do you the world of good. Don’t get so personal about these things. Sony isn’t your father!

  • Chris

    wow! Looks like Samsung is your father! Or your boss?

  • Micro

    Hmm.. Sony isn’t my father either. But I really like Sony and this is exactly why I wish them best too. Is it a crime or is it make me a “hater & fanboy”?
    Sure it won’t affect my life (much) no matter what happens there. So what? I still wish Sony the best. It would make me feel better.
    That’s how people with feelings react you know.

  • Mint

    I’m pretty sure a smartphone ui (user interface) and a smartphone interface are the same thing.

  • Denislav Popov

    If that’s the case than i think that there are die hard fans of both sony and samsung. At the same time if you go to samsung forum you’ll see fans b**ching about sony as well. Of course sony is not my father but you didn’t expect me to support your opinion, did you? Sure Sony is not the best but i hate when people make comments like this and don’t defend their opinion with facts why actually samsung is better (if it is at all). I dont see a problem people say that sony is better, it’s their personal opinion and you can’t do nothing about it.

  • Mint

    Oh no a reasonable, non-biased person! You must be a Samsung fan!

  • Micro

    in Samsung smartphone yes.. but in Xperia – this is much more than the interface, you NEVER get bored with it ;] this is Xperia UI dude – self-explaining, speaking-of-seeing thing ;P
    Sony FTW!! :D

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  • jlol

    Wow Korea is gonna be a hard market. Thankfully Sony is still dominating Japan……oh wait.

  • Fëanáro Nénmacil

    Of course there is a big gap between Samsung and Sony market share.
    That doesn’t speak for the quality of the products. Samsung is a very powerful company and its strong point is marketing. If you look at how much Samsung has spent on marketing, I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the highest. Smartphones are trendy things, many people buy because others are using (much like iPhone) and this is how Samsung got to the top. Its brand name is everywhere because of flooding the market with inferior products while features of the S-series are seemingly cool and new, but proved to be gimmick in real use. It made its stand as a direct competitor to Apple early so it has been seen as representative of Android for a while.

    Only the Note line seems to be a proper one and I believe it deserves the first place in early phablet section. The main reason I hate Samsung is its business ethics (Hiring people to bash others’ product, copying ideas, gimmick features, cheating benchmark…etc.). Samsung phones are very good when used early, but after a while they start to become sluggish despite the specs. And Samsung’s design..let’s not talk about it here.

    Sony, on the other hand, is one company that has been pushing new innovative devices, not just smartphones, but laptops, walkman, cameras, medical equipment…etc. Sony maybe late at updates, but Samsung only gave the updates to the high-end(and sometimes they suck a lot), the mid-rangers barely get any decent stuff and forget the low-end devices. I like Sony for its creativity and originality :)

  • Tjaldid
  • nidou bossy

    I’ll take a pic holding Z1 in my hand and rising it up next to Samsung headquarters!

    Sony domination: True story :D

  • nidou bossy

    how’s ur Z1 doing ? :P

    I remember when u showed me first couple pics u took after the unboxing!

  • Micro

    perfectly fine actually, thanks ;P
    in fact, it sits in front of me right now in the charging dock between my monitor and the keyboard, shining and beautiful, keeping me updated via SW2, connected to the BM10 receiver and playing music on the MHC-EX600, keeping my hands free while calls thanks to SBH20, and in the mean time helps me monitor our company’s dedicated server via SSH and BT keyboard ;] Oh, right, and keeps me in touch what’s happening in my room at home (40km away), connected to my precious Xperia S that I set up as a HD surveillance camera :D
    Dude, I LOVE this phone. I seriously do.

  • nidou bossy


    awesome! well, i sold out my Xperia S, and now i have an Xperia Z ,then i’llget the Z1 for sure when i will offort for it! i love that beast! my friend have one in black, i held in my hands and messed around with it, damn, it feels so premium and also the camera is amazing but needs more improvement in term of software! hopefully sony will bring the best improvement to the camera in 4.4 update!

  • ryq24

    Koreans are very nationalistic and, like China, they hate Japan for what they did during World War Two, so I think Sony will fail.

  • Micro

    TBH, about the camera.. for a phone is really good enough already. But sure, I will always be happier if they improve it even more :]
    Yes, this premium feeling, from the start when I unboxed it… I’ve fallen in love with it too immediately ;]

    and those faces when I wash it just like that under the tap.. priceless :D

  • josesl16

    Well, then there’s no proper warranty….

  • JHMBB2


    My personal gripe over Samsung is that they are very gimmicky, oh wow the video pauses if it doesn’t see your eyes. That gets old fast. My last Samsung was the S-2, fun little phone in the beginning but hated by the end of it’s short life cycle.

    Yes, the cheap plastic was horrible but at least I didn’t have to worry so much about it. I had horrible battery life after a year, it continued to freeze shut off and slow down, and finally it had issues charging till it wouldn’t charge no more. I was a happy person when there was no way I could use it anymore, I didn’t have to struggle with that stupid thing.

    I loved my older Samsung devices, one was a t-613 i think..(an old tiny black slider from ’06), and my favourite phone of all time was the Samsung T-509 (which is what I used for the last 5 months of my contract). Awesome phones that still work. There were some exceptions like the Samsung Beyond (t-919) hated that ish after a week and went back to the T-509.

    None of these phones however had the feel that matched my first phone which was a Sony Ericsson T-230, something about that little guy made me smile. It had it’s own unique charm that I’ve missed in phones after all these years till my current Sony Xperia Z. Hopefully this battery hog will impress me more in the long run than the Galaxy did. Time will tell though.

    I wish Samsung would stick to fun reliable devices without all the gimmicky and cheap feel that they are today. They need another reliable T-509 stay away from the gimmicky T-919.

  • josesl16

    Please dun make me any more jelly, Imma so jelly with you Micro D:

  • josesl16

    shouldn’t Sony be focusing in China and US? Somehow I don’t think suddenly popping up like that will do the sales much good. Although, maybe Sony is just giving a try?

  • Micro

    dun be jelly, mkay, being jelly is bad. mkay.


  • Bryan Ng

    Really? This means war. But Sony ftw. lol

  • I love everything about my z1 but the camera greatly dissapointed me sometimes my note 10.1 outshines it i tried superior Auto and manual screen is also dissapointed in black level and other things I do adore the build quality and design though mine has no sony logo just a big piece of glass ready for z2

  • :D
  • Saudagar Unta

    my experience is when i visit South Korea and i ask my friend that South Korean citizen to take photo with my Xperia Z Ultra, she ask what the hack is this phone? i said Sony Xperia Z Ultra. she didnt know but still interested with it… why your phone so large… i said this is sony… palmface samsung

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  • Rizky Maulana

    What is a REAL “mini” smartphone

  • Divya Bharathi

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