Timeshift burst camera app hits the Play Store

by XB on 23/01/2014

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Timeshift_burstIf you own a Xperia Z, ZL, ZR, Z Ultra or Xperia Tablet Z then you’ll be happy to hear that Sony Mobile has pushed the Timeshift burst camera app into the Google Play Store. This app first appeared on the Xperia Z1 and is pre-installed on all Z1/Z1s handsets, however all of you running the latest Android 4.3 update, which includes Sony’s social camera, can download Timeshift burst.

Timeshift burst captures 61 frames within just 2 seconds and starts even before you have pressed the camera key. You can then cycle through the thumbnails to select the best shot.

Sony’s Android 4.3 firmware update for the above Xperia Z series of handsets only included a few pre-installed camera apps (Superior auto, Manual, Picture effect and Sweep Panorama). You then need to add further camera apps via Sony Select.

The problem is that Sony has not included Timeshift burst in the library of camera apps through Sony Select. This is odd, as unless you know where to look for it, this app will completely pass you by. The same goes for the AR Effect app that also isn’t available through Sony Select. We imagine this must be an omission and that they will appear in Sony Select shortly, in the meantime you can click on the Play Store links below for both camera apps.

Timeshift burst

AR Effect

Via Android Police.

Thanks Naail!

  • mustafa

    Late to the show xperiablog. This news came out like 2 days ago

  • Nawi

    Great news!!
    Thanks Sony! =)

  • http://burbur.net/ Danny Hajj

    I own an Xperia Z both are not compatible with my device when I open the play store page.

  • :D

    Snapchat gets Hacked After One hour of the Security Update Rollout :D


  • Ruslan K

    Cool applications! Best camera applications ever seen :-) and my non-SonyXperia friends too
    I’m waiting for “Timeshift video” :-) !!!

  • Kevin

    Also background defocus

  • Ruslan K
  • v1ctor

    i instaled it on a a z ultra and when i oppen it…it just close the camera app…has enyone this problem…what shuld i do?…thx…escuze nm english…:)

  • redwan

    i want sony xperia z2

  • tally

    Wow… Sony what happend :D?? I’ve the Xperia Z and at first I thought I bought the phone too soon and I should’ve waited, but the way Sony has made the Xperia Z better in these few months is just wonderful. I’m loving it everyday more and more. I wish they could do something about the battery drainage in further updates. It would make the phone just perfect. Thanks Sony!

  • Raj Singh

    Timeshift does not work on my Xperia Z Ultra (C6833). AR effect works.

  • tally

    Update it to 4.3?

  • http://burbur.net/ Danny Hajj

    I should stop skimming articles! 4.3 still not available in my country. so I guess I still have to wait.

  • sony zu lover

    Same as mine! :(

  • asdasd

    The best of Sony.. just got better!!!

  • karamelakimo

    That’s really a great news :D

  • luigi

    4k video? where did you get that?

  • Ruslan K

    If you have root, you can push apk file directly to the system/app

  • Ruslan K
  • Brad Williams

    Couldn’t agree more. My XZ is like a new phone again and I am very happy with it. Upgrading to 4.3 was the best thing they could’ve done. My phone runs so much smoother now. Makes the wait for Kit Kat more pleasurable. :)

  • Nikola Marunić

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sonymobile.motiongraphforxperia – also there is this, can someone check it out, it’s incompatible with my XPERIA T!

  • jiakushi

    Why i can’t install this app on my Z?

  • hansip

    Mine works. Why not on yours?

  • Alan

    I have the same error … Help!!

  • alan

    Error Xperia Z C6602

  • raj

    Both apps, CHECK, on my Xperia Z Ultra

  • Abdur Razak

    mine does work too… anyone please solve it…

  • hansip

    My zu have it working. Why can’t you? My phone is unrooted too.

  • hansip

    Yup couldn’t agree more, sony definitely improved their software far more than an increase of android version number alone. And they will bring it to the last year model too shortly, that’s just awesome :)

  • wei

    Work perfectly on my xperia zr ! Thanks Sony:)

  • Sourav Banerjee

    Will this work on Xperia SP too?

  • Thiolo

    AR effect is working on Z ultra But the TimeShift not working


    Same in my case! I updated my Z ultra to android version 4.3…. But the app crashes the moment I open it!

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Why it captures the resolution of 1280*720 only on Z ?? Is it capturing it on the same resolution on Z1 ???

  • kutaytopkac

    Works on my xperia Z C6603

  • Keyvan Ghanbary

    Also Not work on my Xperia z Ultra c6802 (no root) :-(

  • Gutt Grinder

    I hope this app is going to compatible for my Xperia V. This will make my underwater pictures even more cooler.. I’m still waiting for 4.3 update.. :D

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  • disqus_NGOCGqGHOo

    Still waiting for Telecom NZ for 4.3 update! Vodafone NZ have already got update! I spoke to Telecom and my answer was they don’t know, possibly testing! I think carrier updates are pointless, they are slow and bloated! They should offer you the choice with generic and download these bloated apps as extra!

  • Adi waru

    This is what i’ve waiting for. My Xperia Z just more less like Xperia Z1. hahaahaha

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  • Shaheen Pak

    y there is no up date in saudi arabia still 4.2.2 andriod y for xperia z

  • Anargyros Varthalitis

    Installed and works perfectly with xperia sp with 4.3( leaked rom)

  • lops

    Not Aviable in Play Store Germany (Andorid 4.3 Generic Germany) AR is aviabale… Help!

  • roby

    Not avaible in france too. Xperia Z Ultra

  • Raj Singh

    Mine is the unlocked and unbranded international version (C6833)…
    I don’t know why it keeps force closing.
    I wonder if the SD card or the QX10 are messing with it at all.

  • Raj Singh

    No idea. Motion Shot and AR effects both work on my Ultra. Timeshift burst does not.

  • Raj Singh

    I have 4.3 on my Ultra and I’m able to download/install it ‘successfully’ but it crashes whenever I click on the button.

  • Marc Yeo

    Great job Sony…both TS and AR available in Malaysia Play Store…:)

  • Damon

    I installed the timeshift burst app from the playstore but it keeps on crashing!

    C6802 unrooted

  • lolopsa

    Burst /Ar/motionsnap / Info eye. Are aviable in playstore for Sony Xperia Z 4.3 Germany Generic.

  • jiakushi

    Now my device can install it. Just back-up your data and factory data reset your phone. Before you restore your data, download the timeshift burst app…

  • roby

    Me too :-(

  • aman singh

    i could not find info eye on the playstore, can u send me a link?

  • Alan

    Questions factory data reset do with the option that really gives me the phone!! And the backup with PC Companion??

  • Lahiru

    Thanks a lot Jiakushi! It worked for me too. :) (y)

  • Alan

    backup Pc Companion and factory data reset from the phone??

  • Lahiru

    yes Alan it worked! :)

  • Lahiru Jayaratne

    Alan back up using the tool you find it the menu > tools folder

  • Alan

    Perfect!! Great App. :)

  • Cassa Nova

    hallo ruslan..where can i get timeshift video apk?? many time i searh google no get to download it…i get background defocus only..i hope u replay :)

  • Ruslan K

    Hi :) I guess it is available only in new Xperia Sirius (Z2) . but I think it will be ported to other Z devices after presentation of it at MWC. I’m waiting it also very much :) It have possibility to catch video with 120 fps and then select parts of video that should be slow :)

  • Ruslan K

    Hi :) I guess it is available only in new Xperia Sirius (Z2) . but I think it will be ported to other Z devices after presentation of it at MWC. I’m waiting it also very much :) It have possibility to catch video with 120 fps and then select parts of video that should be slow :)

  • Cassa Nova

    Thx bro for replay..i hope sony can make. Sofware slowmotion for xperia z1 :)….now nokia and sony kill iphome and.samsung :D

  • Ruslan K

    Yes, Sony can :-)

  • Ruslan K

    Yes, Sony can :-)

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