Xperia Z1 Compact goes on sale in Sweden

by XB on 24th January 2014

in Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 Compact Dustin.seSweden is the first country to get hold of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503), as the handset is now in stock across various retailers. Swedish price comparison site shows half a dozen retailers with the handset in stock including and

The handset costs SEK 4,595 (£432, €521, $713) and is only available in black, other colours will be available in the next few weeks. We expect the Xperia Z1 Compact to hit most other European countries by the middle of February.

Xperia Z1 Compact

  • redwan

    i want sony xperia z2.

  • Trond

    Norway during next week :-)

  • Concha

    and where can you get that one today or even tomorrow? =)
    Xperia Z2 doesnt exist on the market (yet!). And we do not know if it ever will until SONY presents it..=)

  • blewtwo

    I want it too!!

  • Sid

    Waiting for something like Xperia ZR2 which will have balance of style, performance & durability at right price.

  • Fanboy

    When this phone comes to India

  • Sami Mrabet

    its not just available in Black, I Ordered the Lime version from Cyberphoto and its on its way to me as we speak! The White is in stock to. But the Pink one is exclusive for one Carrier

  • ryq24

    Too expensive for a 4.3″ phone. Might as well get the xperia Z.

  • Hvaskjera

    Telenor and Djuice already have it in stock ;)

  • Trond

    They should only be up for pre-ordering with Telenor(djuice) and NetCom – and not available in stock. Even tough I see that djuice are giving away some mixed signals at their site – availability should be the same as Telenor…. :-)
    As far as I’m concerned, the distributors are expecting it in during the upcoming week.

  • Christian Juul Anthonsen

    Lets hope it gets announced at mwc!

  • John Kneeland

    You entirely missed the point of this phone. It is to break out of the notion that a phone’s feature tier is directly correlated to the screen size, and therefore only big phones get big feature lists.

    There are many of us who want top tier handsets with top tier prices but want a device that is smaller. This is the phone we have been waiting for.

  • Mac

    Where did you find the white one? N do you believe media markt have a z1 compact squeezable 2mrw?

  • Trond

    I would guess that this phone (Sirius/Z2) will be shown off at MWC, and released in Europe during April :-)
    But that’s of course just qualified guessing :-)

  • starkiller306

    oh shut up, spammer!! you say this on every post!! you’re like a pokemon that can only repeat it’s name…you’re ‘iwantsonyxperiaz2.’, a spam type pokemon!!

  • starkiller306


  • starkiller306

    Our lord and savior Z1 Compact!! :D

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  • paul_cus

    Patiently waiting for the US release.

  • Sami Mrabet

    its in stock in Cyberphoto.. what does “z1 compact squeezable 2mrw” means?

  • Jaywalker

    If this is the phone everybody has been waiting for then Z1 or Z are obsolete already. They might sell it at a higher price than Z1 as well if this one is the most wanted phone :D That would be an interesting marketing move.

  • Mac

    how come it only says available week 6 when I check?
    Haha, I mean if they have it at the phone area so we can touch it IRL 2 morrow. But Imma check it out 2 day.

  • Sami Mrabet

    are u from Sweden?

  • Mac

    Yep, u 2 I guess?

  • Sami Mrabet

    Hahah va fan snackar du inte svenska då för ;D blir ju bara förvirrad här ! ahh Nu såg jag att Cyberphoto inte har den vita inne än! sorry, Men jag vet att the Phone house har mobilen inne som du kan klämma på

  • Mac

    Because its XperiaBlog, and I don’t like when ppl talking in foreign languages here so that’s why, but I guess I can do it now.
    Tänkte väl det, synd eftersom det är den vita jag vill ha, eftersom den inte finns i lila..
    Jaså, synd att jag inte har något i närheten :-.

  • Hvaskjera

    Well Djuice has already sent a confirmation to me….with tracking number and all, and it’s already on it’s way :)

  • FreddyNogo
  • FreddyNogo


  • FreddyNogo

    lol man!

  • FreddyNogo

    Stig H, är det du??

  • :D
  • Trond

    So, that means you also will get it next week as I said ;-)
    Anyway – it’s a really nice device(as you know!)! It actually feels a tiny tad faster than my Z1 and Ultra. Probably because of the screensize. And the screen is just stunning with the IPS :-) Enjoy your new toy when it arrives! :-)

  • Sami Mrabet

    Vad är det med dig?

  • Jerry Berglund

    Really Sweden is first? YEEEEEEY!!!!

  • FooVoyager

    Telia hade skylt-ex (på lagret), men vägrade sälja någon idag.

  • FooVoyager

    The Xperia Z is too big! Way too big! I’m happy with a Z1 Compact at that price, thank you very much.

  • Egil A.

    Kjøpte min på Expert idag!

  • Sid

    Z1C is smaller, extra powerful & costly than required

  • starkiller306

    in India it’ll probably be sold at around 33k which is reasonable and are you seriously complaining that it’s “smaller, extra powerful”?? I honestly cannot see the point that you’re trying to make bro…do you want a bigger screen or a removable back maybe?

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  • Mads
  • Malin

    just got to know that mine is on its way by mail, so going to get it (pink) in the beginning of the week :D Im so excited to get to test it and to get rid of my xperia ray! :)

  • mosfett

    This one is amazing, you all should get one!

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  • Jobs

    Don’t be patient, spam the operators and demand it :)

  • Sid

    I mean screen size around 4.5 to 4.6 inches.
    Snapdragon 600 can also do well for this size of screen.
    I dont think it will cost 33k in india. It will go above 35k for sure because of taxes n all.
    I cant sacrifice on IP rating for removable back.

  • Mac

    Yep jag fick känna på en igår, men de skulle inte få in förrän tidigast nästa vecka :-.

  • Mac

    Media markt hade lime I lördags, såg mkt bra ut live. Telia hade en vit bakom kassan igår. men inte i lager, tidigast nästa vecka.

  • Divya Bharathi

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