What would make your ideal Sony Xperia smartphone?

by XB on 30th January 2014

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Sony Xperia logoIt’s always nice to dream once in a while. Sony Mobile will announce new hardware at MWC in Barcelona next month, with strong bets on the launch of the Sony D6503 Sirius smartphone. At this stage we can’t be sure of what strategy Sony plans to adopt in 2014 and whether we’ll see another flagship in H2, but there is no doubt that every fan has their own wish list.

So we wanted to ask you the question – what spec sheet would you ideally like to see in Sony’s next Xperia flagship? What would be your ideal display size and screen tech? How much storage space? What design would you like to see? Omnibalance or arc or something else? How about the camera sensor? We imagine OIS would feature in many lists. We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Ilya Panasenko

    Xperia Z1 Compact dual – that’s what I want

  • roeshak

    Well for me, it’s pretty simple really. Anything but another Z1 variation with a camera that’s got a larger sensor and OIS naturally lol!

  • Roy

    A xenon flash and a high-resolution whitemagic display would be really awesome imo.

  • DrKrFfXx

    5-5.2″ IPS Panel.

    Latest hardware available.

    Walkman sound chip.

    Kit Kat

    Ditch the on-the-shatterproof-Sony logo.

    Keep the great mobile camera path.

    Keep water resistance.

  • Makiz

    The best camera, display, latest software, small bezels and awesome build quality :P
    That’s what I’m waiting from Sony since the Xperia X10 era

  • Phat-t

    Two flagship models a year, one with the Omnibalance design and the Arc design!

  • Raddad Radaideh

    5.2 display 805 cpu 3 gb ram 32 gb memorey 20 or 23 camera with xzenon flash and water proof

  • Alaa

    Xperia Z2

    With :

    Cyber-Shot ( like Sony Ericsson C905 )
    Xenon + LED Flsah
    32 or 64 memory
    5 inch – like Xperia ZL
    Xperia Logo with a light ( like Xperia TX )
    OLED or like iPHone 5S display

  • Felix

    Metal Xperia Z1 Compact with an even better screen.

  • Rammstone

    Z1 Ultra with 32gb internal storage, new snapdragon processor, new adreno chip, android 4.4

  • cs098

    Glass shatter proof, screen protector scratch proof, or ditch it for a oliophobic coating,

    Actually stick with ips.

    apps to sd

    16:9 20 mp shots

    improved camera algorithm


    larger battery

  • Vasco Gervasi

    Fully compatible with AOSP.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Design: Similar to Xperia E1Screen: 4.5 inch (720p display)
    Processor: 1.5Ghz dual-core
    RAM: 1GB
    Camera: 8MP (HD, 8MP 16:9)
    Internal: 16GB (+ microSD card slot)
    Android: 4.4 (obviously)
    Network: 2G/3G/4G + Wi-Fi
    Battery: 2000mAh (removable)

    Not asking for much, probably the successor to the Xperia SP? IDK…

    ALSO: <£250 price tag… ;-)

  • faidam

    An Xperia Z with Windows Phone 8.1 would be the best Xperia for me

  • zaryab

    Xperia Play 2 ……
    805 cpu
    3 gig ram
    32/64 gb
    Cyber shot .16-22 mpx
    4.7 inch ..IPS
    Full HD .WaerProof
    PS-Vita games compatible :)
    Xenon Flash
    Latest Android
    and etc etc etc

  • best screen available perhaps oled with sonys expertise to make colors better

    same shape as the z1

    frontfacing stereo speakers as the z2

    as thin bezels as the note 3 or zl

    black less thick frame around the phone

    no plastic inside the metal frame

    better camera with xenon flash

    big battery

    4.6 inch screen


    metal instead of glass back

    olephobic coating with no front sony logo

  • disap_ed

    The Z1 compact is pretty much it, couldn’t wish for more atm to be honest. It could be cheaper though :)

  • Max

    5.3″ 1080p IPS, Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB, Microsd, 20MP 1/2″ sensor, Zeiss optics with OIS, 3500mAh battery. Same package size as the Z1.

  • Amir

    My updated improvements wishlist for the Z1 successor:
    1. the latest gorilla glass/dragontrail for
    front and back glass with scratch resistance and oleophobic coating without a
    shatter film or any other kind of film.
    2. engraved “sony” logo on the front
    glass itself or no logo at all on the front.
    3. 5.2 inch 2K IPS LCD or W-OLED.
    1. exposed waterproof mini usb port.
    2. thinner bezel if possible.
    1. S805
    2. 4GB RAM
    1. minimum of 32gb internal storage.
    1. bigger sensor.
    2. better image processing to reduce noise,
    especially in low light.
    3. 3 dimensional OIS.
    5. dual LED.
    1. 3500mAh
    1. IR blaster.
    2. dual speakers
    3. gloves mode.

  • ???????

    I want to buy really expensive phone but I want Sony support it not 1-2 years like now but longer, 5 for instance. New updates, improvement not only for new but for old phones. Like iPhone has updates even if owner has bought it several years ago. This is a problem of Sony, you have quality, but with speed is worse.

  • karamelakimo

    Same design and material in Z or can be replaced by Aluminium as SP

    For display i Liked Triluminons but need to calibrate display only for brighter display
    never use oversaturated oled display it’s only gr8 with mobile UI but not for movies
    may be 4.5-5 inch is enough with 2k resolution and high ppi

    Better shutter proof screen protector or use glass can resist scratches

    i wish a sound master ship as in walkman..we want the real walkman back

    Snapdragon last hardware as i heared 805 with 2.3 or higher 2.5 will be great 64 bit if can be done

    3 or 4 GB of ram :D

    Include new useful software as we heared in kitkat of sony as smart call handling and smart backlight display

    camera 20 MP with exmor and bionz is great but must improve the processing of snaps with stronger flash led or i wish zenon that’s would be great ;)

    Battery 3000mAH at least

    and must be water and dust proof ;)

    P.S: I’m Happy with my Xperia Z
    wish the best for sony :D

  • hamody

    Snapdragon 805
    shake control(like xperia 1) to change music and photos
    4K display IPS with great viewing angles
    Better sensor for camera and better lens
    Better multitasking like note 3
    Same design of z1

  • cristian

    Make a phone version of the sony walkman zx1 with the same size as the xperia Z , same material that they use in zx1 and put a hardware button On it .1080 display with 5.2 inch IPS is enough . 3gigs of ram for better experience , snapdragon 800 chipset , a better camera and sound . Long lasting battery life , 32gigs of internal plus SD card , water proof , 3.2mp front camera :D , dont bake the sony logo on the shatter proof film , make it glow just like the one on the xperia Tx / gx .

  • redwan

    i want sony xperia z2

  • redwan

    4.9 inch
    snapdragen 805 and better graphics

  • Guest

    4,3″ IPS Panel
    Snapdragon 805
    36GB Internal storage
    3 GB RAM
    Z1 Camera and lens with better software

    and the materials should be glass and metal like Z1/Compact or Fully Metal

  • Sami Mrabet

    4,3″ IPS Panel
    Snapdragon 805
    36GB Internal storage + SDcard
    3 GB RAM
    Z1 Camera and lens with better software

    and the materials should be glass and metal like Z1/Compact or Fully Metal :)

  • Sami Mrabet

    The Z1 compact is my dream phone! but if it was fully metal it would be perfect!

  • ZXcorr

    Z1 Compact is the almost-perfect phone. It would be THE perfect phone for me if it’s slightly thinner, less bezels, optical image stabilization and better speakers (stereo speakers that sound like iPad Air’s. Haha).

  • Maulana Yusuf

    Agree !!

  • Zoltan Kovacs

    Z ultra with 7 inch full hd OLED screen, 64 gb internal memory +microsd +better battery, better camera !!! thats all!

  • Nick

    5.3″ 1080p IPS display
    Latest proccessor of course
    2 GB RAM
    IR transmitter
    Water resistace
    Omnibalance design
    Thinner bezel(!)
    Better sound quality
    Keep white balance adjusting

  • Tech Gospel

    Updated Xperia ray, quad core, 2gb ram, at least 10 hour battery while surfing on LTE, 720p 3.3-3.5″ 16:9 screen, waterproof

  • Zoltan Kovacs

    Z ULTRA 7 inch full hd RGB OLED screen ,4gb ram snapdragon 805 cpu, 64 internal memory ,stereo speakers ,better battery/camera

  • ad d

    My Dreams Phone :Sony Xperia Z1Compact with dual SIM, irda, preasure sensor and FM transmiter :-)

  • jj

    5″ IPS Triluminos w/X-Reality + Bravia for mobile 3 engine; Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, clock at 2,5-2,8 Ghz; 20,7 Mp camera w/G lens, but better software; 2700-3000 mAh battery; as big as Xperia ZL, but with the same material as the Z1; 32 Gb internal storage; 3 Gb of RAM; KitKat; IP68 certification.

  • Tiff

    IPS panel
    Water resistant
    Longer battery life
    With emoji keyboard
    4.3 inches screen
    Good stereo speakers
    Perfect screen resolution like ZL

  • jj

    *Full HD screen

  • Survivor

    3 Gb RAM…

  • Lukas

    How about Xperia Z1 compact with more battery less bezel and less place top and down

    The power button has to be changed it is to obvious and I would like it too be more casual

    And most important update cycle for flag ships like Samsung has (at least 2-3 years)

    Would be happy with that

  • faruzzi

    The Z1 but with:
    -dual front facing stereo speakers
    -Walkman sound chip
    -Walkman button(like E1)
    -saphire glass on front and back
    -IPS display
    -Z ultra like display sensitivity(can use pen as stylus)
    -3 gigs of ram
    -Snapdargon 805
    -bigger battery
    -OIS and Xenon flash
    -USB 3.0
    -micro HDMI output
    -Android kitkat


    A PlayStation/ Xperia Play phone with the upgradable/ interchangeable screen, processor, speakers, camera etc… That would be ideal because you could always keep your specs current.

  • TheHugeOne

    I just wanted HUGE bezels, the biggest bezel ever seen on smartphone! Please Sony! Please make it real!! :3


  • zcrx

    a new premium design

  • TheHugeOne

    And huge bezels, awesome!

  • Ed Weston

    I just purchased the Z Ultra GPE in December and honestly have never been happier with a phone. 5 iPhones and 2 Samsungs, and I have found a phone I love. I like the large display (personal preference) , and how thin it is makes it easy to use, so for the next flagship or update to mine, I would wish for more internal storage on either, a flash on my model and better camera. Thinner top and bottom bezels. More substantial water resistant port covers. A better speaker setup like HTC One. I want to thank Sony, I sure love this phone.

  • mido

    Please sony do not use soft key in xperia phones

  • izzet karahancer

    5.2 inch display with good view angles,nvidua k1 processor,3gb ram,32gb internal sd+sdcard support,glass back but with smaller bezels and slightly curved like galaxy nexus,qwhd 2k screen,dual boot android and ubuntu touch

  • jose

    waterproof usb will be awesome… maybe i will add xenon flash

  • TheHugeOne

    Less bezel? Noooo! I wanted more bigger than Z1, that would be perfect!

  • David Jay

    To be honest all I would like is the Xperia Z1 compact as a Google Play Edition. I don’t think that Sony can keep up with the demands of software updates but I love their build quality. I’m speak from experience owning the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 which was a great device but was hampered by late software. When Sony dropped the Ericsson from their name I thought they would treat customers better so I got the Xperia S (my current device). Great device again but shelved at 4.1.2 with bugs and no news of an update.
    Google Play Edition or a Sony Nexus phone, basically as long as the software is separate then I’m in.

  • AA

    Basically want an upgraded Z1 Compact with
    1) better cameras (not necessarily more pixels) with optimized software on release date
    2) a new gorgeous design that brings back illumination bar
    3) excellent and natural color reproduction on IPS panel
    4) front bazel color matches with back (eg. if the handset is red, it is red on the front as well, not just the back)
    5) walkman sound chip. now this is something that competitors can’t compete
    6) more RAM
    7) 4.3″ with 720p is just fine for me. don’t want anything bigger
    8) better speakers

  • sony fan

    Totally agree! Most xperia phones have a nice design and good hardware, but they lack of fast updates or updates never show up like xperia s. If sony really wants to get more phones in the street they have to improve their sofware. It’s not okay to wait months for an android version that isn’t the most recent or to get a phone with a regular camera performance when you paid a lot for it (Xperia z1, I know that now it’s good but maybe it would’ve sold many more devices if camera performance were good since it hit stores)

  • mustafa

    7.5-7.9mm thickness, almost bezeless screen (I like a bit of bezel) 3500mah, dual flash, hopefully non covered charging port, a 2k screen, snapdragon 805, 3gb ram, 32gb rom, dual speaker, and keeping the omnibalance design, plus the stuff the guy above mentioned

  • Weh

    My ideal Sony Xperia smartphone is something like JARVIS and also has a high end hardware

  • Najip Yahya

    i xperia for gaming and music, also for surfing internet,

  • Alexandros Patikas Papadopoulo

    Arc design and for the rest.. Sony knows better!!

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    my one would be bezel free with 5 inch igzo screen and running kitkat

  • Antonio Sevillano

    My ideal Xperia is NOT A PHONE, IS A SERVICE.

    Since a new model is available on stores,


    This is a sign of quality, a compromise with your clients

  • shanefalco

    4.3″ hd triluminos ips (no key in the screen) snapdragon 400 8926, 1giga ram, 16giga rom 8mpx exmor rs with xenon flash, no waterproof ;) Light bar as xperia u or sp, price 299 euro.

  • shnam

    My dream xperia is:

    5,2″-5.5″ Full HD IPS Triluminos w/X-Reality
    Dual stereo speakers + IR
    Walkman sound chip + Walkman button (like E1)
    32GB Internal storage + microSD
    Snapdragon 805 + 3GB RAM
    OIS and Xenon flash
    USB 3.0 + micro HDMI output
    3500 mAh battery
    Latest Android

  • Sony FAns

    1. good battery life
    2. high quality camera (8mp-16mp will be enough) I just need better quality not just higher pixel

    3. xenon flash

    4. 4.5 inch screen
    5. latest android version
    6. waterproof
    7. durable
    8. reasonable low price

  • modiyasser

    4.6″ IPS Panel 1080 P Display not 2K with Trilominus Technology and X reality For mobile

    Snapdragon 805

    Latest Adreno

    Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

    Remove The Shatterproof Film

    OIS Camera Sensor 23 MP rear + Xenon flash or Dual LED flash

    Exrmor RS 5 MP Front Camera

    16 GB Is Very satisfying

    Mixture of Omnibalance and Arc would Be Awesome

    7 mm thin

    3500 mAh battery

    3GB of Ram


  • W Barros

    5,1 to 5,2 inch screen max, but with dimensions that are smaller or equal to the Z1s.
    The arc design should return.
    More memory 32 Gbytes at least and SD port.
    H2O resistance is important
    It should maintain the notepad,notes app.
    The keyboard should allow for at least 4 languages like it was before instead of the three for Z1.
    Best SOC chip, octacore, if possible.
    Thinner bezel and shatterproof oleophobic scratchless glass or Moled.

  • Bryan Ng

    5 inch screen, IPS panel, 4k resolution
    Omnibalance design, IP6X rating,
    Add fingerprint/smudge-proof screen
    At least 2G ram, 20G+ rom, expandable
    3300mAh batt, non removable.
    Quad-core 2.3GHz above
    Triluminous with X-reality Pro.
    20 MP Exmor RS Sony G lens (pro, not entry level type)
    4k vid recording
    5 mp front lens
    BIONZ with OIS
    Dual flash (LED and Xenon)
    WALKMAN with S-master chip, Hi-res audio capable
    A better phone speaker
    With LATEST Android.

  • Andrew

    I just wished they did a refresh of the Xperia S because it’s my favourite Sony design of them all. Just put in a bigger battery,update the specs, make it slimmer, and I’d buy one right away.

  • alp

    i want thinner xperia sp with 4.7 inc display.
    quad core processor.
    1.5 or 2 gb ram.
    Better camera and better wifi range.

  • Tom Nguyen

    6″ pack in super thin bezel would be perfect
    storage 32gb -128 gb
    latest chip for mobile
    best camera tech from sony
    elegant walkman phone with xperia’s spec
    the button will kill any phone ‘s button on earth lol

  • Denislav Popov

    Nice focus on camera features, I’d add Snapdragon 805 + Adreno 400, probably a larger screen but only if it can be put into z1’s frame. Also Ir blaster and glove mode would be a nice add-on.

  • drW

    An in H2 flagship phone would be cool.

  • shnam

    My dream xperia phone is:
    5,2″-5.5″ Full HD IPS Triluminos w/X-Reality
    Walkman sound chip + Walkman button (like E1)
    OIS and Xenon flash with more optimized camera software
    Dual stereo speakers + IR
    32GB Internal storage + microSD
    Snapdragon 805 + 3GB RAM
    USB 3.0 + micro HDMI output
    3700 mAh battery
    Latest Android

    My dream xperia Tablet is:
    9″ 2K IPS Triluminos w/X-Reality
    Walkman sound chip + Dual stereo speakers
    64GB Internal storage + microSD + IR
    Next gen Snapdragon (810 or whatever it is) + 4GB RAM
    USB 3.0 + micro HDMI output
    Good camera with LED flash
    5500 mAh battery
    Latest Android

  • memo

    I’d say Xperia z1 compact with a 4.5 inch screen, less bezel and thinner body with the option of 32 and 64 gb internal memory and sd card.
    Oh and please get rid of the shutter prove layer

  • fiwatec

    small bezels like latest sharp smartphone design,
    MX master audio chip like to real walkman sound experience,
    20 mega px camera with dual flash and xeon flash with optical stabilization,
    stereo loud speakers like HTC one,
    best battery optimisation like Iphone,
    extra innovative smart functions,
    infra red transmitter,
    latest quad core qualcomm processor,
    3 gb ram,
    32 flash rom,
    more bright and fun colours,
    sony logo integrated on glass digitizer,
    more robust and premium glass and metal body with detachable battery….
    may dreams come true soon…

  • Flint

    Show some more

  • Revitalize

    5-5.2 IPS LCD ,
    Quad core(neither snapdragon 600 nor snapdragon 800)
    2-3GB ram
    3000-4000mah battery (removable battery)
    Android 4.4 Kitkat,
    13mp-16mp camera.

  • zxcvbad


    5inch screen, IPS panel Triluminous (more quantum dots),
    1080p resolution (No to 4k, will massively reduce device performance)
    Omnibalance design, IP6X rating,
    Sapphire glass screen (front+back)
    Ultra-thin screen bezels (not like on current xperia devices)
    6GB ram, 32Gb -128Gb storage + expandable sd up to 128Gb
    3900mAh, non removable.
    AArch64 Tegra K1 Project Denver/AArch64 true 8 core + custom cuda/Kepler Nvidia gpu
    27MP Exmor RS Sony G lens/13 Ultrapixels, HDR Always on/Slowmotion chip
    4k video recording and output
    WALKMAN with S-master chip, Hi-res audio capable
    Phone speaker like on HTC One
    5GHZ wifi
    Wireless charging


    Full desktop OpenGL 4.4 (Tegra K1)
    Playstation now

    Bravia Engine 3
    Power saver mode/Stamina with manual frequencies/governors (600Mhz, 1500Mhz, 3000Mhz)
    CPU throttling stays @2000MHZ
    Global equalizer
    Dualshock 3 and 4 support

    This type of devices we’ll see probably by 2016

  • ???????? ???????

    !!! 4.7″ AH-IPS 1920×1080 Display
    2GB RAM, 32 GB internal.
    OS: Android 4.4+
    Camera with high ISO and f/1.8
    !!! Battery 3000+ mAh.
    Design: Sony.

  • Tiago Santos

    Oled screen with 5/5,2 inch in a compact frame.
    Fewer edges.
    Kit Kat version.
    20,7 MP camera quality improvement.
    Water and dust resistant.
    A less formal theme.

  • Ziich

    -max dimensions 138x70x7.9-9.0
    -5″1080p ips triluminous display with x reality engine and the quantum dots
    -dual stereo front facing speakers that actually sound nice
    -waterproofing via nano coating
    -aluminum back plate
    -32 and 64gb internal storage options in addition to sd card slot
    -20mp with ois, Carl Zeiss lens, dual led flash, xenon flash that foxes all the downfalls that plague all sony phones.
    -wireless charging
    -64bit processor with 4gb ram ( and applications that make use of that power)
    – usb and headphone jacks on the bottom
    -battery life that give 24hr onscreen time with heavy usage
    -usb 3.0
    -stock kitkat with slight sony tweaks
    -removal of anti shatter film
    -updates within 2 months of release

    -one amazing flagship a year
    -last but not least an AMAZING AND UNIQUE feature that makes it stand out against its competitors

    …. if only dreams came true

  • howij

    Xperia sp design with waterproof

  • PabloArgentina

    – 60fps video recording
    – Optical stabilization
    – Screen no larger than 4.3 inches
    – Very small bezels

  • han

    4.3-4.7 inch IPS dragontrail/gorilla glass, thin bezel
    Latest hardware set
    Imaging-Audio Chip
    Water+dust resistance
    Metal back panel+frame
    7-8mm thickness
    Z1-like LED placement

  • infinity

    Xperia SP with Android 4.4 and bugless fw.

  • sanyam jain

    Xperia play 2
    With same design and latest processors and a good camera

  • Keo Veasna

    Camera cybershot with Xenon flash

  • Khaz

    Thin bezels,
    good battery
    barometer, ANT+, IR
    ~4.6″ screen
    light weight
    fast updates
    16GB + MicroSD storage
    2GB RAM

  • New Designs

    Sony Mobile is doing extremely good. In my opinion you guys are number 1
    Having said that I realised Sony is not trying any “different” designs anymore like it used to.
    For example in my opinion Sony Ericsson xperia mini pro was the ultimate design !
    It had touch screen and physical keyboard that awarded “red dot design award” (Seriously that keyboard was so practical , well build and well designed)
    The phone was small
    It was artisticly designed
    It had “home” button that is extremely quality and well designed
    Its “back” and “setting” tocuh buttons was illuminating perfectly
    I know these kind of bold designed phones might not get you sales like xperia Z cause they are small and designed differently but Sony you are great for taking risks and designing new things. Remember your old phones ? Before touchscrenn came along they were all different from each other.
    Please please try new things… Almost every phone company making similar designs after touchscrenn came along. Dont be one of them =)

  • Vincentius Phang

    why 3500 – 3700 mah battery, lenovo could chunk 4000mah battery in a Z1 size phone

  • kunal

    Snapdragon 805 chipset with 2.5 gigz of processor
    3 gb ram
    2k resolution display
    Itvwould be Water & dust proof undoubtedly
    Sony sound chip
    Noise cancelling earphones
    Edge to edge display
    Btw 5.2 to 5.5 inches of your best display

  • JLol

    5.5″ 8K Triluminos IPS display, Snapdragon 900, 32GB RAM, 1TB storage, 50000 mAh battery, 120,7mp G lens camera with OIS and oversampling, xenon flash, 40mp front camera, dedicated audio chip with beats audio and huge speakers for extra clarity and volume, Android 5.0 Lollipop, premium design with diamond glass panel (front and back) and golden frame, 2.45mm thin and huge bezels because it’ll be easier to hold.

  • Guest

    Xperia Z2 with ZL footprint
    5″ IPS LCD 1080p 4K screen
    3D camera with Xenon flash
    Walkman sound chip
    4GB RAM
    128GB storage
    Wireless charging
    Kit Kat 4.4
    Micro HDMI
    3500 mAh battery

  • kunal

    & also you have best smartphone cameras, just try it would reduce sound, the main thing to worry (low light conditions)

  • JLol

    Also waterproof, dustproof, shatterproof, heatproof, bulletproof, weatherproof, electroproof and theeartisbeingdestroyedproof.

  • Name Says it All

    Xperia Sense of Quartz

  • P9

    2 speakers quality like old sony ericsson walkman
    xperia logo under the screen than to be nothing
    camera quality like old sony ericsson cyber-shot

    aluminium & glass version + mini version.
    sola’s floating touch, never forget camerabbottom & walkman bottom if possible. 32GB internal.

    best yet. <3 sony

  • Muhammad Akbar

    games should run smoooothly
    should fulfil Movies need
    2gb ram is enough
    atleast 32gb internal
    Dolby Mobile enhancement must
    AC3 codec support plz also dts
    Xreality must
    3500+ mAh battery
    not more than 5.5 inch screen
    updates on time

  • tanmay deshmukh

    everything but along with microsd card support for storing game data OR with a very large internals

  • Michael Felton

    i want a sapphire shattter/scratch proof glass and a better screen, and anything above a s4pro processor. thats it really.
    XPERIA Z is the dream phone i have wanted FOREVER. i waited sooo many years for the perfect phone for me and this xperia z is perfect for me. i used to drool for the xperia z1 but the z1 is totally useless and unwarranted for xperia z owners. that s4 pro processor is showing NO SIGNS of obsolescence yet and neither is anything else about it. i do want a z2 but it will be REALLY DIFFICULT for me to justify upgrading to it because the xperia z is so cool. i bet dat 2k screen and new snapdragon will push me to it though.

  • Squash

    5.5-5.9″ IPS display 2k, walkman Audiochip NO SHATTER PROOF FILM. latest SOC from qualcomm, 4.4.2 kit kat 3200mA battery, speakers that match htc one or better. water resistant, max 7.5mm thick, water proof

  • tk

    5 LCD inch screen, ZL Size, SP illumination bar, 2 Gbs or more RAM, 64 GB or more memory with memory card slot, serious camera with xenon flash, dust and water resistance, giant removable battery.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Key Features

    20.1 MP Primary/Secondary Camera with Auto Focus and shall be rotable like Oppo N1

    Android v4.4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
    6.0-inch Full HD Display
    2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Quad Core Processor with Adreno 330

    Ultra HD Recording
    64 GB Internal Memory + Expandable to 128Gb and 3 GB RAM
    Ultra Slim; Dust-proof and Water Resistant
    NFC Enabled

    IP58 certified – dust and water proof
    Water resistant over 1 meter
    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    A-GPS support and GLONASS
    All the Sensors
    Non removable Li-Ion 4500 mAh battery

  • zairolafzal zainal

    I prefer an arc kind of design but with curving back glass panel.

  • Colby Leong

    All-around sapphire glass…
    +1 to the great camera tech
    would be really cool if they could make that could withstand seawater without rusting and dying.
    bigger better battery

  • Colby Leong

    I think that could be more closer, hopefully whatever they did to make there Core USB port water-resistant they can do with the successors of the Z1.

  • Colby Leong

    +1 for the smudge-proof
    I agree on everything else, I can’t really care for a 4K screen, maybe an improved battery life

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Vita OS
    Good battery life
    xperia Z design, minus the fingerprint loving glass back
    Slide playstation controls
    Branded as a Playstation phone

  • Colby Leong

    so a heavily PlayStation integrated phone… I could see that, mainly for the real phone gamer.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Honestly I would want it to be more of a gaming device, with the phone stuff just being an added feature lol

  • Colby Leong

    so a Vita that can make calls, sounds interesting. Not a flagship phone, but definitely a successor to the Xperia Play

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Pretty much,….

    a more pocket friendly Vita, that makes calls lol

  • Ahsan Waheed

    I want sony to make a perfect mobile without any disadvantages, like im using Xperia Z Ultra brilliant smartphone like no other but external speaker sound quality too low, no camera flash, battery timing is ok but only in standby mode if I want to use my mobile with its every features then the battery won’t last long. So, Sony is best in designs best in quality best in sound with ealkman best with camera but everytime they leave some weakness in their smartphones. So fix it up and best of luck for future.

  • carlos nino

    desing is good just something that wont break after a month just so you pay60% of the phones price to get repaired and having to wait two months to get it back”!!!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Hi everybody,

    Please sign my petition to get a move apps to sd card feature on xperia devices just the way samsung has offered on their devices since may! I will really be a boon for people especially with 4GB and 8GB internals!


    Also please share this with everyone you know!

  • Billy de Fretes

    if post processing image in xperia phone have the same quality with cybershoot pocket camera and dedicated sound chip then it wil be enough for me. i love my xperia z but image quality not good enough (if taken with superior auto) and sound quality (using IEM) below average.

  • hansip

    Nah below 4 inch is too small nowadays. Too many content to be viewed on a phone that 4.3 is almost the minimum now.

  • gunboat_d

    Z1 with Windows Phone 8

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    why ruin a perfect phone with that uncustomizable rubbish operating system
    you cant even add ringtones without plugging it to pc, not to mention wallpapers are gone and you are left with tile rubbish, then every app you install goes into a big long list. windows phone is the most user unfriendly system since ios

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    ignore this petition and just download sandisk memory zone, works with all sd cards too

  • DStyle

    I think it’s going to be a Windows Phone. Sony must be crazy 4to come out with another Android flagship after launching Z1 in Q4 2013.

  • jangaleon

    A successor to the Xperia Mini Pro pretty please! :)

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    4.4.2 is kitkat
    snapdragon 805 is is 2.5ghz

  • Lucas Marotta

    Size of Xperia zl
    Fullhd ips triluminos igzo 5.2 display
    23mp (better sensor) camera with xenon flash
    Way better speaker
    More thinner than z1
    More lighter than z1
    Water and dust proof
    Snapdragon 805 2gb
    Saphire glass front and back or back with carbon fiber

  • bc2

    android and modern spec in a Clie NX70

  • Sridu

    Water Resistance, 5″, Square, Sound of Walkman Series, UI Bits from PS4, More and more Camera Apps, and most important of all Pre-Installed “Link2SD” :)

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    1. 5″ IPS or Amoled 1080p display.
    2. 32GB internal memory with micro SD slot
    3. 2-3GB of RAM
    4.3100 – 3300mAh battery
    5. Waterproof & Dustproof
    6. Make the back of the phone metal or soft touch matte or something other than glass.
    7. Latest Processor

    That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  • santosh khatiwada

    I’m using Xperia z1 at this time I’m pretty sure that it has great features than other phones because of this.
    -Unique features is dust proof/water proof.
    _High range processors.
    -Great camera.
    -User friendly android os.
    -Omni balance design and both sides glass makes phone sexy.
    -And some great apps from Sony.

    Besides this what expect from upcoming device are.
    Try to make unique from other android phone cause if every phone looks same where is Uniqueness of Sony like it besides android it has separate Walkman, movie, albums, track id apps those are Owesome and it doesn’t feels like general android phone but Sony. I mean that user must experience sonyness.
    hardware Must be Higher than other phones.
    Great camera, greet design, and should have 64 bit processor. And comparatively high ram and memory.

  • Guest

    how about a xperia play successor with:
    -5” trilluminos ips screen
    -3gb ram
    -latest adreno graphic
    -latest snapdragon
    -ip certified
    -playstation buttons

  • panagi?tis

    2GB-3GB RAM, Snapdragon proccessor (prefered 800 or 805), 4.5-5 inch screen (FHD or HD) fast updates (and not the joke Sony doing right now) good battery life (and yes i dont mean only in phone calls and stanby but also for surfing the web) and for god’s shake a very good camera with the right firmware.

  • murat m?zrak

    samsung get left behind and only this single request

  • rizwan khan

    Sony device

    Snapdragon 805 / Tegra K1 s
    depends a gaming version or computing

    If gaming device then

    Adreno 420/ GPU with 192 NVIDIA CUDA

    5 inch OGS (one glass solution) Gorilla 3 glass .

    Edge to edge display

    4k resolution,
    better viewing angles, Scratch resistant, finger print resistance display,
    water proof works even in sea water camera phone

    Memory: 32GB Internal storage + micro SD

    Ports: USB 3.0 + micro HDMI output

    3700 mAh battery

    RAM: 3GB

    Speaker: Walkman sound chip + Dual stereo speakers
    (built in Branded speakers Like Beat Audio,JBL etc )

    Camera: 20 MP Exmor RS Sony G lens BIONZ
    with OIS with best in class camera features and h/w

    Front cam :
    2-3 MP fine

    : Dual flash (LED and Xenon)

    Connectivity: LTE, Bluetooth 4(support multiple device
    one- many),NFC commercial infrared port

    Design: Metal & glass uni body with different
    shape not the regular Z series

    curved back


    located one top and one at bottom (top where we have audio port )

    thickness, almost bezels screen

    port located on left hand side of the phone in line with SD card and sim card

    volume and camera button located on right side

    extra vent located closer to where processor is for phone cooling

    embossed metal logo behind

    a glass strip running horizontally across the curved back of the phone at
    bottom which is illuminated used for notification

    port located on top

    key not on LCD screen it should locate separate from screen

    solar charging option (or alternate source)

    Software: Android Kitkat with less bloat ware and more
    utility application and more gestures based application.

    Improved Memory management take less OS space and much advance
    stamina mode which can kill app running in background completely it uses least
    resources when in sleep.

    All camera application integrated in cam (ex: motion shot,
    photo editor, photo movie creator etc)

    Improvised Security for devices (Corporate Enterprise
    level security with encryption


    It will not happen because it will affect the psvita market dumbass.

  • xperiaDROID

    U MAD BRO?

  • sammyl

    Z1 Compact with a soft touch plastic back and removable battery similar to ZR and loud and clear stereo speakers.

  • Xperianer

    Xperia z1 compact
    +Walkman chip /hardware
    +less Sony media apps (only Walkman)
    +Walkman button
    +Sony up with optional tablet ui mode (like pa)

  • Xperianer


  • xperiaDROID

    Xperia Z2:
    5.2″ 2K IPS with Triluminos display
    Floating Touch screen feature
    Snapdragon 805 quad core processor
    Adreno 420 GPU
    21 Megapixels camera with Sony G Lens and 4K video recording
    5 Megapixels front camera
    IP6X water and dust proof
    32GB internal storage with storage expansion
    Good battery life
    LED notification bar on the bottom of the screen
    USB 3.0
    Android Kitkat

  • xperiaDROID

    The Xperia Play 2 should have the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor with Geforce GPU.

  • zaryab

    they asked the question I answered . ..Dumbass….

  • Harut Hajin

    Xperia Z Ultra + 2K + 21 MPX with Flash + 4000-4700 MAH Battery with small size up and down bazels .

  • Sami Dawood


  • Ankith Rai

    5″ 720 IPS panel

    waterproof 13mp cam

    4000 mAh battery

    alluminium body

  • I want describe Z3 of my dream, not Z2.

    Display: 5.2″ 2560×1440 (WQHD) JDC WhiteMagic
    Display protection: Sapphire
    Display features: Triluminos display, X-Reality Engine 2

    Camera: 20.7mp, optimized version of Z1 camera
    Camera features: Xenon flash, OIS, HDR, Camera physical key
    Video: 4K 30fps, FHD 60fps, HD 120fps, HDR
    Secondary: 2mp, HDR, FHD 30fps

    Android: 4.4 KitKat, upgradeable to 5.0 Lolipop

    Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
    CPU: 8 cores, 64 bit, 2.5 ghz
    GPU: Adreno 430
    RAM: 4 GB
    Memory: microSD, up to 64 GB, internal 32 GB

    Design: OmniBalance

    Features: Waterproof, Dustproof

    Speakers: Stereo 2 x 100db speakers

    Network: 2G, 3G, 4G (including LTE-A)
    WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot
    Bluetooth: Yes, v4.1 with A2DP
    Infrared: Yes
    NFC: Yes
    USB: Yes, microUSB v3.0 (MHL 2), USB Host, USB On-the-go

    Battery: 4000 mAh

    PS: Personally I would prefer Ultra version of this beast, with all these specs + 6.6″ Display and 5000 mAh battery.

  • Stevan Dj

    *Snapdragon 805

  • muhammet

    4.7-inch screen, the IPS panel, full hd, frameless, not tft,
    S800 cpu, At least 2G of ram, 32 gb rom, expandable
    3500 mAh battery, removable.
    OIS 16-20mp Exmor Sony G lens and Cyber-shot
    3 mp front lens
    Dual led flash or xenon
    WALKMAN with S-master chip, Hi-res audio capable
    A better dual phone with speaker, high decibels,
    With LATEST Android,
    7-7,5 mm thickness.
    the new custom applications,

  • Sony

    1) keep water resistance but have louder speakers and 1P57-58 6 feet shutter key
    2) have a red outline on black phone from front side
    3)4k x-reality display 5.2 or 5 inch with 10% bezel decrease, with led lighting
    4)28 MP Exmor rs, G-Lens with smart capture of historic landmarks, flash that doesn’t have dead pixels, like daylight with nightvision mode
    5) 3-D projecter built in with ps vita capability
    6) non removable 3500mAh batter
    7)SnapDragon 805 or nivda k1 with 4GB ram with 64. Bit
    8.) shatterproof/scratchproof/ shiny metal rear with reflection silver or white with omnibalance with smother edges

  • xperia user

    I hope sony would not make too much bigger size phone…5 inch is more than enough…latest hardware specs and excellent camera performance would be good…

  • Daniel Danny Paparella

    4.7-5″ 1080p IPS Panel
    Snapdragon 805
    Speaker like HTC One
    Kitkat or even Android 5 (or 4.5)
    20.7 Megapixel cyber-shot (with 1080p video recording, no 4k recording because you don’t need this)
    IP 55/58
    32 GB ROM / 3GB RAM
    maybe a new design

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    so , I changed from xperia s to xperia z to z1 and now to iphone 5 ,

    I really hate apple as a company but I must admit i found the iphone 5 most comfortable smart phone till now , and that what I need in next xperia to come back to my lovely brand SONY ,

    1.the worst thing in xperia the glass or screen protector from factor that make the screen look oily and cheep compare to samsung or apple phone .

    2.xperia series have the worst wireless signal in all brands (may this because the waterproof and the material but i don’t care about these features )

    3.they are very heavy compare to iphone and has edge square design which make them not comfortable in hand

    4.the speaker in iphone is much much better and louder(clearer) than any xperia.

    5.nice move from sony to introduce xperia z1 compact but it’s enough to get 13 megapixel with good quality picture(instead in 21 megapixel) with I found my iphone 8 megapixel take much better photo in low light ????? and have slimmer design and lighter phone . I will not change my iphone to this because in some review I read that it’s used the same stupid oily screen.

    6. the specification on paper not every thing for high-end company ,you can get chines phone with top specs but not that what we waiting from SONY, we want attention for every small details and the main phone function (like speaker,ear-peace sound,screen ,signal …etc) .

  • Michael Hofmann

    5.2″ OLED Whitemagic, triluminous with floating touch QHD display. x-reality pro engine
    20MP 1/1.7″ Exmoor Rs sensor with Carl zeiss f1.8 lens, hardware based Bionz processor, OIS
    Dual Flash
    Magnesium Alloy Chassis
    Snapdragon 64bit quadcore processor, 4GB ram
    Smaster audio with stereo speakers
    7.5 mm thick

  • Sony


  • JG

    Briliant idea.

  • Ahmed Noori

    5 inch screen with ips or super amoled 2K resolution
    Snapdragon 805 with adreno 340
    3gb of ram and 16 or 32gb rom
    mp camera with G lens , bionz , and i want it be good in dark with 4K
    video and slow motion with ability to pause the video recording -_-
    new software enhancement
    smaller size in contrast to the screen
    great battery like 3500

  • Ahmed Noori

    4gb ram it is difficult right now even the sd810

  • Ahmed Noori

    no all people want the best or even xperia phone which can compete with new galaxy phones especially the low light photos they make me angry

  • Mac

    my dream phone would be a new ZL. A compact, with 4.55-4.7″ screen thin bezels but still waterproof. Adding SP illumination bar, Keeping the IR Blaster in the international version for God’s sake! Damn it Sony..
    720p screen is enough, s800 or better. 2-3GB RAM, 32GB ROM. SD slot. White phone, white front. Purple phone, purple front and so on. camera button. Walkman/Spotify button or the opinion 2 choose from music applications. Better speaker, and better LED flash.
    Probably I have missed some important stuf but I guess this is most of it. yeah the camera like z1 but better 16:9 than 8mpxl s.

  • uidesigner_sony

    Materials Metal frame and the same as used in the back cover in Xperia Tablet Z
    Light notification system the same, just light the XPERIA logo, not the empty space
    4.3-4.8 display size, alright possibly 5, other would be called phablets, amoled Japanes displays
    Ideal Screen resolution: 720p, in phables no more then 1080p
    Dual channel soud system
    4 Gb of ram
    Battery 3500Mah no matter it is gonna be a little bit wider
    Snapdragon S5 8 cores 1.5 Ghz
    Water resistance 3 meters under the water for 1 hour

  • Marco Rocha

    5.2-5.5 display AMOLED or something superior or Triluminos with 2K resolution

    Better battery 3500

    Beatiful desing with a stylish LED like ZL or SP

    Buttons out of the screen like the S4.


    3Gb RAM

    4.4 Kit Kat

    Flash Xenon with and amazing camera


  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I miss my little Ray, but it’s hardware got too slow to use with many apps.
    How about shoehorning hardware similar to Xperia V specifications in a Ray-sized handset?

    I have tried different colors for the back covers, but always end up with the black rubber cover due to better grip.

  • pds

    The phone to be not wider than 60 mm, not heavier than 120 g.
    To have 12 mp camera with ois and Xenon flash, and to produce the same if not better image quality like the Sony Ericsson C901.
    To be launched with Android 4.4, removable battery, sd card slot, 2 or 4 core processor, (Snapdragon 400, 600).
    For a price tag around 350-400 euro.
    A phone with these specs, and unique desing (not that boring omnibalance design) would be a bestseller in my opinion.

  • sam

    sony should design the battery can take a long hours…thats good think…15 hour, 20 hours….

  • ojdå

    5-5.2 ” display
    Much bigger phone in wide
    Waterresistant without flip covers
    Mini hdmi input
    Micro usb contact no need to flip side to put in the cable it’s not matter which side u have on the cable both sides is good
    Camera like c905
    Battery 500 mah with many hours surfing
    Double speakers like htc one with much better sound than it has now
    Very hard glass with No possibility to crash
    The whole telephone is display no black round the display like htc lg and samsung
    5 ghz 8 gb ram
    Light pulsating signals like sony så
    This was what would like to have on Sony phones in the future Phones :-D

  • Jaywalker

    Better camera whatever sensor might be or MP number. 4.3-4.6 would be the right screen size for a phone.
    The design has to be close to Z1 Compact or E1 which is ok. Without curves or other funny ideas. Grippy material not glossy like Samsung and angular shape.
    Those mumbo jumbo features like image stabilizer that doesn’t work or triluminous screen or Bravia engine that are useless for a small screen could miss.
    More settings for camera like ISO or shutter speed or others.
    Enough space and 2GB RAM would do. Silver colour available. A LED sensor to show missed calls or text messages or other missed activities.
    The possibility to choose the Android version, for ex to roll back to a previous version if the update is messing the phone.

  • Denis

    5.2”-5.3” 4K Ultra HD Sony Bravia,
    64 GB, 4 RAM, 64-bit 2.3-2.5 GHZ proccessor.
    21+ mgpix CAM with XENON FLASH and SONY G LENS

  • Afnan Muhammad

    – JDI’s 5.0 IPS Panel with Sharp’s IGZO tech
    – Snapdragon 805
    – 3GB RAM
    – 32GB/64GB with sd card slot
    – dual speaker like HTC One, walkwan chip
    – better video codec (Z1 had codec problem thatt why they got low result in gsmarena test)
    – 3500mah battery
    – same camera lens as Z1 but with better image processing, xenon flash
    – same IP58 certification
    – thinner bezel
    – latest android 4.4. if possible i want google play edition

  • Matt

    5-5.2″ IPS panel
    Snapdragon 800/805
    3GB RAM
    Around 7mm thick
    3000+ mah battery
    Better-designed loud speaker
    Can-be-hidden menu bar
    Better algorithm for reduce photo noise
    Xenon flash
    Waterproof without covering the USB and audio ports

  • Zoti

    Please, stay below 5″ – That is all I want. High specs come along, anyway.

  • puya Lefteh zadeh

    Hi, in my opinion :
    5.5 and 6.1 with triluminous is perfect, while i believe sony could be better if put some software features like floating touch and sony knows better. i saw the new User Interface in some sites that brings updates like Smart call handling,Smart Backlight control and so on, Do as much as you can to bring this updates more.
    not to mention that 4.4 kitkat.
    glass body with fade away finger print feature.
    and at least 32-GB internal memory.

    Good luck

  • Sean

    One that works

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    1. 5″ IPS or Amoled 1080p display.
    2. 32GB internal memory with micro SD slot
    3. 2-3GB of RAM
    4.3100 – 3300mAh battery
    5. Waterproof & Dustproof
    6. Make the back of the phone metal or soft touch matte or something other than glass.
    7. Latest Processor

    That’s all I can think of at the moment.

  • amr

    A loud sound we need
    We need more accessories for all mobiles
    We need a more colourful screen
    We need a nice wallpapers

  • sisore

    A smartphone that is close to Z1 Compact in screen size, with slightly less bezel, undebatable camera quality at least in Android ecosystem, equipped with battery that last very long even in heavy use, less flaps, big internal memory and possibly with carbon fiber design.
    Last but not least, priced at (a very) affordable price :v

    Oh, forgot to mention proprietary audio chip :)

  • josesl16

    Lol, why not lifetime warranty and software support then?

  • Dreamer

    5.2″ 2K resolution JDI OLED Display with WhiteMagic
    Floating touch
    Asahi Dragontrail Glass (Ditch the shatter-proof sheet please)
    Walkman sound chip (S-Master HX 24bit/192khz)
    One-piece unibody Aluminum/carbon fiber including back panel
    Water/dust resistence IP67
    Snapdragon 805/Adreno 420
    >3000mAh Battery
    64GB internal memory + 64GB external MicroSDXC support
    USB3.0 connectivity
    Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
    Android 4.4.2 KitKat
    Sony Stereo Magnetic fluid speaker
    20MP BSI rear camera sensor + BIONZ X + OIS + Carl Zeiss
    8MP front camera…

    Yeah dream on!

  • Alex_rac

    Xperia Arc Z
    obviously arc design but with glass materials
    latest snapdragon 805
    4GB ram
    32GB+ memory storage
    front camera….

  • jumbo3220

    here is mine

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Camera: ois, carl zeiss, xenon flash, 4k, and slow motion, display a 5 inch triliminos ips would be great, design the omniblance is awsome no comment, but. Sony should change a little some stuffs in the phone disgn of z2 to.not get bored, and.i really want to see some innavation stuffs from sony ( like air gesture on s4, id of iphone)

  • please note some of these are my very first thats why they look bad as it was before i learned more in paint

  • Guest

    since people wanted me to show more of my fun designs i thought i’d show

  • since people liked my fun concept designs i thought i’d show more just for fun the game one is meant to have a sliding second screen that can be used for games i just cut it out of a nintendo ds

  • HardyHarHar

    Just get a z1 compact with replaceable battery & IR Remote. This phone should make me stick to it for 5 years :D But I guess it won’t happen since sony want us to buy phones every year

  • Flint

    lol. Did you really make it in paint? Haha, you should definitely learn photoshop.

  • jaybee

    Latest hardware n software (android) updates available for not less than 2 years

    because its sounds like a joke if you have still one year of warranty but could not get new updates anymore (yes i´m using a xperia s)

    great camera (with a slider like the sony ericsson c905 cybershot)

    and a coloured ilumination bar like the sony xperia u or sp

    water resistance is not a must have but its a nice to have

  • reDalerT

    Xperia z1 in xperia z size, better speakers, more internal memory

  • jaybee

    and a replaceable battery

  • Amimanot

    The SE Xperia Arc(S) successor:
    I’m thinking of a phone with the exact body of the Xperia Arc(S), including the angled chin with the inward slant leading to the arced back, since most Sony Arc phones just used the arced back instead of the other unique aesthetics of the SE Xperia Arc(S). With that said, I would like to see minor improvements of the original design though like moving the LED notification light to the front of the phone, removing the front physical buttons while keeping the shape intact, and of course including a front facing camera.

    As for the phone itself:-
    If it is possible make it waterproof
    An IPS 720p screen under 4.5 inches
    The latest and fastest Snapdragon chipset available(if the Snapdragon 800 is superseded)
    2 or 3 GB’s of RAM (if possible, more is good)
    IR Blaster
    32 GB of internal memory
    SD card support
    12 Mega Pixel rear camera with the sensor size of the Z1 (include OIS if possible)
    2.1 Mega Pixel front camera (or more without sacrificing the phone design and the picture quality)
    At least a 2300 mah battery

    One major tip for the camera software department:-
    If possible rewrite the code from scratch for the camera (drivers, application, etc.) since it looks like it includes code from the SE 2011 era with the something x 1080 for the panorama picture, the constant disruptions when taking a panorama if the person stops moving or accidentally move the wrong way mid-panorama, and ISO acting like its in auto mode even though an ISO is chosen.

    And that ladies and gentleman, is what i want in the next Xperia phone :)

  • Lucas Kendi

    THE smartphone:

    – 5.2″ IPS 2K borderless.
    – Tegra K1 64-bits.
    – 4GB ram.
    – 64GB.
    – Photo: 23 and 13 MP.
    – Xenon flash.
    – Android 4.4 Kit-Kat.
    – 4.000 mAH.


  • surethom

    1- Front Speakers (PLEASE)
    2- 5″ screen with thin bezels
    3- Battery 3000 minumum
    4- 12 or 16 megapixel camera with LARGE sensor 20megapixel is just to large on s small sensor
    5- Xenon Flash

  • Yasir Fawad

    wishes can’t be limited, something you wish is achieved will not be the end. still ma dream xperia is the Xperia Z1 compact along with some additions
    — if Z1 compact could have 4.5″ in the same dimensions
    — with a slim profile, not anything above 7.7 mm
    –with the speaker of Xperia E1
    –sapphire glass on both sides

  • Lucas Kendi

    THE smartphone:

    – 5.2″ IPS 2K borderless.
    – Tegra K1 64-bits.
    – 4GB ram.
    – 64GB.
    – Photo: 23 and 13 MP.
    – Xenon flash.
    – Android 4.4 Kit-Kat.
    – 4.000 mAH.


  • Nini Kozonashvili

    5-5.2 trmilinius x-realiti bravia engen mobile 3

    kit kat 4.4.2

    walkman 100db

    25 mp 1/2.3

    IP59 certified – dust proof and water resistant

    Snapdragon 805 2.5ghz

    andreno 420

    usb 3.0

    bluetooth 4.0

    32 GB, 3 GB RAM

    3500 mAh battery

    Secondary: 2.5-5mp

    4k video

    139 x 71 x 7.9 mm

  • Chew Loh Seng

    There is no IPx9 rating that exists. The highest rating for water resistance is just IPx8, and dust proofing is IP6x.

  • yes i did it in paint i took already made concept designs thinned out the bezels added speakers

    this is what it used to look like


  • Chew Loh Seng

    5.25″ 2560×1440 (2K) display, IPS/PLS LCD panel.
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC and Adreno 420 GPU.
    3GB LPDDR3 RAM (LPGDDR5 if Sony is able to design it.)
    32GB internal storage with microSDXC support up to 64GB
    Android 4.4.2 KK
    Larger 20.7MP G Lens with OIS and Xenon flash, native 4K recording at 30 fps
    microUSB 3.0
    Bluetooth 4.0/4.1
    3300mAh removable battery (like Xperia V and Galaxy S4 Active)
    IP68 rating for dust proofing and water resistance.
    Size and design port over from the Xperia Z1.

    Mini version has everything the same except the screen becomes 4.5″ 1080p display.

  • Xperia Pro lover

    Xperia with keyboard!!!! Best phone ever. Very fast and accurate for typing.

  • jatin

    Every sony phone is an ideal one!

  • Fox35

    Now I have Xperia Z but the best of quality of my phone was Motorola RAZR XT910 . Very good quality ( on the back was very good Carbon material = no damage , clear and looks very nice. Sony should think about this material. Specification is important but quality is much more I think

  • Knightpt

    This says it all with 100% my feelings.

    Just wanted to put more emphasis on and go even further :

    Ditch the on-the-shatterproof-Sony logo. => Just ditech the shatter proof plastic sheet and put a real glass like gorilla glass 3.

    5-5.2″ IPS Panel. => This. 200% this. 300% this. 400% this. infinite % this.

  • seven

    5 inch screen, with 2k display, tft or ips not amoled
    2,4 ghz octa core
    dual speaker very loud up to 100 db like xperia e1
    water resistance 5 metres, up to 5 hours
    stylish design (i believe sony number one for this, maybe with more colors, like red)
    camera 26 mpix with great software great reduction noise at night and day
    4000 mah battery
    internal 64 gb
    ram 4 gb

  • trinkner

    Xenon flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Solid photo processing algorithms
    5-inch screen
    No bloatware
    SD card slot
    32GB internal memory
    Screen that is usable outdoors

  • Vasilis K.

    1920×1080@4.5″ max
    max possible cpu GHz, quadcore
    max possible ram
    max possible mp camera with cybershot before Android phones quality (like C905) with at least dual led-flash (if not xenon)
    fullHD video recording@max possible fps
    waterproof@max possible depth
    max possible internal storage
    max possible battery
    full aluminum case

    THAT would be a REAL flagship! :D

  • takis104@gmail.com

    IPS or oled display
    Quad core 2,6 GHz
    Fingerprint sensor
    Keep the awesome 20mp camera
    Keep x-reality
    2k screen resolution
    Walkman sound chip
    Louder spealker

  • takis104@gmail.com

    3-4gb ram

  • AllanT

    I agree

    8 megapixel enough just bigger sensor and IOS

  • tsharly

    -knife scratch proof , “because my xperia z scratches even by my clothes lol”
    -make the digital zoom better with no noise ,”read and watch the camera reviews the sony have the worst zoom and its true since I have already xperia z and z1, no matter for the pixel just look at the lg g2 digital zoom with their 13mp camera is much more better either than lumia and z1 ”

    -make your own either SONY os or a market for those countries works by its mobile pay card not the bank card .”in some countries the android is boring because the market availability of apps is very poor specially in middle east the apps that exist in play store is just for kids , now the kids also hate those apps believe me”.

    -make your bravia engine work not only with photos and video but with the system and the launcher.

    – now these days people use their smart mobile as a pc , but only the problem is the small screen “not big like the xperia z ultra and not either small like z&z1” and also please add the hand writing to it because most students want it.

    -make better softwares because the screen is jerking when you swipe it to other pages make it like ios , I know sony is the best company so please make it possible .

  • gunboat_d

    no, but android sucks for people who don’t want to use google services. for people who work in your “average” office environment with AES or Office or Outlook, then WP is the best OS. I like some parts of Android, but it isn’t ‘information efficient’. it’s better than iOS, but not as good as WP with getting you relevant information *in an platform-agnostic* way.

  • gunboat_d

    oh ringtones! are you a 10 year old girl desperate to get katy perry on your phone? As a grown man, how much time are you willing to confess you’ve spent playing with your ringtones?
    I like wallpapers as much as the next guy, but once I start putting widgets on the screens (you know, because I like information from my phone), then I’ve covered up most of the wallpaper. And I don’t have problems with ‘lists’, it’s no different that 4 pages of icons. Maybe you should cut down on the fruity cocktails; they’re impacting your special reasoning.
    and everyone wants to talk about the beauty of customizing android…well, there are a lot of people who think Samsung and HTC make terrible, ugly skins and people want to head over to Cyanogen to get something close to stock. or they come to Sony, which offers a close-to-stock experience. or they make a big deal out of GPE and the Nexus series and the simplicity of the OS on its own. unless you’re a experienced programmer, the only thing you can customize on an android is your home screen. and that’s just like, windows phone.

  • Amir

    not realistic design in terms of making it happen. try to make realistic design. that size of sensor and xenon flash would be sensible to place close to the middle of the back and it would have a bump – like lumia 1020. sony logo in the front is too small – looks fake. front pacing camera at the bottom looks ugly. also the profile of that kind of phone would be really thick – more then lumia 1020. otherwise, it’s ok.

  • Omnibalance design, 5.5-6″ screen, 64GB, 2GB+ RAM, Fast Quad Core, SD-Card slot, Waterproof, Qi charging, included stylus.

    This would be awesome. Hoping for Z Ultra 2 or something :)

  • Comments

    1. Love it. Though it may make the phone really heavy & expensive..
    2. Rusting hasn’t been an issue for any of my phones. Well, maybe the exposed screw…
    3. Sure, bigger’s better ;P
    4. MP count is overated.. but i guess they’re following Nokia’s supersampling technique which makes use of the extra Megapixles.
    5. meh =/ (comming from a current XS user)

  • comments

    Pretty much what you just said plus uncovered charging port that does data as well…

  • Kaostheory

    Seeing all the same stuff, front speakers, fast charging, but what I really want is some new features! Night vision, laser measuring, laser/radar detection, two way radios. I want the ultimate all around device!

  • Brian

    Dual boot with Android and Ubuntu Touch.

  • shuck

    for me z ultra
    less bezel
    zenon flash
    4gb lpddr4
    64gig storage
    sterio oh noh 2.1chanel
    igzo screen
    OS i prefer up coming windos

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    folders to put apps in is another, notification panel is another, themes are another , lock screen wallpapers
    the list goes on of the basic customisabllity of android
    if you dont know how to do any of the above, then maybe u are in fact a 10 year old girl
    wheres the apps for windows phone?
    they have facebook and a few big ones like that, but waiting lists for apps to appear takes years and never in most cases
    notification screen among others, the list is endless of WP shortcomings .

    windows phone is so dead in the water that microsoft are paying sony and samsung vast amounts of money just to use it
    why dont microsoft use that money to make a proper system

  • another concept design i did now please note i have not added a camera yet

    also let me know if it gets annoying i just glike to share my ideas :)

  • angry customer

    Just the same thing as the xperia z1 and z1 compact, just launched at the same time, because its pretty stupid considering buying the z1 compacr after that same tecnology has been out for months -_- and a new one came out already (805). So thats it: the flagship phone with the latest hardware in two sizes without compromising specs.

  • Sid

    Expecting a great successor of Xperia ZR with Cybershot Camera & Walkman Chip

  • Sumo

    A phone that will give you wings like Red Bull!

  • Colby Leong

    The main thing for Sony is to make a great, groundbreaking, breathtaking, push all barriers device, that doesn’t hurt the bank…

  • Zoltan Kovacs

    Z ULTRA!! 7 inch full HD RGB OLED screen ,snapdragon 805 ,4 gb ram , 64 gb internal memory!!! better super quick chargeble battery , much better camera, stereo speakers, high end headphone amp. That’s all for now!! I hope sony s designers will see this!!

  • sander

    Kitkat, Sony Z1 compact, but only 12MP camera , 1GB memory and 16GB internal, awesome battery app to double battery live, and SD card to expand to 64GB,keep same technlogy, so make it an used phone for the midsize market

  • Amsakanna

    +1 for floating touch. once you get used to it, it’s a magic.

  • douse

    1- flagship with dual sim
    2- ir blaster
    3- white magic
    4- floating touch
    5- walkman
    6- cyber-shot
    7- dual speaker
    8- water/dust resistance
    9-bigger battery
    10- fitness app (like count steps)
    11-secondary screen for notification/controlling music or taking self picture
    12-music control button
    13-shake for control music or lock/unlock the screen
    14-hdmi to tv output
    15- controlling pc using bluetooth
    16-record call
    17-transparent line with colourful light

  • douse

    18-screen like z ultra can use pen or pencil
    19-separate video and camera button

  • Oscar

    Xperia X10 since it was so ergonomic with a 5′ Full HD IPS Triluminos w/X-Reality

    Walkman sound chip + Walkman icon and any settings that can make it sound crisper to richer.

    OIS and Carl Ziess 27.3 MP lens Xenon flash with more optimized camera software

    Dual THX stereo speakers+ IR

    32GB Internal storage + microSD

    Snapdragon 805 or what ever the future holds + 3GB RAM

    USB 3.0 + micro HDMI output

    3700 mAh removable Mugen battery because since they can build it would be cheaper for Sony to contract them to get it.

    Latest Android(4.4-4.725??) If they come out with that version :).

  • Matt

    BATTERY LIVE ,MOARRRR of it (please please)

    wirless charging (so that i dont have to open the port to charge)

    ips screen 5-5.2 KEEP THE 1080p reslution, i dont need more of it, its already great just focus on tuning the screen color and responsiveness,+ GLOVE MODE

    less bezel

    keep the waterproofing

    keep the the virtual button

    keep the elegant LED

    keep the glass panel and aluminium bezel

    16.9 on 20 mpx camera, 60fps 1080p OIS, dont need 4k :)

    great DAC (wolfson maybe?)

    newest processor, jsut take time to optimize it sony , i can wait :)

    24 month guarantee udpate

  • gunboat_d

    just how valuable is the notification panel? on my xperia, the notifications do not cover sub folders that youre watching. they do not cover server-side rules. they do not tell you when important emails come in unless they get dumped into your main inbox. oh, but it tells me how many likes my instagram gets. I can tell you which is more valuable to me.
    folders? don’t really use them, but it is handy. themes? I got tired of that shit with windows xp. I’m glad you like to change the pretty colors and get cool icons; I really am. but that’s fluff.
    apps? that’s the obvious sticking point. the apps I miss are mostly Japanese-centric, since that’s my second language. and Google Maps is still the best map system bar none. but there is a gmaps app that works well in WP, so I get by. after that….apps….mint was a big one for me and now it’s here. endomondo does not have feature parity, but it works well. The People Hub does all the FB basics that tide me over on the road. I haven’t even installed the official app. I have all of three games on my WP phone. only had two on my android. I don’t use my phone for games. Sony Reader app…now THAT’S what I want for my WP.
    so android is nice. but it doesn’t work for me. doesn’t play well with corporate email and server rules. when it came time to get a new phablet, I boiled it down to an Z Ultra and the Lumia 1520. Android’s weakness in the corporate world was the kicker for me (and the terrible camera in the Ultra). I like Sony hardware. the Z1 and the Ultra are gorgeous phones, but the OS keeps me from being productive. I’ve owned an iphone, the pre plus, the focus, an xperia U, and now the 1520. Android is a fun, but iOS has better audio APIs and some amazing audio apps (I’m a musician). Android is fun, but google deliberately cripples AES and other MS tech that corporate email runs on.
    I don’t hate android, but I don’t think your criticisms of WP are valid…aside from apps, most of your complaints are about the window dressing. and android’s biggest strength, the use of google services, are totally lost on me in a corporate setting.

  • uchitha

    SHOCK PROOF and Xperia’s will be flying off the shelfs !

  • mixedfish

    If the phone has a S-Master HX chip, the phone can be ‘average’ for all I care.

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    take away all those things and you dont need a smartphone
    your ideal phone sounds like a nokia 3310
    it makes calls and receives texts

    but does fuck all else just like windows phone

  • Castor

    I want something that can be powered by external power sources directly, not charged. It would be great if you can put your Xperia on a dock that has a battery or connected to AC (converted to DC) so you can preserve the battery juice of the device or simultaneously charge it.

    If we keep charging the battery, it wears out sooner. If we can power the device externally, even if the internal battery has already given up, we can still use battery covers to sustain the phone’s power needs.

  • Ghareeb Saeed

    I think all of the guys just nailed it, but I would like that #Sony need to consider that one flagship a year is quite enough! I don’t want to change my phone every 4,5.6 months this is just absurd!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Lifetime support sounds good.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Waterproof port with cover so I don’t need to dry them after submerging when I need to charge or use the jack.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    EW. unrealistic.

  • Amir

    you are wrong, because you will have 1 more option for charging – magnetic charging. :-)

  • Mr.Alawi

    there is no questioning about Sony’s design for their device they have the best looking devices …so things i want from Sony’s new devices :

    1. Stereo front facing speakers.
    2. Screen that have same or better quality then Z1 compact.

    as for hardware..

    lastest CPU and GPU sanpdragon’s chips

    3000 and more mAh

    internal memory of 32GB with expandable

    screen size 5″ at max

    Full HD …2K is not needed

    RAM 2GB is enough and 3GB are welcomed

    and water and dust resistant.

    i think that would be my ideal device from Sony :D

    hope they will make a device like this that would bring me back to Sony again :)

  • Bob

    5″ 1080p IPS Triluminous Display
    Snapdragon 805 (or latest available)
    3 GB ram
    16, 32 and 64 GB internal storage options
    3500mAh or higher removable battery
    Updated G lens camera with cyber shot and Xenon flash
    5mp front camera
    S Master audio chip
    New UI with more small apps and multi-window
    Front and back sapphire/dragontail glass with no shatterproof cover and oleophobic coating
    High quality dual front facing speakers
    New improved Omnibalance design, maybe with slight arc and curved edges
    7-8mm thickness (or less)
    Waterproof ports (even micro USB if possible)
    Bezels like ZL or even smaller
    I know this will never happen, but everybody can dream :)

  • Bob

    Oh and OIS and IR blaster

  • Aniket Koyande

    4.3″ HD screen with good viewing angles
    32GB internal storage with expandable
    doesnt matter with pixel count but preferably more than or equal to 12MP, extraordinary low light performance with no noise & OIS
    & one thing specially i would like to have, dat is manual autofocus during video recording…..something like slider on screen to focus from macro to infinity
    I want this feature bcz during outdoor night/low light shooting, camera just keeps on trying to get perfect focus but takes a lot of time…& during this process i’ve missed many good quick shots of filming :(
    so most of the time i had to put it on infinity….just to make sure dat i’m not gonna miss this shot
    OR may b sony must do their homework correctly
    2-3GB RAM
    latest snapdragon chipset
    Front camera with autofocus & may b a small led if possible for low light shots
    design something like Z1 compact but also somewhat like Xperia S without transparent bar & lower section with no capacitive touch buttons bcz nowadays navigation keys are on-screen
    I said Xperia S bcz it has very small upper & lower section……front side utilized by screen will b high & i like dat

  • sam

    xperia s2
    snapdragon 805
    sony lens g
    minimum 22 mp
    4k video recording
    scratch resistant,dust resistance and water proof
    similar to xperia sp
    3 gb ram
    32 gb storage+64 gb sd card support
    android 4.4 or latest
    dual speaker
    gloves mode
    4k triluminos display with x-reality

  • Anton Avdyushkin

    xperia z1 compact for 200$

  • max

    Xperia Active 2! with kitkat big MP and memory and processor higher water resistance and front cam i’m super fine with that

  • doraemonboi

    5.5″ 2K IPS Triluminous Display (To be future-proof) Good viewing angle and contrast.
    Snapdragon 805 (The latest if possible)
    3 GB ram
    64 GB internal storage
    Wide angle Zeiss lens with OIS
    Dual led flash
    4000mAh or higher removable battery
    8mp front camera
    S Master audio chip
    Latest Android version available with newer UI
    Better image processing
    Front dragontail glass with no shatterproof film
    Carbon fiber back
    Dual Front facing speaker
    Better design that can give us a “WOW” factor
    No more thick and ugly bezels please!
    5mm thickness
    USB 3.0
    IR Blaster
    Comes in more colors like red gold green etc…
    Last but not least, A SONY LOGO THAT LIGHTS UP!!!

    Well, this can only be a dream I guess? haha.

  • Bhimavarapu Rajasekharreddy

    all i want is good camera and better display

  • Xperi
  • azzido

    I wish Xperia Arc Z:
    5 inch Oled/IPS with small bezels, most important: scratch resistance and oleophobic coating – this is most important.
    – better headphones in the box! The one from Z1 are HORRIBLE!
    – nicer box, during Sony Ericsson era it was better,
    – newest Snapdragon,
    – 4GB of RAM,
    – 32GB internal storage,
    – app2SD option,
    – better Cyber-shot camera, xenon flash, bigger sensor
    – better warranty service, longer OS updates,
    – more applications from Sony,
    – Arc Z shape, glass materials
    – bigger Power button, the one in original Z was better than in Z1,
    – keep camera button and headphones jack without cover,

  • anon y. moose

    -4.6in IPS triluminos 1080 display w/ x-reality
    -snapdragon 800 or 805 w/ 2 or 3 GB ram
    -minimum 32gb internal storage, microsd expansion
    -truly world phone, quad band GSM, penta band HSPA, full range of LTE bands
    -12/13 MP exmor RS sensor with bionz, g lens and dual LED flash, also with improved camera algorithms. (come on sony, you sell your sensors to others and they get better results than you do?) + 2.2 MP front facing camera.
    -2.7 to 3k mAh battery + stamina
    -aluminum frame of XSP, with the led notification light of the XZL at the bottom. (no light strip)
    -latest gorilla glass/dragontrail on front and back
    -walkman sound chip
    -usual array of buttons, including camera shutter button.
    -timely android updates, supported for minimum 2 years.
    -high quality loudspeaker.

    basically i want a better xperia SP. water resistance not needed. latest version of android upon launch.

  • Rizwan_Sonylover

    1-Sony lighting awesome LOGO..
    2-Better Better Better Battery back-up with minimum of 4000-5000mAh capacity
    3-latest Hardware which be upgradable to minimum Android 7.0
    4-latest graphics card..
    6-Eye Sensor And Air Sensor…
    7-expandable Memory Upto 64GB..
    8-Direct walkMan key to play music…
    9-Much Smoother User Interface Than Now…
    10-Much faster update should get the user than any other smartphones carrier company..
    11-Make PC Companion to download the high usage app direct…


  • GXB3

    The Z1 Compact but with capacitive buttons to make use of the large bottom bezel. 32 GB instead of 16 Internal (My apps don’t fit in 16GB). Or maybe introduce a transfer app to SD feature :) I really don’t need a 2 or 4k screen. 720p on the Z1 compact is good enough as it does not stress the battery.

    I have an HTC One right now and the battery is pants. I also have a Z Ultra and loving it except for the limited internal storage.

  • Karan Gandhi

    Being a Sony Xperia Z Ultra user… I would like the following things improved from the specs of the Xperia Z Ultra and which would make it my ideal phone:

    Dual Speakers

    Dual LED or Xeon Flash with the same camera as the one on the Z1 and the Z1 Compact.

    3 or 4 GB RAM (It is possible as the Galaxy Note has 3GB currently.

    IPS+ Display with the same 1080p Resolution. More than that is overkill.

    3500+ Mah Battery

    Cyanogenmod or Stock Android with Sony Software tweaks like the Stamina Mode, Location Based Wifi, Bravia Engine, Clear Audio+ and etc.

    Applications which come with the phone that can be uninstalled if not wanted. (I currently disable them but uninstalling them would save me more memory space.)

    And last but not the least, a 64-bit Processor like the Snapdragon 805

  • SJ

    4.7″ screen

    latest hardware

    good battery

    excellent camera (16mp)
    Xenon flash

    cheaper than iphone and galaxy s4

  • Shaheen Pak

    i want Good Battery, water proof and FHD camera with 150 fps to make slow motion video, good sound speaker screen 5inch

  • prdep
  • michele massaro

    Compact version
    New design (I like the Z style, but it’s time to change)
    New UI
    Better Amplifier for headset
    Bigger sensor and Xenon Flash
    Music Unlimited for free

  • Ekky

    5″ display, upgrade all sensors (exmor, BE, bionz, etc.)
    Cybershot camera w/ Xenon flash! Floating touch, walkman sound chip. Camera & walkman button.
    Closed jack port (xperia z). ?2gb ram. IPS
    Perhaps some flex screen & anti-bacterial screen?

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Even google offers just 18 months. >.>

  • Coolio

    The Z1 Compact with a replaceable battery.

  • Rajesh

    5.5″ IPS Panel.
    4GB RAM, 32GB built-in Memory (to accomodate Future updates to latest OS/64-bit OS)
    Latest Snapdragon Processor.
    Walkman sound chip.
    Kit Kat
    Ditch the on-the-shatterproof-Sony logo.
    Keep the great mobile camera path.
    Keep water resistance.

    Replaceable Battery.

  • Mieszko

    1. 4.3” IPS
    2. Up to date software
    3. keep awesome design of Z/Z1/M line
    4. termometer & barometer for active people
    5. waterproof
    6. battery that will survive through 24 hours(keep the great stamina modes!)

    and the most important…

    7. bring back music buttons! I would love to change song to next/previous without screen(which is annoying at winter)

    LTE/NFC and other nice options I think are pretty obvious.

  • Lee Jr

    The Z1 is not far off perfect already but for me i would also like to see;
    Larger battery capacity
    Dual SIM
    Waterproof (open) Mini-USB
    Double Speaker
    Native support for SD Card Memory
    iQi Wireless Charging
    Larger Internal Memory 32GB or 64GB

  • Kjetil B. Thomassen

    I have an Xperia Z1, and there are just a few things I miss on that phone compared to the Xperia S I had before that:
    – USB Micro-AB (instead of Micro-B as the Z1 has).
    – HDMI output in addition to USB Micro-AB, or at least a separate MHL, so that I can use an external display in addition to USB OTG

    In addition to this I miss the following:
    – It must also be possible to feed power to an MHL to HDMI adapter from the phone, as it is a pain to have to have connect power to the MHL to HDMI-adapter as it is today.

    – If possible: A greater dynamic light range on the camera sensor. The problems come when on the outside in bright sunlight or at (just after sunset)/(just before sunrise), where I want to take pictures of the sky and still get the landscape on the ground correctly exposed. This problem is also present on the Xperia S, so I suspect that this is due to the EXMOR R/RS sensor.
    – Optical zoom on the camera. There is some R&D going on to make it possible to make a camera lens with adjustable lens through some clever substances (or other means), so this should be possible to implement in future camera lenses.

    Sony should also be better at providing tailored cables, holsters etc. I had to go to third party suppliers to get hold of a USB OTG adapter and belt case for my Z1 and S.

    These are my wishes.

    Kjetil B.

  • FooVoyager

    Software support for longer than a year…

  • Marius Rogg

    how about a go2?
    I mean, with little other specifications, like an 4,3 inch Display, hd, bigger battery (that was the main reason why i give up this phone), and of course IP 68, not only IP 57 and an self-bending smartphone (happens to the z1). How bout a military certification? or the certificaton that you can drop it from the high of 5 meters or something like that.

    (I packed my go in an silicon case and throw it often or put it in an beerfilled cup to boast and my go is good living untill now. But a smartphone which need every 5 hour a charge is not very smart)
    The strengths this phone was it´s good looking and it´s outdoor qualities, so keep this! ( but not the 2012 design with the xperia logo under the screen, better would be a near zero bezel)

    For a phone like this I would pay 250 € (So maybe the start price could be a little big higher)

  • Narius28

    go 2!
    At least: qualcomm 1,2 GHz dualcore, !4/4,3 inch display! (not 5!!) 1 gb ram, 8 gb rom, IP 68, bluetooth, GPS and a good battery ( best would be the 2.300 mAh from the z1 compact)

    Design maybe like the e1. how about an drop certification? (must have the right class for that but with the go it worked)

  • Luca

    5″ Super AMOLED screen,
    3 GB of RAM,
    an octa-core 2.6 GHZ processor
    64 GB ROM
    Water resistant
    Android 4.4 KitKat
    Xperia SP’s LED Bar
    Xperia Sola’s floating touch
    Xperia E1’s speakers

    This would be perfect

  • gunboat_d

    well, no point in arguing with a fanboy. google cripples AES and corporate email, so it doesn’t work for *me*. it doesn’t notify *me* of stuff i need to be notified of. it doesn’t integrate other services i use into the OS in a useful way.
    i never said sony would skin WP. i said their android skin is minimal and that is a key selling point. so why not make a WP phone with their awesome hardware and add some exclusive Sony apps like Nokia does (with some success)? Sony is a hardware company and a services company. they should make their services platform agnostic and should offer hardware that works with different OS’es.

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    if i had a choice, id still be using nokia as my phone of choice, but microsofts system crippled it into mediocrity with its rubbish os, now you want to cripple sony too?
    just as sony is finding its sea legs in the global market with z1, z ultra and the brilliant z1 compact
    my last two nokias the brilliant n8, i was due an upgrade so i went with lumia 900, it turned out to be a massive downgrade, the bluetooth did not work, no fm radio, the list of shortcommings is just endless.
    my cousin recently bought the lumia 1525, the camera works great, but the os is just as i remember it. absolute rubbish

  • Wolf

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 :P
    6.5-7″ 2K IPS display
    3GB RAM
    32GB storage
    20.7MP (or the rumored 23MP) camera with dual LED or Xenon. Don’t need more megapixels, need much, much, MUCH better software!!!! I mean, seriously, the software optimization CANNOT be overemphasized Sony! 5 MP front facing camera
    Snapdragon 805
    Waterproof (duh :P)
    Sapphire glass front/back/then aluminum sides. Lose that AWFUL screen protector, i’ll just add one anyway!
    Great sound quality
    Kit Kat+
    Speakers at both edges of corners like on Xperia Z tablet. Looks so B.A.!
    Less bezel, to allow for more screen real estate!
    Beautiful Sony logo on front top. Back has Sony logo again on top, right under it is Make.Believe and then “Xperia Z Ultra II” in middle
    Omnibalance design, I like those sharp edges. So stylin’!
    IR Blaster, NFC, GPS, etc. “‘Da Works!”
    Latest Adreno
    Now, just put all that in a 10.1″ tablet to for ~$550 and I will pour $1200 in Sony’s lap.

  • Wolf

    Sony Xperia Z Ultra 2 :P
    6.5-7″ 1080p/2K IPS display
    3GB RAM
    32GB storage
    20.7MP (or the rumored 23MP) camera with dual LED or Xenon. Don’t need more megapixels, need much, much, MUCH better software!!!! I mean, seriously, the software optimization CANNOT be overemphasized Sony! 5 MP front facing camera
    Snapdragon 805
    Waterproof (duh :P)
    Sapphire glass front/back/then aluminum sides. Lose that AWFUL screen protector, i’ll just add one anyway!
    Great sound quality
    Kit Kat+
    Speakers at both edges of corners like on Xperia Z tablet. Looks so B.A.!
    Less bezel, to allow for more screen real estate!
    Beautiful Sony logo on front top. Back has Sony logo again on top, right under it is Make.Believe and then “Xperia Z Ultra II” in middle
    Omnibalance design, I like those sharp edges. So stylin’!
    IR Blaster, NFC, GPS, etc. “‘Da Works!”
    Latest Adreno
    64GB SD drive
    +3,700mAh battery*
    Now, just put all that in a 10.1″ tablet to for ~$550 and I will pour $1200 in Sony’s lap.
    * +7,000mAh for tablet.

  • ChinaIsCompletelyAcoward

    DISPLAY: 5″ IPS panel, gorilla glass 3 or dragontrail front an back, and with x-reality & trilominos tech.. 1080p 441 ppi.. Please sony logo should be printed beneath the glass or no logo at all.

    PROTECTION: Water tight and dust proof. Internals should have hydrophobic coating if water happens to penetrate inside the phone (to avoid total water damage). Non-rubberized coating for carbon fiber polyamide frame( i like xperia z frame).

    STORAGE: two internal storage (32 & 64GB– this will minimize the number of ports).

    CAMERA: like Z1 but have better camera algorithm and image processing. OIS if possible.

    PROCESSOR: latest available chipset.

    BATTERY: 3500 mah.

    FEATURES: Swipe four corners(or any other gestures) of the screen to wake (this will lessen the fatigue of the power button).

  • ChinaIsCompletelyAcoward

    DISPLAY: 5″ IPS panel, gorilla glass 3 or dragontrail front an back, and with x-reality & trilominos tech.. 1080p 441 ppi

    PROTECTION: Water tight and dust proof. Internals should have hydrophobic coating if water happens to penetrate inside the phone (to avoid total water damage). Non-rubberized coating for carbon fiber polyamide frame.

    STORAGE: two internal storage (32 & 64GB– this will minimize the number of ports).

    CAMERA: like Z1 but have better camera algorithm and image processing. OIS if possible.

    PROCESSOR: latest available chipset.

    Battery: 3500 mah.

    FEATURES: Swipe gesture to wake the phone. This will reduce the fatigue of the power button.

  • Jasdeep Cheema


  • xili

    Since this is D6503, so it should be the ZL (C6503) successor, so it shouldn’t be water resistance.

  • cesar

    5-5.2″ 2K display, 3gb of ram, snapdragon 800 or whatever the latest version is, kit kat, Good camera like 13 megapixels or more, and the most important thing: Made a COMPACT phone !! like xperia ZL, minimize the frame and maximize the screen like your strongest competition (nexus 5, galaxy S4, … etc)

  • B

    Liking the Z1 Compact, would love to see one more even smaller iteration of it. Still addicted to Xperia Ray size. Also love to see the Active/Go successor.

  • max

    Xperia Active 2! or + rather

    high camera pixel with no flash bleen
    2.5 gig RAM
    no bloatware
    good bezel
    triluminous display
    IP 68 dust and water resistance

  • …….

    Made this on paint, don’t hate plz

  • …….

  • §hubhAm

    I used gs4 htc butterfly then i move to z1 it is still better than these cheap phones. 1.Display is perfect not more than 5.2inch but need atleast 2k in z3 and less bazels Improve Your UI some cosmetics changes & make it even smooth so people’s feel its UI. Bigger battery or some way to make battery life good. Omnibalance design is great make it more perfect.. Less bazels and it’s very slippery so improve that thing.. Sorry for my English..

  • t

    – 5.0 inch IPS display with live colour LED + Bravia engine 3 + X-Reality Pro + Triluminos
    – QHD Display
    – 25 MP real Camera with xenon & LED flash + G Lens
    Lens + Exmor RS pro + OIS
    – 8 MP front camera with Exmor RS
    – 4 GB Ram
    – 32/64 GB internal storage
    – 128 GB external storage
    – Available to record 4k video in 30 Minutes
    – Waterproof (sea water include) + dust proof
    – Nvdia Tegra K-1 Processor.

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at MyDeals247.com – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • rajesh

    5.5″ inch full HD or QHD AMoLED 550 ppi


    Sanpdargon 810 64 bit processor

    13MP & 5MP camera dual xeon flash

    3-4GB RAM

    64GB internal memory

    64GB expandable memory

    dual front facing Dolby digital speaker

  • The One

    I know I’m late to comment but:

    They should release (3) phones:

    – Compact (4.5-4.7″ Screen @ 720P) with 2750mah battery
    – Regular (5.0-5.2″ Screen @ 1080P) with 3000mah battery
    – Phablet (5.5-5.7″ Screen @ 1440P) with 3250mah battery

    All (3) should have the following specs:

    – Dual front facing stereo speakers (loud)
    – 12 or 16MP Rear Camera with OIS, dual tone flash, dual pixel focus technology, and NOT wide angle camera (just makes the edges of the photos soft)
    – 8MP front camera
    – Fingerprint scanner on the side
    – Wireless charging
    – DASH charging like the One Plus 3
    – True USB C connector
    – Waterproof
    – Dedicated camera button
    – Volume buttons located ABOVE the power button!!!!
    – No headphone jack, but include a usb adapter that can charge and plug into headphones at the same time.
    – AMOLED screen
    – Latest Snapdragon 800 series processor with latest Adreno GPU
    – 3 or 4 Gigs of RAM
    – Dual Sim
    – SD card

    I hope I didn’t miss anything, but would that be so hard?

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