Throwback Reviews Series – Let’s Immerse in Nostalgia!

by XB on 31st January 2014

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Sony Ericsson Z700No doubt this blog is all about the latest news around our beloved Xperia mobile phones. But isn’t it nice from time to time to reminisce? After all, today’s Xperia handsets all come with some history – and we are quite sure that a lot of you have your own memories and experiences when it comes to the pre-Xperia era.

That is why we came up with the idea to start a series of Throwback Reviews, looking back at some of the iconic mobile phones and accessories that laid the path to where Sony is today with the Xperia line. We will start at the very beginning of the Sony Ericsson era back in 2001 (actually even a little bit earlier than that, as you will see in our first episode), and make our way along all these years to the present. Every now and then, we will also make some stops at mostly unknown stations – to have a look at models which did not make it to the market.

Sony Ericsson Z700

Let’s start the ride with one of those never released phones – the Sony Ericsson Z700. 

Sony Ericsson Z700

Clearly a model which belongs to the Sony family, as it is very similar in design to the Sony CMD Z-7. It is unclear why the Sony Ericsson Z700 was never released. A logical explanation, however, would be that at the time of forming the joint venture between Sony and Ericsson in 2001, the T68 was chosen to be the one device that would launch under the new Sony Ericsson brand. Feature-wise, both phones are very similar to each other including a colour display and Bluetooth to name a few.

Now let’s move on and have a closer look at the Sony Ericsson Z700 in our first episode of the 2014 Throwback Review series:

Episode 2 of the Throwback Review series will cover the Sony Ericsson T68m, T68i and the beginning of mobile phone photography – the CommuniCam attachable camera. Stay tuned!

  • XperiaBlog

    Those who have followed the Sony phone scene since the early Sony Ericsson days will no doubt be familiar with Rog who used to run a popular site called SE-First. The name of his site was apt as he was always the first when it came to unboxing videos of the latest Sony handsets. It’s great to have Rog on board with us running these series of Throwback Reviews for Sony’s older handsets.

    It’s only when you look back, you realise just how far things have moved on. Some people may hark back to a simpler day, there’s no doubt we have very fond memories of some of the very
    first handsets we used. So we hope you enjoy the series, we currently plan to have a new instalment every few weeks going through most of Sony’s back catalogue!

  • WHi NeR

    Last day of January, still no update.

  • Alaa


    But do you forget the SupperSony Ericsson C905 ? the king of Cyber-shot ???

  • jumbo3220

    ah common…Xperia Blog will eventually come to Cybershot phones too but these are old devices we have never heard’s always nice to see the old tech Sony erricson had

  • Patrol619

    Hahaha you made my day :D
    Btw. this series is very good, can’t wait to read about my old SE K300i, W200i and W610i. Those were the phones…

  • jumbo3220

    That UI..still better than Touch-Wiz

  • Billbond4

    Nice Idea !!

    Just realised how many Ericsson/Sony Phones I had when I was making my new signature.

  • Micro

    get lost

  • Z_Genesiz

    Stop your ****ing bitching the updates will come. THIS POST ISNT EVEN RELATED TO THE UPDATES. What do you do all day sit with your Xperia checking for updates. Go do something worth while with your life instead but we all know what cant happen because you’re too simple and destracted by the lack of updates.

  • Alaa


    Yes, It’s great and very good Answer !


  • Micro

    hmm, so previous Sony (I mean before the Sony Ericsson), no matter if iconic or not, doesn’t count, right?

  • Alaa


    But now we need Sony Xperia C905 !!!

  • Micro

    and a way faster ;D

  • lovebmw

    I miss my old z1. It still works, and the wheel was the best thing ever

  • jlol

    Sony CMD Z1 vs Sony Xperia Z1

  • sisore

    I can still clearly remember how I was so thrilled to play VRally in T230

  • PowerSonic

    evergreen classics!!..

  • JHMBB2

    Ugh, unfortunately I’m all to familiar with the c905, I used it for 3 months before I got my z. It wasn’t very good. I have a feeling it was a cheap Chinese refurbished phone though.

  • Micro

    I loved the jog-dial in all those phones, I admit I miss it. CMD CD5 had it, it was something really different at the time (btw, it still works too haha :D).

  • lovebmw

    I even love the alert noises it makes, very phony at that time lol

  • Micro

    I never had the old Z1, but all of them (j5, j6, j7, j70, Z5) were pretty noisy :D but I guess they started polyphonic sounds lol :D

  • metcarded

    The phone was pretty good, but the build quality was absolutely rubbish. My dpad broke 2X in less than 3 months. I chucked it after the 2nd time. I assume that just about everyone that owned one of these had issues with it. It was shameful that they released such broken hardware.

    K800i on the other hand is legendary.

  • Lunkz

    I have my first Touchscreen phone from Sony Ericsson the beautiful P1i.
    I love the flip keys, saving so much time.

    We need a Xperia Version of it.

  • ayyo

    Waiting for T68i !!!! My first phone…….it was a beauty queen those days!!!

  • Dark Moyan

    Sony CMD Z5 was my first phone but I lost it after using like a month. It was really awesome and I was only 10 years old.

  • Micro

    ohhh I wanted it so badly! <3

  • Guest

    What about the Sony Ericsson Satio that has 12.1 mp with xenon flash

  • Anukul

    Wow xperiablog , amazing series!

  • Kaloyskie

    My first SONY ERICSSON phone ie P1i very awesome phone indeed.

  • goldenblls

    I had the CMD MZ5, the first music phone, until I lost it in a fire a few years ago now. I was very upset to lose that phone because it was so rare and yes, the jog dial was great.

  • JG

    I had that phone and loved it very much.The camera was very nice. The only problem was the touch pad that came off after a few drops.

  • abdullah

    What the? It is a joke dude..

  • Tim Vels

    You Sir are a rich gentleman! I envy you :D

  • Tim Vels

    My dad loved it. I never saw the same quality in modern Xperia phones..

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