Sony cuts full-year smartphone unit forecast; ships 10.7 million Xperia’s in Q3 FY13

by XB on 6th February 2014

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Sony-logo-wallpaperSony has announced its Q3 results (three months to 31 December 2013), confirming that the company sold 10.7 million Xperia smartphones during the period. This is steady progression from the previous quarter, where it sold 10.0 million smartphones. However, Sony has cut its full-year forecast by 5 percent from 42 million to 40 million smartphones. This implies that the company expects to ship just under 10 million Xperia phones during the final quarter (three months to 31 March 2014).

We imagine the reduction in forecast is probably down to the fact that Sony is not planning on launching a flagship during calendar Q1 2014. However, Sony has reiterated its focus on mobile and tablet devices in other news this morning, where the company announced it is transferring its PC VAIO business to a new company established by JIP (Japan Industrial Partners).

  • sony_guy

    i was planning to buy a vaio flip pc but upon learning that they’re selling it off, i decided not to. im going to miss their beautiful and sleek vaio line. hope this doesn’t mean sony’s slowly sinking and following the trajectory of once-renowned phillips.

  • Makozak

    I already read the Vaio transfer, but are those PC’s will still be sold under Sony Vaio name ? or Vaio name ? or JIP ?

  • pain six path

    It’s very good,I’m happy to hear this,,in q1 it was 9.6 million,in q2 it was 10 millions and in q3 10.7,,a steady raise from 2012 until now,I hope to see 11 million in q4,,good job sony keep it up,

  • Robert Szombati

    It’s sad to hear that Sony will ditch the VAIO brand. I’ve put so much heart into my 5yr old VAIO which still runs solid..

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    the windows king is dead, long live the android king

  • nobita

    goodbye sony vaio :'(

  • Mirrorpurple

    Sony should be bolder in their marketing…

  • Oscar

    it wont be sold under sony vaio name anymore..
    Perhaps it will just be vaio..

  • Just Vaio

  • sony

    Good luck SONY

  • CLIE’

    YES Sony!!! Wake away from Micro$uck Lol!

  • jag

    Sad about the vaio news.. They were such great products.. Maybe they are so expensive that’s why it’s not selling well. But happy to hear about the mobile section to be in rise. Goodluck sony!

  • hungry-for-food-dude

    interestingly, i read an article on Flipboard saying that Job used to proposed to Sony to run Mac, but Sony turned it down.

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    tell them to make u their new CEO ;-)

  • RealityCheck2013

    God knows why SONY are not making Billions yearly because their products are BRILLIANT :(

  • fried_egg

    massive debt, and the cost of having to exit the old factories. When they were king with trinitron & walkman etc they owned the factories. apple and the new stars never owned their factories. so where kodak & polaroid died leaving decaying factory shells, sony struggled on with the debt of closing out the old and moving in with the new

  • roeshak

    This article is very confusing. Are these q4 2013 results or q3?
    No flagship for q1 2014? Watch the numbers tumble.

  • David Lettinga

    Release the Z1 Compact in the US and they’ll get the numbers they want.

  • metcarded

    The Z1 Compact should do good numbers IMO. Maybe even surpassing their expectations.

  • Mirrorpurple

    I will replace Kaz

  • sony

    united we stand for “SONY”

  • sony

    united we stand for “SONY”

  • Ana Heluši?

    Vaio is the best, wrong move Sony

  • SK

    The quarters are from April to March. The 3rd quarter is from Oct to Dec 13. And There is no need for a flagship with Z1C already minting the money. Z1 and C should cover up the top line till mid 1st qtr 14.

  • Alessandro Romano

    I’m very sad about the Vaio. I will handle my beautiful Vaio Fit Multi-Fli with all my kindness.

  • Guest

    Should I get a Vaio quickly or wait to see what this JIP company will do? I already have a Vaio (SA) and love it but its a bit old now and was wondering about updating but now they have announced this…
    I really love how all my products are Sony, this saddens me…

  • Guest

    Why did you decide not to? They are still selling them… Get it before the new company fully takes over.

  • roeshak

    I think you’ll find that once the S5 and G3 are announced, the Z1 and compact will lose all their appeal. That’s why I said watch the numbers tumble. Don’t even know where this z1 is minting the money comes from, these figures certainly don’t support that claim

  • Kaostheory

    Imo they’re not doing as well as they should is that they’re always a step behind even though they have the best tech. HMZT1 brought out for retail but the Rift getting more pressure, just add the sensors already! They already have the games. Best cameras but until recently Apple has been outdoing them with their own product!? Sync all your systems already. The X10 was already rumored to work with the PS3, yet here I am with my Z1 and still very limited. I have a Sony car deck and it plays better with an ipod than my Z1. Definitely with all their leading edge tech, there’s really no excuse for where they are. With the rumors about AMD and Intel making chips that run Windows and Android simultaneously it’s not a good time to get rid of the Vaio.

  • dead_lion

    who’s care… they talk too much and delay the update s&*t customer support from u sony. UB my xperia T and go for kitkat waiting so long.. NO MORE PHONE FROM U

  • sfordesign

    *used to be the best

  • sony_guy

    not sure how the support’s going to be as soon as JIP takes over. i’ve always been a loyal sony customer – have a bravia, a Z1, a Z, a tablet Z, and a PS4 – but i can’t risk buying a product with an uncertain support quality both in software and hardware.

  • Tomounisou

    If my Xperia V doesn’t get Kitkat, I’m not buying a Sony phone again. Nexus and LG phones are better anyway and cheaper as well.

  • Lunkz

    I hope we see a new Xperia Z Tablet

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    they also break quicker, sounds like great phones

  • Oscar

    Microsoft and Google?

  • stating_the_facts

    microsoft windows 8 killed VAIO brand

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    sony is to stop making vaio pc(microsoft) in favour of tablets(google)

  • Colby Leong

    Hopefully they can refocus on bringing us more awesome smartphones. And faster updates, supporting more devices, that way our 2013 handsets don’t have a quick android update expiration of one year. Their phones get better each time they release them, they just shouldn’t release a new flagship/refresh, every 5 to 6 months. Excited to see what Sony brings to the table in 2014, in terms of smartphones, and wearable tech.

  • catmincer

    Sony’s Vaio software was hardly quality any way. They never updated it.

  • !!f!!

    No one can replace Kaz!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm… wondering how much Sony got in marketshares for the mobiledivision?

  • Ana Heluši?

    still the best, sad day

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  • Guest

    It says in the link, they will continue to support them :)

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    +1 to that
    when will microsoft realise the tile system is a fruitless venture?
    bill gates must be rolling in his grave
    oh wait hes not dead yet just his company

  • Sumo

    If you have unlimited capital, investors who don’t give a crap about returns then anyone can be bolder :)

  • Mirrorpurple

    living the dream man…

  • Mirrorpurple

    if its true, nice one Sony, make Apple grow desperate
    if Apple trolled, really, they need to stop selling thm

  • Danny

    been buying Xperia phones since the x10i. Loved each one more and more.
    x10i, Neo, TX, SP, Z, L, M, and now the Z1s.

    I’m sad that Sony decided to sell it’s Vaio PC business. Though I’d never own one, but I’m very much a fan of the design and tech of Vaio. The price never agrees with me and I’d always had to choose a cheaper alternative. But still, I want to own a nice, clean, beautiful Vaio someday.

  • Kaz

    maybe they should make their own OS

  • Sumo

    I hear brother :)

  • Sumo

    I hear you brother :)

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  • Castor

    don’t worry about vaio dying. time will come when smartphones and tablets will need to assume that form again to be more usable for work. they may just make the tablet z into a transformer — water-resistant at that.

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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