Mugen Power launches 3000mAh battery case for Xperia Z1

by XB on 10th February 2014

in Accessories, Xperia Z1

Mugen Power Xperia Z1 caseMugen Power has announced a 3000mAh Battery Case [CC-C6903] for the Sony Xperia Z1. Much like Mugen Power’s previous battery cases, it offers users additional battery charge, should you run low if you’re on the road. The Xperia Z1 has a battery capacity of 3000mAh, so the addition of this case should keep you going for much longer.

The case has 5 blue LED indicators at the bottom showing you how much charge it has left (in 20 percent increments). Mugen Power has the Xperia Z1 3000mAh battery case listed for $89.50, with shipping starting on 22 February 2014. Mugen Power ships worldwide via FedEx, with free shipping for orders over $150.

Mugen Power Xperia Z1 case

  • Darren Gaspé


  • Guest

    When update 4.4 for xperia z1 ?

  • Hema

    When update 4.4.2 for xperia z1

  • apophis

    when z1 update for 4.4.2

  • xperiaDROID

    Maybe in the end of February, because a Polish carrier said that Xperia Z Android KitKat update will be arriving in early March so the Xperia Z1 should receive the update earlier than the Xperia Z.

  • Tech Gospel

    Sony or Mugen needs to make one for the tablet Z

  • xperiaDROID


  • Yali AA

    pricey…… $90… was hoping for more like $50… :-/

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  • XV user

    We are aproaching mid-feb…come on sony where are the update for my XV….:

  • jt2010

    So expensive, i have paid 26 Euro for a powerbank case for my z1 with 3500mha power.

  • jt2010

    I am supose march 2014

  • Mo
  • Mo
  • Mhar Jayson Cortez

    People here are talking and asking about 4.4 haha. Sp t tx and v were all forgotten. Lets all burn a candle for our sympathy to sp y tx and v users. The 4.3 is now burried. Hahaha

  • boosook

    Petition? So Sony should keep building PCs that don’t sell (and lose money) only because people sign a petition? Those people should buy a Vaio instead of a Lenovo or Acer. Why should people ask Sony to continue producing computers that they wouldn’t buy anyway?

  • Mohammed Khired

    can give me a link for it ?

  • Mac

    Nice work, now make one for the z1 compact in white plz!

  • XV user

    Oh no shit just got real…haha

  • Mirrorpurple

    nah, i <3 my purple back on my Z1, so imma get something transparent/translucent…

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  • techielover

    haha xperia sp/t/v updates dumped in the graveyhard

  • jt2010
  • Mohammad

    Sony I’m so dangerous from u you promise update for t/v/tx/sp comes ends January and again u said early February ok now where is update???

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  • jt2010
  • Muhammad Akbar

    Sony the Lier said Jan end Early Feb.. now its mid feb… Sony the Lier sony the Pathetic

  • Vas Varnava

    How about for the compact???

  • viLc

    they are full of lies

  • xperiafan201

    wheres kitkat update tho ?? um

  • Mohammed Khired

    thanks , is it too slim for a battery ? how do u feel when u hold the phone with it ?

    and do they ship worldwide ?

  • Sumo

    This has to be one of the best looking Mugen cases… if they can only produce such designs for their cases with other series… I’ll buy for sure.

  • Mohammed Khired

    true man , vaio laptops are too fucking expensive !! i’d rather buy a lenovo or asus

    they should stop produce overpriced shit !

  • Mugen’s stuff is always way overpriced… You can pick up other versions of this for $15-30.

  • Why would a petition matter… It’s already too late.

  • Zeke

    Mugen Power batteries are at the high end of the price range.
    How I see that the postage at USD20 from Hong Kong to my destination.
    At that price you start to look for options, especially on old

  • Divya Bharathi

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