Sony’s latest experiment pairs the QX100 with the world’s largest model railway

by XB on 13th February 2014

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train_tunnelNorthlandz in the US is where you will find the world’s largest model railway. It is the brainchild of Bruce Zaccagnino, where it began in the basement of his home 35 years ago. Since then it has become a large attraction for tourists and model train enthusiasts around the world.

The railroad spans three storeys and has enough lumber to build 42 large houses. It has 40,000 feet of track and the control room caters for 75 to 90 trains per day. Pretty impressive stuff.

Sony chose Northlandz as the perfect attraction to show off the virtues of its lens-style cameras. Photographer Matthew Albanese used the QX100 as it helped to get into the right spaces and gave unique vantage points that just weren’t possible with other cameras.

The ability to use a phone (in this case the Xperia Z1) as a viewfinder was key in creating his photos. They also rigged a few trains with the QX100, which really gives a sense of scale – taking something small and making it appear very big. The video below shows how this experiment came together and if you want to check out some photos and videos, head over to Separate Together.

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    Such a troll, Rand..what did that have to do with the cool little video..speaking of which, Sony (after they update the Xperia T, of course -yes eff you Rand you little turd because we deserve some 4.3 action!-) need to make a shrinking device so all we fabulous Xperia users (except the ones like Rand and microwilly who troll this blog for kicks) can ride around that great model town of Zaccagnino’s without bumping our heads! Props to Albanese too -skilful, creative, cool stuff! (eff you, Rand!) ((and give us our mofo-ing update, Mr Sony Man if you’re reading -if you don’t read Xperia Blog, why not?!))

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  • Stephen

    cool video, but where was thomas the tank engine? you cant have the worlds biggest model and not feature thomas

  • Stephen

    it does’nt

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  • xperiaDROID

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  • Raj Singh


  • Raj Singh

    Cool video. Cool place.
    I like the QX series but I wish the connection between the two devices was faster/stronger. The other thing that bothers me a bit, which they can easily rectify in the next version, is have a viewfinder that slides out of the devices for those times you want to use it without the phone; at least I’d know what’s in the shot, or not.

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  • FixMax

    Translating… “Russia, Bear, Vodka”

  • i_like_trains

    It isn’t the world’s largest model railway.

  • Pedro Ezequiel

    amazing, love sony

  • Bryan Ng

    Wonderful vid for the amazing device. Sony’s the best :)

  • ergui

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  • Rarintx

    It actually is and holds the Guiness World record. The one in Hamburg is the Largest Model Railroad “in Hamburg”. A little marketing ploy on their part.

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