Xperia TX Android 4.3 update is now also live

by XB on 14th February 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia T

Xperia TXLet’s not leave Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) owners out of the fun, reports are coming in that the Android 4.3 update is now live in the Middle East, Philippines, Thailand and the US. The Xperia Update Checker also confirms this (see the picture below).

As with the Xperia T and Xperia V, the Android 4.3 update will bring Sony’s social camera, Xperia Themes, a new user interface and app tray and battery STAMINA mode enhancements. If it has hit your region, please post some screenshots and impressions below.

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_1

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_2

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_3

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_4

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_5

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_6

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_7

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_8

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_9

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_10

Xperia TX_Android 4.3_11

Thanks for the pictures REZASAT!

  • Nguyen Eazy

    checking checking!

  • xperiaDROID

    Finally! SP, T, TX, V owners have finally got their update, enjoy the update guys! Now, everyone can have a break and have a KItKat.

  • Hazem

    I’m in Egypt and still have no update!

  • somy

    i want kitkat now!!…:))))

  • Gustavo Mena

    The screenshot botton is gone, xperia t

  • Vuth

    Still no update for my TX

  • Chetan Reddy

    lol go sit before pc and start working on it and install it yourself

  • Manuka Maduranga

    There’s no update foR Xperia V still. It’s still not live. Damn you Sony.

  • leo

    downlaoding US firmware

  • modiyasser

    Me Too :/

  • kuro

    same as the rest of XZ series, you can use power button + vol down for screenshot.

  • Gustavo Mena

    Thank you

  • ayub407

    Just press the volume button down and power button together at the same time. :)

  • Vuth

    Finally, I got it :)

  • yehia


  • Vuth

    MEA 1266-3325

  • Billy de Fretes

    or you can use small apps clip manager if its available in 4.3 xperia V

  • Hassan Ali

    From Middle East :D

  • Misael Romero

    still no up date for me tooo… because i bought my phone here in mexico but he customization number is from homg kong :(

  • yehia

    ?? ????

  • Hassan Ali


  • yehia

    ?? ????

  • Z

    For xperiablog ..

  • “Now, everyone can have a break and have a KItKat” this make me laugh for hours xD

  • maleni

    update go for TX in Bosnia

  • Hadi

    ??? ??? ???? ??? ??????? ???????? ?? ??? ???????

  • Alpha

    After all… Check! from Iran and Turkey; hope Sony decide to release 4.4 too.

  • Guest

    It’s okay now , I checked again and I got it :)

  • yehia

    still no update in egypt

  • XperiaBlog

    If anyone has the update, please post some pictures of the About screen and other features. Thanks!

  • modiyasser

    ??? ???? ???

  • Mohammed Khired

    ?? ??? ??? ???? ?!!

  • Mohammed Khired

    they in shocking-state..

    let them have fun first!!

  • ssk-xperialover

    Xperia TX 4.3 updated in UAE!! <3 SONY :)

  • sony
    usa android 4.3!! flash it with flash tools and enjoy it!

  • balantoy

    not yet here in the philippines:(

  • Chum Faderon

    my xperia tx is updating now :)
    here in philippines

  • Chum Faderon

    my xperia tx is now updating :)
    here in Philippines

  • lon

    Hpw about xperia v?

  • lon

    buti pa tx meron na etong xperia v ko wala pa dn update haha

  • jag

    Happy valentine’s day!!.. From Sony! Hehe

  • Misael Romero

    wow mabuti amigo!

  • Abubakker Sithick

    any update in INDIA for TX

  • Abubakker Sithick

    pls rply

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I doubt you’ll ever get kitkat.

  • Anugrah Bahtiar

    Finally,,the update is here in Indonesia. Brilliant update.. feels like Im having a new phone.
    # Smoother UI
    # Beautiful Xperia themes
    # Social camera apss
    # Stamina mode
    # Newer Sony media apps
    Good job Sony!

  • Amey

    Did anyone receive JB-4.3 For Xperia SP in Mumbai,India ?

  • dk-1

    why still no update for my phone??.. im from malaysia.. =)

  • XV

    so guys how’s the update is there any improvement..?i dont get the update yet…

  • toga

    Xperia sp,t,tx,v getting kitkat update in December 2014,. Sony xperia kitkat update is delayed to February 2015

  • usman

    have started to download by pc companion. in pakistan

  • Fuck Samshit Troll

    So all those bitches can stop whining now!

  • FuckU

    Are you retarded or what?

  • syandy

    Try to check via pc companion,, indonesia is not listed in the above table, but i have updated my xtx via pc companion..

  • guest

    Btw i just realized that the onscreen volume indicator is gone,, when i press the volume button, theres only a black bar appearing.. that seems wrong,, anyone else experience this?

  • Vuth

    I have just updated my Xperia TX to Android 4.3, and then I faced a very big issue that when the phone charges to 100% it turns off. Are there any solutions for this?


    Factory rest is the best solution but dont forget to get back up before doing it.


    i had posted XPERIA TX screen shots in Android 4.3 updtae for Xperia V page.find them and take them .

  • hadi

    ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ???????

  • Panji Aditya

    glad to see another indonesian here!

    anyway, you got the update already?
    tried checking OTA and via PC companion, no luck…

  • Midleo

    In Ukraine the update (JB 4.3) for TX is currently are available!!! Thank you Sony!!!

  • Mohammed Khired

    ????? ??? ?????

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks we’ve updated the post!

  • ahmed

    do i need to root or unlock the boot loader when i flash it?

  • keshav

    how to update tx in india.does india gets update..plz post

  • hamdan

    Can someone post benchmarks of the new update??

  • RandomGuy

    Simply just flash it using flashtool, but you needed to backup first before flashing it such a contract or an apps, especially flappy bird(if you have it..LOL).. Try Super backup app on playstore.

  • ahmed

    Thank you very much

  • TXspears

    cuando creen que saldra en colombia? O latinoamerica=

  • Not bad..

    4.1 and 4.3..

  • sickofdroid

    No retard, the rollout has only just started so only a few T/V/TX owners have the update so far. Everything Sony does is in slow-motion and if they went slower they would go backwards…instead of KitKat we should expect Gingerbread all over again.

  • sony

    No !

  • Anugrah Bahtiar

    Try using Sony Mobile Update Service application. I got the update from there… Good luck bro :D

  • xperiaDROID

    What are you fucking fruitcake talking about? Why don’t you get your facts right instead of calling people retard? So, you expect the update will directly arrive to people’s phones around the world? You must be new to Android then, the availability of software updates depends on your country and/or operator.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Now everyone can stop B.S. complaining. and next time don’t rush out and buy a model and MAKE SURE it will get the updated OS.

  • Sabin Jamal

    Admin, is there any way to report bugs to sony ? Please Reply.

  • AMEY
  • Tornike

    how to know what is my customization number ( TX )? No update in Georgia

  • Stevan Jambazian

    is there any dangerous if i flash the phone!!!! i have tx and still i didnt get the update in Armenia!!!!

  • ssk-xperialover

    Feeling a lot of difference in all aspects camera,walkman etc.. Sony has done a real good job with the new update.. Absolutely zero lag and loaded with more features, seems like i wont be changing my phone anytime soon :D

  • Tornike

    ima jealous

  • LOL

    Simply just like you’re reset your phone to factory setting(not effecting SD card, no worries), so, backup first before flashing it

  • Stevan Jambazian

    thanks a lot,but where can i found the flash tool?

  • :P

    Ever heard of search engines such a yahoo, bing or Google?

  • Stevan Jambazian

    last question :) do i need to unlock my phone?

  • …..

  • sony
  • WhySonyWhy??

    Y U NO give it that links on your very first comment/post?

  • XperiaFantastic

    Dial *#*#7378423#*#*
    Service Info > Software Info > Customization Version

  • DZ

    I admitted this updated was the best ever from what i got compared to the previous updated, but by saying the update was a zero lag? Nah! Don’t you be kidding with me, but, yea, what do i expect from a device with 1gb of ram.. Hey! At least, we once more got the feeling of holding a flagship device in our hand, don’t you agree? :3

  • droidisretarded

    lmao..all those statements apply to you. If you know that the availability depends on country and carrier why say that we all have it and can enjoy it now?..some can, others are still waiting . Do you not understand what words mean? It seems that you don’t..

  • droidisretardedandevil

    btw, you ARE retarded.

  • amine

    no update yet .. -_-

  • Kuya

    thank, from indonesia

  • Tornike

    Still no release in Georgia

  • Munsif Ahmed

    I’m getting screen flickers in movies on xperia TX after update
    Please fix

  • modiyasser

    Finaly it arrived in Egypt downloading now

  • XperiaCOL

    i have the Honk Cong cluster name but im in a different country, what does it means? (still no having the update)

  • XperiaCOL

    i have the Hong Cong cluster name but im in a different country too, what does it means? (still no having the update)

  • yehia

    ??? ????????

  • ac jay

    I downloaded the update but each time i try to install it it wont install telling me to try again later. Any solution plz and how may mb is the upate

  • Abubakker Sithick

    finally received……. wow

  • Panji Aditya

    finally got the update via PC. turns out I have the malaysian cust number….
    thanks mate! downloading as we speak!

  • ravi

    Finally I got the update here in India.

  • Marco

    Does anyone have any information on the Xperia TL?

  • Abubakker Sithick

    Xperia tx 4.3 how much MB is having???? my 4.3 is 400.2mb.??? yours?

  • ac jay

    Same 400.2 mb could my anti virus prevent my phone from updating. And are encounting any problems afta the update

  • Rick

    So far, don’t get update in Hongkong

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    Xperia V updated in Norway.
    Looks good, but battery capacity on both my mobile and my SmartWatch 2 dropped seriously.
    Instead of two days with 4.1 my battery last less than one day with 4.3.

  • Amir Ashraf

    me too…PLEASE FIX !!!

  • i have problem after update 4.3 xperia tx ,, saudi arabia , sound very low !! Help !

  • Moataz

    i still didnt get the update in egypt

  • Moataz

    i still didnt get the update in egypt

  • sukhoi999

    Mine is 1226-5813 HK. I just finished the update this afternoon.
    Can feel everything is smoother than before.
    the Clicks are more gentle and feels more delicate than before.

  • Angel Deocampo

    After the update in my sony xperia tx Lt29i i can’t find the “screenshot” when i long press the power botton Please help. :(

  • cesar

    when I push the volume buttons it works but there is no icon so i cant see the volume level, What can i do??

  • cesar

    is fixed :)

  • imparanoic

    any problems or bugs with 4.3 on TX (4.1 is stable and mostly ok), I have seen 4.3 on tablet z, some improvements, some bad points, google hangout crashes all the time, some times surf the net crashes ( rarely)

  • imparanoic

    it’s not decent all, sim recognition issues, can’t use phone, disappointed

  • Martin

    Hi all,

    Could you tell me how to take a screenshot on sony TX with android 4.3 ? Tks for your help !

  • Martin

    Hi all, could you tell me how to take a screenshot on Sony TX with android 4.3 ? Tks for your help !

  • imparanoic

    finally resolved the problem, reloaded the firmware again and boot up, finally working phone

  • Lhara Estella

    I can’t use my screenshot.. When I press the power button there is no screenshot press button :( it start when I updated my TX.. PLS Help me how to use again and where can I find the screenshot.. THANKS

  • Lhara Estella

    My.screenshot is not working.. When I updated my xperia TX.. :( help me..

  • nasim

    how can we take screen shots on this version?? when i hold the power button there is no screenshot option

  • Moataz

    Still didnt get the update in middle east after 2 months and 5 days since release…seriously? :/

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • Ryan

    why i can’t connect my TX to my laptop, when i use the USB Connection mode : media transfer mode (MTP), but when i use the other one the MSC mode, its work perfectly. did anyone know how to fix this problem. thx

  • teesha

    After the update i am unable to take screen shots. Screen shot option has vanishd. Only power off and airplane mode is cming.pls help

  • Ryan

    Hold the power button and the volume button at the same time, it’s working for my TX.

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