Do you want greater transparency on how long your Xperia device will be supported?

by XB on 18th February 2014

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z logoYou have to feel for phone manufacturers these days, not only do they have to create compelling pieces of hardware to entice people to buy, they also need the software too. As we’ve seen on this blog, phone updates can be a very thorny issue. Consumers want the latest Android updates in a speedy fashion and if there are delays, boy do the public let you know.

It’s obviously in a manufacturer’s best interest to provide timely updates and to support a phone for good length of time. However, how long should a phone be supported? Some low-entry phones only receive minimal updates before being abandoned, whereas the flagships normally do see support for a longer period.

But the point is whenever you buy a phone, not only from Sony, but also other manufacturers, you have no idea how long it will be supported for. Interestingly, HTC America recently went on record to “support all new North America flagship devices going forward with all major Android updates for 2 years after their release date”.

HTC has been under fire for not giving the latest update its older devices beyond Android 4.2 such as the HTC One X and One X+. So their latest stance is commendable. We would love to see Sony Mobile giving similar assurances, as right now the situation is extremely opaque. There is an understanding that if you buy the latest Xperia Z series you’ll most likely updates for at least 18 months, but this is not in writing.

Software updates are a critical factor when it comes to consumer purchases, so we really do hope that as time goes on, Sony Mobile will be more transparent on just how long that phone you buy will be supported for.

Is this something you would like to see? Would knowing the support lifetime of a particular handset affect your buying decisions? Would greater transparency give you trust in the manufacturer? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Malih

    I’ve stopped buying Xperia phones since 2012, but still follow this blog because I always like their design.
    Unless Sony provide a clear support period, I would not start buying or recommending any Sony phones, not even a flagship.

  • mitroy

    ??? ??????? 4.3 ??? ??????

  • adeceku

    I just want a girlfriend…

  • Batman

    Just let the public know if you are going to be late. It’s not that hard. Really

  • penubag

    Or you know… you could buy the phones for the hardware and just use stock android/cyanogen when sony stops supporting

  • Mirrorpurple

    Sony should just update until the phone is REALLY incompatible with the new android due to hardware limitations…

  • Malih

    I’ve tried going that route, it’s not for people like me who wants a phone that just works,
    I had stability and more importantly compatibility issues.

  • lightninglion

    we should all get together and ask Sony mobile on how long they plan on supporting their phones. UP vote if u agree

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Actually, this has to depend largely on the Sony’s custom UX and Android OS itself. Sony Mobile can’t say much, especially for lower range hardware. That said, low-end smartphones like Xperia M and L should get 12-15 months of support, mid-range like Xperia SP should get 15-21 months of support and high-end/flagships like Xperia Z lineup should get 21-24 months of support.
    The reason why most Android flagships get about 18-24 months of support is because a mobile contract for most countries is 21-24 months, not because of hardware limitation.

  • Personal Opinion

    Personally I’d hope for the device to be supported for at least 2 years. Reason being contract with my telco expires 24 months and that’s when I’m able to get a new phone.

  • getrealsony

    authors of xperiablog! since when is asking for an update too much ?

    case in point Xperia T, was supposed to be released with 4.1, will ultimately get ONE update 4.3. 4.4 is apparently under investigation, but it will be out of its scheduled 18 month window, so we will not get it I’m pretty sure. When they released the phone with 4.0.4 – it was a shame it did not have 4.1, so they said “soon”, but the initial 4 month delay meant 4.1 came last year. subsequently another 2.5 month delay meant 4.3 is just hitting shores. so roughly a 7 month delay in updates, effectively pushing 4.4 out. xperia T sold for $500-550, not exactly flagship, neither mid range.

    removing all the drama, xperia T gets ONE f***ing update, 4.3 at end of life!!! and you think that’s a luxury ?

  • rus_media

    Ya, I do.

  • Clarence

    I almost spent 900 bucks for my Z1, and it should also be supported for the next two years. Lets see on September 2015

  • jake

    If you really want “a phone that work” you wont so desperate for the update . Usually the stable version is in the middle .
    I still using 4.2 on my xperia z and doesnt plan to update any time soon .

  • UnLocked01

    You almost spent 900? Or spent almost 900?

  • jake

    While a farking HTC one x+ which price more than it and launch same time with it get 4.2 and no more .

  • Malih

    If you read the context, what I mean by “a phone that works” is reasonable stability and compatibility with apps.

    And from my experience with CM ROMs build for Xperia, you have to install this fix and that fix just to make it work with some apps or features, and even then some other apps may still have compatibility issues.

    Mostly because driver issues or something technical like that, that can only be perfectly fixed by Sony.

  • getrealsony

    so ? what’s your point ? it was released in november 12, with 4.1. are you equating sony with htc ? if so, why don’t sony also announce a 2 year update schedule ?

  • Jaya Sankar Yakkala

    Keep gifting the latest Xperia device to a girl right after it is released. You will get Girl Friends..

  • shithead

    go fuck yourself!!

  • kaostheory

    I must be on the minority here, but got the 4.3 update on my Z1 and I still have to work 8 hours a day to make ends meet. I’m really hoping that with the 4.4 update that I can quit my job andnev er have to work again! Seriously though I want reliable hardware andwou ldra ther have Sony spend more time on getting the most out of the cameras. The updates nowadays really don’t amount to much of a change.

  • Tangent Lin

    Once Sony update their xperia device, they did update lot of thing. Samsung update are just changing the build number and android version.

  • zairolafzal zainal

    The update include major n minor upgrade bug fix and enhanced to keep the device optimize for certain time of period ( 18month ). That what we called support firmware update. If google releasing android 4.4 two years ahead and the current highers android were 4.3 and ur device already on 4.3 what kind of support update u want then in two years time? The main consern is how sony will escelate update to fix the bugs related firmware release for example low wifi signal, device overheating issue and etc and to keep all xperia in optimize condition.


    Exactly,,when Sony update a phone there is a lot of change,but when Samsung do it you cannot notice it since the only thing that change is build number,,that’s why Samsung is faster,give people only number update and still stupid ppeople admire Samsung.

  • Brad Williams

    I think there is too much emphasis on the whole issue. It surprises me just how pathetic some ppl get over it, they seem to want a brand new phone from their old one. It doesn’t work that way.


    are u Fucking kidding us ??!!!
    sony support its specs max for 1 year .
    i can remember what suont have done on X10 mini / minoi pro and xperia play ….

    just stop saying lie to us . WE CAN SEE EVERYTHING

    that’s why i and so many peoples boycott sony . i’m agree with SAMSUNG.



    I don’t care for updates,it been 1 months I received 4.3 update for my z1 but I still use 4.2.2

  • Clarence

    Almost 900 US$ (40,000 Philippine Pesos)

  • update is not a big issue,the main issue is that sony write date of new update on official sony website but all customers not recieved update at same time or date mentioned by sony website so xperia customer feel harashment and fed up from xperia mobiles.but its a truth that every update of sony xperia is diffrent from other mobile companies mean sony release update when sony techncal department satishfied from sony new update and sony tries to make xperia mobiles software more smooth and minimum not update thier mobiles like other mobile compnies with lot of bugs.its my personnel expierence iam using sony xperia zr and i noticed that apps from google play running more smoothly in my xperia zr 4.3 android friends hv other companies mobile face to many problems in 4.4 andriod version with google apps i dnt disclose the name of mobile companies.lastly i requested sony xperia that dnt mentioned update date on sony official site until its goes on all operator or all countries otherwise sony losses some crazy customers of xperia mobile who love sony xperia but change mind to buy any other company mobile because these customers have no technical knoweldge of software updates………….


    So true.

  • hansip

    Oh boy it’s just like yesterday that almost all hand phone were just a feature phone that doesn’t have any update other than major bugfix. Seems really a happier days for them (or for us too i guess)

    But anyway, i think for majority of people, such update statement is meaningless, in fact usually a newer version of a software will only burden the hardware more. So be careful what you wish for. You can’t have it all you know, It’s not like in PC where you can just upgrade the internal to match the software.

    That being told, I do agree that Sony should support Xperia Z line more than anything else. It is the price that have been paid by people that they should honor them more. Plus the hardware is far more future proof than the rest so newer Android build must be guaranteed for them. Not that i don’t have pity for Xperia SP,T,V,TX owner, but truly any device with only 1GB of RAM is on the way out. Not because it’s not enough, but the complexities of the app that devs add up each day (i.e. messenger apps that stays all the time in RAM).

    Yes Project Svelte will trim it down but i won’t bet on it, it’s the nature of Android that people can create anything, which can be troublesome if they do it carelessly.

  • mahdi

    Sony , you have shown how bad you are in xperia S,P .
    So plz do not try to pretend you are trying to make yourslef better.

  • xperiaDROID

    Calm your tits down, don’t get mad at someone because you broke up with your girlfriend. We don’t give a sh*t about you, we just want a girlfriend.

  • Veeren

    The only Smart phone that got more number of updates till now according to me is Galaxy S2… I hope the same continues with Sony …

  • xperiaDROID

    It’s okay if you boycott Sony and change to Samsung, but let me tell you, Samsung Android updates are just like a minor update, almost no changes at all. You’re still stuck with Samsung’s boring Touchwiz UI even if you got the 4.4 update on your Note 3 or Galaxy S4 etc. But Sony is a different story, Sony Android updates are what we call a major update, let’s just talk about the 4.3 update, you get a new Xperia UI and new camera UI with camera features.

    Btw, I think LG’s UI, Huawei Emotion UI, HTC Sense UI are better than Samsung Touchwiz UI. Really.

  • Mac

    My acro s started on ics (4.0.4). And only got 4.1.2 oh yea there were some pretty bad issues with that firmware like wifi connectivity and 2g network not working at all. And after quite some time they fixed it but not forgettable.
    I really don’t hope to see my Z1C only get one big update as well, which is almost in the same position as the acro s was. Released some months after a sibling. If ya know what I mean.

  • toga

    Sony sucks in update thats why i am planning to throw my xperia

  • toga

    Their is difference in internal api level to run app dont talk like fools

  • toga

    Atleast they update android version not like sony

  • toga

    Cyanogenmod only supports flagships model and unofficial ports are full of bugs keep your idea with you

  • dead_lion

    u such a idiot.. defend sony without thinking.. what he say are rght.. sony always realist phone with 1update late.. like now 4.4 already realist but they give u XZ1 4.3… they just liar… stop defend them… dumb

  • Tangent Lin

    greater number makes you happier :-) Good ahead with your Samsung~

  • Tangent Lin

    Samsung all the best. But I think you went wrong place.

  • Purnama

    im still happy with my Xperia P with the latest Moonwalker ROM + Xperia Xposed..

  • Dmitry Perets

    Actually, I think that bugfixes are much more important than major updates. I really don’t understand why people here demand updates all the time, because I can’t find any major improvement between Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. And Sony UI, in my opinion, was the most stylish in 4.1-4.2. They broke it in 4.3 and will break it more in 4.4 according to screenshots – even the old beautiful 4.1 wallpapers disappeared now. New themes remind me Nexus, unfortunately. So, people .. What exactly did you get in recent 4.3 update that you wanted so much…? For me, STAMINA and bugfixes… That’s it.

  • roeshak

    This is because when Samsung release a phone, it has the complete suite of new software available so no need for anything else but the base android updates.
    Sony on the other hand, release phones with old software so future updates come with added features from Sony and not just the base android stuff.
    Please don’t compare Samsung and Sony with software and updates, there’s some gap between the two

  • roeshak

    Good luck to you. Others feel very differently

  • ilia1985

    hardware limitations? thats just an excuse companies use on old devices as not to spend more resources on them… and to prove that u have some legacy device on XDA run latest OS just fine… example legendary HD2, Galaxy S, Google one and many more…

  • Gustave13

    just buy an iPhone if you want “a phone that works”

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Download root explorer and edit build.prop, Voila! You can even have Android 5.0 in advance.

    That’s what Samsung is all about, they have paid people for reviews and cheated in benchmarks, no wonder if they just change Android version in build.prop too.


    So you want quantity over quality,,a quantity of useless updates,,so there is Samsung for you,the great cheater


    You are a good example of a brainwashed person by false and paid reviewer and web sites,Samsung isn’t that monster you think the paid big site made it big.

  • roeshak

    You also are a great example of a mindless fanboy who sees only what he wants to see rather than the reality of the situation

  • LancerEX

    Yes, but after what had happened to the SP (KitKat now under investigation), I don’t think Sony will be doing the same thing.


    I told you the reality pal,,I told you the truth now it’s up to you to accept it.

  • Andi Ko

    I don´t care what android version in my mobile,…the most important for me are WE CAN STILL CALL, WE CAN STILL SURF, WE CAN STILL PLAY, WE CAN STILL SEND SMS ETC, I bought my sony mobile because I LIKE THE MODEL, So i don´t care about about update,….
    U WANT TO ALWAYS HAVE LATEST ANDROID SYSTEM THEN BUY SAMSUNG ( boom of plastic phone ) AND NEXUS ( sorry u don´t have any enough storage in your phone,…pls transfer to the cloud and need big data traffic with your sim card or just wait until u have WLAN connection )

  • getrealsony

    so, are you saying that sony is expected to just give us the same firmware but optimized for 18 months ? you do realize we are out of the symbian times right ? these days updates mean android updates (that’s optimized for the particular phone).

    4.1 was released in july / 4.1.2 in october 12, a very minor upgrade over 4.1
    xperia T was released in september 12. it takes them 8 months for an update to be optimized ?

  • getrealsony

    android phones changed the way they used to be traditionally, regular updates, et al. that’s what people have grown used to now. how hard is it to give updates ? why release 2 dozen phones if you can’t support them ? while I agree badgering for an update is getting out of hand, more transparency by manufacturers regarding upgrade schedule is warranted. at least you’ll know what to expect.

    expecting an update is clearly not asking for a new phone., not everyone can buy a new phone every year, it works pretty well for carrier subsidized phones

  • Mirrorpurple

    go get a Z1 for your crush

  • Mirrorpurple

    yeah… OEMs should consider hiring more Custom ROMs developers… but i doubt they would even try

  • getrealsony

    what exactly are those “lot of changes” that sony gives, vs samsung that does not give more stuff ?

  • iKushtyy

    If you really care that much about having the latest updated software, then you shouldn’t have a Sony. Only a Nexus or an iPhone.


  • Malih

    I already did, thank you, I went to Apple camp since dropping my Xperia.

    But as I said above, I always love Sony design, just not their software update policy, and if they ever fix that, I’d get an Xperia as my second device in a heartbeat.

  • Ali

    I love sony..

  • ShinOrochiX

    I just want 4.3 at the minimum for my Xperia L. Is that to much to ask for Sony? Hopefully they don’t forget about us L/M users. Only time will tell…

  • Michael Hofmann

    I think Sony’s update system is 3 major updates for flagships e.g. Xperia Z 4.2,4.3,4.4. 2 for mid range. E.g. Xperia SP 4.2,4.3 1 for low end Xperia L 4.2 . 0 for budget e.g. Xperia E/M. Not saying this is good, but if this were official then at least people would know what they are buying. Also there are reports that Google is looking at forcing Oems to release all new phones on the latest version or face not having access to the playstore or Google apps. Sony is a major offender here.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Lol, you clearly are a shit head.

  • rus_media

    Please read the post again.

  • Shantanu Mukhopadhyay

    Yes. Of course we want that kind of transparency like the step HTC has taken in case of sony as well so that we can decide before buying a set.

  • Shantanu Mukhopadhyay

    Sony but first please fix the damn fast battery draining issue for xperia m dual which is there since the last firmware update

  • getrealsony

    yes, stability is expected, but isn’t that part of an update ? there’s clearly two schools of thought. one set of people want a phone that just works and are not too bothered about point releases of android. the other set of people want stability (which is expected from a phone maker as a contractual obligation, AND a minimum of 2 point releases given that sony has promised an 18 month support cycle. if sony cannot do it – just be clear about it, and people who want these updates can make their choice! how difficult is that ?

    times have changed, and so has the phone OS. we have grown to expect an update. din’t we go past symbian phase when, getting an OS update meant buying a new phone ? so clearly, expecting an update is not a big deal. sony/ phone makers just has to be upfront about it.

  • getrealsony

    exactly! I don’t know why people are not up voting you! perhaps because even valid criticism are not tolerated ? disappointed actually.

  • Maher

    Yes it is true sony should keep on sport for their devices till the hardware of the device can’t keep up with the latest f.w let it be one or even 10 years later

  • Exodite

    Any platform updates release within two years of the phone’s initial release, excluding the time taken to adapt and release said software.

    In other words, no skimping on updates because they feel the adaption/certification/release cycle will push the timeline beyond those two years.

    Two years chosen because that’s the common contract length these days.

    Critical bugfixes and/or fixes for advertized functionality not working as expected I expect to happen for far longer, closer to 5 years.

    No more “we’re not fixing this bug that’s been around since release but we never bothered with because the device is now too old”.

  • zondacinque0910

    WAT. dude you should’ve bought your Z1 at kimstore. price is 24,000.
    Bought my Z Ultra C6833 there december last year at 20,000

  • Gutt Grinder

    40k for a xperia z1??? Its quite odd, even if you buy it at a Sony shop it wouldnt be that expensive…

    At kimstore the z1 is only 24k…

  • Battal Aljadei

    Why don’t they do it same as in PC sector ?
    every company make it’s own PC and the software company do the rest as “Sony vaio & Microsoft Windows” and “Asus & Microsoft Windows” there’s no special update for certain vaio? every windows update can be applied through the system it self directed to the OS source which’s Microsoft, same thing with asus and all other companies using Microsoft windows for laptops and pc !

    i mean Google can do that to it’s android and, So why they lays the Android update on the company of the phone instead of making Google it self the source to all mobiles updates as Microsoft the source to all windows on laptop and pc’s !

    what’s wrong with that ?

  • Dmitry Perets

    So the first group of people wants a phone that works – and this includes stability. If the phone has stability issues, this group will also demand an update loudly. But in case with Sony, we had a very stable ang high-quality 4.1 on Xperia V (for example), it is not 100% clear that upgrading to 4.3 will keep that stability and quality. And that’s why people from this group (including myself) are so sceptical about those “points” in Android version, which I find rather meaningless – especially since we are talking about customized software and not about a pure Android… The practice also shows that the second update (which comes shortly after the release date) tends to be the most stable and high-quality. Later, when the third update comes, your phone is already “out of focus” for the vendor (doesn’t matter if it is Sony or HTC or Samsung or…), so this 3rd update is sometimes too slow or not beautiful enough or whatever. And there is always the newer phone by that time, which works much better etc. This is the practice. So on my HTC Desire S, Android 2.3 worked worse than 2.2. And now on Xperia V the 4.3 seems to be a bit slower in some places, comparing to 4.1 (hopefully, it is just my first impression, and it will be ok…). That’s why I am questioning the concept of updates alltogether… “Don’t fix things that are not broken”… Now, for the last point, you are completely right that the policy of the company should be clear. And “18 month of SW updates” is a lie, if the last update was released only 12 month after the release (like in case of Xperia S, I think). So no argument here.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Well, actually, it is rather hard to give updates. Especially for 2 dozen phones, not all of which are running the same software build. Especially for a company that is not a pure software company, but more a hardware vendor. So maybe it would be better if Sony would release less models, and actually I think that it will do so. Years 2012-2013 were a bit problematic from this point. Dozens of Sony-Ericsson phones, then dozens of Sony Mobile phones… too much. It was clear that the software team will not handle it.

  • getrealsony

    one of the reasons why google chose to make play services the driving force behind update to core apps is because phone makers like sony have other priorities – selling their devices and delivering ONE stable FW.

    however, since android is a partnership, google expected phone makers to be a bit more diligent about updates. that’s also one of the reasons – google is reportedly forcing phone maker to release new phones with the latest/ recent FW. I guess, they will slowly force phone makers to make the additional layers modular, and make it easier to slap it on stock android

  • Dmitry Perets

    I think it is a good idea. Make it transparent and equal for all the models. And instead of limiting by the time, limit by number of major updates. For example, each phone will get:
    – First release version
    – Second major update – normally, after just 2-3 monthes, with most of the initial bugs fixed.
    – Third major update after a long time (>1 year from the release date)
    – Final minor update, to fix major issues of the previous one (because every major update has some major issues)
    I think this is fair enough, if it is implemented consistently, for all the models.
    If you do more than this, you probably do it with reduced quality, and this is bad.

  • Dark Moyan

    Sony always lie when it comes to update there flagship devices :'(
    I love sony but I hope the just update their flagship device quickly.

  • Dmitry Perets

    This is one way of thinking about it =) Another one is: Google wants to sell more Nexus devices and Google Edition phones, because each sold Nexus brings more money to Google than sold Galaxy S4 or Xperia Z1.

    Now, I agree with the policy of throwing old Android versions out of the market. But “old” in 2014 means, for example, older than 4.1. Restricting it to “KitKat only” with such a short notice can mean only one thing IMHO: Google wants people to buy Nexus OR at least to buy “Google Edition” phones with pure Android and to kill the customized Android releases, which create a strong competition to the pure Android, since many things are implemented there better. IMHO.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Well Google just brought a new law which all the mid-range devices should come with kit-kat so people don’t have to worry about that update and I am pretty sure that this will make OEM to think twice releasing a new phone cause they won’t be able to release it with a old firmware,So many phones will be introduced to market with the latest OS :D cheer up lads, Google is doing this for us, for the poor mid-range users. :D

  • W. B.

    I am all in favor of transparency concerning support and update period.

  • Timbo1

    Too bad Sony shipped everything from the Z1 Compact before February or else they all would be running KK out of the box :/

  • hocestquisumus

    Two years, the usual lifespan of a provider contract, really isn’t asking too much IMHO. The majority of people will change phones only then. We’d need to see the corresponding sales curve to find the optimal cutoff point of course. No need to support phones that are two years old already when sold via a new contract.

    It’s not like Google provides an entirely new OS every few months. It’s more like unwillingness to provide services beyond the sale. Typical quarterly thinking – it just doesn’t matter if a customer buys your brand in two years any more.

  • .

    No, you didn’t. It’s not that easy as you think, even to “just bring base android” to the device. It’s even harder, if you want it fully working without tons of bugs. But it’s hard to tell you, when you clearly don’t know anything about developing. If you still want to argument about something that you have no idea about, then there is no help for you.

  • crl

    Yeah… Xperia L Kitkat update!

  • ?????? ???????

    Should we expect an update for Sony XPERIA EE dual? this phone model 2013 year

  • ?????? ???????

    Should we expect an update for Sony XPERIA EE dual? this phone model 2013 year1


    No,I think you will never see any update!!

  • toga

    I am not a samsung fanboy the topic is about samsung vs sony updates thats why i am giving my opinion about samsung updates

  • Guest

    ‘Would knowing the support lifetime of a particular handset affect your buying decisions? Would greater transparency give you trust in the manufacturer?’

    Yes and yes.

    Basically, I would Sony to state how many/what updates they are going to do for the phone on release. I want to know what version of android the phone ends on. That would really make a difference in what Xperia device I would buy and I would totally have more trust and confidence in Sony (Sony confirmed originally that SP will get KitKat, now they have back-tracked and we don’t know).

    And if possible, I would like a release date (month or even quarter/season) of the updates. I don’t care if its ages away, I would rather have Sony put a date they can stick to than trying to please customers and put a date that would never have been reached (December anyone?), so Sony should have made the date longer put February instead and no-one would be moaning its late (and if they finish the update early, they could surprise everyone and release it early, instead of what they are doing now and just keep delaying).

  • toga

    Samsung creates the world most crap ui but samsung atleast update phones at time not like sony who is late for 2 months

  • toga

    Cyanogenmod is not creating rom for whole devices in the world first do some homework about custom roms

  • fuck sony

    I dont have samsung i have a xperia and sony just give a update which is full of bug and improper ram management i ll never buy a samsung cheap crap

  • Stephen

    if sony sold phones with all unlocked bootloaders then we could update the phones ourselves and thus removing them from update equation

  • grav1ty

    I don’t think that this will happen. It is not a Sony thing, it’s related to finance and capitalism, the usual structure of companies.
    First, companies won’t give longtime support for smartphones, because they want you to buy their new products. You’re not buying a miling machine for 500.000 Dollars, you’re buying a smartphone.
    Second, even if they released their support timeline, it wouldn’t change anything. Consumer already know about how long their Phones will be supported. Even flagship owners know, that they get fw updates for at least 1 and maximum 2 years. What would be different, when this fact would appear on their website ? Nothing.

  • Guest

    I’m still waiting on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro update!

    (and no, this isn’t actually a joke, I really am, although I have given up. But it’s annoying, my phone was unlocked, bought straight from Sony, so no excuse for no update, but no-one in my country got the update – unlocked or locked – and all the carriers just said we’re working on it, for over a year! I gave up looking after the one year mark so don’t know if they are still saying that… They should have just said no instead of cruelly giving people hope for that long. I am in the UK so hardly a desolate country with no Sony supporters).

  • j_ee

    I think the biggest issue is with the drivers. For PCs most drivers are either generic, open-source, or can be downloaded from product-support websites. The same can’t be said about mobile components.

  • sony sucks

    Apple is best in providing updates atleast 3 year. No android oem can even update their devices for 2 years cheers apple sony u suck close your software department and hire cyanogenmod team

  • fuck you

    These is a mobile site not a marriage home go fuck yourself

  • j_ee

    Perhaps because one of the biggest problems is that Sony releases their phones with older versions.
    Xperia Z1 shipped with 4.2 while 4.4 was already out months ago. The least you expect from a flagship is to be running at least one version older.
    If the last update to it will be 4.4, then it will basically be stuck with the version that was out before the release date of the handset. You call that logical? cz I don’t!

  • Harris Carter

    I hope Google will Force OEM to Upgrade their old Device and that will be Excellent…Kudos to Google if they do that because Sony Never Update their Low-End Device with Stability Update unlike my Galaxy Y SAMSUNG still update the Galaxy Y although it’s for stability improvements only but I was grateful that they keep updating it…and My Xperia C still stuck with v4.2.2 hell!!! Forget about my Z1s!!! I also want my Xperia C to be Updated!!!! So I will keep praying that Google will Force OEM to update them!!! Amen!!!!

  • Gutt Grinder

    Well said…

    I do agree with you, i got my xperia v because of its good features, not for getting the updates… But i do admit that the 4.3 update made my xperia v more amazing, i can now take pictures underwater using the volume buttons as camera shutter….

  • grav1ty

    That’s completely different. Apple does not have Phones for middle-class or upper-class with different hardwaresetups. It’s not comparable to other oems. Why are u posting on a Sony blog ? Go and buy an iPhone with prisonOS, oh sry, i mean iOS.
    Then wait 3 years and try to install a newer version of your prison, but you will not be able to. But an Xperia Z will still be able to install a custom ROM with newer AndroidOS

  • Vignesh Raja

    Sony should surely release performance updates for Xperia S. Because,
    Sony was always (very)late in releasing updates to Xperia S. Lets take
    Android 4.1.2 update as example, it was released on October 2012, but
    Sony updated XS to 4.1.2 approximately on June* of 2013 which was very
    buggy and almost unusable. Later stable update was released on August which was
    also late. My point is Sony was late in updating Xperia S and wasted
    of 18month Software support period with its delays. So, they MUST
    provide us bug fixes for few more months. Bug Fixes, is that too much to

  • Alvin

    Number of months is not meaningful as they can roll out one big fix after 17 months of release, if they promise 18 months.

  • Alvin

    They reject bug fix for Xperia U, so you will see they don’t want to do in Xperia S.
    My Xperia S cannot have a deep sleep, and they support better in Xperia P.
    I think I am foolish in paying more for the S.
    Now I switch to iPhone.

  • lightninglion

    68 people agree, go xperia blog time to ask sony mobile on twitter and facebook we got your back :)

  • Adair Rios

    Just a Little correction: The SP never got 4.2.2, it jumped straight to 4.3 from 4.1.2, so it has only had one major update since release.

  • Adair Rios

    It´s not Sony´s fault that the Xperia C hasn´t got 4.3, it´s MediaTek that hasn´t released the drivers for 4.3 so all the smartphones using MediaTek processors are stuck on 4.2.x.

  • Battal Aljadei

    why not ?
    it’s easier than developing an whole OS update each time for each device !

  • Abhijit Biswas

    I just got indirect confirmation that 4.3 for SP hasn’t rolled out in India from Sony Mobile on facebook!
    This is similar to ZR and 4.2, it directly got the second build! I think that will happen to Indians again, this time with SP and its 4.3 upgrade!

  • Tim Aries

    keep hoping man, and DO NOT LOOK BACK AT WHAT THEY DID WITH THEIR FLAGSHIPS BEFORE cause you will be frustrated soon…

  • Rikimaru

    Sony sold Vaio for focus on phone and pad,
    wait and see…

  • Michael Hofmann

    Apologies for the error.

  • ???


  • Brad Williams

    Troll. You can keep your piece of junk and lick my balls!! :P

  • ???


  • ???


  • Haroon Rashid

    I think that any smartphone should get at least 2 major Android updates in it’s support cycle – So that’s basically 2 years…

  • Lukas

    Emm we already know about 4-5 new devices this year and it is not even march yet… What do you think Sony had learned from the past? Me I think nothing…

  • Lukas

    It is nvidia not Hoffnung updates for the tegra 3 chipset and HTC said they would like to make 4.4 possible maybe they ask XDA developers

  • shanefalco

    samsung upgrade to kitkat s3mini (2012 model and same processor of u e sole) sony dont upgrade xperia u e sole to kitkat…sony make,shame. ;)

  • cDh

    Good point, I guess the real problem comes when your OS is starting to be forgotten by app developers and some companies services.

    I’m happy with my (locked) xperia play with android 2.3, but now many apps, games and services (like blackberry messenger or sony’s new PS content) are only 4.0+ compatible (and some are just 4.3+) and you got no idea how annoying that can be.

  • chris_t610

    When you think about it, mid-range to flagship devices are very capable of supporting firmware updates until they can no longer meet the hardware requirements. Case in point: Kitkat is optimized for lower memory devices like those that support 512MB.

    Therefore, those of us using mid-range sony products are in theory hardware-capable of receiving this update.

    Yet, manufacturers would rather pass out on these updates and instead release another product that in turn entices consumers to upgrade. Not a pretty picture indeed.

    So Sony, are you really thinking about the environment?

  • Haroon Rashid

    Very true, I hate it when manufacturers do this. It forces consumers to either stick with the current software, or upgrade. It seems Sony is after the money more than customer satisfaction.

  • Instead of asking for upvotes, why not make a petition?
    That would be actually useful, kinda sorta.

  • DrazenDodig

    problem with that is that Google’s changes is what breaks compatibility all the time… if not for that, everyone could install latest software right away. And this is obviously not correct as phones are being released in Feb 2014 without 4.4.

  • xConjo


  • xConjo

    Oh yeah, thanks to that I have Siri on the Iphone 4…

  • guest

    hhh -_- don’t be transparent
    but be credible and do what you say

    it’s really easier ..

  • Robert Terry

    Updates are important to me but not huge deal breakers, long as my Z1s gets a good solid update or two I’ll be fine. Obviously I want 4.4 and if it got the next update after that I’d be more than pleased. Just hoping that happens.

  • Berg

    Incorrect, not the same platform.

  • Berg

    And each update makes your device slower, gently suggesting you should upgrade to a newer iThing.

  • josesl16

    That sounds awesome and all, but unfortunately it won’t work in the real world…

  • josesl16

    To me? :D

  • josesl16

    Just see the recent 4.4 changelog in here lol, now try and see samsung’s one.

  • josesl16

    I’m even pretty happy with the stock JB and SlidingXp Kernel….
    The Moonwalker ROM was too barebone(and it also bricked my phone once before) XD

  • josesl16

    Well… wouldn’t there be a problem if Google keeps giving out minor updates instead?(4.1,4.2,4.3 Jelly Beaaan) Users may not get an update for a long time…
    Or maybe 2 minor updates can be counted as a major update :v

  • Dmitry Perets

    No, I was considering 4.3-to-4.4 as a major update in this context. Although you are right, it is not really major, because nothing has really changed in Android since 4.0 =) But what I mean is: mostly bugfix VS bigger update with UI changes, new features etc.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Your offer is already implemented, it is called “Google Play Edition”. But I don’t like the pure Google Android… And I think many people don’t like it either. For me, software is part of the offer. Sony has better look&feel and much better out-of-the-box experience than in pure Android. IMHO.

  • Z1

    Thank you GOOGLE!
    Force them ALL to release devices ith newest OS only and FORCE them to update at least for 2 years! Otherwise it is too expensive and too old! Especially that often the soft we get from manufacturer is a GARBAGE only, like newest 14.2.A.1.136 for Xperia Z1! Even photos are worse on this soft (more noise) compared to older soft!

  • Battal Aljadei

    why not every body can have “Google Play Edition” from “Google” and in the same time
    He can get the adjustment of his own device from the device company itself “Themes, Drivers, UI, APPS, etc” !

  • josesl16

    Oh, I see…

  • j_ee

    oh it’s not my decision really. I’m with you. It’s the chip manufacturers that won’t release their drivers. The big brands (Sony, HTC, etc…) are powerless themselves. Imagine you buy a Toshiba/Acer/whatever laptop with an Nvidia GPU but the latter company doesn’t make its drivers available. You’ll be in the same boat. In fact, until several years ago, finding some drivers (wifi, graphics, etc) for linux distros used to be a pain in the *ss for the same reasons.

  • Battal Aljadei

    SONY should done it a long time ago .

  • Battal Aljadei

    SONY should done it a long time ago .

  • Paul M

    Sony should support all their phones for 18 months to 24 months, and also release full source code for kernel and drivers so that when they abandon the device, third party android hackers can continue to develop for the device and not have to stick with old software to keep the hardware working.

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • Wouter van Vliet

    I care more about security patches than full updates. For my sake it’d be ok to support android versions a year forward if security releases could get a much linger timeline (5 year+)

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