Xperia E1 dual firmware certified; on target to release next month

by XB on 21st February 2014

in Firmware, Xperia E1

Xperia E1 dual_20.0.B.0.68The Sony Xperia E1 dual (D2104, D2105) has just seen its first firmware certified by the PTCRB. The D2104 model has seen build number 20.0.B.0.68 certified, which relates to Android 4.3. The phone is expected to launch by the end of Q1 2014, so this certification timing ties in with its likely release next month. Amazon UK has it down for a 10 March release, so look for a launch around then.

Xperia E1 dual_20.0.B.0.68

Thanks Ben and difwwh!

  • wim den boer

    You mean D2104 D2105


    Interesting news guys,,Samsung omitted galaxy s3 from getting android 4.4 kitkat,, go other sites and see how much people are frustrated and curse Samsung,,so see upgrading is a problem for all manufacturers,its goggle fault they should release one version each year,a stable and powerful one,,instead of all this crappy versions,,so don’t blame Sony

  • azzido

    I agree! It should be one and powerful version of Android with changed theme/appearance/UI onnce a year! It’s google fault giving us these crappy small fragmented pieces of a code… Anyone remember GingerBread??? It was really painfull, like 2.3.1 up to 2.3.7! HORRIBLE! Jelly Bean seems the same, now we have 4.4, how many more I am ASKING???


    Yes,when manufacturer are in trouble of preparing 4.4 for their devices,goggle will announce 4.5,, and the same story will continue,and the will known statements”where is my update”,,”will my phone get the ##version”,,”f###(a brand name) never buy a phone from you again”

  • ShinOrochiX

    It’s not Google’s fault, Google wants manufacturers to keep devices up to date-but the manufacturers are the ones who take too long. For example Nexus devices are already on Kit-Kat whilst Sony hasn’t even certified any Kit-Kat firmware. What makes it worse is the vast numbers of devices which are left on older android versions even if they can run newer versions.

  • Fixery Foex

    I disagree. Just see how much of Android that Sony has customized, from integrating new features, new technologies to creating new UI. There are also compatible problems for previous apps with new Android, so it must take them a lot of time


    Yes,people don’t like stock android that’s why Google play editions have less sell than customized ones,,and surely it takes so much time and effort for preparing an update,if they had one version each companies could update majority of the phones

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