Xperia Z2 system dump leaks; which features do you want ported?

by XB on 2nd March 2014

in Tips & Tricks, Xperia Z2

CaptureThe Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) system dump has leaked for all to download. The system dump contains all of the goodies from a handset including specific apps, features, themes, wallpaper, home launcher and so on. The leak means that developers can now try to extract some of the best Xperia Z2 features and port them to other Xperia phones as well as integrating them into custom ROMs.

The Sony Xperia Z2 system dump comes from the Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware version number 17.1.A.0.289. A quick look at the PTCRB certification site, shows that this firmware has been superseded by a number of newer builds, the latest being version number 17.1.A.1.2.

Given the hardware similarities, we imagine Xperia Z1 owners would want to see 4K video recording and Timeshift video. Other neat features include double tap to wake, Smart backlight control and Smart call handling. What would you like to see ported to your Sony Xperia?

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks DooMLoRd!

  • Adrian M

    Of corse 4K Video in Z1.

  • LancerEX

    I wonder if the ZR could record 4K video.. hmm. But Timeshift Video would be nice m/

  • P9

    I want my Cambodian/Khmer language support which google includes it in 4.4 the most. :)

  • saif

    of course the best one for daily use i.e “smart call handling” and i suppose every phone might be able to use it

  • Stephen

    the timeshift video and 4k should be on the z1 already but sony decided at last minute to remove 4k
    the thing i really want is the software to make my speaker a bit louder
    anything else is a bonus

  • Ruslan K

    Timeshift Video and 4K apks please

  • mustafa

    Timeshift video, tap to wake, and all the new apps

  • trance

    tap2wake 4k

  • trance


  • nlf

    I think is impossible

  • Bryan Ng

    Tap to wakeup is nice. I hope it gets ported to my XZ :)

  • wei147

    Cool! N1sony:-D

  • hash

    Double tap wake up

  • Hendrik

    Is 4K video possible on Xperia Z1 compact? Please don’t forget about our beloved compact flagship! I would love to see double tap to wake and smart backlight control

  • ALL


  • Mirrorpurple

    Slomo, 4k and double tap

  • Damon

    Looking forward to the timeshift video, double tap to wake!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Would be nice to at least experience the Timeshift video on my ZR.

  • ZXcorr

    Timeshift video and double tap to wake for my Z1 Compact pleeeaaasseee…!

  • Ruslan K

    aha, some people told me same as for curreny applications like a AR Effect, that it is unreal to use it with other processors except Snagaron 800 :) but it works perfectly with Snagapron S4 Pro

  • wedjat

    i don’t get one thing. Of all the features of a smartphone 4k is the most irrelevant. how many of you have 4k monitors/tvs at home. if you have that much money you don’t need a phone for a year or two you can buy every phone on the market. i think best thing on the z2 is the stereo speakers and the timeshift( i have huge use of it in my training)and the option tap to wake up and auto answer calls. i will get the z2 in less then a month and i can safely say i will not use 4k for the duration of my phones life.

  • kust0r

    Actually, many future 4k tv won’t be so expensive. But I agree with u about the uselessness of 4K recording. I think high speed recording is far more cool.

  • Syahir


  • PowerSonic


  • karamelakimo

    With my Z
    i won’t be greedy i don’t want 4k
    but if all other features ported it will be gr8 :D :D

  • Stephen

    i can safely say you might, just to test it out and see what its like
    like a lot of crap on phones these days, its there but u use it once to see how it works and then you show your friends and then its never used again

  • cacambo

    I only own XZ. Hopefully Timeshift video, newer version of AR effect and creative effect which support in recording video, will ported as apk to install in XZ and other 4.3 Sony phone with identical XZ1/2 camera software.
    4K is huge and really not so useful for my own use, normally I also use only 720p for video recording. ;D

  • wedjat

    i will not be able to spend around 4 000 euros(minimum) on a tv and i will hold my phone for about 3 years. at the moment i have 2 full hd tvs and 1 monitor. that’s enough for next 5 years. plus where can i place a 60 or 70 inch tv i have a living room of 30 m^2. i can rent a cinema :P

  • xperiaDROID

    Double tap to wake up
    New boot animation
    TImeshift Video
    4K video recording (maybe?)
    …to my Xperia Z.

  • vigneshprince

    4k is not compatible for xz but timeshift video can be a good one

  • adecvat

    No, need ISP for such high bitrate.

  • adecvat

    4k downscaled to 1080 >>>>>>>> regular 1080p.

  • wedjat

    that is the point. i can simply record in 1080p rather then in 4k.

  • adecvat

    Yes, you can but with lower quality.
    Also you can save 4k videos for future and after year you will watch your memories with good quality and not blurred.

  • Deki

    Timeshift video would be something that I want on my Z1. :)

  • i think Sony will set XZ2 to AOSP
    or release google play edition

  • Mac

    Indeed! And 120fps recording

  • Tutzu

    4k won’t happen on the Z

  • Tutzu

    Why not all of them? Except 4k, I don’t see the use of it.

  • Stephen

    prices are mad at the moment but just like the original lcd tv the price will fall, plus 8k is only around the corner so 4k will seem like old hat in no time at all

  • Ruslan K

    do you mean 4K video? for other apps S4 is enough

  • wedjat

    I understand that 4k is the future… but i still think its a distant future and it wont be for quite a long time available in 40-46 inch tv which i need. in my country average sallery is aorund 750 Euros and currently the price of 4k tv is aorund 4000 Euros at least.

  • pi

    i would like 4k recording because of this reason: like for pictures, you dont have a monitor to watch them 1:1 – but !! you can downscale and increase quality if you do it right – same will apply for videos! so, less blurry 1080p videos! ;-)

  • pi

    i would like 4k recording because of this reason: like for pictures, you dont have a monitor to watch them 1:1 – but !! you can downscale and increase quality if you do it right – same will apply for videos! so, less blurry 1080p videos! ;-)

  • Ruslan K

    what is bitrate for 4K ? can someone send link to original file of 4K video from Z2? Using this file you can test that your phone can record/read 4K :)

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Sony Should make the existing camera apps with resolution and other parameter options available….. These apps are good but needs lot more improvements

  • portmesomehardwaredoomy

    Haha question should be: which feature would you like to crash your non-z2 phone?!

  • Ruslan K

    4K with rolling shutter – sucks :(

  • Ruslan K

    for 4K
    Bit rate mode : Constant
    Bit rate : 9 940 Kbps

  • steffen gjærdingen

    Anyone know if the xperia z2 have 15mp also or is that only in the manual mode?

  • Ruslan K

    Yes :) I tested with MX player, 4K video works fine with Xperia ZR :-)

  • jj

    i want double tap to wake for xZ hayy

  • Keon Fraites

    All of those are possible except for 4K video recording don’t think the camera capabilities is possible in Xperia Z, but who knows. Those other features though are indeed very possible.

  • Toh Ler Kang

    Guys, I wanna change my default setting from Photos (the google app) to Movies (sony own app) when playing video…but I gt no idea to do… What I know is to go setting > App… only :(
    Can anyone lend me a help

  • Keon Fraites

    Hmm wondering why can’t I see the dump file did Xperia Blog not upload the image if not where can I download it?

  • Keon Fraites

    Settings > Apps > Photos > under the launch by default tab “Clear Defaults”

  • Toh Ler Kang

    Really? Photos is actually belongs to Google+, when I go the details of it…it stated ”no default set”

  • Keon Fraites

    Oh sorry I read that wrong, you have to reset Google+ to default (I think it controls Photo’s settings also)

  • lucasarg

    Timeshift video
    To My ZL now! :D

  • Ben Ling

    Glove mode :D

    But i think it’s impossible as it is hardware related.

  • Stanley Lu

    “Simple Home” ! So I can give my XZ to my mom and buy Z2! :P

  • Parg

    60fps video recording for fluidness!

  • Clarence Alvarado

    4K video of 4000 x 2000 video resolution, as well as Timeshift Video and Creative Effects app, will be included on the future Z1 KK upgrade…

    Lookie here:

  • Billy de Fretes

    timeshift video for Z… timeshift video for Z!!!

  • tanmay deshmukh

    Slow motion video & along with us changes

  • AhhdafunK

    Glove mode is possible in Z1 !

  • valentino

    smart call handling and double tap wake up on XZU.. and smart backlight control..
    when reading on web..

  • amiam

    The smart call handling would be nice, I currently use speakerphone ex to handle my calls on my Xperia sp ie I bring the phone to my ear to answer, away from ear to engage speaker phone and put it face down to hang up,I currently do not have any 4k screens so 4k recording is overkill for me.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Pre-prod unit. Sony always attacks half baked. But soon after it will be fixed.

  • Kevin

    All the new apps that Xperia Z2 has on its camera except for the 4K video. Timeshift video and Background defocus more than anything.

  • roeshak

    well the best chance z1 users have of getting all the goodies on the z2 are from devs such as doomlord. I’m pretty sure Sony will find a reason not to add these features to the z1 officially. They’ll certainly hold some stuff back from the z1. Possibly 4k and slow motion video. They’ll probably give timeshift video but going from their track record, it’s unlikely that it’ll all make it to the kitkat update for the z1.
    Z users should really just forget any of this camera stuff because the hardware doesn’t support it. It needs the 800 cpu.

  • sonyxperiat

    Which one for xperia t?

  • Tjaldid

    it is mainly about future proofing, look at the videos you made 10/20 years ago on your 1080P tv and you will find out that everything looks bad plain and simple

  • Paul M

    is the movie player better, perhaps with more codecs included?

    and any new bluetooth features & bug fixes? I use a bluetooth adaptor in the car with APT-X and sometimes my X Z U fails to connect, or, it produces a stuttering; it’s better since the 4.3 update.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Tap to wake :)

  • WiNd YiNz

    Sure? I played original file of Z2 4K video sample from GSMArena on my Z with MX player but it was too lag. Z

  • Jon Zliver

    All the features, the 4K is not necessary buteverything else is very useful


    Would love to have Timeshift video,creative effects and new AR effects on my ZR….
    But just timeshift Video….. Would be awe-wait for it -some…..

  • adecvat

    Seiki 40″ 4k 499$ on amazon.

  • Sridhar

    Most of the other camera apps and effects are on ZR. 4.3 update on ZR rocks. but as you say we badly need the timeshift video and the other apps :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Timeshift video for Xperia z with 60 fps, instead of 120 fps, recording at 720p. That is the most our device can handle but 60 fps is fare more better then 30 :’)

  • Med

    its a very good thing :D

  • Chris

    I’m quite sure everything will be ported to my Z1!

  • RealityCheck2013

    I enjoy a good old dump & leak :D

    + if 4K comes to my Z1 i will be soooooo HAPPY :P

  • LancerEX

    Oh, I really don’t mind not having that feature since we don’t have a 4K TV yet. Anyway, we’ll see what Sony will include in our KitKat update. :)

  • abhishekbhat004

    Double tap to wake and timmeshift video on my Xperia Z1

  • Timbo1

    some features would probably crash a Z and lower, definitely not a Z1(hopefully).

  • Timbo1

    it is very possible since the hardware is basically a Z1.

  • shanon

    smart call handling, bring the phone to my ear to answer, away from ear to engage speaker phone and put it face down to hang up and double tap to wake. i use a xperia v and its running on jb 4.3. is is possible i can have this?

  • ShinOrochiX

    4.4.2 Xperia Z2 ROM port for my Xperia X8.

    Thanks in advance…

  • Shawn Smith

    Do none of you have any foresight? Why do you capture the moments in the first place?Have you ever YouTubed old Jordan highlights with terrible quality?

    You guys keep thinking about this summer and fall. I’m the thinking about my future and being able to look back at my moments now in the best quality possible.

  • maher

    Hope the up coming KitKat android for Z1 being all the new features of Z2 without the high complications of rooting process

  • muhammet1905

    i don’t know much about android, can anyone explain me how you can download this features?

  • ggrinder
  • raza

    Im average salary is 200 euros. So don t complain.

  • cherry

    i want an update that can grow my ZL another speaker like the Z2.

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  • noob

    yor fucking site contain a virus!!!!!!!!!!!! Virus is in swf!!

  • Tutzu

    Don’t worry, I have a z1 :))

  • liampaulmassey

    If we could have them all on the xperia Z1 then all of them

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