Xperia Z owners – how happy are you one year on?

by XB on 4th March 2014

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

XperiaZ_FINAL_1The Sony Xperia Z launched a year ago and was probably the most important handset launch for Sony since it started its Android journey. The Xperia Z, along with the Xperia Tablet Z, helped deliver a breakthrough year for Sony Mobile, which the company built upon with the Xperia Z1 and more recently, the new Z2 flagship devices.

The introduction of a water resistant flagship device with stunning looks and great specs was no doubt key to its success. The Xperia Z was the first OmniBalance design, which Sony has been wise to use again for the Xperia Z1 and Z2 handsets. People are starting to recognise Xperia devices with its signature design language and this can only be a good thing.

Anyway, we wanted to hear from Xperia Z owners now that the phone is one year old. How are you getting on with the handset – is it still serving you well or have you already moved on? What do you like and what don’t you like? Are you keen to upgrade, if so do you plan to stick with a Sony Xperia device? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Raddad Radaideh

    I love my xperia z and hope by the end of this year to change to z2 or z3 :)

  • Daniel Moros

    I don’t own a Xperia z, but I’m happy with my Xperia sp. If I have to change maybe another 4.6 inch device

  • DrKrFfXx

    Very happy, up until the day it died because of water a few days ago.

    Waiting with my S for the Z2 arrival.

  • doministry

    It’s still like new for me. After a year.

  • Martin Deschambault

    I love my tablet z. It’s everything a tablet should be and it performs beautifully. I have no plans to upgrade my tablet because it works so well, but I do have an xperia s that’s starting to feel a bit dated. It still looks great but it won’t be upgraded to kitkat and that’s a problem if there are features that won’t work on my device. I’ll probably go with a Sony Z1 Compact or the Z2 equivalent whenever it gets released in Canada.

  • David Stammerjohann

    I have a Xperia ZL, and unfortunately have some issues with it – even tho I only bought it around 7 Months ago. The Camera has some dead pixels, the compass isn’t working right, the screen rotation is sometimes wildly spinning around. I sent my phone off to Sony about a week ago and I am yet to hear back from them.

    That said, if they can fix those issues, I do still very much love the device – it’s sleek, it’s fast, it (did) make amazing photos. The screen isn’t quite a awesome as I’d like it to be and a glass screen would be nicer than the plastic screen protector but those are just minor complaints.

  • Ozder Ozbulut

    I am still happy with my Z still fast everything ok but after 1 year charging cover its gettingbreak down

  • Mohammed Khired

    u still owning xperia s ?

  • Luis Urquiza Palacios

    my xperia z works fine but the camera have black points :S, and the micro usb tab dont close all :S any help with that?

  • Moe

    I had z it broke down i now have z1. best phone ive ever had!

  • DrKrFfXx

    Two S, one T, one X10, a half dead Z.

    I keep them all.

  • Kowalsky

    Haha I have Xperia Z, Xperia T and Arc S which is still like new :)

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    I bought my Xperia Z two months ago and I’m really happy with my smartphone. I could only buy the device this recently because it was half the price from the time it was launched.
    What I love: the screen, the processor, multimedia apps from SONY and the amazing design. Things that I don’t like: battery life and the fact that the processor gets too hot in heavy tacks.
    I have decided, before buying my Z, that I would only change my smartphone in 2015. Maybe for Xperia Z2.

  • D J Hilton

    So much better than the godawful S. Probably get the Z2 or Z1 Compact next.

  • Michael Hofmann

    For me the Xperia Z fails to get boring, even one year on it still amazes with the 441ppi screen, omnibalance design (still thinner than Z1 & Z2) and runs plenty smooth on 4.3, which incidently kicked new found life into the phone particularly with the new Camera app. The media applications are still being supported, which is great as they just keep getting better. Although the Z2 is enticing with all its new gizmos, the snapdragon 805 processor and 64 bit processing is around the corner, so i’m tempted to hold out a little longer before upgrading. After the disaster that was the Xperia S I am very pleased to be an Xperia owner, and can’t wait to see what Sony comes up with next.

  • Robert Turina

    It’s more then a year. I have it since 25.2.13., and still love it, specially after 4.3 update. Now waiting for Z2, cause ultimately started to have problems with water resistance.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Yeah, looking back, the S wasn’t even good when it just launched.

    Good design, awful performance, so-so construction quality, so-so camera.

  • sparks

    Still on the Z. It’s never had a factory reset yet! All previous ones I was resetting every few months but not this baby. Still whizzing along and every OS upgrade has kept all settings and it’s still as nippy as the day I got it.very very impressed.

    And the free headphones it came with are cool too :-)

  • niku

    How much cost Xperia z….
    I bye 330 €…

  • David Avila

    I bought it on Tmobile and the Screen broke a bit, unfortunately Water came into the phone and crashed it……

  • Z

    Is almost like new but has a little scratch on the back

  • Simon Thorn

    Still my number one choice for both functionality and design. Sony android implementation and ongoing support is also a cut above the rest. Would have gone for tablet z2 as well but for the screen resolution. Will always check out Xperia first when going for the next upgrade.

  • DStyle

    Only minor issues. Not too worry about Android version update but if there is available, is better. Other than that, it is an awesome piece of smartphone. Planning to buy a Z1 or Z2 for my wife. Thanks Sony.

  • niku

    How much cost Xperia z….
    I bye 330 €…

  • Douglas Yapú

    Every time i watch it charging or just over a table i still fall in love, in my opnion its the most beautiful design since Xperia Arc. The Phone has had some bugs but nothing fatal. Its performance is okay but i want a little more. I upgrade to Z2 unless something really innovate comes in the next half year. Sony did a gorgeous phone with Xperia Z.

  • Billy de Fretes

    happy ? yes… disappoint? only in camera..

  • royboy5

    Switched from iPhone to the z. Still love it and would consider another Sony at upgrade. Class handset in every way

  • rubinaish

    Just a great phone. I really can’t complain much.

  • Ronnie Fløisvig Hem

    quite happy. using my xperia z at work (sells phones) showing off the nfc technology, bluetooth, mhl on monitors or even miracast. getting people to buy more sony phones ofcourse. have had mine in the bubblebath aswell as waterparks and freshwater lakes without any water issues such a great phone.

  • harmony_9934

    Very happy and waiting Z2

  • Icefraction

    Love my Z but dont feel like upgrading it for Z2

  • Abdullah Ghayyoor

    Xperia Z no doubt a good handset, i am still sticking to it. Only problem i am facing is its battery timing even after being updated to jellybean 4.3
    Can you kindly inform when it would be updated to kitkat 4.4 or 4.4.2 as in some new samsung handsets?
    also solve battery timing issue Sony …

  • Carolina Mourão

    Very Happy :) perfect

  • MikeViller

    I love my tablet z wifi only but updates are not greatly support for this device compare to the others…..

  • freizeitheld

    Since my second Xperia Z just suffered a broken speaker due to water, i am sick of this phone.

  • Antonino Costa

    I really can’t complain… it’s fast, ar large as i need it, it has a great resolution and it’s nice to see, but if i really had to say something, i don’t like the fact that when the screen protector gets too many scratches and i have to change it the sony logo is going away too… sony put your logo below the screen protector please

  • Raphael

    I switched from iPhone to Xperia Z. No regret at all after one year. It resisted a few serious drops ^^ But it took 2-3 months to fully adopt Android. I will upgrade to Z2 asap (with the BM10 bluetooth music receiver :-) bc I need better camera and speakers.

  • Raphael

    Btw i love the Walkman app but I still regret it doesn’t manage properly podcasts.

  • Rammstone

    Considering the Z, Z1 and Z2 all have 16GB storage I see no reason to upgrade from the Z. I don’t think the new features of Z2 are big enough to justify the money I would lose by selling the Z and buying the Z2. If the next one has more storage I will consider it

  • pi

    had the Z since some days it came out – was a great phone, performance was quite good and it served me well – but over time i just realised that it is too big for me – glad for me, since very happy with sony, the Z1 Compact just came out and i bought one – very happy! thx sony

  • Jeffrey De Jesus

    My best phone ever!!!!! I will upgrade to new sony handset when they release the last software update for the phone.

  • NikAek

    I like my Z a lot ,no reason yet to change

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    I have the Xperia Z ( C6603 ) since its launch on the French soil ( end February 2013 ), made purple colori at the beginning what is fascinating is its light weight for grip, which is when the screen even bluffing , then his back mirror, which makes it unique. I had the Xperia PLAY , since I Z , it is passed from another dimension :)

    I tested his first bath after a few hours of use, I can tell you that this blow, SONY reassuring.

    Z supposedly attracts dust in the grooves, but I do not know the dust with it because I equipped with a high-quality case .

    The biggest flaw in the Z comes from its speaker , the sound is poor. ( It may be that the C6602 model , do not have this defect ) .

    The manufacturer layer is simple, not too busy , I appreciate as it is.

    Qualcomm S4 Pro processor integrated Z is fluid , fast. At the time of which I speak , I do not have an bug in the reactivity of the processor.

    The POWER button on the side , it changes , it’s no worse than what we had known .

    In conclusion, I am satisfied with my Z which have not yet experienced hardware or software problem . It’s a smartphone that has been well thought despite its speaker in lack of performance.

    Forward to the arrival of KITKAT 4.4

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Love my Xperia Z, but I want the z2, problem is selling this thing will be difficult, lol. With the z1 already being out

  • mishty

    i own a z1…it would be really helpful if we can create folders in the album app..also some gap b.w the sd card slot and the charging point would be good not extremely happy with the speaker volume..tht can be enhanced as well..faster android version updates would be an added bonus..apart from all this,the phone is perfect!

  • NikAek

    One S,one Z and the tablet Z

  • xperiaz365

    xz really is the best but i´m gonna get the new one which will probably be revealed at IFA … so xperia Z3 will hopefully be mine at the end of september

  • David Carvalho

    I love Sony and my xperia Z1, perfect phone. When kit-kat can be available to upgrade?

  • Madsham

    Love my XZ even tho it has cracked screen top third no feeling we soldier on, maybe if it dies completely which I doubt I’ll upgrade…. Maybe…. Just maybe…

  • Sami Mrabet

    I moved on to Z1C because of a broken display on my Z that made the touch on the top stop functioning, i still have it laying around tho :) it works perfect except for the touch problem at the top

  • Binku

    My Xperia Z is running so well that I still don’t feel urge to upgrade to Z2. Hope technology brings more stuff to Xperia Z3 or Xperia Z4 :)

  • Wolf0491

    My Z is still running like a champ. I’m on my second one. Sony replaced my first from back coming unglued and water went in. Although the back of this one is actually also coming unglued Lol. I still don’t see a reason to upgrade though. I’ll just stay away from lots of water until the z3.

  • Ivan Dwiyanto

    My xperia z user review:
    Plus : premium design & good build quality. Sharp ppi & clear white screen
    Minus : terrible battery life, temperature is easy to getting hot, so- so camera, tiny output loudspeaker and headset (because of waterproof)
    Other: mobile bravia engine has a mixed bag. Sometimes it blueish image/ video according to file itself.
    My very best concern is battery life. Imagine this, it only takes 2 to 2,5 hours to drain the battery from 100% to 30% when i browse internet. Thats same case when i playing game. And its become more terrible because it still decrease the battery although i have connected it to power supply.
    My last word, i hope sony solve this battery life in the next z (maybe z2)

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I just got my Xperia Z a few days ago. Loving it so far. Great phone. I have a long past with Sony phone’s so I already knew what to expect. The only thing I dislike is the battery life. It isn’t exactly that great. Especially with that stupid bug it has that doesn’t really let it go into deep sleep. But overall, it’s a great phone :) Very excited for KitKat :)

  • i had the z for a little untill i returned it due to a scratch then decided to wait for the z1

    all i can say it felt amazing more so than my z1 the size was perfect the z1 was a little on the big side so will the z2 be but thats justified by it’s increased screen size and stereo speakers but still i think if they made the z2 5 inch with thin bezels to keep the size down to z again i would have been very satisfied also a metal body and back instead of glass and no plastic all black no blueish tint just black mixed with dark grey

  • karthick

    I simply love it wil buy one more for my wife soon

  • jarvan iv

    For me too, it’s so like new and still beautiful for me that i ddnt buy z1 and wont buy z2 ,,, z4 or z5 maybe is next for me!!! Sony the best

  • psyche

    screen cracked spontaneously after 7 months. cried. bought a z1. everything little complaint i had about z was cured in the z1. quite happy, but would have perfer not to spend $600 twice.

  • windrincar

    Still happy with my Xperia Z. The S4 Pro still running strong with no lag with anykind of 3D games to date, nearly no problem with my unit until today, my 16GB is building up but that’s ok since i mostly install >100mb games lol.

    Sound quality is good, screen is still good anr i don’t mind the viewing angle.

    The problem is in the camera. In my unit, there are some dead pixels on the corner. That being said, i rarely use the camera because i use the NEX-7 to take pictures lol

    Oh, and don’t forget the 4.4 upgrade. Haha

  • kimu

    Wow its already one year..
    On my usage everyday, the battery life i can use it one day full.
    Still when i take a picture, it became so hot on the back.
    I never liked the screen too bright so it affects my battery usage.
    Still snappy, fast, no problem until now.
    Still underwater swimming and all.

  • Deads

    Mine is currently 11 months old (no im not a freak, my provider just informed me that my contract is gonna expire next month) and although i had to send it away for repairs last week im stil very happy with the Z.
    Had to send it away cause the back panel was slowly letting loose.

  • Nawi

    Very Happy =)

    Xperia ZL C6502

  • Z_owner

    mine’s still pretty solid! so i think i’d be skipping z2 for now and wait for z3 for H2. there’s always available port for z2 apps anyway.

  • Fucked

    Storage ain’t a problem though, considering you’ve got expandable microSD option. Unlike my damn XS =.=

  • darannechelle

    One Z ultra, one xperia p, one SE K610 and SE W910i

  • Name

    You know.. I kinda wished they didn’t continue the Z branding and switch to some other forms of naming convention or something. Like Xperia “project name” for instance. Woulda be pretty cool ;P

  • Juraj35

    I love my Xperia Z!
    Like a new!

  • AKxKy

    Still Dominating…no lag with so many apps running…
    One day it fell so badly …it has still that scar on it … but nothing internal damage…Love u XZ… Love u SONY.

  • Zack

    Still serving me well…no intentions to upgrade yet.


    My Z has resisted countless of drops for the last year but only last two days ago it finally gave way. From shoulder level the inner touchscreen LCD cracked, the exterior (Gorrila?)glass screen did not somehow. Tough luck. Would get a Z2 to replace it tho. :)

  • jin

    so far so good, survived a few drops, been in the water for 6hours total(indicators turned pink on the second stint but still working), got no casing on this except an InvisibleShield(the gummy one)…

    still running @ 100% day in – day out…

    this is my current phone, aside from my Ray

  • wong

    love sony xperia Z, but the new flagship is interesting…
    Z is the first new sony design. looks good n nice design.
    but my saving isn’t enough to buy Z2. so sad…

  • webusermy

    It is a reason of concern, but at least with SanDisk announcing the 128GB MicroSD, I shall root my phone and have App2SD to work.

    But I’ll definitely appreciate the better screen, front stereo speakers and camera button, as well as larger battery over my current Z.

    The speakers on the Z is absolutely horrible.

  • Raymond

    Yeah I still love my Xperia Z, it was a different story with my Xperia Arc I started to hate that phone. I am extremely happy with it would still recommend it even till this day.

  • MikeZ

    I never had any problem with my Z and it still smooth until now – and i think its the right choice to bought it last time : ) overall im happy & satisfied with it

  • wick

    True its like completely new to even after year one..i am proud to be an xperia z owner…this device is completely outstanding and continues to amaze me till this date..the tech packed in this phone was way ahead of its time..with this phone I never felt the urge of buying a new phone or leaning towards a different phone..or i never felt that my z is outdated now and i need to change it asap…the s4 pro packed in this phone is very very very fast!!! and sony i making it faster with every update! No complains at all
    Lots of people complain about the loose flaps but mine are all working correctly and they fit in tightly back to their place!
    Yes there were some drawbacks to me like the speakers..but as my phone was always on silent and i used earphones so it didnt bothered me at all..
    I really mean it sony is on the right track and hope they make these awesome devices
    Even today with the new devices coming feels that my z is not outdated! I mean 2GB ram sufficient battery life 1080p screen its like a future proof phone and can still go on for one more year in this fast paced mobile world where phones get outdated every few months..
    Completely satisfied with my z and currently looking forward to Xperia Z2..will grab it as soon as it launches..can’t wait for it..Cheers!

  • rosal colaco

    I would like to suggest u some tips on battery drainage problem:
    1. Don’t Play games while charging the phone it may reduce the battery life.
    2. Try zero to hundred percent battery optimisation, it works ; incase u can Google it.
    Talking about me I own a Xperia Z1 and I follow the battery optimisation…

  • Pravin

    Having problems with the charging port flap it will affect water resistant
    Service centre still not giving me any solution. It’s been a week now they told me We are looking for it
    Phone is in still warranty but they dont care about it
    Poor customer service
    Sony dont care after products are sold

  • fishisnot

    I bought my xperia z a year ago. being a heavy user my phone conditions now:-
    1.the rubber seal on the usb flaps had torn off twice( i fixed it once)
    2.screen crack due to overheating when charging and accumulated environmental stress( it wasnt because f impact when the screen cracked)
    3.performance still the same except gets really hot when under heavy use or charging.
    4.some of water leaks into the camera and leaving some dirt inside, so it blocked the camera lens when trying to take pic( having blurry pics / foggy pics)

    I was a brutal user to the phone, but to compare the design, I personally think Xperia Z is the better design than Z1 and Z2.

    now looking forward to buy a new Xperia. but in dilemma of Xperia Z1 compact or Xperia Z2. both got its own charm, but now im more towards Z2.

    attached pic of my cracked xz

  • P9

    falling in love with my XZ everyday. best sony/se phone I’ve ever own since K750, W350, W580, lww. even best out of thoose strong advertising company…
    sony <3

  • Pravin

    I am also facing same problem like you
    Rubber of usb broken
    Can you tell me how did you fix that
    Because if sony service centre faild to repair I have to do to protect my phone

  • P9

    wonder why sometimes battery drop even I’m charging… not because lots of apps run…?

  • kh1

    I’m using Z1 but I always want Z so badly.I feel like Z is the most beautiful smartphone that has ever made. Love Z!

  • P9

    viewing angle actually the problem
    nah xD just kidding. :D :D

  • vrnmdn

    Start using Stamina mode if you are not, it can be activated from Settings -> Power managment.

  • Alvin

    Stil in love with my xperia z :-D

  • ElSayed

    Very satisfied.. However, the service centre is a peace of Sh*t around here, the rubber around the charging area was removed and the service centre cannot fix that problem because they don’t have the material! Now my Z is not water resistant because it is not sealed anymore.

  • ElSayed

    The same with me and the service centre cannot fix it!

  • sam

    My brother is using xperia z,n i m using ZL,waiting desperately for kitkat…..otherwise both of them have a decent performance… sony flagships

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Totally satisfied. I’m very fond of the quality feel it exudes when I hold it in my hand. The weight, the materials and the finish is awesome. I’ve got the purple one and it still attracts attention. Our first Xperia in the family was the Neo V that I bought for my wife. Then I had the S for myself. And my wife bought the Z for my birthday last July. She still uses my old S and happy with it. So we are Xperia fans since February 2012, and my next one will definitely be an Xperia again, most probably Z2, or the next flagship, depending on my purchase timing. My only regret with my Z is my carelesness. I dropped it many times and there are a lot of small damages around the bezel and some scratches front and back. I wish I could keep it like the first day.

  • Erza

    excluding the side problem is a good phone though.. but anyhow it costs me to go for service for 3 times. dead pixel, backplate unglued etc.

  • Ridhwan Azizan

    This phone never get old!!!

  • Chx Chong

    Many xperia z owner have black spot on their camera sensor

  • Michael Felton

    loving my z and is my perfect phone. still waiting for tmobile kitkat, getting a z2 and then maybe jumping to z3.

  • Nick

    Exactly! Still run smoothly as on the first day I bought it.
    I’m thinking about buying the second 2014 flagship, when Sony will move on from its OmniBalance design, I don’t see the point to buy a new device that looks almost the same…
    Hope it’s gonna have some amazing features.


    Speak for yourself

  • snowhole

    Xperia Z aged much better than the Xperia S, which sadly was already tortuously laggy one year after launch. I’m still using the Z and everything is still light speed faster. With android 4.3 installed I even think it’s faster than it originally came out. I didn’t feel the need to buy the Z1 when it came out, and I don’t feel the need to buy Z2 now.

  • snowhole

    Xperia Z aged much better than the Xperia S, which sadly was already tortuously laggy one year after launch. I’m still using the Z and everything is still light speed faster. With android 4.3 installed I even think it’s faster than it originally came out. I didn’t feel the need to buy the Z1 when it came out, and I don’t feel the need to buy Z2 now.

  • Marc Yeo

    totally agree :)

    Z3 might be worth the wait

  • Vit

    Still great emotions. I really like this one)

  • uidesigner_sony

    Yeah, My Z is new: Xperia Z – sold, too fast battery draining (less than a day of non-gaming using), now I’m with Z1 Compact – only 3 days fully discharge it. And yeah It’s Lime and with Xposed Framework), 35(AnTuTu) I’m so happy)))

  • Magnum

    Got my Z on the day it released here in Middle East & immediately it run into a problem. Apparently the circuit board was getting over heated (tats wat the service center said). Got a replacement & since then have had absolutely “No Problems”. I love the 4.3 update as well & waiting for 4.4. Dont think will b buyin a new fone anytime soon :)

  • Chon

    sold it and moved on, tempted to get Z2 though.

  • AK

    Awesome!!!. Except the Camera which is needs to improved a lot.

  • Shawn Smith

    They havent changed it because it just works and is a classical choice. It’s not like a trendy pair of LeBrons or Kobes that come and go.

    The omnibalance is like a pair of Jordans. Years from now a flat slab will still be around like a pair of Jordan 3’s.

    Sony and Apple are doing it right from a conservative sfandpoint.

    Have you picked up a Galaxy S3 lately? Do you know what that feels like to hold in 2014? Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like to hold a GS5 next year with the band aid feel?

    The only design changes I can forsee over the next two launches would be removing the glass at the back and making it aluminum.

  • Shanky Mantri

    I’ve been wid sony thru a long time…so definitely its improving….Xperia Z is mind blowing speclly with its s4 pro quad core power 1080p screen n da slim design…only regrets as evn i suffered with da flaps rubber issue which torn out at a part but managed to fix it temporary…n yeah being sony sensor used in own mobile n still others been best in camera quality n da manufacturng compny being bad…Sony should only work in camera quality filed wich iz still laggng behnd…rest evrthng majors hav fixed….so plzz camera quality shud b improved in kitkat update…rest no issues wid 1yr old xperia z running sexc…

  • Tomasz Fa?drowicz

    this phone is really good. only problem is camera :(

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    sold it , waiting for another refresh with non-edgy style ,xperia z2 and z1 compact will be perfect for me if it has less weight and less edgy design because it’s really annoying if you hard typing person and not comfortable at all .

  • Daniel Liland

    I still really like my Xperia z. The only thing I didn’t like from the first day I got it is that the battery is draining so fast!

  • Hello all folks,
    im from brunei and i might say, i bought this phone a year a ago, it does gets hot sometimes and that really annoys me, but overall i really love my sony xperia z, to me its a realy powerful phone, i dumpd my iphone 4s for sony xperia z :) and its really really worth it :)

  • arex

    I got a new one from service 6 months ago, speaker had problems. I encased the new one in a cheap plastic cover, and whenever I take it out, I still marvel at how gorgeous it looks.

  • Bryan Ng

    Still feels like 4.3 and still waiting for Kitkat. Though it rocks on games and on 4G connectivity, it’s battery cap sucks it still drains so quickly. Anyway it’s display got improved a bit after few firmware updates.. I plan to replace this with either Z2 or Z1 compact or maybe the next Z flagship. So far i enjoyed my year using the Z, no regrets :)

  • Same here :)
    After one month of use I removed screen protector and till now using unbranded Xperia Z and I still love this device. Z2’s best improvement is screen and absence of protector, but I never had problems with my Z’s screen. Waiting for 2015’s first flagship, which will include 64 bit qualcomm snapdragon I hope, then difference between Z and Z4 will be noticable (including other improvements).

  • Torben Christiansen

    It is great, but the keyboard has gotten a lot worse with one of the latest upgrades (think it was when it went to Android 4.3). The swipe function is bad when I have my native language and English selected. It was a lot better in 4.2 and earlier,

  • Alphonse

    Just upgraded to a Z1 Compact, but overall happy with my Z’s preformance throughout the year. The battery life was a frustration though. That was the main reason for my upgrade.

  • xperiaDROID

    After nine months, my Xperia Z is still in good condition and I still love it. This is my second one because the first one had a lot of problems and it suddenly can’t turn on after a month and Sony replaced it with new one that time and I’m using till now, if I’m still using the first one it’s one year old now but since I’m using the second one till now it’s nine months old. So yeah, so far so good but the camera is bad, but the battery life improved after the minor software update. I still love it and looking forward to the Xperia Z2.

    Here are the pictures of my nine months old Xperia Z. Pictures taken with the Sony Ericsson Elm J10i.

  • Shubham Das

    I purchased my Xperia™Z on 15 Jun 2013 at first it was slightly difficult to adjust such a big phone and a bit low battery life, but I don’t think battery life is a big issue my phone gives a great backup I would have loved it if Sony used it’s TRILUMINIOUS technology with IPS display in this I won’t say it had a bad display, it has a good but lacks viewing angles!
    Performance wise it proves it no lag at all.
    Speaker is a bit disappointing but it doesn’t matter to me as u can connect to an external one

    And design: hats off to it with its amazing Sony® Android® UI
    IP55 & IP57 certification holds good
    13.1 MP CAMERA is upto the mark and does help me in good photography

    For me I’m really satisfied and have become a big fan of Sony® Xperia™

    Every Sony® device seems sleek in its design phones, T.Vs, A/Cs anything

    Cheers :D

  • Taf Rock

    Absolutely wonderful device which I have owned since may 2013 replacing a broken (water ingress) Xperia arc. On 10 months it has never let me down. Never a problem getting a signal here in uk. Always hear my phone ring and call quality exceptional. No problem hearing person on other end of phone. As an actual phone for doing what phones should Do its faultless.

    But it’s as an Internet device it excels. Large screen makes browsing a breeze and display bright enough to clearly read in any light. Notifications of email etc always prompt and reliable.

    Sony may be a little slow with upgrades but we get them eventually here in uk and they work without bugs.

    Two slight negatives. The biggest one being battery life. It simply isnt long enough even with brightness turned right down. But charge time is very fast even from a totally flat battery

    The other disappointment for me is the camera in low light or when capturing moving items. Very blurry double images when movement such as bands on stage is taken. But that was at start of my phone experience. This may be fixed now by an upgrade as it hasn’t happened for a while. The low light shots are to be frank terrible but they have been like this ever since I replaced my best ever cameraphone the k750i. Normal or bright lighting produces wonderful crisp shots

    SUMMARY: a wonderful reliable fast virtually faultless phone that in my opinion is my best ever phone. Keep it up sony

  • Gip

    I am also have the problem with
    Rubber of usb broken
    Can you tell me how did you fix that
    But I love this phone.


  • Maximus

    Still excellent…! Using my rooted xperia Z, with better battery life, better performance and a better phone altogether…

  • Madhu PV

    Everything perfect except below:
    1. Camera become worst after 4.3 update…
    2. Loose back panel : once its fixed, but its coming out again.
    3. Low memory.

  • no plans for upgrade. stock 4.3 is great, photos are also very ok.
    maybe next year, to Z4 :)

  • mustafa

    I messed up my waterproofing. Other than that, good as new. Going to Buy H2 2014 flagship

  • Untitled

    Still up and running for me. Only battery life isn’t very good. Would like to upgrade to Xperia Z2 though.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I bought a second hand Z, and found both USB and headphone flaps had damaged seals. The only white humidity indicator was under the Micro-SD flap, USB+SIM+headphone indicators were pink.
    The size is a bit too large compared to my old V, but speed and response is fine.

  • The Rock

    I like my XZ, it’s a good shift from XArc. The only thing I really have a problem with it is the loudness. Now I know there are limitations due to the water resistant feature, but the volume was just too low for me. I rely mostly on the vibration and can barely hear my ringtone most of the time. But with the X2, plus 2 stereo speakers this may have me jump the gun. I don’t jump to new phones frequently and try to use them at least 2-3 years. IF I do jump onto X2, I’ll be sticking with it for quite a while. XZ has one of the best designs any phone can get btw.

  • user

    Agreed, low memory especilly if you game both ram and the internal

  • iainbong

    Still loving my Xperia Z. Still feels like a new phone
    No lags, batt life’s good, everything’s still premium. The only lil downside is the external speakers but it’s not a prob for me cz I listen with headphones/earphones more. Great sound quality especially with Poweramp!

    To those who complains the heat from the processor and using while charging, do some research first before posting complains. Quad-core processors are powerful and strong and because of that, it heats up fast. Use a quad core processor (eg. i7) laptop and you’ll know what I mean, it’s the same concept.

    A good advantage, when your phone is hot, throw it into your fridge or ice water, it’ll cool immediately. :)

    Learn how to control the usage of your processors and heat, and everything will be fine. Xperia Z still amazes people until today.

    Can’t wait for KITKAT!

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    I’ve moved on to the Ultra :)

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    LOL dude.. don’t throw it into anything cold when it heats up… that’ll make the glass crack… that’s what happened to mine…

  • osin17

    Regarding Z1 and Z2, i just want to sell my Z and buy one new.
    One year after, I always like it, doing everything i want. Enough powerfull. But a little too big (Z1 compact is the best size for me).
    The only fault revealed in the device is the usb protection who can break to easily and no more water resistant feature. My own has started to gone.
    When I Think about changing, no phones come in my mind because finally it’s no so necessary.
    (Sorry for my poor english).

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    I bought my XZ like 5 months ago and it hasn’t disappointed me at all. Super display, and performance, even though it gets hot during intense gameplay. The camera? Well, for me, there’s nothing for me to whine even though it’s not the best. And I’ve been making some great shots from my phone.

  • Kenneth Fribert

    I preordered mine before release, and have been very happy with it, 1 month after purchase I dropped it from 1½ m on concrete, only made a small scratch in the rubber :-o
    It cracked the screen 1 month before Sony changed the warranty, so I had to pay for the repair, fortunately Sony Denmark was very helpfull and we’ve resolved that.
    It’s just been sent in for repair again, the backplate was coming loose after the repair.
    But all in all I’m a very happy camper, sticking to Sony for the entire family, solid phones, that doesn’t give up because of a drop of water or a fall.

  • vigneshprince

    Yeah since I.bought the XZ I was feeling great and this mobile doesn’t make me.think that it’s becoming old or something, each day I’m loving my mobile every day. Great phone.

  • Shelta

    I own the ZL. I think I’m gonna upgrade to the next flagship (Z3), because it still runs pretty good for now and I hope that maybe the Z3 is a little more bezel-less than Z1 and Z2.

  • rygarto

    Just got my Xperia V’s USB cover replaced @ Sony Service centre in Taiwan, and phone passed their subsequent waterproofing test. Would be surprised if Z couldn’t be repaired the same way. (price: $17 USD)

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    Still awesome… true… I have Xperia Z1 also.. and i’ll buy Xperia Z2. Coz this design is Fxxking nice. But as u know, lt’s too hot when we use internet on mobile data…. thank you for asking our xperia. :)

  • Fabio

    My Xperia Z purple, august 2013, is most beautiful design around smartphones. The gaming is top. Display for me is very good. Camera in daylight is good, (is a smartphone camera), in the night are bad. My only critics are the compatibility with hands free. Bluetooth isn’t compatibility with all hardware. 4.3 JB is a best experience with butter touch effect.

  • Tommi Hilliranta

    I preordered Z one year ago so I’ve been using it since it’s release and boy did that year go by fast :D Still using it and still loving it. I will someday upgrade to newer Xperia but for now I’m waiting for KitKat upgrade.

  • Aleksey

    Super phone!
    Wait upgrade 4.4 Kit-Kat

  • Paul Zed

    What can I say, class wrapped in glass!!

  • Alessandro Romano

    Thanks to the update 4.3 in my hand it still feel fresh new and i’m not bored with it. It’s also smooth and fast and no other devices make me think of changing it.
    I think i will change for the Xperia Z3

  • For me the camera condensates from the temperatures, and now got dust in it. And the backpanel is still loose

  • andrew boon

    Xperia z is a very good phone!

  • Paul Zed

    Class wrapped in glass-sums up my xperia z experience!!

  • theskig

    Yes. Really happy. Switching to Z2

  • Amr Mohamed

    Camera Apps a more camera apps

  • faisal

    Its been a year since i used Xperia Z…

    in terms of performance..i hv no doubt,good built quality,beautiful screen,never lag during surf the net n playing games.i’m satisfied with the performance, even though only snapdragon s4…..

    but i really dissapointed in its camera quality which is very bad especially in low lights.i hv to used snap camera apps n it improves significantly.

    what sony should do is to update its camera firmware.its not the sensor,but the firmware needs to improved.

    the worst part is its battery….it drains very fast….i hv to off data all day long juz to survive during the day….can’t sony change our currrent battery…say from 2330mAH to 3000mAh?i’m sure with their experience n expertise,they can do it.

    if sony can improve on this camera firmware n battery issues…i will stick to Z…now,seems that i hv to change to Z2……

    Sony…i luv u…It’s a Sony…

    ps-by the way…juz bot Sony Bravia 55in W804a….but my fav still W904a,juz can’f afford..hehehe…

  • ElSayed

    Unfortunately, here in Bahrain Sony is dealing with a third party agent in terms of mobile phones, therefore I cannot take my phone to Sony’s service centre, I have to take it to the third party’s service centre, which is Sony’s oldest authorised dealer here in Bahrain. The service is a peace of crap, they cannot fix it nor do anything to prevent water from entering from the USB port.

  • jj

    How about ZL? I’m a ZL user. It’s still as good as when I bought it. But I don’t like how fast the battery drains. And a bit disappointed with video recording algorythm.

  • fishisnot

    I sent it to sony service costs about MYR70 just for the rubber seal! but i spent total of MYR220 fixing it due to sme other problem as well (water ingested, vol down key not working…)

    but I waited 3 month for it to be fixed because sony service here are waiting for spare parts(rubber seal), but after they got the rubber seal part, the fixed it within 2 days, and i kept calling them and nagging, that may have helped as well.

  • fishisnot

    I sent it to sony service costs about MYR70 just for the rubber seal! but i spent total of MYR220 fixing it due to sme other problem as well (water ingested, vol down key not working…)

    but I waited 3 month for it to be fixed because sony service here are waiting for spare parts(rubber seal), but after they got the rubber seal part, the fixed it within 2 days, and i kept calling them and nagging, that may have helped as well.

    hope it helps :)

  • aldopucci

    Bought the Z in March 2013 and still flawlessly running. Previous phone was xperia T. Didn’t like it. The back was really cracky. Before that I finally switched from iOs to android with the beautiful Xperia P. I really do think that the P had one of the greatest designs ever. SONY should seriously think about doing a new top notch Xperia P (Xperia SP is horrible compared to the P) Perhaps SONY Xperia PZ?

  • Kunal

    that’s what sony wants from you :p go get a z2

  • peeyush

    i still love my Xperia Z…..
    But wanna upgrade to Z2..

  • karamelakimo

    i’m glad to be Xperia Z owner…I’m kinda in love with it
    it’s with me all the day u can say it’s My close friend ;)
    and i don’t matter stick with it another year even IN the presence of 2 beasts: Xperia Z1 AND Z2
    it’s enough for me i don’t want more than that
    may be upgrade with Z3 OR EVEN Z4 :D

  • A. Bilal Aslam

    The only thing that bugs me is the Bluetooth connection. It keeps disconnecting and connecting again in my car. I drive a 2014 Toyota Corolla, and before you say its the car, it’s not. I have a Samsung S4 connected to it also and it is flawless. Never had a problem with iPhone either.

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Bought one in April 2013.

    What I like:
    1) Runs without any hiccup.
    2) No excess or unnecessarily RAM consuming features
    3) Sony progressively made the phone almost bug-free and improved the camera.

    What I dislike:
    Pictures in dark are still terrible.

    I think this is the Galaxy S2 version of Xperia. Works well without any fuss. And yes the design may be understated or subtle, but since it is an Xperia, it feels premium and compact.

  • Brandon Dean

    I got the Z as soon as it arrived on t mobile. I loved it, from the looks to the very light skin on Android. My only gripe was the viewing angles were not as great and the phone was a little harsh on the hand from the very sharp edges.since I was on T Mobile’s jump program, I went on to get the Z1s since I was eligible and it represented a upgrade in the camera and processor. I still like the brutally minimal design, and glass sides of the original Z with its all black construction. But the Z1S is so much better in the hand.

    The Z still stands as one of the best phones I’ve owned overall.

  • Saurabh Raut

    Xperia Z is still rocking of all

  • Maulana Yusuf

    I am happy with the design and Sony big plus is water resistance. Unfortunately by the local GSM operator still hard to support LTE so i still can’t get the latest Sony Android 4.3 version in Indonesia

  • Arnab Paul

    My Xperia Z_C6602 is about half a year old by now. With the latest version updates and special offers, it’s as pristine as new still…But at the same time, would love to check out the latest version of Z2. As for the upgrade issue… Maybe I’ll consider a trade, in exchange for the upgraded version in the coming future.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The device got really fast with the Android 4.3 update so looking forward to kitkat :) the only thing with the device I am not pleased with is the bad camera software that produces so much noise in the pictures especially indoors and when it gets a little dark. My Xperia arc s took way better photos in low light situations then my Xperia Z do :( I do experience some flash bleeding which make the pictures pretty much destroyed when using the flash :p so I am happy with everything except the camera

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Using poweramp as well, awesome music player and awesome sound quality in my beats solo hd :)

  • Vignesh Raja

    Sony had problem with noise since launch of Xperia S. Excellent Outdoor images,but bad low light results.

  • Jumbo

    reese_22, you did the right thing ‘dumping’m the iphone 4s bimbo and going for a awesome xperia chick :)

  • Max

    I have a ZL, still 100% loving it. Will look at the Z4 next year if they can make it smaller than the Z2.

  • tej

    Its a superb phone am using it exactly over a year good display phone still working fast nd am in love with the camera nd walkman quality.. Its outstanding am still in love with it..looks are killing and attractive eye catching nd ppl just admire my phone

  • Sandeep Manugunta

    Superb phone except camera issue(indoor and low light noisy images). Need update which will fix this issue

  • Ahmad

    I use phones before and change too much and i have a bad habit make me get booring from things fast .. But this is the first thing i’ve never get boored from .. And also still work perfectly and smooth as the first day and not even less in performance with a very very very tough materials and nice to touch and carry … I love my Z and think of changing it unless i see a double specefication phone ONLY from Sony

  • Ziich

    lets see
    disappointing camera
    terrible speaker
    poor display
    short battery life.
    if i could go back in time knowing what i do now i would still choose it over the s4,htc one, and the iPhone 5.
    now i am waiting to see an Xperia phone that does not suffer from bezelitis, has at least 32gb internal storage, and fix whatever is going on with the camera. While I’m at it wireless charging would be nice

  • Sony User01

    I had the Z! I had so many problems with like the battery life, loudspeaker, screen, wifi signal, micro SD card problems, Heat issues, it hangs a lot for a quad core phone but the worst part of all was “camera error”. People literally hated me for that haha!, it was such a shame though since it had an amazing camera. It also chose the worst moments to fail on me, there was one time where i was at a party with some friends and it kept failing on me every time I tried to take a picture LOL! I had to restart the phone. The loudspeaker wasn’t that great either but the exude of it being a waterproof phone isn’t that justifiable. Just look at what a few months did to the Z2! Amazing stereo speakers. When it came to gaming the phone didn’t disappoint. The phone got so hot that it I had to stop holding it and literally placed it in a glass of water!! The wifi signal sucked as well for me and the battery kept going dead. I had to bring a bulky portable charger just to keep it running. The screen was alright, I really loved the clarity and sharpness of it but the viewing angles was really poor. I know that some people may say that it really isn’t necessary, but you might just one day question yourself why other people freely lay their phones down on the table, poking around on their phones, while you had to hold yours up the whole duration of the meal. Maybe it was my unit, who knows, but the camera kept crashing and I had it exchanged because of several dead pixels that popped up. All of the problems happened on the second replacement phone. I sold it after a couple of months. It was a love hate relationship. But boy! did it really take stunning pictures! I currently own a Z1 and have no problems with it, just a bit from the battery life but it’s amazing nevertheless!

  • Ivica Lozic

    It’s still working great, no lags, no bugs and no problems. Battery is it’s weak point, and screen is delicate and can be scrached easily. But all in all, I do not intend to change the device at least for another year or two if it lives that long. My old galaxy s2 died suddenly and the motherboard was fried after two years. I hope Sony made xperia z to last a little longer…

  • Raghu

    Couldn’t have been more happier with another device other than my big Z…love it!
    But here are things I would love to see. Make the internal memory 64gb or at least 32..
    Some aesthetic changes can be adding Z or Z1 or Z2 to help distinguish…
    Ant+tech is great addition in newer version

  • Maguro

    Moved from iPhone to Z1 and have no regrets. I keep it on a neck strap and stuff it under my PFD while canoeing and kayaking. Takes me a mere 3 seconds to whip out and snap my first high resolution photo while my partners continue to fumble with their Pelican cases.

    The waterproof design makes it quite weather resistant as well. Even -20C temps fail to effect my Z1 as it continues to work with no effect on battery life and functionality. My partners who own iPhones find that their phones hibernate at those temperatures.

  • A

    Best gadget I have ever had.. The only thing I’m moving on to is the Z2..

  • Brad Williams

    I still love my XZ 10 months or so later. The 4.3 upgrade was a real kick to the CPU and the work Sony have continued to do with battery life has really kept this phone up-to-date. Battery life was a sore point 10 mths ago. I am thinking of upgrading to the Z2 but you never know, I may change my mind and stick with this one for a bit longer when I get Kit Kat. ;)

  • Satrio Pradono

    I never feel its time move. I have couple if android phone before this and last only 3-6 months. Now, it is almost a year and I still think my Xperia Z is still worth to use. The performance is amazing, camera is marvellous and its handy as well. So, for me I am ver satisfied with this phone. And I think I will.use it fpr another year

  • faisal


  • xperiaZL

    Nahh… Still prefer my Xperia ZL over these water proof phones. It’s sad that Sony stopped making an upgraded version of it. Hopefully by the time they make use of a 64 bit chip from qualcomm they’d also make the upgraded Xperia ZL

  • walker

    actually i just bought this phone yesterday :D ,it’s looks absolutely perfect compared with XZ1 (not on camera section but on body) and real comfortable on hand , maybe i’ll stick with this phone antil XZ2 price going normal

  • The Xperia Z proves that Sony has what it takes to make a compelling
    phone in an increasingly competitive market, but issues like battery
    life need to be confronted, even at the expense of the design.

  • gg

    I looooooove my Xperia Z n still nt done with it, otherwise usually I get bored very soon with my mobiles.

    Pls keep updating its firmware… Pls…pls..

  • Krasimir Argirov

    Almost a year till the Z start to slow down a bit but I’m still happy.

  • Dom Won

    I like Z’s edges more than Z1’s rounded. Sony did good job in “stamina” mode. Please just remove unnecessary Sony’s bulk apps. We always happy to install them from Play if they are good. I like Sony’s interfaces, remove ur bulk apps. Then you will be able to win IOS.

  • giri1in

    Exactly. Even I am buying Z1 Compact!!! Battery drain, is the reason, otherwise phone is fantastic…heat and handling are other reasons, why I am choosing Z1 compact……BUT…after using a Sony phone, you can never buy a samsung or any other shit…:)

  • giri1in

    4. Heats up so much, when you surf, play games for more than 10 mins…
    5. Battery dosent last for even 12 hours of ‘normal’ usage (non-gaming)

  • Jason L

    Just bought the Xperia Z about a month and a half ago. This is my 3rd sony phone after W610i and Xperia Mini. Really love Sony’s phone designs. This is the sleekest so far. Friends keep asking if my phone is a new model lol.

    The phone works perfectly even in heavy use for Hd games or multiple apps. 4.3 update solves problem like heating up and improves battery life. Battery life is average. 5 hours on screen time. Only complaint is the camera which should better in low light situations.

    Loves the phone and will use it for another 1.5 years or 2 maybe. Will still get an Xperia unless competitors offer better in future. SONY! 4.4 kit kat waiting…

  • Shawn Smith

    I’m pretty sure the the Z3 launching in the fall will have the s805 84 bit with 2k display. If the 2k isn’t on the Z2, it will need to be on the Z4 for MWC next year or they’ll be in trouble.

    Oppo Find 7 has a 50 meg camera with a 2k display. It also has a removable battery and SD card. That’s being announced March 19th.

  • Adi waru

    Technology so fast, but i’ll still use this Xperia Z until 2015 maybe :)

  • Alex Olsson

    Had my Xperia Z (white one) since May and it does work flawlessly! Best phone I’ve ever had! And with the new flagship coming out I don’t see any reasons to replace an already top-notch premium phone. Yeah, yeah I know the new processor, better camera and that but, hey! There will allways come out new and better things, nothing revolutionary. The UI is almost identical and they even look the same (almost)! Either way, I love Sony and I think that I’m going to get their flagship next year :D
    Cheers Everybody and Go Sony!
    //Alex 14 years.

  • digicloud

    I love my Z tablet and my Z Ultra. Keep the innovation going as you are on the right track!



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  • Mehdi Moghimi

    no reason for buy z1 and z2

    my xperia z is fantastic smartphone since :

    great hardware

    great screen

    great design

    great support : 4.4 and above

  • Abdul Rahman

    I Have the Xperia ZR
    Its been almost 6 months m happpy With The Specs and The Performance It Does And I never Get Bored of its Interface After The newly Launched Xperia Themes Which Changed My Mind To Switch to Other Brands
    The Flaws are
    1. Low Light Images and Indoor Images Are too Noisy After Having A 13mp Camera Please Fix This ASAP
    2. We Actually need Apps to SD Transfer For Internal Storage Coz most of The Xperia Phones Comes Built in 8Gb Which is Not Enough for Any HD Games To install
    3.Timeshift Camera Doesnt Work in Xperia Z ZR ZL lineups after prviding Compatibility
    4.Enable us To Remove Built in Sony Bulk Apps To have Some More Free Space!
    5. Poor Loudspeaker
    6.Battery life is Good as Compared to Other Fones !

  • goldenblls

    It’s such a a great phone.

    Previously, I’d had a phone for just a few months and wanted to upgrade, but this still feels like almost a new phone for me, still.

    I upgraded from the Xperia T, which I still maintain is one of the better Xperias about, and I was initially shocked at the size of the Z compared to the T, which felt unbelievably slim and light.

    However, I’ve had absolutely no issues with the Z and if they can build on the success of the Z, Z1 and so on then it will develop into one of the best range of smartphones you can lay your hands on.

    I’m hoping to upgrade to the Z2 soon as this also looks like a belter of a phone. If the battery life is as good as it is on the Z then I’d be a very happy bunny indeed.

  • Danny

    Battery is the biggest problem for me here. that’s why I switched to the Z1s with it’s 3000mah battery, it’s incredible and last me a good 12 hours with my usage unlike the Z which normally only last 7 hours.
    fyi, I have/had a C6606 T-Mobile Xperia Z model and when is the 4.3 update on that? No news at all. it’s still under my possession and I hope to update it as well.

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  • Dafik Junior

    I just need 1 thing. Keep update its OS and don’t ever let my Z die. Make it like Google’s phones (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 5) that always updating the firmware. That’s my only prob.

  • Yousef Al Khanjari

    I got my Xperia Z almost a year ago and I’m looking forward to the next Z2.., the drawbacks that I would like to see fixed are battery life and the charging slot cover it’s giving me a hard time after year of use by not completely sealing in…..

  • Z3 can launch with 805, 805 is coll chip, but still ARMv7, 32 bit processor. 64bit will be implemented on Snapdragon 810 or 815. There are already low end processors with 64bit architecture, such as 615 and 410, they are using cortex architecture, but for 810(815) I think Qualcomm is preparing Krait.
    About 2k display. It also possible, that Z3 will include 2k, but personally I would prefer good FullHD, because it is already more, that human eye can see. But 2k can be in Z2 because of PR.
    What about 50mp of Oppo. That is cool, if rumors are true, and still I would prefer 20.7mp + Optical stabilization + Xenon flash. May be optimized version of current one. I wish sony will work on quality, not on quantity.
    I don’t need removable battery, it will not be safe with waterproofness.

  • Shawn Smith

    Thanks for the education of the chips. One point I didn’t like though, “there’s more pixels then the human eye can see”. That throw away line is starting to tick me off.

    For example, if you’re sitting at a proper distance looking at a 1080p 50 inch TV, the human eye can’t see the pixels. If you’re sitting at the same distance looking at a 4k 50 inch display which one do you think will look better?

    The same goes for the phone. If you’re looking at two phones side by side with one being 1080p and the other is 2k, you won’t see pixels on either but the 2k will look better.

    I always use this line when it comes to cameras. If the there was a Google Play edition of both phones, which device would you prefer to have. Obviously the 50 meg.

    Removable battery vs. Water proof is a tough one for me. I prefer removable batteries as I’m a power user. It’s so each to just swap that bad boy out and be on my way. The problem is I can’t deal with these plastic phones anymore. So I’m going for the Z2 over the S5. But if you’re telling me I’m getting a removable battery, 2k display with a 50 meg camera at the same price as the Z2…

    Come on.

  • A7XFAN

    Answer about internal storage: You can just root ur phone, install FolderMount and transfer data to SD Card, enjoy playing as much games as u want

  • hokinja

    Superb Phone! My Z went to hell and back, countless time dropping, super power user, basicaly i sleep with my Z, when I buy Z, I stop using my tablet and laptop. Now, after 1 year the only thing thats not working is the red notification light because one time i was driving Jet sky for half n’our and my Z got some serius impacts and sea water got inside, because of overheating and the back panel glue loose. At service center they sad your Z is gone..But after a while i put my Z in rise to drain water and it worked! So now I ceep my Z. avay from water. Master Phone! Best I ever have!!! Thank you Sony!

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  • David Shih

    Xperia ZL purchased April 2013 second day after launch. Up until yesterday, phone is like new and working as it was out of the box. Yesterday was first experience of phone shutting off on own at approx 47%. Difficult to get the phone to restart without shutting off mid start up sequence. Today is worse. Battery usage at shut off dropped a marked 20% per the Battery USage utility.
    Faulty battery? Faulty program. Will repair and see. but otherwise love this device. No thoughts to upgrade at the moment.

  • That is a matter of taste :)
    Battery: I am also power user, also I am android developer, and frequently debugging on device killing battery faster, but still after one year of Z usage, my battery still works perfectly.
    Display: I am not agree with you. Because even 8k or 16k TVs will not have such density, as 1080p 5″ screen. This resolution is more than enough and you will not see any difference, you just will feel good, that there is more pixels :D But in case, if brightness, contrast and colours will not suffer when with more density, than yes, 2k can be somehow better, I mean if quality is the same per pixel, than more pixels are good (if you don’t mind more power hungry display).
    Same for camera, if quality per pixel is the same, than more pixels are good.

  • sandy

    Sorry to say but not at all happy.. Bad picture qulity.. Not sure wats wrong ear speaker stops working in between.. My last phone is s3 which i feel more comfortable than sony xperia z…!

  • Sudarshan Rai

    Mine Xperia Z is still working like I just got it yesterday from ebay; except of course for the scratches on the screen protector which I change every 3 months… I’ve watched tons of Movies in this phone on my bed with earphones plugged in. Battery seems to be showing its age now after one year especially when I connect it to my car via bluetooth or is that normal?? I have a charger at home, charger at office so don’t really care for battery backup time.

  • Fazal Sayeed

    I bought my Xperia z when it launched it has been one year. But it works as it is as new as I bought it. I have watched many movies listened to music played game it never hanged and my friends s3 use to hang usually. And with sony support upgrading it always I just love it now going to buy. Z2,

  • Ivan Dwiyanto

    I leave all apps that called power management because i dont want it turn off features that limit the capabilities of the phone. Its the whole point of a smartphone and just because im a power user.

  • Ivan Dwiyanto

    I leave all apps that called power management because i dont want it turn off features that limit the capabilities of the phone. Its the whole point of a smartphone and just because im a power user.

  • Ivan Dwiyanto

    Fortunately, i dont have such problem. I usually plug/unplug the port carefully.

  • Shawn Smith

    You need to watch this. 2k will be the new standard by mid next year.

  • Suhail Adil

    speakers is a problem.. but the biggest problem with SONY in general is that i am afraid of upgrading to 4.3, as has always been the case with sony, they can just never release an update without bugs!! there ALWAYS HAS to be a bug!!! why cant you get your software side right?

  • I know that it will be :)

  • Skeptic

    Bought my Z last August 2013. This phone was my 1st android phone and also the 1st flagship phone I ever bought. I still love this phone and I don’t see myself buying an upgrade for this in the next few years (I would still go for an xperia though if I had to).
    Here were the highlights of this phone for me:
    – good looks, I’ve got quite a lot of compliments for this over the vast number of apples and samsungs out there.
    – water resist, sometimes i take this out in the rain, or dive in the pool with it, just for kicks.
    – superior auto mode isn’t that good, but fiddling with the manual camera controls, can sometimes give me near DSLR quality shots
    – battery life, normal usage (texts and calls) can last almost 3 days, but gaming and movies gives me less than a day.

  • Sophia

    My Sony Xperia Z is the greatest phone I’ve ever had. The only complaint I have about it is that it can get slighltly warm after normal use but then again smart phones don’t have built in fans like pc’s to keep them cool enough. I would definitely upgrade to another Sony Xperia in the near future still happy with mine but I’m excited to check out all the new features on Sony’s most recent releases.

  • Amirhossein Esmailpour

    Yeah this is an amazing phone.i love it. But i want android 4.4.2 soon

  • African Grey

    My Xperia Z is 5 months old and the screen cracked last week without being dropped or manhandled – I was watching my son’s hockey match with my wife. There is not a mark on the screen or on the body of the phone, nor can you feel the crack from the outside. My Service Provider (South Africa) MTN rejected the claim and I am disgusted with both MTN and SONY……I cannot recommend this phone to anyone…..!

  • santosh

    xperia z having blurry pics / foggy pics, i am really not happy with sony .

    camera is very bad quality .

  • junior

    I hate it now – hate the fact that after getting a “flagship” device, it was out of date so quickly and sony released a bunch other “flagships”. It reboots randomly, intermittent charging issues, scratched easily and is a complete fingerprint magnet. Even somehow chipped on a corner without bumping. Will be moving to a Google Handset as soon as I can (but will be almost another year) or maybe even move back to iPhone, which I never thought I’d do.

  • idiesel

    1. Lose the door for the headphone jack, waterproof it internally. Seal wears out to quickly.
    2. Move the headphone jack to the bottom of the phone, by lanyard.
    3. Vibrator works intermittently…Grr
    4. External speaker, inadequate output.
    5. Make volume key same color as power button, so color doesn’t come off.
    6.not Sony’s fault, but why are there so few case choices?
    7. Why is the charging jack square? I charge every day, so the door seal wears out quickly. Perhaps license Apple’s lightening connector.

  • Reza

    To me the xperia ZL is the best device to date. I was willing to compensate on not being water resistant (I will never take the risk of dipping my phone in water anyway) to so many Pros of the ZL:
    > The slimmest bezel – Smallest phone having a 5″ display
    > Awesome modern design

    > easy on the hand

    >The coooolest notification light (oppo has copied it now)
    > IR blaster works on every living room device (Toshiba tv, yamaha reciver, LG dvd player, Panasonic blue ray player, iLive iPod Dock). Its my all in one remote. all other remotes are accumulating dust.
    > No hassle with fragile flaps on ports

    ZL should have been the true flagship device. Only the wise went for the ZL, the rest got caught up to marketing promotions. I know I can hold on to my ZL for the next 5 years.

    Why I like SONY:
    > The OS is uncomplicated, but meets all the needs and more
    > Durable design
    > Device prices competitive (unlike Samesung they dont burden the customers with the marketing cost they incur).
    > A silent assassin / dark horse(true black devices) / underdog

    > great customer service!!
    > Careful with their android updates ( they take time but make sure its not faulty)

  • mkhusaini

    Actually i love sony smartphone product, but i hate their support, especially in firmware update, we z owner was abandond..

  • vin28

    After using sony xperia z, I am never going to shift to any laggy samsung device. Sony’s UI is just so superior, premium and mofst imp it doesnot lags even after 1year.My Samsung note2 started hanging just after5-6 months.Secondly, its design is the best especially when turned off( my black xperia looks like one piece of glass).Problem is with its speakers and battery.volume is guite low and battery drains very quickly. But Walkman app is just so superior and usually use earphones and as the Walkman app provide so much modifications.Many people say its screen is not good but honestly speaking,I dont find any diff. In z1 and z’s screen.They all look the same xpect the fact that s4’s screen is guite bright.MOST PEOPLE SAY IT HEAYS UP QUICKLY,BUT REMEMBER THAT IT IS THE ONLY DEVICE WHICH YOU CAN COOL BY DIPPING IT IN THE BUCKET OF WATER.

  • Sudhindra Kumar

    The phone is awesome.. Not a glitch, that’s the smoothness of the UI in the phone.. Performance still good.. Camera quality is compromised by a pretty big margin from 4.2.2.. I hope the heating issue from Camera and games in 4.3 will be fixed in 4.4.2/4.4.3.. Also the battery backup is reduced drastically in 4.3 although atleast able to run for a day with Screen time of 4hrs.. I hope the device not get dumped soon like Xperia S..!!!!

  • jatin

    Xperia z. Is an excellent phone, except its body features are not impressive as per features given by you. Highly disappointed by that. Rest all is brilliant.

  • kev hawkins

    Still liking my Z never hand battery trouble but then always used stamina mode and qualcomms battery guru. Not everything is rosie the charger port door seal has started to come away so wouldn’t want to test is waterproof status now, also not happy with the the perdestrian speed with which Sony update their so call flagship phone.
    4.3 update caused problems with my Z, causing it to randomly reboot which was a real pain, so unlocked the boot loader, rooted and installed the custom rom Omni Rom which fixed the problem and is based on 4.4.2 kitkat.
    Not sure if i will stay with Sony as there are things they need to improve and haven’t seen any evidence of this yet. things like waterproof phone needs wireless charging as the wear and tear on that door is daily, smooth off the edges take make in more comfortable in the hand, improved speakers as these are woeful.
    I’m hoping that Sony make a quick jump on project ara as this is the future of mobile phones.

  • iainbong

    Mine has no glass crack so far :)

  • itsnatecain

    I like the phone,but the back glass is coming lose and when I got a new one I noticed the phone a year old has better whites and a brighter screen. Very weird, but I still love the phone besides the back coming loose.

  • Rohan Rawat

    I want to exchange my xperia zl it’s only about 7 months old I was hoping if I could get another xperia handset in exchange please contact me if possible

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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  • Lex

    I loved it until 14 months of owning it, it will not stay on unless plugged in the wall/usb outlet. Just in time for manufacturing warranty to not apply.

  • Kel

    Xperia Z still work well for me even after one and half year, however the seal have worn out so apparently I have lost the water resistance feature of Xperia z. I love Xperia Z so much because of its design and now is still capable of perform rather lag free compare to samsung phone which will be lag after mere one year usage. One major drawn back from Xperia z is the incapable 13mp camera, is still lagg behind its competitor so much,from what I read from the review,Xperia z2 dun seem to benefit fully from the 20 mp sensor due to some software issue from Sony,it is very sad z2 image quality lag behind Samsung s5 and i5s, hope sony look onto this issue and improve low light picture taking, I m looking forward to z4 because z3 dun seem to be promising improvement from z2, and hope to see a vey thin blazer and slim body

  • mudit

    I got xperia z 6 months back. It was a fantastic phone in the start, like one of the best smart phone. But eventually it had problems with 4.4 update. It started lagging, sometimes the speakers stopped, sometimes even the keyboard lagged, and nothing but less the mother board got short circuit an i had to send it to the service center for replacement. I didnt expected this from Sony xperia Z.

  • rich

    year old now some problems with softwear like taking ages to notify me when someone calls me resulting in a lot of missed calls. overheats quite a lot but on the whole happy with the phone would stick with sony xperia as a decent phone.

  • dumebi

    please sony should not stop supporting z tho z1 z2 z3 are out but z was just unique and is now affordable for people in african and jamacia soo support suffering countries and keep updating z soft ware

  • ave

    USB seal gone, cant find replacement and just got a pink dot.
    Sony customer support actually said, “you have the option of sending the device in for evaluation and possible repair. To start the process you can contact us at 1-866-766-9374. The repair process can take an approximate 14 business days.”

  • Hamza

    I’m having black dots problem on my Xperia z camera. does anyone knows any possible solution of this problem??? please help me out…….

  • tgalli

    It DIED today. And it can’t be restarted. Awesome!! A new one is being expressed shipped to me by tomorrow.

  • Earl Jenkins

    I just encountered the same problem, with my warranty expired 2 months ago. Argh! Does anyone know if this problem is fixable? Will a full reset fix it?

  • matticitt

    Have that problem too, although it doesn’t bother me much. No solution I know of…

  • matticitt

    The worst thing about the Z is the headphone seal. Fuck the screen, fuck the poor battery life. The fact this jack is sealed by this low-quality flap is just bad. On mine the rubber ring around it just fell off :/

  • matticitt

    Is this because of battery? If so you can just replace it.

  • Earl Jenkins

    I don’t know. But now it’s gotten worse. As soon as I plug it in, it goes into a cycle of showing the Sony screen, and then going black. A few seconds later, it does it again.

    However, replacing the battery in the Z series isn’t so easy. You have to take the entire thing apart, unscrewing electronics and disconnecting a bunch of stuff, just to get at it. It’s not like the older models, where the battery is right there, ready to be removed.

    Also, I upgraded to the latest version of Android, and then did a full reset, and it made absolutely no difference. (I tested it after the upgrade, before the reset, too.)

  • Maria Jones

    I really REALLY wanted to love this phone but…
    My roommate and booth purchased z1s, we live in Phoenix Az and there for, water, so I was excited. I got quite ill so was out of the pool for a while and my roomate couldn’t quite bring himself to take the phone in. “but that’s what it’s maaaade fooor” i insisted. Long story short he’s in for 5 minutes and the phone dies. Dead. Next day, thinking his bad luck meant I was off the hook, I go in. Five minutes, dead phone. Dead. Sony did replace both phones… It took me 3 months to work up the courage again… I showed off for a friend and stuck my phone under the faucet… Phone not dead…But…there is so much moisture behind my lens the camera a useless.
    CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THIS? This phone was a real luxury for me…I feel so….had…

  • Rob

    I still love my phone and I’ve hade it for about 2 years now. Some issues though, first the rear camera with dead pixels, then the back became loose, and now the rear camera give me big black blurry dots on my pictures. So could definately be better quality in the long term. But still, then Z is still the most goodlooking phone ever made in my opinion. The Z2 and Z3 doesn’t give me that clean design as the Z does. So I will not be upgrading soon :)

  • Raffaele

    Hi! I have been pleased for the first 10 months with my xperia Z1, but now after just 13 months (one month after the warranty expired) my battery last just a bit more than 5 hours and then suddenly dies with a very normal usage, few short calls and a bit of music over bluetooth. I am quite annoyed about it.

  • Cga

    I love my Xperia Z n don’t want to change it but of late have warnings popping up saying C6602 is outdated n to download Omni (which I already have on my phone) to boost memory n system.. Why do I need that when my updates dhow that I.have the latest software.. Messages to download uc browser too.. Am so.Mad now!

  • Chand Verma

    My Xperia Z got dead while playing a game and it never turned up. It is with Sony service center as of now :(

  • Toan Le

    After 8 months, the headset port stopped working. Customer service told me to reinstall firmware (basically factory reset), WTH? It’s like when your browser or wifi does not work Microsoft tell you to reinstall windows. After 10 months, my phone head speaker stopped working (the one at your ear when you use the phone). I had to either use the loud speaker or bluetooth headset after that. After 13 months (now), my phone’s power port is having problem. The charge current does not go stably into the phone anymore so I guess the power port is loose. I have to use rubber band to make sure the wire go into the port really tight. Therefore, this is the first and the last Sony phone I will buy.
    Edit: it’s an Z2

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