Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet has pencil stylus input; also see SteadyShot stabilisation demoed

by XB on 5th March 2014

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Sony MWC R&D Pres_1When Sony announced the Xperia Z Ultra at the end of last summer, one of the big features was the fact that you could use pretty much any pen or pencil as stylus input for that 6.44-inch display. Well it appears that both the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z2 Tablet will also have this feature.

The Sony development team confirmed this at MWC recently, proof of which you can see from the photos below. There is also reference to “stylus pen support” in the white papers for the Xperia Z2/Xperia Z2 Tablet. Do check out the interesting slides from a media presentation from Sony courtesy of ePrice. You will also find a video showing how well the SteadyShot stabilisation feature works.

Sony MWC R&D Pres_1

Sony MWC R&D Pres_2

Sony MWC R&D Pres_3

Sony MWC R&D Pres_4

Sony MWC R&D Pres_5

Sony MWC R&D Pres_6

Sony MWC R&D Pres_7

Sony MWC R&D Pres_8

Sony MWC R&D Pres_9

Sony MWC R&D Pres_10

Sony MWC R&D Pres_11

Sony MWC R&D Pres_12

Sony MWC R&D Pres_13

Sony MWC R&D Pres_14

Sony MWC R&D Pres_15

Sony MWC R&D Pres_16

Sony MWC R&D Pres_17

Sony MWC R&D Pres_18

Sony MWC R&D Pres_19

Sony MWC R&D Pres_20

Sony MWC R&D Pres_21

Sony MWC R&D Pres_22

Sony MWC R&D Pres_23

Sony MWC R&D Pres_24

Sony MWC R&D Pres_25

Sony MWC R&D Pres_26

Sony MWC R&D Pres_27

Sony MWC R&D Pres_28

Sony MWC R&D Pres_29

Sony MWC R&D Pres_30

Sony MWC R&D Pres_31

Sony MWC R&D Pres_32

Sony MWC R&D Pres_33

Sony MWC R&D Pres_34

Via ePrice (1 & 2).

  • Mike Gonzalez

    this phone is the phone… wow, just wow, i never thought Sony would out-do their competition like this

  • Makiz

    It was about time for Sony to be competitive! They did just perfect!!! 2 speakers, IPS display, glove mode/stylus support (like XZ Ultra) and finally the SHATTERPROOF shit off!!! WOW!

  • Doesn’t most of this either apply to the Z1 already, or may apply to the Z1 after an update?

    I’m expecting Sony to bring the same software tweaks to the beloved Z1 with the delayed 4.4 KitKat update, since we know from the amazing XDA developers that the Z1 is also capable of stylus input, 4K video and basically all other tweaks.

  • Stylus/glove mode is capable on the Z1 with a mod as well, and the shatterproof sheet* (not ‘shit’) can easily be removed.

    It’s true though, that the Z2 has improved everything that may have been a problem with the Z1. I don’t see why anyone would chose another phone in the case money isn’t a problem :)

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Second to the last picture shows the stereo speakers.

    Now we can brag how much bezels we need just to enclose those, as well as the Exmor RS sensor, the microphones on top and bottom, as well as the big bad battery housing the Z2.

  • ZXcorr

    SteadyShot looks really good. I hope the SteadyShot on my Z1 Compact will be improved with the next update.

  • Makiz

    They are still facing some problems after enabling the Z1’s glove mode though.
    As for the shatterproof sheet I intentionally wrote SHIT because it’s the only company using it instead of scratch-proof glass with oleophobic coating, the feeling is great when touching a competitor’s smartphone screen!

  • WhyWai

    Now. SOny just have to keep an eye on the production line to avoid any major defects…

  • walker

    now SONY show their canines !

  • afking

    but still no palm rejection.

  • JINN

    I think everything is in Z1 except for the IPS screen and surround speakers that’s all

  • Saifuddin Adnan

    this is what happens when you provoke the father of walkman music,cyber shot cams and bravia televisions!!
    you have to deal with sterio speakers,best camera (in android) and the best display ever!

  • guy with guts

    Lol in #8 picture they are proving how crap the z1 display was. No offense meant but until xperia z and now xperia z2 what was sony doing. The arc, arc s, xperia s and t all were simply behind the competition. Even in 2013 not all was roses and sunshine, poor displays(except tablet z and z ultra), poor camera software was simply immature for a company being in the electronics industry for more than 60 years. Hope 2014 is a good year for us sony fans and sony finally learns that releasing two flagships a year is not a good sign of confidence in themselves and their flagship.

  • guy with guts

    Wow look at pic#3 and #5 what a beauty after removing that plastic film.

  • guy with guts

    Can anybody confirm two things.
    1. Is steadyshot optical or digital.
    2. Is it a LED-backlit LCD or a real OLED panel.
    If its an OLED panel I’m sold.

  • Colby Leong

    It’s pretty much Samsung’s fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, Super AMOLED display, and ISOCELL Camera v.s. Sony’s Noise Cancelling, higher water resistance, S-Sound Surround stereo speakers, 20 MP camera with steady shot, 4K recording, Live Color LED with Triluminous backed with X-Reality for mobile

  • Tangent Lin

    1. Optical
    2. LCD

  • Tangent Lin

    1. Optical
    2. LCD

  • hansip

    Fingerprint sensor -> Unless done with iPhone style, it’s a FAIL really
    Heart Rate Monitor -> A lot of alternative on Play Store and not that accurate
    Super AMOLED -> it’s a tie with IPS counterpart nowadays, advantage is to able to display some Pixel only, but the only implementation that is good is the Motorola ones, Sorry Samsung better luck next time.
    ISOCELL Camera -> Not tested yet, better wait for the review

    Seems like Samsung is running out of ideas whereas Sony keeps improving the media consumption aspect of the device. Hats off for Sony, but once you reached the top, the only way is down. So here’s hope for everyone to keep inovating with their devices.

  • sreenamboothiri

    1. Digital – confirmed by sony – shown video of using the stabilization

    2.Its a dffrent kind of technology. Blue LED backlight with Red and green color LED
    A kind of OLED we can say

  • Ashad Mamood

    At last Sony make a phone that is every bit as good as it’s top rivals if not better. This and the Compact are both top phones and worthy of top sales! I’m loving my Xperia Compact and will buy this too. If they could just slightly shrink the top and bottom bezels and have a plastic or Aluminum back on the phone it would make it lighter too. Also please include infrared in next phone please!

  • Ashad Mamood

    If only Sony produced phones like this 2 years where would they be now? Probably on par with Samsung

  • Ashad Mamood

    2 years ago

  • yudi_hilmawan

    I think you totaly wrong about the display and its not a kind of OLED.

  • jonny

    dumb or what, they are cropping the video for video stablization so its digital. its ips as stated by everyone on the internet. its is probably the best smartphone display on the market but who cares. its a fcking fine display nonetheless. i would be happy

  • Mirrorpurple


  • yudi_hilmawan

    1. 3 way digital stabilization but the stabilization is still better than some 2 axis OIS.
    2. Basicly its LCD with some improvements like IPS (for wider viewing angles) + Triluminos (for wider colour gamut) + Colour Live LED (combines red and green phosphor with blue LEDs and customised colour filters to produce a brighter and more uniform light. Capturing true colours without the risk of oversaturation.)
    * Coventional LED combine blue LED with yellow phosphor.

    According to Erica Griffin Z2 has wide colour gamut compareable to samsung amoled but without the oversaturation.

  • Colby Leong

    Yeah I hope when Sony does decide to put in a fingerprint they do it right. I could do without the heart rate monitor altogether, personally it’s not something I could see myself using. I’m just happy there is a new screen. The only thing I’m interested in is how the ISO Camera performs, because if it is better than Sony’s we could all look forward to a much better performing camera on their next flagship. Heck there’s this “supposed” image taken from LG’s next flagship,

  • grinch

    The Z1 got a really bad Camera compared to the iphone and S4.

    I really hope they changed the Sensor, or at last the Software :-(

    If this Camera would have at last half of the iphones Picture Quality, it would be a perfect phone!

  • Poop-For-Soup

    There’s also HTC dual camera sensors, and dual LED on their next flag

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  • hansip

    Looking at that Bravia TV, seems like i wanna grab one with my hand, oh wait that is my Z Ultra bigger brother!! o_O

  • hansip

    1. it is a digital one, but Sony simply use its 20.7 MP sensor and make it so that they crop the image inside the margins to compensate for the shaky movement. Sure the best approach will be both but if the demo shown above is real, i’d think that even with Digital method it’s still great looking.

    2. It’s a LED backlit, sure is. IPS is never an OLED. Plus OLED Panel will degrade after a while (screen become greener as blue and red pixel degrade)

  • Castor

    you can actually edit your comment

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  • Jer

    Super amoled is way less cost effective as it costs alot more to produce compared to ips displays, so even thought they look the same, its a disadvantage for the company to use them anyway

  • xperiafan324

    And that too, with lower max brightness, don’t get me wrong, oleds are great but the technology still has a ways to go, before becoming the undisputed king.
    I’m hoping that jdi’s whitemagic oleds fix the brightness and the higher battery consumption in displaying whites of current amoled implementations.
    That reminds me, weren’t those oled screens scheduled to launch in h2 flagship phones? Would make sense for the h2 xperia to use it.

  • Jer

    I seriously don’t know if troll or serious.
    Z1’s camera in manual mode is WAYYYYYY better than iphones and S4, unless you use superior auto… and i use an iphone 5… my friend owns the Z1, can’t wait to get my hands on a Z2

  • Lunkz

    So now after they get a better Panel, we need a bigger sensor and lens instead of MOAR Megapixel.

  • kaostheory


  • kaostheory

    Not sure why noise canceling is often overlooked by reviewers and posters. A decent pair of noise canceling ear buds is at least a couple hundred dollars plus adds in another battery to charge. This feature including the added value is the best new feature of 2014.

  • P9

    best smartphone in the world i have ever seen yet.
    XZ user.

  • Ziich

    samsung has 4k recording too

  • Rosal


    Yes, indeed Sony is one of the very best!!!!
    And the competitor Samsung S5, it has a IP rating i.e.IP67. Vs. Sony IP certification of Z series i.e. ip58 still wins the race!!!
    It works like this that S5 is totally dust proof and Sony is partially dust proof but neglecting that bcoz u won’t let ur lovely phone end up in heap of soil,mud,dust, etc. And the next thing that comes in is water resistance, of course Sony takes the lead ‘!!
    U always would like to show off ur smartphone and be the center of attraction,like in a resort in the swimming pool and take under water pics…
    Here the s5 is lacking where Sony Z series can be taken underneath water (offcourse, up to a certain depth), the s5 can only be immersed upto 15 cm from bottom and 1meter from top, hence the Sony Z series wins!!!

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  • josesl16

    Damn, that’s gonna give Sony a run for their money if that were to be a legit shot.

  • ahmed

    So we will have a stylus input in the future?

  • Guest

    That’s the z :D

  • Johnny Charles Grinter

    Are you saying the Z2 has this sheet? Is it bad?

  • Makiz

    I’m saying that they say Z1 compact was the last phone using it, Z2 and Z2 tablet will not have this scratch magnet on the glass! :)

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of jewellery items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • mims

    My z2 phone doesn’t react to pens or stylus’s, even in glove mode. What’s up with that?

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