Xperia Z Ultra KitKat system dump leaks; confirms no 4K video or tap to wake

by XB on 9th March 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z Ultra

Xperia Z UltraA screenshot of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware was revealed a few days ago, which is likely to come from a leaked build. Well now the system dump from this firmware (14.3.A.0.681) has also leaked, courtesy of the EXR Group on XDA.

Interestingly a peak into its contents reveals that the firmware does contain a few goodies seen in the Xperia Z2 such as the Simple Home launcher, Movie Creator and Answering Machine. However, a number of significant features are left absent including 4K video, Timeshift video, Tap to wake, Smart call handling, Smart backlight control and Glove mode.

Obviously, this is from a leaked ROM, so this in no way the definitive word on what will or will not be included in the upcoming KitKat update. If we do see minimal features being ported from the Xperia Z2, then you can always rely on the developer community to port as much as they can to other devices. This is something we have already started to see plenty of in recent days, so expect it to accelerate once the Xperia Z2 launches.

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks charbel, @KonGaZ2 and Prannoy!

  • darannechelle

    Ok!! Then ill shift to z2 ultra

  • Castor

    they want you to buy the latest.
    adding those new features to older devices will cut sales for the latest flagship.
    anyway, there’s always xda to provide what users need

  • raj

    Who cares….
    Once I get KitKat, I’ll root my Xperia Z Ultra and port all the goodies, rather than sit and whine ;-)

    Seeing the plight of Xperia T users (Flagship in Dec 2012), I understand that this “omission ” will be “a Thing” for Xperia Z Ultra also, as it is no longer a flagship :-)

  • Jabbz

    I just read xperia a ultra kitkat update is rollin in Hong Kong !!

  • Feanor

    I was expecting most of the 4.4 enhancements to land on last year’s models. If not, this is bad customer service. If Sony feel the need to remove features from older models in order not to compete with the newer ones, then they should stop releasing so often new flagships.
    Imagine if my Z1 Compact, which is only just released, doesn’t get the full (or almost) full feature set. This is silly. It’s a very new model.

  • raj
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  • Darren Gaspé

    Plan getting a z2 but wanted to try some of these goodies before hand

  • No, its hardware limitation. Z Ultra Exmor RS is older than what’s use in Z1 – Z1c – Z2 and tap to wake is kernel related. (on the Nexus 4 at least)

  • Amir

    sony release flagship per half a year because the Japanese consumer demand it so Japanese carriers like docomo put pressure on sony to do it. this is the most reliable reason i heard. they do it since xperia arc (2011). definitely nothing new here. they continue with this strategy from then.

  • kisd

    no tap to wake or smart features?? why….. those would’ve been great features to keep Sony users in faith of the brand. look at Samsung, they’re giving their S3 and Note 2’s air gestures too. why can’t sony do the same with their Xperia Z? feels like betrayal, cause the Xperia Z was what brought Sony to what they are now, and they’re turning their backs on their main hero after a JUST A YEAR??

  • Amir

    Agreed. simple features like tap to wake are not hardware related.

  • Amir

    that device should be HOT. :D

  • Because thats the business! Why some devices could not get Jelly bean/Kitkat/updates, why are some apps only on some of their phones… Because if you can get the same on a different phone then they would lose money, because you would not need to buy a new one! They want money, not your smile -_-

  • owl

    tap to wake actually is. smart call handling and smart backlight less likely though.

  • Bryan Ng

    No Smart call handling, Smart backlight and the awesome ‘Tap to wake’? Oh damn :(

  • Z Ultra Owner


  • P9

    I don’t think sammy give all features to older devices…, seriously? and even Siri on iPhone 4…
    this just simple thing, u may kno this kind of thing if thinking ab business section.

  • another257

    The article is not true. Having a Xperia Z Ultra (C6833) LTE Model, I receives no update.

  • raj

    check with PC Companion

  • raj

    has to be true. it is all over the internet. check xda developers too

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    no surprise, otherwise who will buy Z2?

  • bil

    The z ultra’s camera sensor is only 3264 pixels wide. 4k is 3840 pixels wide

  • ho

    Z ultra already got the 4.4 in hongkong over the Air

  • darannechelle

    Its really frustrating!! But thats how we lived today
    So lived it to the fullest

  • Carljn

    The Z Ultras camera isn’t physically capable of recording 4K. It has nothing to do with software or “turning their backs on a flagship already”. Also tap to wake means the digitizer is always on. Again that’s a hardware limitation.

  • Ambroos

    What? That is ridiculous. They’re not removing features, they’re just not porting ALL of them. Compared to what other manufacturers do Sony’s updates are already gigantic.

    Most of the not-ported features are hardware-related anyway. Doubletap to wake needs the right hardware support to do it without being a power drain, and 4K is simply not possible with that camera sensor.

    Your Z1 Compact has the full feature set that was advertised. You’ll get some of the new features from the Z2, but expecting all of them would be absurd.

  • Damon

    Everyone should have your optimism instead of whining and crying! Cheers! :D

  • adecvat

    Z Ultra will miss 4k 100%

  • another257

    still confirmed no. Maybe only C6833 with selected baseband version can receive update.

  • Richard Mui

    that’s curious as I am also in HK with a Z Ultra but no OTA update??

  • Feanor

    What about smart call handling, smart backlight control? All sensors are in place, I see no problem there…
    It’s more about marketing than hardware limitations.
    And the fact that my Z1 Compact has the full feature set that was advertised with means that future updates should add no new features? That sort of negates the nature of an update….

  • Sherkhan

    No need for Tap to Wake… i have wave hand to awake on my z ultra and z

  • Jiyeon90

    One doesn’t simply expect a 8mp camera to have 4k

  • Timbo1

    No real surprise here since the camera was more of an afterthought on this phone. Tap to wake is an interesting missing feature though.

  • Peter

    It looks to me that you don’t understand the update. It is the OS that Sony is updating, and by doing that they bring new features that Google added in 4.4 – all the other features are NOT features of Android but Sony, and they have no obligation to port all of them. Stop confusin a system update with adding new features from other phone models.

  • Ambroos

    Future updates will add features, just not the unique selling points of the newer devices. Which makes sense.

  • Mehdi Moghimi

    xperia Z ???

    Z is 4128 pixels wide

    4k for Z coming ???

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    slow motion , 4k , tap to wake for z1 plzzzz

  • ycleft xperia

    Double tap to wake up doesn’t have to be hardware dependent since I have it in my tablet z which doesn’t run on snapdragon 800 even; it’s software dependent, anybody talking about it being hardware dependent won’t make sense at all, n xperia z ultra is way more powerful n power efficient that the tablet z. However, sony decided not to port it on the xperia z ultra kit kat firmware; sony is to be blamed!! In the upcoming updates for z ultra, I would love to see fully functional one handed operation of all the apps in the firmware, that would be more interesting than being presented with only the double tap to wake up.

  • harem

    How about tablet z having tap to wake since 4.3, that’s on 3.4 kernel. It’s sony’s sole discretion no matter wat

  • Damon

    IMO I don’t really care about 4K, it’s a waste of storage space and not everybody has a 4K monitor or TV.

  • Never said that tap to wake is not possible, just kernel, could still be the same version but still needs to be enabled. On N4, to use tap2wake you need a modded kernel.
    That’s on the N4, I can’t speak for every phone

  • kevin

    Who said Xperia Z won’t get it?? They said Xperia Z ULTRA they haven’t say Xperia Z won’t get it. But in my opinion I really dont think Xperia Z will get it since it ain’t the same hardware, etc maybe Xperia Z1 since they are almost the same specwise and have the sme camera

  • Feanor

    I’m quite aware of this dude. I’m not confusing anything.
    But Z1 and Z1 Compact are quite new devices and they deserved nearly the complete package. Let’s face it, this is only marketing strategy and mainly because the 6 month update cycle doesn’t allow for significant hardware changes, so Sony is afraid that by giving the full feature set to the Z1 and Z1 Compact there will be not enough incentive for people to purchase the Z2.
    But ok, let’s wait for the actual update to see what offers.

  • Badhan Ganesh

    Yeah I agree with you, mate! 100%
    Marketing strategy!

  • Parsa

    tap to wake cant port from tablet z or other Z-family phones ? because the digitizer is not

    synaptics on Z Ultra so same code cannot enable it here

  • HardyHarHar

    I hope you do know that 4k is = to 2mp of video… So it should be possible.

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  • hansip

    I do care about that.. I mean, such smart feature shouldn’t be left out from 6 months devices. Plus they are all called Xperia Z series for a reason. So Sony shouldn’t abandon all those smart options.. But oh well, Even if they only give the standard KitKat, it is better than none i guess.. We are already spoiled by media with what Z2 can do so even though it is disappointing but we are expecting features that came from newer device which might not come to the older device.

  • Mohammed Khired

    Oh My God !

    i hope xperia z1 get the same treatment….

  • raj

    i understand. but for now, as Xperia Z2 release is pending, none of the previous devices will get all the goodies. Once Z2 is some 2 months older, we all will get all the items, for sure

  • raj

    see, the terrific developers we have @ XDA make anything and everything possible :)
    you know :)
    So, i am just more than contended :)

  • Abhijit Biswas

    720p is 1MP, Full HD is 2MP and 4k is 4MP….. so on! And if you want to argue, I am not interested! Tired of all that nonsense… Accept it or be wrong!

  • Amir

    tap to wake is hardware related? are you sure about that? how come? explain please. i don’t think it needs sensor like the glove mode.

  • Amir

    i know it’s related to the business. but i think that the new devices have their own magic since the hardware is better and the design is different and it’s enough to attract new consumers and they also keep their current consumers happier and the exciting consumers are more likly to stay with sony products cause the android updates are better and longer. i don’t think that they should ignore that. most people keep their flagship for several years.

  • Carljn

    Why would the SoC matter at all? It’s about the digitizer registering input and distinguishing between if it’s your pocket double taping or your finger.

  • Sam Albalushi

    Xperia zr will get kitkat and all of z2 feature please tell me i purchase zr one week ago

  • Arturo Pastrana

    Its a controller of the screen, so the screen need to support it, if the screen doesnt support it… well via software its almost impossible :p

  • bitrate

    You can convert the video to 1080p later and it will look better thanks to the higher bitrate.

    I don’t care about 4k if they put a High-bitrate mode for video.

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  • HardyHarHar

    Ahh yeah right :p My bad I was wrong :D But still… Z Ultra has 8mp 4mp videos is still possible.

  • HardyHarHar

    Unfortunately for you Z1 Series has synaptics digitizer. Here’s a part of the kernel config which was dumped from a Z1 Compact.

    Also Z Series devices did get tap2wake.

    # CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_FT5X06 is not set

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  • Ridhwan Azizan

    as Xperia Z ultra owner, i’m dont care about the 4k video.. i just need a tap to wake..

  • adecvat

    Root device
    Lost warranty

  • suit up !

    i agree….
    but you can always bring it back, via PC Companion :)

  • Chew Loh Seng

    HD 720p is 0.92MP, FHD 1080p is 2.07MP, and 4K is 8.29MP. If 4K is just 4MP, HTC One could have it with Android KK update already! xD

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Are you using the Hong Kong C6833 ROM? If not it’s unexpected to not receive the update, since reports point to just HK.

  • Castor

    no, 4K is already possible even with a 5mp sensor. it’s even supported by snapdragon 800. maybe it’s the RAM that needs upgrading.

  • Castor

    slow motion should be easy to enable. 4K may require additional RAM. tap to wake i really think can be enabled. xda will have the solutions.

  • Berg

    Z1-family is not the same as Z-family..

    He is referring to Z, Z Ultra, ZL and ZR

  • Berg

    It’s not impossible. I mean the phone would have just a few hours of battery life even with screen off, but hardly impossible. I say give it to the whiners and let them live by the outlet :D

  • Nyx

    Not really. Ability to Tap2Wake depends on Sony’s kernel. So if Sony decides to make a new kernel for XZU, we can have Tap2Wake.

    There is NOTHING to do with the screen.

  • PowerSonic

    technically i think its not possible as the 8MP sensors cannot do 4k resolution….
    4k equaling 3840 x 2160 meaning 8,294,400 pixels, while the camera sensor can only do 8,000,000 pixels
    a 9 MP or higher sensor would be needed I presume..

  • Berg

    It has everything to do with the touch panel though. If the panel hardware does not support it you have no chance.

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  • Abhijit Biswas

    Z ultra should/can get it, but with just a 8MP camera and no flash, it doesn’t seem worth the hardwork to sony! Or maybe zu & z1 will get it after z2 releases so that things remain competitive! Who knows!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    You realize 4k recording is not a kitkat capability, its a snapdragon 800 and beyond capability! So htc one, one max won’t have that, but the next htc m8 will have it…. n as i said earlier i won’t argue on resolution!

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Yeah it’s not based on KK capability. SoC matters, but the sensor itself would too. UltraPixel on M8 means HTC may abandon 4K again if it’s just 4MP sensor. You may not want to say about the resolution, but it’s still about that overall.

  • Abhijit Biswas

    They aren’t stupid enough to keep the same almost useless 4MP camera which was only good in low light, that too mostly coz of OIS…. The newer version will have a 7MP or 9MP atleast! and if still they haven’t been able to get back OIS(which was abondoned for one mini n one max) then they better give minimum 13MP with ultrapixel tech…

    This device is crucial for HTC, they are becoming the new blackberry with all these losses, so they better go all out for this device… WHo knows, M8 might turn out to be the first s805 phone.. They are hugely dependant on this phone! No tricks or delays or defects are affordable anymore! I am keen to see what have they cooked up! And they will definitely put 4k, how good quality is the question..

  • Iliac

    False. Unlock Bootloader = lost warranty
    Rooting = warranty still intact

  • kater

    actually, Z ULTRA should be regarded as members of Z1 family……

  • kater

    guys, does tape2wake still there?

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  • I’d love to see them actually doing that but I still own Xperia S and what they did with “the support” for this phone was just pathetic. They wont give you much after you buy their product. Their strategy is: “You got the phone and its working. You have all features we wrote on the box. We are done.”

  • Amir

    Yeah, i can understand that, but it seems that xperia t will get an update so if it happens then each flagship should get at least 1.5 year of updates, could be worse… i would love if they update each flagship for 3 years, like apple does. just the flagships, so they show their appreciation for people who spent good amount of money. but no android manufacturer does that right? so 2 years would be more realistic.

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  • Divya Bharathi

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