Xperia Z2 accessories unboxed: the SCR10 case and DK36 charging dock

by XB on 10th March 2014

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SCR10 UnboxingA number of Xperia Z2 accessories are already available to buy for the handset, ahead of the handset’s launch early next month. Two such accessories are the SCR10 Style Cover Stand and DK36 Magnetic Charging Dock. UK retailer Clove has both of these accessories in stock right now and they have shot some quick unboxing videos. They also have the Xperia Z2 on hand, so the videos give you a good idea of how the handset interacts with these accessories. Check out both unboxing videos after the jump.

Thanks Timothy!

  • Dave*

    The most ridiculously long videos imaginable at c.6 minutes for something so simple that should take one minute? Boring!

  • Gregor

    Things that should be included in the box when buying a Z2 instead of being overpriced extrastuff. Too gready, Sony. A flagship modell should come with this stuff.

  • Nidou

    nice videos.. well designed accessories!

  • DrugsForHugs

    Exactly just like how Samsung, LG, and HTC do… Oh wait…

  • djdj

    And apple :p

  • JAnguita

    Why a dock for each Sony “6-month model”? $30 each one? Why not a common dock and each phone include an adaptor?

    Money, money, money…

  • Sad B@sard

    But i’m still poorly stuck with my XS…
    While my XS isn’t too bad, it does leave alot to be desired for at this day and age.. ='(

  • Wunder

    OMG what a long and boring video of something that have could been covered in 1 minutte

  • Concha

    Different sizes when it comes to thickness.. =)
    But I agree, they should have come up with something more universal.
    But it is possible to use the DK30 (Xperia Z Ultra) with Xperia Z1 and perhaps with Xperia Z2. You just use the adapter for use with cover.

  • Cheer Chunhao

    Just build the next flagship with wireless charging and ditch the dock…

  • RyanCollin

    Bring this for the Xperia Z, please..

  • Kiwison

    Oh God, someone thinking like me..

  • Your Nan

    Uhm you just need the adapter. My z1 compact sits nicely only the z ultra’s dock.

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  • Divya Bharathi

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