Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment for QX10/QX100 cameras unboxed

by XB on 12th March 2014

in Accessories, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z Ultra

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_15Sony introduced the SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment to help people mount their QX10/QX100 lens-style cameras to larger devices such as the Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Tablet Z. It will fit onto any device with a width between 85mm and 190mm. If you want to see how the SPA-TA1 fits together check out the pictures below, you will also see the attachment fitted to an Xperia Tablet Z and an Apple iPad. There is still no word of a western release for the SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment, but we’ll let you know if that changes.

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_1

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_2

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_3

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_4

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_5

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_6

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_7

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_8

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_9

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_10

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_11

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_12

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_13

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_14

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_15

Sony SPA-TA1 Tablet Attachment_16

Via MARCO KAO 3C Blog.

  • Ted

    Why, just why? Sony stop making money making gizmos and get right what you’ve already sold us!

  • Mac

    Who actually wants these? I mean, it’s not that very comfortable 2 use a tablet when taking pictures anyway. But I guess there is a space left for this accessorie as well.

  • Nidou

    love it… not limited just for Sony products , but works with others which is a good accessory ;)

  • Mohammed Khired

    ipad ???

  • Guest

    Sony, how about inserting two holes on the back of the tablet for a quick snap on solution? All these attachments seem a but much.

  • Adrian969

    How much for it? What is Sonys price? 30 Euro?

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  • Rob

    Yeah cause the people making the plastic attachment thingy are the same engineers making the software.. lulz.

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  • Stinson

    i do, couse i use xperia z ultra

  • Mac

    Aight fair enough.

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  • Divya Bharathi

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