Xperia Z2 (L50t) heading to China Mobile judging by TENAA listing

by XB on 13th March 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 for China Mobile L50t_2TENAA is China’s equivalent to the FCC in the US. The telecommunications certification body recently certified the Sony Xperia Z2 L50t with TD-LTE band compatibility – a strong hint that it will be heading to China Telecom.

Sony is also planning a 3G-only model for the Chinese market with the L50w model number, which is likely to be picked up by China Unicom.

Xperia Z2 for China Mobile L50t

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • P9

    release it internationally as soon as.possible, sony.
    u can see it as results in 2013 (XZ)!

    true king comes back.

  • Guest

    If Sony wants a fighting chance at the US market share, I suggest they release the Z2 in the US with full LTE capabilities for both AT&T and T-Mobile prior to the release of the iPhone 6 later this year. If not then don’t bother.

  • JHMBB2

    Yay, world release! China, Malaysia, Europe, Russia, Canada, Mexico Venezuela, Chile Papa New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand, North Pole, South Pole, the Moon, Mars! “Sony has no plans on a US release.”

  • Danny

    Simultaneous World release with models of full LTE and HSPA+ capabilities, including carrier and unlocked, unbranded variants. Xperia Z C6606 is the US T-mobile version that was released months after the Z was released, so was the Z1s. the updates for the C6606 is months after the C6602 and c6603.
    Frankly, I rather have the unlocked version, but it didn’t have the correct LTE bands. Xperia Z1 C6903, C6906 and C6943 were good with all the right LTE bands, but only C6916 Z1s was available in America via T-mobile and Sony Store.

  • WW


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