Xperia Z2 display pitted against the Galaxy Note 3 – Sony has come a long way

by XB on 17th March 2014

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Xperia Z2 display vs Galaxy Note 3Sony is making big moves to ensure its 2014 Xperia devices do not suffer from the same criticisms that plagued its 2013 products – namely the quality of its displays. The Sony Xperia Z2 comes with an IPS display with Live Colour LED technology. We have already seen the benefits of this in terms of colour accuracy and viewing angles.

Now we see how it compares to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s AMOLED display. The brightness of both handsets was set to 100%. The video highlights just how far Sony has come with its displays, holding its own against Note 3 and, in our view, showing richer colour colours. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks Bashar and Wael!

  • everything looks fine But what s up about delay?

  • XZ2

    too vivid

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Finally. Took them about two years but hey, better late than never! Seems you can’t go wrong with the Xperia Z2. :D

  • ????????? ?????

    Z2 is much better in colour but isn’t it a bit oversaturated ?

  • hansip

    Think that was the XReality Engine turned on..

  • fdfs

    “color colours”? xD

  • Jamshad Perumpilavu

    now Sony’s live color led beats Samsung’s amoled..sorry s5, z2 is unbeatable….Japanese company is more innovative…

  • ????????? ?????

    unlikely , sooner it is because of IPS + live colour LED. Though I am a Sony fan, I do not support oversaturated colours which you may see in Z2 and Z1compact and their TVs by the way. Ok it looks very stunning when watching cartoons but is it so good to observe unrealcolours in photos and movies ? I don’t think so. to my mind wider colour gamut is very good but it is better when all colours are maximum realistic or they could just give us a possibility to disable that option for example …

  • fdfs

    Terrible comparison, absolutely terrible.

  • gef

    …shamesung…poor amoled display…

  • Clarence Alvarado

    They should try turning off the X-Reality Engine for Mobile.

  • Eman Philic

    Turn ON/OFF to control the oversaturated. if it comes to samsung over saturated colours people accept it but why not for Sony Controllable display techn. ?

  • Eman Philic

    pathetic part of sony is, they cant continue the same quality for all the coming smartphones and concentrate on the software thing.
    they changes the displays for every device and recieves negative response and again back to display thing.

  • xperiaDROID

    Damn, this makes me want the Z2 even more. The Z2’s display is sharp and crisp with rich colors though it’s a bit oversaturated, but still it’s better than the Note 3’s display. It just puts the Note 3’s display to shame. Sony, you’ve finally did it.

    And some of those pathetic Samsung fanboys still don’t admit that Z2’s display is better than Note 3’s display and crying on PhoneArena’s comment section. (look at the screenshot below) lol
    P.S. Click the picture to see clearly what the dumb Samsung fanboy said.

    So overall, Z2’s display > Note 3’s display
    IPS > Super AMOLED

  • xperiaDROID

    Sushi is better than Kimchi. :)
    No, no, just kidding. Both are good and delicious. ;)

  • pls don’t delay, i want my z2

  • xperiaDROID

    Because those peoples are blind.

  • Mohammed Khired

    fanboy of any brand is fucking dumb and stupid….

    with that being said :


  • jumbo3220

    yes..doge likes the Z2 display as well

  • nnnn

    no connection about this article but i really wonder when will the z series will get kitkat? already march and no sign about the update hufftt

  • Park

    Other phone isn’t the note 3, look carefully, bazels are thick on the sides and bottom

  • Denislav Popov

    Should be next 3-4 weeks i believe.

  • Ray

    Seems like the z2 has more vibrant colour and the note 3 has sharper details, no? Or am i wrong? :)

  • i think that’s the only main issue now. The next flagship announcement would include “2014 has been a great year for Sony as the Xperia Z2 was well received but delayed” LOL. -.- I need the Xperia Z2 now.

  • johnylim

    Note 3 display overcontrast, Z2 richer colour

  • roeshak

    The Z2 display is the best ever seen on a smartphone period! That’s all I have to say on this topic lol

  • sammy

    Still nobody care about your dumbphone

    Their competing against Yuloong, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • xperiaDROID

    More market share doesn’t mean it’s good, and what’s funny when Sony is on the same level of market share as Chinese manufacturers? You think Chinese manufacturers make crap phones? Sorry, you’re damn wrong. Most Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi etc. are as good as Sony, they know how to design their products (unlike Samsung which has the same design for few years now), they know how to maintain the price of their products at a reasonable price that many people can afford to buy, they also make quality phones (just look at the Huawei Ascend P6 and the Oppo Find 5 for example), they have the same premium feeling and elegant design as Sony phones.

    Don’t poop those words outta your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about, Samsung fanboy. Don’t cry if you suddenly see your beloved Sammy losing market share someday, Samsung won’t be on the top forever.

  • Hamza Salau

    that bezel doe

  • Danny

    Who makes Z2 display, JDI?

  • Arup

    Oppo, Lenovo have far better class than any Samsung and btw, SONY still makes the cam sensor in Samsung.

  • Wunder

    People testing phones like that should not be doing it! When the viewing angle is 90 degrees, everything is fine but when you tilt the phone, you should have them next to eachother and NOT top/bottom! Everyone understands that the angle would be different form the two phones and also the brightness and in some cases the focus when handheld or captured with a crap camera.

  • vigneshprince

    yeah cause samshit is very cheap looking mobile and waste product

  • vigneshprince

    Now sammy fan boys will troll due to jealousy over Sony! wow Sony rock! XZ2 is a great launch! hope they will do even epic for XZ3

  • Jamshad Perumpilavu

    every body complaining about z1 display,you know one thing z1 has most accurate display,still every body complains about viewing angle and experts says that display is not showing rich color like they need to prove this..that’s why they made more saturated color than note 3 with better viewing angle…z2 rocks..stereo speaker,class design,way better camera,way better display.

  • Grey

    Aggregate of that pie chart is ” 101 % ” and can u tell what are the companies that share the 25% of that “other” category???

  • walker

    nobody cares about it ,screw you NYAMNYUNG GUY

  • A

    hbrh hsdh dshha sdas hbrhhgshf …at maximum brightness… salamalekum hrdr hedrtr

  • Ass 5

    u know what… do a pie about cars by brand. Toyota, Honda, Nissan , VW they outta be the biggest lot of the pie. But the very best car makers, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Bugatti, all make the 1%, 2%. Learn a lesson from cars. We , Sony users are the privileged smartphone owners, just like how Ferraris and Lamborghini owners are. You are using the exact same VW beetle as the other 27% of the world.

  • Guest

    Now, Sony has got much better display than Samsung’s Super Amoled. Good job, SONY!

  • Guest


  • Sumo

    The pie chart… it doesn’t seem right. Sony has definitely more share than China manufactures… Let alone Motorola? Come on, Moto is history already. And Nokia? Sure they made some high end phones, but the can’t be around 15%.

  • xperiaDROID

    If I’m not wrong, this pie chart is last year’s. But anyway, Motorola is still alive, it’s still popular in the US and Lenovo acquired Motorola so it’s not a history. About Nokia, I think in the 15% most are low end Lumias and Ashas. And Sony, Sony got 2% is because most of their phones aren’t available in the US, only the flagships are available for only one major carrier T-Mobile in the US.

    But I think we should forget about this pie chart because this chart is last year’s, this year’s chart will totally be different.

  • .

    Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but Note 3’s amoled seems way more natural than Z2’s ips!! (and i do not like samsung)

  • .

    Better?? They only beaten samsung in oversatured, unrealistic colours…

  • Sobhy Mahfouz

    Bashar And Wael how can I find you on Facebook?

  • Simba

    Guys, take a look again! Samu has better contrast and is not oversaturated. Z2’s display is nowhere near it. The angles are better but this isn’t the so awaited salvation. Good job Sony but try a bit more. I will keep my ZL…

  • Tangent Lin

    HAHA! The 2% Make your SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 become waterproof?

  • Castor

    no more. they’ll be selling mobile camera sensors too. those koreans want to hog the entire mobile market. they want everything!

  • Okazuma

    In this case, Note 3 is really better than Z2
    Colors are natural and there is no detail loss

  • sfordesign

    Wait, where are the fanboys asking for privacy shit? And where are the fanboys yelling that sammy screens are oversaturated? All you retards change your minds now? Gosh sony fanboys so unbeatable!

  • Christian

    Grow up!

  • ooo tell hurrrrr…

  • Christian

    If Sammy tried paying trolls against HTC before, now they’re after Sony. Sammy’s really busy lately..

  • Quark Gluon

    It’s hard to judge by just looking at the video. We don’t know if the color clipping is produced by the display or the video camera being used. Also Note 3 display is significantly larger so it shows more perceivable details in this video. But if the video camera was tuned for Z2, Note 3 would look pale.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Wow sony killed it….. Almighty amoled can actually have washed out colors

  • Arup

    All major cameras including NIKON’s flagship D800e, Hasselblad use SONY sensors.

  • Carljn

    I have a removable privacy filter that I put on anytime I get on a train or flight.
    Also, punchy colours and oversaturation are not the same thing.
    No, you, coming on to a Xperia based fansite complaining is what’s wierd..

  • Carljn

    How do you now they are unrealistic? If you have only seen the video you can’t know as it’s very dependent on the display your watching it on.

  • afzal zainal


  • Anukul

    Not everyone is Smart

  • Anukul

    Peace – There is an option to turn off X-Reality and then the screen is neutral and perfect

  • Timbo1

    and even then the S5 isnt really waterproof it looks to be the same type of design as the S4 Active which was a fail at waterproofing.

  • s

    Shame. On you shamsung…just Z2 display natural. And vivid color

  • sisore

    Hello there, privacy lover here.
    It might be true that Z2 has less privacy than before, but there is a huge leap of pros than cons, so I myself can deal with that.

    But I’m not planning to take Z2 anyway, it’s too big for me.

  • Carljn

    This is the marketshare for all handsets, not smartphones. Sony is no longer making feature phones. A pie chart for smartphones alone will be very different.

  • Carljn

    If the screen you’re watching it on doesn’t have the same, or wider, color gamut the details will seem to disappear.

  • Amir

    with more devices like Z2 from sony, their marketshare will go up in time. slowly but surely.

  • Sumo

    Dude, your right I forgot about Lenovo’s acquisition on Moto. What I meant when they are history is they no longer have a large market share like they use to back in their glory days. But the pie chart should be based on worldwide statistics no? But yeah, every year the statistics would be different.

  • AA

    From the video Sony’s display looks overly saturated to me. Samsung’s look more natural.

  • Lunkz

    Myself as a Sony Fanboy and Ericsson. I’m disappointed…
    They make so much Hype, and what we get is a over saturated, blurred, not sharp enough display, which we didn’t wanted, looks like Samsung makes a Step back to real colors and Sony makes the thing what all AMOLED Fanboys loved.

    I don’t know if the Test was legit, but if not, I’m still disappointed. Or maybe false settings, who knows…

  • rexperia

    ohh, another sammy mama fanboy is crying.. because he can’t see the realistic!

  • rexperia

    that bezel on your face..ouchh….

  • Ruub

    Your comment gave me cancer… TURN OFF X-REALITY FOR NATURAL COLORS! GET IT??? Stupid ignorant dont know what else to say, a true SONY fan knows about the X-REALITY feature… pls doge, much kills dis Lunkz

  • Ruub

    We have both to choose from, natural colors(withOUT X-Reality) and oversaturated(with X-Reality). So the phone can match everyones taste.

  • vigneshprince

    yeah! their mobiles are looking even more cheap these days

  • guest

    samshit fanboy alert!

  • Ronit Ghosh

    LOL poor samshit fan boys stop saving samsung’s ass everywhere.. just look at the display of xperia z2, it much better than note 3’s super amoled display..i used to be a fan of samsung’s super amoled display when i used to have s3,note 2 and galaxy s4, but after getting xperia z1, i was bit dissapointed with z1’s display, but xperia z2’s display has no complains, its much better than note 3’s display

  • Lunkz

    I have an Z1 with CM11, so there is no X-Reality, idiot.
    They should remove x-reality instead, just marketing blabla.

    Want an Sony made in Japan not in China.

  • Dirk

    Samshit is cool but my favourite is Sucksung!

    Could be the begin of a story …

    One day the devil brothers Samshit & Sucksung recruited a big army of Trolls, it was the biggest army ever seen..

    Maybe someone likes to continue ;)

  • Fynjy7771

    Note 3 has thicker side bezels than Z2. There is no mistake.

  • Bashar

    We always knew that Sony had it in them otherwise they wouldn’t make the best TV panels. Sony was stubborn to show the world what they can really offer, and now when the time has come they easily put samsung to shame ( something most of us knew they were capable of) and that’s why we were hugely disappointed for not reflecting this in their mobile division.

    I knew this video would mean a lot to us, and that’s why I sent it to the blog and I’m so glad it was posted. As it was asserted earlier, this just shows that Sony are taking some major steps in their mobile technology which only means even better news in the future!

    And with the latest announcement of the Galaxy S5, The Z2 destroys it in every direction ( Ram, camera, battery, display, stereo speakers, IP58)

    Keep it up Sony, that’s the spirit that makes millions around the globe believe in you. No we weren’t a bunch of idiots when we supported Sony, we did this for a reason you know, a ;)


  • karamelakimo

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat job really
    i shared this one yesterday on my sony mobile page ;)

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  • Toh Ler Kang

    Then u would have to buy a phone with double or even triple price of it

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  • Castor

    i was responding to the claim that samsung is still using sony’s sensors. they are now beginning to distance themselves from sony’s camera sensors.

  • that dosn’t look like the note 3 to me looks more like the s3 the note 3 had a more blocky shape like zl

  • Karri

    High saturation does not equate to higher quality and having a BRAVIA in the house ensures I’m acquainted with Live Color Creation.
    Considering the BRAVIA Engine on Mobile kills details by oversaturation and over contrast, Id sooner take a test without them active to judge. I firmly keep MBE2 off except for some movies.

    On the home panel? Live Colour on low. Any more goes over the accuracy point. Contrary to beliefs Samsung AMOLEDs have excellent accuracy if pro photo mode is used.

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  • Arup

    Yes as SONY themselves are stopping supply of sensors to their competitors including Nikon and others but iPhone still uses SONY sensor.

  • Vincentius Phang

    “showing richer colour colours”, lol ?

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  • binLaden


  • Castor

    INCORRECT. big lie. big denial. (referring to “sony themselves stopping supply of sensors to competitors”)

    sony wants to sell its sensors. that’s the only hit the company has had in years. where’d you get that?

    i think you read that news wrong. what sony did not want to sell was the module for the z1. that’s what i heard them say in video interviews available online. they’re not and they will never ever want to stop selling their sensors even to competitors.

    i’m a sony fan but i won’t debase myself with such assumptions.
    i was even thankful to see the ISOCELL in galaxy s5 performing badly.

    i really hope sony does not lose the mobile camera market.

    read some news arup.

  • Castor

    that’s not a good analogy.

    japanese cars sell because they are less expensive and they are of good quality.

    if you compare those car makers to samsung, you are glorifying samsung.

    samsung’s ugly and copied (earlier) designs are not worthy of the comparison. also, samsung’s devices are expensive. they are only less expensive in comparison the apple products. samsung’s devices are great performing, though.

  • Castor

    the pie chart is not the result of an actual survey. it’s just based on analyst speculations.

  • Bernard Wong

    Cool..I don’t mind the X-reality engine switched works great watching Anime on it..punchy color and great viewing angle not to mention great and solid design with reduced flaps on one side….coming from a Z1 and Z Ultra user.. Peace

  • Arup

    Read some photographic sites about SONY and NIKON and update yourself. They will keep the top of the line sensors to themselves. LG, LENOVO does use the sensor from SONY Z but I don’t think you will see the Z1 sensor in any other phone.

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  • Castor

    oh please that’s exactly what i said. do you even know how to read?

  • Arup

    Hey no need to be rude, don’t like my comments, don’t read. You just conveyed otherwise telling all that SONY needs to sell sensors to survive and its entirely WRONG. Do some reading if you can about NEX-7R sensor that Nikon shares on its D800e and what SONY has basically told NIKON about future sharing of sensors. We all are SONY fans here but SONY has now realized that it needs to keep its products exclusive and thats their first line of defense. However bear in mind they are still selling sensors via their subsidiary TOSHIBA to Nikon and others. The Nikon D3200 and 5200 use Toshiba sensor. Do you see any future smartphones getting the Honami sensor? I seriously doubt it.

  • Castor

    what? toshiba is now a subsidiary of sony? seriously?
    i guess i now understand where you’re coming from.

  • Arup

    I know well where you are not COMING from……..

  • Castor

    as i said i know how to deal with you now. apparently, you have erroneously misinterpret some english words. english isn’t your mother tongue, i get it.

    sorry for being rude.

    the sony arrangement is merely a deal (or was that an equipment purchase agreement?) between two companies. one does not become a subsidiary of the other after it.

  • Arup

    SONY has taken over the Toshiba sensor business. We can both say that equivocally that Toshiba sensors are SONY. However Toshiba as a manufacturer of other goods remain independent of SONY. Also you agree that SONY wants to keep its exclusivity in their top products so unlike past where they didn’t concentrate much on phone cams after their Cybershot era, they are now back seriously into their strengths regarding display and cam.

  • Brandon Dean

    It seems to me that the camera they are using just had a hard time focusing on the more intense colors. At first the camera didn’t show any detail in the red teapot on the Xperia z2 image, but it took the camera focusing just on that area to see the detail. I think this is a case of the camera not being up to the task of representing the color gamut.


    note 3 WIN with motr detail !!!

    stop the talking about compare to note 3 , note 3 always win .

    sony CAN’t have even 1% of Spen options … open your eyes to see the

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  • Paul M

    Richer colour colours?

  • Chris

    Great job, Sony!

  • gus

    Both phones have very good displays. But the test would have been better if they used 4 phones for this comparison – one Z2 with X-REALITY on / one with off and one Note 3 with default display settings and one with “natural” or how’s it called, I don’t know.

    I am viewing this on a 15″ 1080p laptop that was confirmed to have one of the widest color gamuts on any display, ever and I can say the Z2 does not show less detail than the Note 3.

  • Jeff Martinez

    If they release a Z1 Compact with this screen tech and keep the compact the same screen size…yeah Sony you got my locked down for my next phone purchase. But in the mean time I do love my Z1 Compact and it even rocks an IPS display.

  • Castor

    and we’re discussing the z2 being compared to the note 3, idiot. not your z1.

    the z1 was already well publicized to have a bad display. why did you buy it?

  • Lunkz

    So what, I compare the Z, Z1, Z2 and Note 3.

    I own the Z1 because of the waterproof 3,5mm Jack, that’s why I changed from the Z to Z1.
    And the quality of the Z was shit.

    It’s okay for me to pay 2 or 3 more for a better quality that last longer then a cheap expensive one.

    So that’s the reason why I buy empty BD disc from Japan and not Germany, because the people in Nippon care for quality, than the citizens in EU.

  • gus

    Wrong. You probably need a better monitor to be able to see that Z2 does not have less detail than Note 3. On mine this is very clear.
    Both devices have very good screens, just different settings. And both devices have an option to enable/disable extra color saturation, which the reviewer should have demonstrated.

  • Castor

    the point is you’re straying from the topic. the z2 is significantly different from the z1. you’re criticizing the z2 based on your inferior z1.

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  • Lunkz

    Maybe I going to buy it?
    And before I do so, I compare it against the Z1.

    And the Video shows how Sony hype everything with Bavaria shit, but what we get is 1 model with 2 different supplier for screen, again… You can look at xda if you want.

    Instead making a one fucking high end phone that beats any other flagship in the year we make 2 or more with shity quality because the others does it too like Samsung.

  • Castor


  • Lunkz

    Look the troll has nothing to say than “ haha “

  • Castor


  • Killian Khoo

    Seems like u r not using any sony phone ~
    U can turn off that feature ~

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  • Ruub

    1. with CM11 on the Z2 the oversaturation will be AUTO OFF, the oversaturation comes from software, not the screen itself… (Which means, it will display natural colors in CM11, only)
    2. The X-Reality is good FEATURE for people that PREFER oversaturation, plus it is nice to watch cartoon/anime with it. Which makes the phone a good choise for anime lovers, alot in Japan.
    Conclusions: you can choose from both, Sony is the only OEM that supports this

  • rudi


  • esniper

    Xperia Z2, but ill stick to my Xperia Z1…

  • Raymond

    guys this comparison i think is legit,Erica Griffin already test the display of Z2 and its proven fact that Z2 has wider color gamut and color gradation …

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  • Shubham Mutreja

    Quality and Quantity are very different things dude

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  • Dj Raza


  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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  • Arup

    Very apparent that comprehension is not your forte’ at all.

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