Before upgrading to KitKat, be wary of SD card restrictions

by XB on 20th March 2014

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sd-cardSony has started the upgrade to Android 4.4.2 KitKat software. The update is currently only live for the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 Compact, however before you eagerly upgrade you should be aware of the limitations relating to microSD memory cards. In basic terms, when you upgrade to KitKat, third-party apps will no longer be able to write to SD cards.

What this means in practice is that, for example, you will not be able to use a third-party file manager app to copy files onto your SD card over a network. Another example is that you currently cannot use the TomTom app to download your maps to the SD card if you are on KitKat.

Only first party apps are able to write to the SD card, which is why the File Commander app will still work on Xperia handsets running KitKat. Third-party developers can get round the issue by creating a dedicated private folder on the SD card which the app can write to. A problem with going down this route though is that all data written to these private folders will be deleted as soon as the app is uninstalled.

Currently the only way to get round this issue is to root your handset and use an app such as “SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD“. However, as there are few rooting options for Xperia KitKat firmware right now, it is a moot point.

So despite most Xperia handsets offering microSD memory card support, it looks more and more that the only use for these cards will be to store photos and media. We don’t see Google changing its stance anytime soon, so we really hope that Sony starts shipping phones with higher storage. Flagships in particular should be running a minimum of 32GB in our view, especially with app/game sizes getting bigger all the time.

  • Kamil1308

    Looks like I will be staying on 4.2.2 on my Z1 for a while

  • Marcin Podsiad?y

    Disappointed… Sony give us app2SD!!

  • Samuel

    There is root available for the Z1 since day-1 of the Kit Kat roll out.

  • kingston

    Its a Google restriction not Sony’s

  • Stephen

    just getting my kitkat now, i really need a break from all the bugs of jb4.3

  • Lunkz

    Don’t be a bitch Google!

  • khan

    i live in india . Bought z1 2 days back. i didn’t get the update yet. Is it country specific

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  • what s wrong with Google?
    class10 u1 is fast enough to install FHD games and play from extSDcard
    But this restriction is not good at all…

  • no Sony can do this like samsung that enabled app2sd

  • Samuel

    Say hello to some new bugs LOL

  • cyleo

    Samsung implemented Google’s implementation in the 4.4 update.

  • Adjaero Pascal

    You’ve got to be Fucking kidding me

  • Micro

    this sounds to me like a bad joke.. really awkward.. :/ I think I’ll pass this update :( it seems BT is still the same buggy it was on 4.3, now this… screw you google, I think I’ll permanently downgrade to 4.2.2, it worked like a charm. I’m really disappointed :(

  • Sam Albalushi

    What about xperia zr

  • Bryan Ng

    First, no tap-2-wake-up, then this one? Come on. :(

    Good thing there’s a warning for update though…

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    Is the update out for SG users? They updated the sony site but PCC doesn’t have an update. Usually when an update arrives for the Z1 on the sony site, there is an update for my Z1 in the PCC immediately.

  • sandokan66

    Now that´s simply BULLSHIT, from both sides, from GOOGLE in first instance but also from SONY not being able to give us a workaround or warn us BEFORE pulling out the update. Now damage is done…who pay for it???

  • Vidur

    This is just nuts, it’s ok to modify the internal “sdcard” but not the external, just nuts… Must be one if rhe most stupid things implemented….

  • Manu

    connect your device to the PC and you must have sony pc suite installed

  • Adrian969

    That sucks? I use my SD-card for storing tv-shows and that will not work after Kitkat? Really bad.

  • student

    same with galaxy note 3 ,restricted sd card usage lol

  • Sergio98765

    hey check page vodafone australia, xperia M 4.3 in testing :)

  • Wetto

    So despite most Xperia handsets offering microSD memory card support, it looks more and more that the only use for these cards will be to store photos and media
    TV-shows are media …

  • Name you know

    Yes it is available in Singapore. Yesterday night I updated my Z Ultra

  • Micro

    It could be some new Google’s sick way to “promote” nexus phones, as (afaik)
    they don’t have SD slots so there is no problem there at all. “hey, you
    stupid, Google is your life, we are your life, we control it all, buy a
    google phone because only on such we allow you to write your files anywhere you
    want! Who needs the SD cards anyway! (or stupid phones with one!)”. Stupid explanation, isn’t it? It is indeed, but I really can’t find any better one..
    I missed this information before. Perhaps I am retarded, but for hours I can’t find ANY logic in this restriction. It’s like you CAN’T write on your SD card in a PC. Or – you can have write access on your PC only on a primary drive, on the first partition and only one directory on it, the desktop, because having write access can be dangerous for the OS and for you. You can have more physical HDDs, but you can store there only WORD and EXCELL files if you buy the MS Office along with the PC.
    IMHO Android 4.4 denied the main purpose of being an operating system.. :/

  • Damien

    anyone in canada c6906 get it yet

  • sony lover

    i love SONY and i hate buggy ANDRIOD shity OS sony must build own OS and make it sample and clean like IOS without fuckking Ads
    i hate google fucck u GOOGLE U SHIT

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    Thanks for the heads up! Updating now!

  • Guest

    Please before bitching at the wrong thing:

  • fucksonycompanion

    after doing that my phone got unrooted. goddammit

  • fuckgoogle


  • Billy de Fretes

    as long i can play my music and movie from sd card and it will no problem for me… still waiting for Z 4.4

  • [A]dri[A]n

    You say this as if it’s a Sony problem. It’s a ANDROID problem. Any Android phone with 4.4 will have this SD card problem.

  • fuckgoogle

    read my nickname :))))

  • kater

    ZR got the update, however the 8G ROM is the problem, so……i think sony should allow us to set up the APP2SD

  • $$$

    if they allow you to do so…… then nobody is gonna buy their new overpriced Xperia Z2… = = = =

  • Rex

    I thought this issue also happened in Android 4.3? In 4.3 we also can’t move third party apps to Sd right?

  • xperiaOS

    Petition for Sony to make its own OS

  • sisore

    Google’s becoming more and more nuts :/

  • Quark Gluon

    This should sound even worse if you were 3rd-party file management app developers and some others. I really hope there will be solution for this before too long, for the sake of both security and freedom. I believe many people have chosen Android because it was not so restrictive.

  • laughingoh

    My photos taken from my camera are saved on my SD Card, will that affect anything? and I have music stored on my SD Card, will they still be playable?

  • JG

    How do you downgrade? without rooting your Z1?

  • Xperia Nagareboshi

    H2 2014 Xperia Nagareboshi will feature a 64GB internal memory

  • Geoffxx

    I must say that this is beyond belief, so if I want to write stuff to my sd card I have to either take it out of the phone or write to internal first then move to external or be forced to root my phone, this is quite honestly ridiculous, and you know why they are doing this – to try and force you to use the cloud so they can profile you even more, they (google) or Sony better put an option in the settings to override this write protection, it is my phone – my memory card – and is up to me what I want to do with it
    fucking morons

  • JG

    Nagareboshi? Is that a leak for new Sony flagship phone?

  • Geoffxx

    no 3rd party apps are generally apps you install, but stuff like quickpic mx player etc may have issues – this is fucking seriously stupid

  • Micro

    backing everything up, flashing properly prepared 14.1.G.1.534 rom (so my IMEI don’t get lost), then eventually flashing your original customized stock ROM, restoring backups.. takes some time
    I have rooted my Z1 for pen mode (I love it) but rooting have nothing to do with it – you just flash the proper ROM and you are downgraded, only all your stuff is gone, so you need your backups
    rooting Z1 don’t break your bootloader so it’s great for making backups of the whole phone whenever you want (of what you want), only it eats some time that I usually don’t have, so XB saved me today

  • scw

    the problem is with google not sony. I dont think there is much sony can (or will) do.

  • ZeroCools

    You didn’t know that? I though most of the time people put in giant bold letters on the forums saying you will lose root updating to a new build.

  • HEndy Winarta Zhang

    how do you know Google is a bitch ?

  • HardyHarHar

    It’s not about about sony can and can’t do it… It’s about google! If they don’t abid by google’s rule then google will blacklist the device from playstore! Let’s put an example on Cyanogenmod’s multi window implementation. They threatened cyanogen that they will block all CM ROMs if they will insist on implementing the feature hence it wasn’t pursued.

  • Jumbo

    Actually Bill Gates + MS is the bitch.

  • dreamtuner

    ya. everytime sony actually finds to fuck its customers in its own way…..

  • ITGuy

    It’s mostly a security related issue. So you’re the moron..

  • ProWeirdo

    Own OS, getting popular and high prices? You want second Apple?

  • hyper0926

    So no more 1080p movie downloading with utorrent? Damn!

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I can tell that My Xperia ZR with 4 gb user internal memory felt sad after reading this.

  • Jonny

    I don’t really care. My sd card is used exclusively for media ie songs videos and photos

  • the_black_dragon

    It’s NOT SOny!!! It’s fucking google!!!
    Same Thing on Samsung Devices…

  • the_black_dragon

    all apps can READ data but not write

  • djno

    so it means if i edit photos in photoshop express then it can’t be saved on sd card?

  • djno

    and what about copy paste to sd card?
    i used to transfer files via wifi network between pc and xz1. i use es explorer bacause it can read/write shared document in PC than copy it to sd card.

  • Stanley Lu

    I actually like the changes and how secure/clean it has become!
    No more messy files all over the place and left overs ~

  • randy

    dude … you’re blaming the wrong company.

  • Roberto Merino

    Haha, you have no idea about where you are getting into, right?

  • Roberto Merino

    You need to be already rooted on a previous firmware before updating to 4.4. So NO, this is not a 4.4 rooting method, just a way to keep root.

  • hocestquisumus

    Google wants us in the cloud. Google can go f*** itself. I use the cloud, I pay for it, but there are certain things I want locally. É basta.

  • hocestquisumus

    So? It works, I’m running it.

  • Jobs

    Same here. But the problem is I usually just use a file manager to access my computers share and copy the files to the phone. Now I’ll have to go back to using USB :(

  • Anon

    Well that was the case since 4.3 you had to downgrade to 4.2 ;) it’s always the same except that this time if you’re rooted 4.3 you won’t need to donwgrade you just have to flash over, and also flash the stripped kernel of your phone!

  • RealityCheck2013

    Wouldn’t mind storing my App’s on my SD Card. Shame you can’t :(

  • Roberto Merino

    No problem, all apps are allowed to have a private folder in the SD to write files, so instead of copying files all over the SD, you will have to copy them in the file manager own folder. All other apps (video players for example) will be able to read files from there.

  • Jobs

    I think Sony changed bluetooth stack in 4.3 and forward. Google and broadcom introduced Bluedroid (the new stack) already in 4.2, but Sony seems to have waited until their 4.3 update before they switched.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Omg didn’t you know that? Don’t blame Sony for loosing root on your phone when you update it via PC companion :s

  • Roberto Merino

    it was not because of that, this decission is based in security and system performance. Until now all apps could write to any location in the SD, this was was exploited by some malicious apps, and also was causing SD to fill themselves with garbage and lots of uneeded files and garbage.

    From now on, all aps which want to use the SD card, have to create their own private folder, and they are allowed to write only to that folder. That’s it. Not a big problem once the apps you use the most get updated.

  • Kratellismorru

    Third Party? Ok Then, By the time my ZR has a Kitkat, I’ll just root it and copy and paste the apk file of my favorite file manager. There, Solved It! (Not sure though, because from what I have done before, if you put an apk inside /system/app/ directory it becomes a system app which cannot be installed normally on the phone )

  • Roberto Merino

    You should really inform yourself before come here to cry like a child XD

  • Micro

    umm.. ok..
    So basically if I download, let’s say, a photo editor (that produces lots of data), it will be forced to jail itself in a private folder. Once I uninstall the program (after I did what I needed), and let’s say I forget to copy those data first, I loose everything that the program created only because Google knows better that those files are garbage and I do not need them. And of course there is no security/performance problem if the very same happens on internal storage.

    Clever. Not a big deal indeed :(

  • Roberto Merino

    Yes, you will be able to save them to the SD card.

  • Kratellismorru

    *I mean, if you personally paste an apk inside /system/app/ directory, the apk becomes installed and read as a system app (CANNOT BE UNINSTALLED using the default app uninstaller)

  • Roberto Merino

    yes, you will be able to do that, the only difference is that from now on, all files downloaded with utorrent will be stored in the same folder, which belongs to utorrent app, and which will be deleted when you uninstall utorrent from your phone.

  • Roberto Merino

    Once your favorite apps are updated to support 4.4 properly, there is no limitation. Apps are able to write to the SD, just like before, but now in a better organized way.

  • josesl16

    Your smartphone file manager can read a computer HDD?! O.o

  • josesl16

    I think this is basically like preventing the developers from cluttering the internal storage with files and shi* everywhere in the device, which seems to have happened before with some apps that had, making the storage to be filled full of garbage and left-overs from apps. Perhaps it’s a consequence of lazy developers that make unnecessary folders outside the folders that they are already given.

    And google seems to be doing this in order to make Android even simpler and cleaner to make it more accesible to the mainstream crowd, but I honestly don’t know if this would really work, lol. And of course, it comes with the disadvantage that many more people who wants free reign over their storage will be mad…

    For the best results, though, I would just root the phone and permit a lot of apps to write as they want to… 8) (If I can, that is)

  • Timbo1

    blame all the people bitching about security concerns.

  • Micro

    I understand the problem, but I don’t understand the solution – why regular users have to suffer from the mistakes of lazy developers..? I have rooted my phone, so I don’t really care, the way or the other I will use it how I want. But there are people who don’t even know about the root user – they will get pissed after losses I mentioned before and will hate android for that.
    Why don’t make apps to just ask for permissions to make a trashcan from the phone..? Imagine how many file managers became completely useless :/

  • Diabolus

    this is solution for write to ext sd card :

    i think it works on every device with KK :)

  • Saurabh Raut

    I Would Better Wait For any 4.5 to Come if Possible

  • Gary

    no they won’t. Only to their own ephemeral folder.

  • Paul M

    more on Tod Liebeck’s G+ pages about this:

  • Abhijit Biswas

    This is the right time to support my petition, Which will be really helpful! For “Move apps to sd card” …

  • HUNKharon

    There you go good sir/lady…
    You can fork AOSP anytime…

  • Roberto Merino

    If you unistall the app and don’t save your data first, then, blame yourself. If the internal storage is emulated as sdcard0, the same rule apply, if not, then developers had this limitation from the beginning of Android.

    People is not always very technical, and users were complaining that they were loosing free space without reason even after uninstalling everything. If you were Google, you can not ask these people to install a file manager, learn to use it, and browse the SD card to delete things manually. Instead they were suggesting to Format the SD, loosing what they still need and what the don’t need together.

    I think this is a good measure.

  • Roberto Merino

    Because of the nature of Android, users can install apps from outside of Play Store forcing devolopers who publish their apps in Play Store is not enough. We are not only talking about apps that use a trashcan, we are talking about malicious apps that download installers in .apk format with suggestive names, put them in your download folder and try to install them, or apps that like to use various folders for no apparent reason. Until now this was the jungle.

  • Micro

    What if she accidentally delete whatsapp? Or – she need to do this because “it always worked” to reinstall unstable app? She still can’t use file manager, what then? Should I tell her “oh, sorry, you lost everything because Google thinks your stuff is a garbage”? No man, this is not right. The problem is understandable, only the solution is not. I’d rather make her learn to use a file manager, than watching her going mad after such a stupid loss.

    That’s just my opinion. I understand the concept, I really do. But this way…? Just NO.

  • Roberto Merino

    You will be able to do it, but you will have to paste the files in ES file explorer own folder in SD card. That’s all.

  • hkk

    okk thats not bad ;)

  • aligamz

    Get your info right. This is a Google thing, not Sony’s.

  • aligamz

    You should’ve read KitKat release notes directly from Google. Sony is not commited to give this kind of “warnings”, as you call them, nor any other manufacturer. If you want to blame someone, blame Google.

  • Sam Albalushi

    I did not get the update man i am still at 4.3

  • nick 1

    troll detected. comment irrelevant to the article. and Google is no less of a bitch than ms

  • MikeViller

    well I have 4.4.2. on my i9100 (cm11) and I still can move app to sdcard.

  • Stephen

    Yeah Google maps has gone to hell since update

  • John Kaulitz

    What about xperia z?? Any way In my phone i cant move any apps but i have my 16 gbs from internal storage and its enough.

  • newbie

    is this restriction for both sdcard0 ( internal storage ) & sdcard1?

  • josesl16

    I don’t know, perhaps because Google couldn’t find any other way but still insist in having a simpler OS in the future? I wish the devs took the rules seriously too.
    As for root, you would think that people who don’t know it wouldn’t even care having such an option in the first place, although of course there can be a lot of exceptions.
    I have a better idea. Why not allow certain apps that needs to write to other folders do it by giving a certain permission that allows the apps to do so, and said permission can be given only by google when the apps clearly needs the function and have passed certain tests administered by Google or something. That way apps like file manager can still do as they like, though I wonder if it would be time-consuming/impractical from Google’s side, hahaha.
    Anyway, though, I hope Google fixes this/gives a better solution to this in future updates :

  • Nigel Webber

    So, since Google has completely destroyed the usefulness of MicroSD cards with KitKat, can someone point me to where I can buy an Xperia Z2 with 76GB of internal storage available at a £40 premium over the 16GB model? Perhaps there’s a new Nexus available with 76GB of internal storage? No??? Thought not… Google – you are a bunch of numpties…

  • zaimi

    After updating, one of the noticed issue is YouTube/movies sound is slow because it use earpiece speaker not the main speaker. But if listening music using walkman app its sound is ok. Anybody have experienced this?

  • Stanley08

    KitKat is ALOT better. Trust me. If you root of course :)

  • Danny

    Why is Google restricting App to SD card? And why is Sony going along with it?
    I just don’t get it.

  • Rainmanone
  • Ricardo Ca

    No way man. That’s the insanity of the thing. Now we have a bunch of file managers that can’t manage files.

  • Ricardo Ca

    Any android phone with ex sd card has the problem. But Sony could have removed it from its release. There is a petition asking Sony to do that and a page in facebook asking Google the same:

  • Nick099

    “Third-party developers can get round the issue by creating a dedicated
    private folder on the SD card which the app can write to. A problem with
    going down this route though is that all data written to these private
    folders will be deleted as soon as the app is uninstalled…. ”

    But there is a more serious problem not mentioned by anyone of these tech writers. While Kit Kat will allow a 3rd party app to write to a dedicated folder created on the SD card by that app, no other app will be able to write to that folder….only read it. What that means is if you use one app to write a file to the SD card (e.g. Dropbox, VNC, FileLinx) and then want or need to use another app to modify it….that modifified file can only be saved in yet another folder….one created by the modifying app. In effect you will now have two of the same file created in two folders…except one has been changed. Talk about confusion!

    It has been said this update is a “housecleaning” measure…one to restrict spying and improve security. Ha! More likely is Google trying to force people to use their cloud system to steal even more of their personal information to sell it to the highest bidder. Why else did they introduce phones and tablets with small storage and no SD card capability last year?

    This “update” is not a good thing no matter how one wishes to spin it.

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  • Furious at Android BitchKat

    Yesterday. I just sold my Galaxy S4 with Android BitchKat because of this.

  • Ricardo Ca

    Exactly man. I can’t believe that Google is not backing out on this. There is a discussion about this at:!topic/android-platform/14VUiIgwUjY%5B26-50-false%5D

  • Ricardo Ca
  • andy

    I have called Sony software develop team. They don’t know this issue until I had four times reported with them though A long talk phone call. Can not save a file on an external sd card is a big issue. Before I called them. Even camera function cannot save pictures on an external sd card. Now they fixed camera can save pictures on external sd card. I am waiting for they fix this bug as soon as possible.

  • shiva kumar

    dont put false communications. After my z1 going though kitkat update my phone sucks. see more here

  • Mamoon Bakeer

    If your smartphone has a microSD slot; either skip Kitkat or update & root (I hate rooting).

    OEMs are making Android experience worse by releasing handsets & flagships with low internal storage like 16GB which Android & “OEM skin” eat half of it leaving almost 8-10GB net storage available to end-user & that is exactly the case of many high-end smartphones like Galaxy S3+S4+S5, Xperia Z+Z1+Z2, LG G2… just to mention a few.

    I don’t mind installing KitKat if my smartphone has an internal storage of 64GB or 128GB storage. I hope to see devices with massive storage easily available in the markets.

  • Smart

    Via Window’s SMB protocol, sure. Why not?

  • josesl16

    Teach me master!

  • Exodite

    For me personally the main concern is whether I’ll still be able to mount my SDcard (using USB MSM, not MTP) and transfer files as I’m used to doing.

    Because one of the primary reasons I chose Android over the competition was hassle-free use and interfacing with other devices.

    Sadly while there’s been a lot of articles on the subject I’ve yet to see any obvious mention of how it’d affect my use case.

  • zaryab

    Who says its just a kitkat bug.
    on my Xperia SP 4.3. App2sd not supported, I can’t even store game data on SD Card. There ain’t any Android Folder on sd card

  • Warren

    Seeing as Sony never provided a warning in the update centre on the phone of an issue they knew about shouldn’t they providing us with an option to downgrade to 4.3 in the update centre, this would make a lot of sense and its very easy for Sony to sort out, that would be true customer care.

  • Ricardo Ca

    Someone in the android discussion forum!topic/android-platform/14VUiIgwUjY created a petition:

    Please sign in

  • Mutomi Sconi

    classic xperiablog, get something totally wrong and broadcast it to everyone

    listen, if you guys don’t know how things work, you shouldn’t talk about it

  • OojaigerdroidoO

    Evasi0n FTW! people are always talking about how android gives you more freedom! And now this sort of thing happens after all of the private user data leaks and security flaws?

    Yea I can see how free and secure everyone using MOST android device is. I own both ios and android btw before people get all bitchy and defensive! Ios 7 evasi0n jailbreak and droid 4.3 rooted with custom rom

  • Kiwi

    I don’t know if this helps anyone, but I just got the kit kat update on my Galaxy Note2 4G GT-N7105 I couldn’t save music or photos or videos to my sd card after the update, just like you all. In my phone, I have a stock file explorer (My Files). I can still manually move all of the above to my external sd card via this, but not my Es File Manager. Hope this helps you in someway, not ideal, but a way of moving things.

  • Christian


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  • Lars Von Panzerbjørn

    They’re not being a bitch, they’re being Apple ;-)
    And given a choice between a NExus and an iPhone, there’s no longer any real difference…

  • comptech

    Well I will either go with an iphone or a windows phone next time.

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of jewellery items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • ellipsis

    “Security” is the worst excuse for a change.

    Does this prevent any app from writing anywhere to internal storage? No.
    Does this prevent any app from reading from any file/folder? No.

  • ellipsis

    1) Breaks SD card writing
    2) Breaks App Ops
    3) Doesn’t “alot better” anything

  • Timbo1

    I didn’t come up with the excuse. Google did take it out on them :-/

  • ellipsis

    Oh , I know it’s Google’s choice there. I just can’t believe people’d give up functionality for perceived security.

  • Melmac

    Then why the hell are you releasing phones with only 16gb where the Androidsystem eats half of it!?

  • Joseph Zhang

    Get Note 3, HTC M7 or even iPhone 32Gb and above…

  • Joseph Zhang

    Why cant Android phone manufacturers be like Apple? Increase the internal space to at least 32-64Gb range. You expect Android apps to be as polished as iOS in the future and yet all flagships of 2014 has laughable “16GB space” You call that flagship?

    Unleass Android apps are much smaller size with lousy graphics and experience than 16GB is enough. That’s why I choose Note 3 for the internal RAM and thats bare minimum. 2014 flagships should have 64-128GB option.

  • Mamoon Bakeer

    I already fell in love with LG G3. It’s amazing in every aspect. period.

  • Mamoon Bakeer

    Root the phone then install SDFix app in order to have best of both worlds: KitKat+full microSD freedom like before.

  • isana

    how a about for 4.4.4(14.4.A.0.108)? this app dont work on that….

  • slartibartfast the second

    Sony xperia tablet cost me 550 quid. It comes with duelshock support so Sony fancy the tab as a gaming device too. I bought a 64gb sdxc card that is same speed as the internal storage speed. Most top games are over 1.8gb in size and cannot be stored on external storage which is ludicrous with a 16gb internal storage, especially as you only left with about 10gb due to all the shovelware crap that comes with the device that you cant delete except for warrenty voiding rooting software. Yet my Samsung galaxy s4 does allow for storage transfer? So its not kit kat, they can change it if they want. If Sony are to be even considered as a gaming platform with xperia z tablets…they need better storage for you 500 quid!


    is there any fix that do not require root…
    using xperia Zr.
    pls suggest ASAP…

  • Martin L

    If they willfully remove features that we originally paid for, wouldn’t it be ground for lawsuits? Or are software companies somehow immune from consumers and ethical laws?

  • Adimin Baik

    Hahahaha, Google (Android) afraid about the security and speed performance of OS. And finally Google following Microsoft (Windows Phone) To Restrict Acces SDCard for 3rd party software and build private isolated..

  • aNotInUseUsername

    That’s it, nice knowing you android, getting more shitty by update, I’m moving to WP

  • mosfett

    Yeah, do it.
    I guess you enjoy half developed apps with loads of bugs

  • Disapointed with google

    i bought an Asus transformer Pad 16GB (TF103C) W/ dock yesterday…
    along with a microSD 64GB card…

    i did not knew about this shitty move from google.. now?
    and now i cant save my documents on the sd card where i have them…

    i have 14 more days to return this device with this crappy OS…
    i am awaiting a asus response on this… maybe they have some sort of fix… or a response for a fix to soon arrive.. maybe android 4.5 will remove this sd card restriction nonsense!

    if i return this tablet i may choose another tablet BUT not same android version or the problem will remain…
    i do not want to use windows 8.1 on tablets… hate windows 8.1…
    and windows 10 is still a bit far…
    and apple is totally out of the question….

    i putted all my faith in android.. and got slapped in the face..
    google is apple now.. just searching for profit with all these limitations trying to sell cloud storage… and anyone that believes in their “security reasons” crap is a fool.

    Shame on you Google.. shame on you… hope you lose tons and tons of money with this move!
    its my tablet! its my SD card! its my personal info! its my money! therefor you have no business preventing me from using my sd card on my tablet!

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  • Ritsujun

    Are you blind?

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  • Cvolton

    When it’s so easy to fix that for users (edit one file), why couldn’t Sony do that? Do they have some kind of license agreement with Google, that prohibits them to do that?

  • teeberryu

    via network.

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