Xperia SP update (12.1.A.1.192) approved by French carrier SFR; says it will be out today

by XB on 21st March 2014

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SPJust a quick heads-up for Xperia SP owners to let you know that French carrier, SFR, has approved the bug-fixing Android 4.3 firmware update that was certified last month. SFR says that firmware build 12.1.A.1.192 should be available from today, however given that nothing has arrived thus far, we assume that’s a bit optimistic.

SFR says the update brings improved performance and stability; UI optimisations and updates to Sony’s media apps. We’re somewhat sceptical that we’ll see this anytime soon, but if it does start to roll we’ll let you know.

Thanks Levered!

  • howij


  • haha

    say bye to kitkat sp users…:)

  • techielover

    I think it will surely get KITKAT Update because its still selling like hotcakes !!!

  • honglong1976

    Xperia L next! :)

  • Fanboy

    Hello Z1 users after I updated to kitkat I’m going to set lock screen wallpaper it’s not working if anyone try that plz say it’s work or not

  • András Csaba Sz?cs


  • SONY!!!

    Dont mess it up again..test it over and over again and then release it..

  • sdadas

    Nope, it’s 99% not getting kitkat. Sony has already announced 3 waves of devices getting KK and the SP is not in any of them. Emails to sony developers show that they haven’t heard about anything about KK for the SP yet

  • Guest

    U have to be realistic, the SP is one of the most unique phones, using the krait processor and adreno 320, as well as the led strip. This makes it quite difficult to code software for as it was pretty obvious in the really late 4.3 update. Who knows? They might still do 4.4 but it will probably take a long time…

  • Krzysiek eM

    Can someone elaborate me what exactly does this mean ” We’re somewhat sceptical that we’ll see this anytime soon, but if it does start to roll we’ll let you know.”…HOPE OR NOT TO HOPE…

  • Jay

    SP may or may not get KK but plz provide a reliable 4.3 JB. Right now its buggy and errant. Plz bring some Sony expertise for this unit. Do something good to the camera and UI lag.

  • Sam Albalushi

    Xperia zr kitkat is coming or not

  • Amey

    Check out on SFR android blog

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  • AudioAw2015

    This update will determine if I will keep my SP or not. I’ve been patiently waiting for a proper update to this phone. If this update doesn’t deliver, it’s goodbye Sony.

  • wojtek0018

    Say hello to CM :)

  • go

    They are the ones who put it together, it’s more like they are lazy I mean After Z series comes SP and a lot of Z series almost identical, though they still can’t manage their own portfolio.

  • elovi

    They are waiting April to come, so they can say “we gave support to a mid range device for al full year.” bunch of pricks

  • Gabriel Ferraz da Silva

    Just the most expected.

  • randy

    is there a 4.4 CM version that’s already available? if so, is it stable? ‘coz ive been thinking of rooting my phone as well

  • LTE

    i don’t really care about kitkat. all i wanted is a fully functional 4.3 without these bugs we’re experiencing right now. kitkat has some sd restriction thing which sux.

  • Hubert Brandstetter

    The blue triangle in the background is the amount of uncertainty. 4.4 is highly uncertain, even in this outdated screenshot.

  • Killian Khoo

    It is confirmed ~

  • apecorp

    Even if kitkat is released today, so wat? If it’s buggy wats the point? If u can get a stable firmware even if
    is 4.3 , then its good enough. Having said dat no one can expect a zero bug firmware update, but at least
    Not weird shit like; “hey to take screenshots in 4.3 I need to press low volume & power button at the same time!”….as oppose to 4.1; press power>menu>screenshot..

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  • Amey
  • Sabin Jamal


  • glein

    Tbh, if they get the necessary drivers ready and port the rest of the stuff from the Z series models of the same time period, it wouldn’t take as much, they’d only have debugging left.

    They are either “lazy” because of a future successor to the SP or they’re trying to play it down until they’re past the obligatory 18 months of software updates so they’ll have an excuse to bother.

  • xperialovers

    if any one get the update let us know

  • prisley

    I think it will start rolling from Monday 24th

  • annonymouse

    Volume down and power is the default method to take screenshots in ASOP android. It lets you quickly press hardware buttons to take a screenshot. Not saying there are not bugs but you have the wrong gripe there.

  • randy

    not anymore

  • Daniel Moros

    People here are complaining about terrible bugs and i have to be honest, what bugs? I dont see terrible bugs, slow? but its really fast!!. Yes, they need to improve a couple of thing but by far 4.3 is an excelent update

  • laci_csk

    Agree with You.

  • raghava

    I think sp will get 4.4
    As Sony promises a 18 month software support for their devices
    Sp was launched on March 2013 so it’s support ends on September 2014
    Hope Sony won’t forget sp

  • Dark

    If somebody is blind… hahaha,

  • light

    there’s a batch of people who are experiencing the same issues with
    their phones … while the rest (including myself) are not experiencing
    majority of the so called bugs which is weird because we all have the
    same phones. but i know from experience that the same brand/model can
    get very different results with the same update. because i experienced
    that with my older xperia phone. a friend of mine didn’t experience any
    issues while i was cursing mine to no end.

  • cyapalmos

    The biggest problem I’ve got is that I cannot use Bluetooth and Wifi at the same time.

  • waseem

    Its Better to go for nexus devices rather than Sony for faking people in update

  • mj

    the vodafone australia blog say the update is in test and not ready, and the .192 update still don’t fix some bugs (led) as read on xda. if 4.4 is ready for z series, hope will be ready even for sp

  • Kline

    OUTRAGEOUS the attitude from Sony experts regarding the XSP update. The update was supposed to be available late Jan early Feb and STILL NOTHING. With this policy regretfully SONY IS NOT GOING FAR. THIS IS TOO SLUGGISH AND BULLSHIT. I’M A LOYAL CUSTOMER SINCE 2010 AND AT THIS POINT I FEEL LIKE SHIT THANKS TO SONY.THEY CERTAINLY HAVE A HECK OF A WAY IN TREATING THEIR CUSTOMERS. I feel I need to move elsewhere because no matter how GORGEOUS the handsets are Sony really makes my nerves ILL. Can’t stand it any lo
    more these SLUGGISH and BUGGY updates. BIG SHAME.

  • Gaelex

    I find most puzzling the fact that new firmware comes out as branded version, while the rest of the clean SPs are not getting the update.

  • laci_csk

    Yes we all have the same phone, but with different settings and different apps installed, rooted/unrooted, bootloader locked/unlocked etc.,this may be a cause.

  • randy

    you are aware this is a bug fix update for the one that was already released last month right?

  • Berg

    There used to be three ways of doing it, now there is two.. If that’s the kind of problems keeping you up at night you need to refocus your life on more productive things.

  • ????????? ????????
  • Kline

    When one doesn’t get ANY update yet it CANNOT be called a bug fix update because there aren’t any bugs due to NO UPDATE RECEIVED. I don’t need any bug fix. WHAT I WANT IS THE L O N G PROMISED UPDATE. NOW. PERIOD! Sony and the f*CKEN carriers had more than enough time to get things right. For a giant like Sony this is very SHAMEFUL. SO NO MORE BULSHIT. ENOUGH.

  • uselessxperia

    please check out again the website sony delay the update, this phone is useless and worst then china clone or any lower model.

  • Sam Albalushi

    what u mean not any more its coming or not

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  • Amey

    Check out on SFR android Blog

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  • Divya Bharathi

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