Xperia Z2 manual now available

by XB on 21st March 2014

in Tips & Tricks, Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 hard resetWe haven’t seen the Sony Xperia Z2 hit retail yet, but that hasn’t stopped the user guide appearing. The manual should help answer any questions you may have on the handset. Much like the Xperia Z1, it confirms the handset has a hard reset button and shows how you can insert the micro SIM and microSD memory cards. The manual sits at 127 pages. You can download the English manual below, user guides for other languages can be downloaded here.

Xperia Z2 manual

Xperia Z2 manual

Xperia Z2 hard reset

  • Colby Leong

    I really hope they can get their phones out to retail stores like BestBuy, so everyone else can have hands on experience on this phone.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    Yes I’m gonna buy this :-D

  • Nidou

    That HOT phone brought BONER even to the cat!

  • timothy chan

    lol you made my day hahaha, but seriously i have a z1 but i am seriously thinking about a z2

  • Nidou

    lmao… even Z1 and Z both still to bring erection :D

    damn sony u’re so hot like a legit porno movie :D

  • P9

    It’s Time Sony, release it every where!

  • Mohammed Khired

    how they thought of putting the micro usb port along with sim card port all in one flap ?

    and they left the micro sd alone ? they must be fucking genius!!

    otherwise , stupid guy like me would think of putting the sim and the sd card ports under one flap !

    all hail sony design team …..without them the whole xperia line will be so fucking boring !!

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  • Colby Leong

    I kind of want to trade up from my Z1 to the Z2, but with Sony’s 6 month cycle, the Z3 would be a more sound option to trade to. Plus with the direction Sony is headed in with their recent offering things can only go up, same goes for HTC, LG, Huawei, Oppo, etc., unlike Samsung where things seem to have slowed down.

  • timothy chan

    I am a bit of a collector myself, so I tend to keep the phones (plus I am a bit paranoid about personal security so I don’t sell my electronics that has ever tied to any of my accounts). I am just showing my support to the Z2 as this seems to be an important milestone for Sony (more people are talking about Z2 now than the S5).. after this I think I will still skip every other 6 month unless there is another break through from Sony

  • Colby Leong

    I totally get where you are coming from, plus my Z1 slipped off my bed and hit my dumbell so there’s very small dents to the frame, only viewable up close and at an angle. I’m still debating on getting the Z2 because it is a great phone, but for now I’ll wait for the reviews. As of now I’m not planning on buying it, but if it gets the same reviews that Samsung use to get, or like what the HTC One got then I might reconsider.

  • Colby Leong

    We’re you watching Scrubs?

  • Sony fan boy

    Hahaha…. Design fail.. Lol

  • josesl16

    Valid point, now I’m curious wondering what they were thinking when designing this lol. Maybe they are encouraging users to use the magnetic charging plate? Or internal problems prevented Micro SIM slot from being together with SD card slot(which is, of course, Sony’s problem)…

  • Mohammed Khired

    you can check xperia T2 ultra and xperia m2 , i think both sd and sim ports under one flap in these two phones , so yeah no excuse for sony team…

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  • Divya Bharathi

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