Seven new Xperia Themes launched from Knowit Mobile

by XB on 27th March 2014

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Xperia theme - Polybox_1_resultSwedish developer Knowit Mobile already has a number of Xperia Themes in the Google Play Store. It has now released seven more, which includes three freebies. You won’t find these themes through Sony Select right now, so you’ll have to go direct to the Google Play Store. You will find links to the Play Store and pictures of each of the new themes below. Our favourite from the selection below is Polybox, what is yours?

Free Xperia Themes

Blue Water

Xperia theme - Blue Water_1_result

Xperia theme - Blue Water_2_result

Xperia theme - Blue Water_3_result

Xperia theme - Blue Water_4_result

Xperia theme - Blue Water_5_result

Clean Foggy

Xperia theme - Clean Foggy_1_result

Xperia theme - Clean Foggy_3_result

Xperia theme - Clean Foggy_4_result

Xperia theme - Clean Foggy_5_result

Color Pixel

Xperia theme - Color Pixel_1_result

Xperia theme - Color Pixel_2_result

Xperia theme - Color Pixel_4_result

Xperia theme - Color Pixel_5_result

Xperia theme - Color Pixel_6_result

Paid Xperia Themes (£0.95, €1.00, $1.00)


Xperia theme - Rusty_1_result

Xperia theme - Rusty_2_result

Xperia theme - Rusty_3_result

Xperia theme - Rusty_4_result

Xperia theme - Rusty_5_result

Paid Xperia Themes (£1.89, €2.00, $2.00)


Xperia theme - Organix_1_result

Xperia theme - Organix_2_result

Xperia theme - Organix_3_result

Xperia theme - Organix_4_result

Xperia theme - Organix_5_result


Xperia theme - Polybox_1_result

Xperia theme - Polybox_2_result

Xperia theme - Polybox_3_result

Xperia theme - Polybox_4_result

Xperia theme - Polybox_5_result


Xperia theme - Reality_1_result

Xperia theme - Reality_2_result

Xperia theme - Reality_3_result

Xperia theme - Reality_4_result

Xperia theme - Reality_5_result

Thanks Patryk!

  • Adrian M

    What is about a PS4 Design ?

  • Adrian969

    Is there a way to make own themes? Like a guide how big the pics should be and things like that?

  • damin26

    After rebooting my fully stock Xperia SP running 4.3 using one of these themes, I get a bootloop and the only way to restore my phone is through Sony Update Service. This happens when using both the new themes, as well as the updated old ones. Can anyone else confirm this? Do you get a bootloop on stock 4.3 on your Xperia SP??

  • Buat Komentar

    It’s damn cool..
    i hope my Xperia M can install them.

  • Bob

    Wow these themes are actually really good, worth paying for :)

  • stefbeukers

    Hi Damin,
    here, same story. Have 4.3 and installed two themes from above. Now i’m in bootloop. Already managed to fix it? I’m still in looping.

  • damin26

    Sadly, the only way to get your phone working again is to restore its firmware using Sony Update Service… :(
    Remove the back cover first and press the “OFF” button with the tip of a pen or something for several seconds, it will vibrate three times. Then start charging the battery until it’s above 60%. When you do this, start the flashing process! Good luck mate! :)

  • stefbeukers

    Damn… Thnx anyway!

  • ??????? ?????????

    wow, Sony made a really good job with SP’s frimware. It even crashes from official theme -_-

  • Stephen

    they dont seem to understand what transparency means which is ironic for a company called knowit

  • Svilen

    YEAH nice job f**ctards ;) Next time when you make a theme can you please check whether or not it gets the phone into a bootloop? THANKS A LOT. Now that sarcasm is over, don’t put Blue Foggy or whatever its name was.

  • Patrol619

    I don’t have that issue. Installed all three free themes, set Color Pixel, then rebooted and nothing happened, my SP booted as usual.

  • karamelakimo

    They are all great but too expensive at my country Egypt…but any way I loved blue water and clear foggy
    And polybox seems to be the best
    They make my xperia Z looks great really
    W8ing for new themes soon :D

  • Jerry Berglund

    Its a pity that these themes not working properly on 2012 phones. KnowIT AB knows about the issue and tells its actually not their fault but Sonys who didnt check the theme-engine that it really works for Xperia V and other phones.

  • Jerry Berglund

    KnowIt knows about the issue, but the problem (according to theme) lays with Sony…

  • XperiaBlog

    Indeed it is a shame if you’re running the KitKat firmware, we were a bit disappointed by this too.


    Clean foggy is bestttttt

  • Bob

    Yes I definitely agree with that, it takes a step back from the new 4.4 look

  • g

    Boot to safe mode and delete theme, search on talk.sonymobile site. I haven’t done it, idk if you can when there’s bootloop but I think I’ve read it there some time ago.

  • Eet

    Wow. Those are ugly themes. :|

  • P9

    yes, make theme our selve like old SE :D
    sony u r here? c’mon.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Clean foggy isn’t new… I am using it since 1 month !!!

  • Mirrorpurple

    I want Reality… Sigh they greedy buggers…

  • Sourav Banerjee
  • Andrey

    Organix one good

  • morteza
  • morteza
  • morteza
  • Guest
  • Hisham
  • i experienced the bootloop last night after some of my themes updated themselves (apparently), which implies i never had any problem with the themes i have downloaded so far. i tried out the so-called updated themes, and a few seconds after i applied the theme, my phone rebooted itself. at first i thought it was a one time thing, but then it kept rebooting even before the reboot actually completed itself. i thought i was doomed, but i figured what went wrong, and took out my sim, (at this stage, the reboot was slighty more successful, in the sense that i actually get to the homescreen before the phone reboots itself again. i quickly change the theme to the stock themes and the problem stopped. then i put the sim back in, and that was it for me.

  • ville672

    Xperia s not supported -_-

  • morteza
  • Bonnie
  • Stephen Lim

    hi, can i ask, why my locked screen is still the same Xperia wallpaper, after i had change my theme to others?
    need some help here, Z1 user…

  • Dido

    I want dark theme where everything is black-settings too

  • Killian Khoo


  • Killian Khoo

    Got someone upload the apk files and comment here ~

  • Killian Khoo

    hmm ~
    I feel so lucky didnt face this problem on my ZR

  • hansip

    Based on Sony rep here, they say that the tool chain is a proprietary for a moment and they are still investigating the solution for that. I don’t know how but i guess somebody on the team doesn’t like to share his awesome work i guess :p

  • guest

    Same here! And transparent theme too:((

  • krasimiretov

    Hello to fix bootloop: Remove your SIM Card and uninstall the theme. Worked on my Xperia V

  • milad8665

    Yes please do something i want black setting like JB 4.2.2

  • Michael M.

    All these themes look awful for me..Like something from 200X years came back. I used to set something like this to my windows XP and winamp those years.

  • karamelakimo

    Thx dude

  • Kunorishi

    Yea. It works like you said. Thanks :)

  • Kunorishi

    Just take out the SIM card and try again. After a few times, it will turn on. After that, change it back to the stock theme

  • JohJPhillips

    After rebooting my fully stock Xperia SP running 4.3 using one of these themes, I get a bootloop and the only way to restore my phone is through Sony Update Service. This happens when using both the neew themes, as well as the updated old ones. Can anyone else confirm this? Do you get a bootloop on stock 4.3 on your Xperia SP??

  • Alessandro Bardelle

    Sorry, but… HOW to come back to stock everywhere (volume, icons etc)?

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Factory Reset. It’s an update bug.. happens after updating to 4.4

  • reDalerT

    hi morteza do you have the older xperia themes? like steampunk and probot? thanks for the new themes :)

  • morteza
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  • Akash

    I have xperia l nd I’m dying to have these themes but in playstore a black bar appears in which its written dat the themes r not compatible…. feeling so disappointed..

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • Unique

    First Xperia theme with Battery Icon themed. wifi and signal icon.. try it.

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