Minor Xperia L update (15.3.A.1.16) hitting select carriers

by XB on 28th March 2014

in Firmware, Xperia L series

Xperia L_15.3.A.1.16A very minor Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for the Xperia L (C2105) is now rolling to select Orange customers in Europe. The firmware build moves from 15.3.A.1.14 to 15.3.A.1.16. The Xperia Update Checker program highlights that the update has only seen a limited release so far.

This could be a carrier-specific update, so don’t necessarily expect it to roll to all handsets. Xperia L owners are still waiting to hear if/when Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will hit handsets. However, as the Xperia M has seen the v4.3 update, it is only likely to be a matter of time.

Xperia L_15.3.A.1.16

Xperia L_15.3.A.1.16

Thanks PANOSL!

  • Faisal Subaru

    when xperia L getting the Android 4.4 Kit Kat?

  • techielover

    Xperia Sp baby will never be so lucky like this lol!!!

  • hhh

    we want major not minor sony. there are tonnes of bugs please fix that

  • rexperia

    what tons of bugs do you mean? so over acting…

  • Constantine

    There really are tons of bugs

  • hhh

    1. homescreen lags while swiping
    2. sometimes sound comes from ear speaker instead of loud speaker
    3. proximity sensor issue is not completely fixed
    4. very low fps while using lowest iso mode in normal mode and sometimes screen blackout
    5. camera pics arent that good while using flash(not sharp)
    6. multi touch bug… also pinch to zoom isnt responsive
    7. weak touch sensitivity (maybe hardware issue)
    8. sometimes battery drains for no reason

  • Constantine

    Also, sometimes when you close game, all icons on desktop disappear, and come back only after 3-5 secs.

  • apex


  • hhh

    thats coz low free memory available i think where android usually closes apps which we dont use and so obviously closes down xperia launcher

  • hyper0926

    who are you ceo of sony?

  • XperiaLFucker

    what are you pussy of Xperia L ?

  • hyper0926

    is that a shit joke?

  • Moehamad Pay

    XSP, and XM already get a Firmware update 4.3, but why XL yet?? and how many more years I have to wait for the firmware update 4.3 for my XL??

  • (C):stem

    Sorry guys but I’m afraid that Sony already deprecated our Xperia L. We may see Android 4.3 until august or September, by then Google should have released Android 4.5 or 5.
    That’s the pay we have to pay for not preferring the huuuge and expensive flagships and choosing a mid range phone with a normal screen size instead. Unfortunately the Nexus is as big as Xperia flagships, but I’m considering to switch to them just for the updates. I love Sony devices but it’s clear that if I don’t own a flagship the company will forget about me.

  • XperiaLFucker

    No you fucking shit XL, get you pussy down here…my penis is ready.

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  • vekudk

    Why Xperia SP and M have 4.3 and Xperia L not??

  • không có gì là m?i h?t , ??i lên 4.3 luôn

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