Specs compared: Xperia Z2 versus the HTC One (M8)

by XB on 28th March 2014

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Xperia Z2 versus HTC One M8Typically around this time of year, many Android enthusiasts wait to see what the latest flagships will bring from the likes of HTC, Samsung and Sony. For HTC and Samsung it is likely to be their main flagship for the year ahead. For Sony, we know that the company is likely to continue its biyearly flagship schedule.

HTC unveiled its latest flagship a few days back, the HTC One (M8). Like many anticipated mobile devices, pretty much most of it was leaked way before the formal announcement. HTC has continued its design language from last year’s HTC One (M7) and improved it with up-to-date specs, a slightly larger display, expandable storage and a dual rear camera.

We have listed the specs from the HTC One (M8) below and compared it against the Sony Xperia Z2 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5. It shows spec-wise how close these flagship devices are these days. However, there are crucial differences in terms of design and materials.

The rear of the Xperia Z2 and HTC One (M8) phones continue to offer a more premium finish of glass and aluminium compared to the wholly-plastic construction of the Galaxy S5. In terms of camera performance, there will also be some debate regarding which is best. However, there’s no denying that each phone has very capable imaging hardware.

The Xperia Z2’s display is no longer the weakest link either, easily standing toe-to-toe with the Samsung and HTC flagship devices. The Xperia Z2 also adopted front-facing stereo speakers, following on from the HTC One (M7)’s lead last year.

The Xperia Z2 is the only phone out of the three to not have an IR blaster or dual-LED flash. The Xperia flagship line also can no longer claim to be the only water-resistant phone, with the Galaxy S5 also being water resistant (IP67 certified). However, the Xperia Z2 betters the other phones on RAM size and battery capacity.

Update: It looks like the HTC One (M8) is indeed water resistant, with IPx3 certification.

All in all, it’s a great time to be in the market choosing a new Android smartphone. Check out our table below for the key specification differences. If you’ve got a favourite, let us know in the comments below.

Specs compared: Xperia Z2 versus HTC One (M8)

PhoneXperia Z2HTC One (M8)Samsung Galaxy S5
Display size (inches)5.2-inch IPS with Live Colour LED5.0 inch Super LCD 35.1-inch Super AMOLED
Screen Resolution1080 x 19201080 x 19201080 x 1920
ConstructionGlass with metal frameAluminiumPlastic
Water ResistantYes (IP55/IP58)Yes (IPx3)Yes (IP67)
Infrared (IR Remote)NoYesYes
ChipsetQualcomm MSM8974-ABQualcomm MSM8974-ABQualcomm MSM8974-AC
Processor2.3GHz Quad-core2.3GHz Quad-core2.5GHz Quad-core
GPUAdreno 330Adreno 330Adreno 330
Android version4.
Storage16GB (12GB usable)16GB/32GB (10GB/24GB usable)16GB/32GB
Expandable storageYesYesYes
SIMmicro SIMnano SIMmicro SIM
Size (mm)146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm
Weight (g)163160145
ColoursBlack, Purple, WhiteArctic Silver, Amber Gold, Metal GreyCharcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue, Copper Gold
Rear Camera sensor20.7MP Exmor RS4MP UltraPixel camera , BSI sensor, pixel size 2.0 um, sensor size 1/3”, f/2.0, 28mm lens16MP
LED FlashYesYes (dual-colour)Yes (dual-LED)
HDRYes (photo/video)Yes (photo/video)Yes (photo/video)
Video Recording4K2K1080pUHD@30fps
Front camera sensor2.2 MP5MP, BSI sensor, wide angle lens. with HDR capability2.0MP
Dedicated camera buttonYesNoNo
Other camera features4K video, Timeshift video, Movie CreatorDuo camera: Secondary camera captures depth informationWorld’s fastest autofocus speed up to 0.3 seconds, Selective Focus, Virtual Tour Shot
Battery capacity (min)320026002800
Sealed BatteryYesYesNo
Other featuresStereo speakers; Noise cancelling; Lifelog; USB 2.0Stereo speakers, MHL, USB 2.0Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, S Health 3.0, Quick Connect, Private Mode, Kids Mode; USB 3.0
SensorsAccelerometer, Ambient light, Barometer, Game rotation vector, Geomagnetic rotation vector, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Step counter, Step detector, Significant motion detector, ProximityAccelerometer, Proximity, Ambient light, Gyro sensor, Barometer Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, Hall, RGB ambient light, Gesture(IR), Finger Scanner, Heart rate sensor
Wi-Fi802.11a/b/g/n/ac802.11 a/b/g/n/ac802.11a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0 (aptX)Bluetooth 4.0 (aptX)Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
PlayStation CertifiedYesLikelyNo

Video via Btekt.

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Okay, okay, we got it.. now release it already and take my money SONY!

  • Micro

    sorry Samsung, you’ve lost this battle (umm.. again..)
    now we have 2 decent phones (all the respect for HTC too, definitely deserves it) – let them come, release the beasts already!
    BTW, XB: doesn’t Z2 have MHL too? ;)

  • I can’t wait to buy my birthday present — Z2 baby!

  • Mohammed Khired

    actually S5 is a decent phone , every thing cool about it except body design and the UI

    otherwise it’s a good phone

    and i don’t know why they added heart rate sensor !

  • Peter

    Because they want to be first. They rushed with SmartWatch because there were rumours about Apple releasing one. And now the same happened with heart rate sensor – because rumour spread about iOS8 healthbook.

  • Mohammed Khired

    good point , don’t forget the fingerprint reader ! that was lame too …

    and if there’s rumor about cooking ability from apple , they would make an oven in SGS5 ! XD

  • Mohammed Khired

    your birthday ? you buy your own birthday present ?

  • Micro

    dude, they all are flagships – can’t be bad at all
    but again, poor camera (oversaturated/overcompressed), less ram, no aptx, amoled… PLASTIC… I’m lost in counting.. come on – same sh*t, just different version – lost before the release, admit it ;)

  • Mohammed Khired

    i know , to me it’s the worst version of the S line , that’s how i see the S line :


  • I’ve barely used the IR blaster on my ZL since I have a universal remote already @ home so not having one wouldn’t be a loss for a Z2. It’s also interesting to note all the sensors listed in the Z2 that aren’t mentioned for the other two devices.

    Does anyone know if the Z2 actually supports BT 4.0 LE in hardware or is that more of a software support thing?

  • spade
  • Hassan Al-Far

    It has MHL3 which support 4k stream to external display

  • Micro

    that’s my point, mate ;)

  • the_black_dragon

    HTC One is a GREAT Phone! (I have a review device from london)
    there are only 2 Hardware points where it gets beaten by the Z2…
    Z2 has better Camera especially in low light conditions… (Sorry HTC but Oversampling is still better than bigger pixels)
    Z2 has better Display calibration…. Compared to the Z2 devices from MWC the HTC is much more over saturated and no way to calibrate it or set Color Modes like Samsung does :(

  • Nidou

    Z2 has speakers coating for water proofing that’s why the sound seems deep!

    but it’s still louder!
    both are great but honestly i’d go more for Z2

  • Nidou

    Z2 does have MHL V3.0

  • Micro

    I know, which wasn’t on the parallel, that’s why I asked

  • Nidou

    please, my birthday is soon, im serious.. its on April 14, so don’t forget to buy me a Z2 as well.. black color plz :)

  • Ziich

    Wait the HTC one has both 16gb and 32gb AND expandable memory Sony please take note

  • Andy

    Haha Sarcasm really doesn’t work well when commenting. I understood your first comment :)

  • Gerard

    @XperiaBlog S5 does not have dual led. Isn’t it heart rate sensor at the back? Other than single led?

  • Julio Spinoza

    I do. Last year I bought for me.the Xperia Z, now I am going to change my Z1 for the Z2. I don’t see how that’s wrong

  • Chris

    Z2 looks amazing! I’m not gonna lie though I’m a bit disappointed that they decided to make the saturation of the screen AMOLEDlike instead of more realistic. The Z1’s panel head on was super realistic. Oh well. Z2 still wins (although HTC One is still amazing!)

  • AbhiD

    so you compare the utility of waterproof with ergonomics? come on !
    i will throw ONE in water and all it’s utilities and ergonomics will go down the drain!
    while z2’s sharper design never gonna impact it;s life, performance or anything else.

    Ha. . . Z2 has Zoe’s competitor and that’s far better than that. 4k is an extra plus in Z2.
    And btw HTC Zoe is coming officially to all competitors through play store. So even that feature has gone worthless now.

    Z2 has far bigger battery. Z2 has noise cancellation built in. And not to mention a much better Sony UI.

    And for god’s sake just look at Size of ONE! It’s as big as Z2 and even much more thicker with weaker internals than Z2! Z2 got bigger screen, inbuilt noise cancellation, bigger battery, more ram, much bigger camera, waterproof/dustproof certification, glass on both sides and still measures same and thinner than Htc ONE!

    For me ONE is an absolute failure on design side!

  • Ian

    Just because they added more saturation doesn’t mean it’s bad. Z2’s display still looks good and better than Z1. Unlike Galaxy phones, they look awful because of the oversaturation and bluish screen. It looks unnatural and cartoonish.

  • Alfino Setya

    Samsung Galaxy S5 will be useful when you get wound on knee just put SBand-aid backcover on your knee and… Your wound covered! :-)

  • Ian

    Both Z2 and M8 look really beautiful. Sorry S5, you look like a band aid to me.
    I’ll choose Z2 among the three.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Over all Z2 is better than HTC One, but One is definitely a great device to be with you. As me a Sony fan, I vl go for Z2 :)

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Man you r great !! :D

  • Ray

    I wonder why it call present if you use your own money haha

  • Jamshad Perumpilavu

    When a Boy See a Beautiful Girl his Heart beat should be increased,When A Samsung User see a Sony Smartphone his Heart beat also increased too.I think That’s Why Samsung Put heart beat checker in their galaxy s5. To check how much a Samsung user loves the beauty of Sony…A Make.Believe Creation……..Be Moved.

  • roeshak

    All the people dissing the S5 because of its construction, however valid those criticisms are, are missing the fundamental point.
    The HTC one m8 is a failure. Period! Aluminium can and will only get you so far! I’ll take Samsung’s cheap plastic any day over a 4mp camera. Just look at the dimensions of the one, hideous!!!.
    The S5 on the other hand, design aside, is a solid solid device and potentially has a camera that may sit behind the 1020. The reviews have only really begun and mostly for the HTC one as it’s the only available option now. I do believe that once the reviews begin to flood in, the S5 will quickly shoot up the rankings table. The z2 despite its impressive opening isn’t without its own issues. Doubts once again have been cast over its camera performance and Sony’s 6 month release cycle is another problem that will hurt the phone.
    Samsung aren’t out of this by no means and you’ll be foolish to think they are.
    Imagine if sony launch another flagship in September, the Z2 would be demoted just 5 months after release. Who the hell wants that? Something that’ll, if known, discourage people away from the brand. Trust me, the S5 still has a major part to play this year. The z2 has the raw essentials to spoil that party but that all depends on if sony can keep their greed in check.

  • aldopucci

    It’s even useful for ladies on their period.

  • Dido

    Z2 is best :)

  • FMK

    What a stupid question!

  • Ziich

    Let’s bemanylisticc. In terms of the 3 devices the s5 being the supposed king of android was the most disappointing. It will also be the one to sell the most.
    Megapixels are not everything.
    Sony has had a 6 month upgrade cycle for the longest time and it doesn’t look like they will stop now. If anyone needs to keep their greed in check it has to be Samsung. They release millions of different devices each year hoping to Oversaturate the market. Mega, note 3 neo,S4 active,s4 zoom, s4 mini,Light,comment,Stellar,Legend,discover,prevail2,Admire, And so many more.

    I just wish that Samsung would use higher quality materials it doesn’t need to be metal. Look at Nokia and Motorola. Good build quality and still plastic

  • Stanley08

    FOREVER ALONE! Sorry bro. My heart goes out to you. :'(

  • Stanley08

    Exactly! I’m begging them to take my money!

  • Stanley08

    SONY! Please take my money! Or I would give it to Htc :(

  • Stanley08

    That escalated quickly!

  • Stanley08
  • karamelakimo

    Z2 definitly wins this year..I really want to eat it
    Respect to HTC phone uts epic also
    Althogh I wish to have z2 I think I will stick with my lovely Z for 1 year

  • Stanley08

    Sooo… U want to eat the phone?!

  • Sarcastic People

    I hope Samsung Galaxy S5 Backcover is sterile enough for that, and doesn’t make ladies allergic.

  • Sarcastic People

    Break the KitKat first, then eat it with your friends. ;-)

  • Sarcastic People

    I’ll take your money with my pleasure! Then, I’ll buy Xperia™ Z2 Tablet for me! :-) The Best Tablet I Ever Want!!!

  • Kaostheory

    I don’t get this logic. Let me get this straight. What you’re saying is that if a certain new phone is the best option, you would buy a lesser one just because it’s on a yearly cycle? Oh well I buy the best phone for me at the moment.

  • Kaostheory

    I know it’s a little early but we should start a petition to bring Morpheus to the Xperia line!

  • roeshak

    Yes it does matter. The purchasing of an android device is just the beginning of the journey. The one year cycle ensures that consumers get the very best support for at least a year. Sony’s strategy on the other hand achieves the very opposite result.

  • Kaostheory

    Upgrades are definitely a feature of a phone, but the upgrades are getting incremental as the phones are more powerful. Waiting for Kit Kat but really won’t add a lot of functionality. The bonus with Sony is they add more of their own software in their updates than any other company.

  • Mohammed Khired


    don’t you see what’s wrong ?

    you have two birthday date at the same year? that’s weird yo…

  • the_black_dragon

    I do not compare these features… i just say that both devices have their unique features. And it is depending what is more important to EVERYBODY… and you are ONE user so don’t speak for everybody

  • Kal

    Sony Z2 wins

  • HardyHarHar

    That’s what you call a present for yourself. Happens alot though specially if no one gives a fuck about giving presents to you.

  • safa

    take it easy. He is just a sambug fan with crap logic. Do what you want smabug/ stick to the plastic

  • alex

    HTC`s screen still the best it’s not surprise me, but on Z2 screen is great to. But IMHO, sony smartphones are very big, it’s size like phablet. And i don`t understand, why Sony dont put dual Led flash….?

  • Alex

    made my day! you’re totally right! now I get Samsungs thoughts!

  • Jay

    The thing is though, no one gives a fuck what you think.

  • Marco Rocha

    Sony colors: Black, White, Purple
    Samesung colors: Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue

    jajajajaj WTF Samsung??

  • MSmith79

    Z2 sounds awesome. If only it was coming to Verizon… If the case is part glass though, is it more prone to breakage? Also, does it have qi?

  • MSmith79

    It completely makes up for the shortcomings of the M8. Solid camera, versus too low a pixel count. Bezels aren’t uselessly oversized. Larger battery. Some (albeit not great) support for wireless charging. Really, the only thing they’ve dropped the ball on is built-in support for Qi Wireless Charging. Other than that, this looks like a solid phone. A little nervous on it being a glass case though.

  • Yes, with my parents’ money, boi!

  • Abdul

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  • Divya Bharathi

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  • LmaO sorry I forgot to get you one. I’ll give you the new Z3 now!

  • NidouXperia


    that would be great :D

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