Xperia M2 hands-on photos; sized up against the Xperia Z2

by XB on 1st April 2014

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Xperia M2 hands-on_3We have not seen any in-the-wild pictures of the Xperia M2 since it launched on the trade floor of MWC, Barcelona earlier in the year. Just to remind ourselves that this handset is due to launch next month, we’ve attached a number of hands-on pictures showing the Xperia M2 across all angles. There’s even a few shots comparing it against the Xperia Z2.

The Xperia M2 has a 4.8-inch qHD (540 x 960) display, 1.2GHz quad-core processor (MSM8X26 chipset), 1GB RAM, 8MP camera, 8GB storage and a 2300mAh battery. It is due to launch in May 2014.

Xperia M2 hands-on_3

Xperia M2 hands-on_4

Xperia M2 hands-on_5

Xperia M2 hands-on_6

Xperia M2 hands-on_7

Xperia M2 hands-on_9

Xperia M2 hands-on_11

Xperia M2 hands-on_12

Xperia M2 hands-on_13

Xperia M2 hands-on_14

Xperia M2 hands-on_27

Xperia M2 hands-on_28

Xperia M2 hands-on_29

Xperia M2 hands-on_30

Xperia M2 hands-on_31

Xperia M2 hands-on_32

Xperia M2 hands-on_17

Xperia M2 hands-on_18

Xperia M2 hands-on_20

Xperia M2 hands-on_21

Xperia M2 hands-on_22

Xperia M2 hands-on_24

Xperia M2 hands-on_25

Xperia M2 hands-on_26

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  • Anon

    Poor screen, Poor plastic.. U.U

  • Fynjy7771

    Z2 is definitely a smartphone with a best design. And the best smartphone at all :)

  • Shimoda

    Poor price (:

  • cleverthansony

    z2 has amazing screen but still tall and big bezel(better than z1 but still bad)

  • asdasd

    It’s called budget. Live with it.

  • volodymyrqa

    Almost the same size as Note 3 but screen is much lesser in size.

  • P9

    Z2 best ever.

  • Abhimanyu

    Sony lost it by putting up a qHD display and a measly Snapdragon 400 processor on such a beautiful phone. A HD display coupled with Dual-core Krait processor would have made this beauty more powerful and desirable.

  • shanefalco

    Too many frames, too few ppi, not good sony! Certainly can not compete with motoG.

  • Nidou

    Damn Z2 display killed Note 3 , M2 and iphone 5’s… Z2’s display is the crispiest and most beautiful <3

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Exactly M2 Deserves a 720p Display and a better viewing angle

  • Chew Loh Seng

    This would be more like Sony Xperia SP without Transparent Elements (LED strip). LOL.

  • TCT

    Did you notice that the iPhone 5 top and bottom bezel is even thicker than Z2 and M2? Take another good look!

  • soojae

    But way better than Iphone 5s

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Z2 is amazing :) Though S5 looks to be a brighter one with less reflection despite of AMOLED…. Iphone looks cheap in between :P
    Oh Well M2 seems a well rounded budget phone :D

  • H-R-K

    also front camera……..

  • H-R-K

    but iPhone;s display is 4 inch.

  • H-R-K

    yeah i also agree with you.

  • Soumyakanti Ray

    Viewing angles very poor.

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Looks like M2 has IPS screen too!

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  • doraemonboi

    however Z2 viewing angle is great.

  • Ana Heluši?

    Nice phone

  • Nemanja Nemanjic

    Not true!!! Z2 has the best display!!!

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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