Xperia Z2 gets Root and ClockworkMod Recovery

by XB on 1st April 2014

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Xperia Z2 RecoveryThe Sony Xperia Z2 (D65XX) has received ClockworkMod-based Recovery and Root ahead of its western release later this month. The Touch Recovery is built from CWM sources. XDA legend DooMLoRD has posted all of the details in the source link below, including instructions and download links.

The main requirement to install this CWM-based Recovery is to have an unlocked bootloader. DooMLoRD has also posted instructions on how to root the handset, which requires you to flash the kernel from the source link. Now all we need to see is the Xperia Z2 to start shipping.

Xperia Z2 Recovery

Xperia Z2 Root

Via XDA-developers.

Thanks DooMLoRD!

  • Thai Vuth


  • Yali AA

    No one cares about unlocked bootloader…i would think 80% of the rooted phones only want root and backup, not the custom roms and all that.

  • Xajel

    Man I love DooMLoRD !!

    Rooting without unlocking the bootloader will take sometimes to figure it out…

    But, you can always backup your TA partition and then unlock the bootloader…

    Thought I’ll wait a little bit and see if Z2 have any issues when unlocking the bootloader like how Z1 had issues before ( camera stops working )…

  • MikeViller

    My wish is that DooMLoRD makes an easy root for the Tablet Z wifi only on 4.3 ……….

  • Timbo1

    Actually you have to root before you back up your TA. So unfortunately you have to unlock the bootloader before rooting.

  • Xajel

    Ops I forgot that, they have to wait for an exploit to root it without unlocking…

    Thankfully, in most cases they find a one, so If you can wait a little bit, you will be able to root > Backup TA > unlock the bootloader ( of course unlocking here is for Custom Kernel and ROM’s )

    If you’re in a hurry then you have to sacrifice… If I have the Z2, I’ll wait for the exploit first…

  • AhhdafunK

    I just want to have an easy way to root my Z1… Why it’s too hard :,(

  • mustafa

    No way to root xperia z yet w/o unlocking bootloader :(

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  • Wolf0491

    what? pretty sure I rooted mine before and never unlocked the bootloader

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  • mustafa

    With android 4.3?

  • Zamirul Aimin II

    how do you root sony xperia z2 to uimi v6??

  • Dean Shahed

    That’s not true at all. A lot of people love installing custom roms. Cyanogenmod wouldn’t be as popular as it is if only 20% of rooted users used custom roms. In fact a lot of official features from manufacturers come from custom roms. Android is beloved and praised for being open source for that exact reason…

  • Wolf0491

    Oh no haven’t tried it in a while lol. Phone works great so haven’t had a reason root and try custom roms

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  • Just Root I Wish

    Me too!!! i just want root access for my z ultra to run many useful apps but it so freaking complicated. I used to root and unroot(when required) galaxy note so easily. Sony is fucking impossible. I JUST WANT ROOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Divya Bharathi

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