Xperia Z2 launching in Singapore on 5 April

by XB on 2nd April 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 singapore pre-orderSony Singapore has confirmed that the Xperia Z2 will be launching in the country on 5 April 2014 via the local carriers. M1, Singtel and Starhub will all carry the device. Pricing details from each telco will be announced on launch day.

However, if you pre-order the handset you will receive a Sony Smartband for free. Singtel were offering a free SmartWatch 2 with pre-orders, though this promotion has now ended. The Xperia Z2 will launch in May for S$998 (£476, €569, $786) through Sony Stores and Sony Centres.

  • walker

    this is i’ve benn waiting for ,,come to papa son ! :D ,replace my Z who has gone taken by other hands !

  • Rahul Srivastava

    Can’t wait for it to launch in India!

  • Guest

    “The Xperia Z2 will launch in May for S$998 (£476, €569, $786) through Sony Stores and Sony Centres.” Does this include the lowly regarded USA?

  • WhyWai

    Local newspaper adv. stated that only Black colour version is available on the launch day.

  • jag

    i’ve seen the phone in the sony stores and it looks awesome! better than Z1 in terms of finishing.

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Sony Xperia Z2 in real life looks better than Sony Xperia Z1. Compared to my Sony Xperia SP, it feels a little lighter even though it’s heavier, maybe it’s because of the lower pressure. Wish I can get 1 on April 5.
    (I’m living in Singapore, so ya :P)

  • No, the US version will be released on December 31, 2015.

  • Colby Leong

    Due to this delay in releasing the phone should this mess with Sony’s 6 month cycle?

  • Taeng

    so, Singapore in early April, does that means Malaysia in mid / end april-ish, my old Arc is acting up, and my S is starting to lag on me, just hope that they can launch the Z2 in Malaysia asap..

  • Chen Jiapeng, Kelvin

    Nope the black colour is referring to the Smartband colour.

    Sony Smartband will be given free (while stock last) for every Z2 purchase from all Sg telcos on 5 April onwards

  • Guest


  • Fynjy7771

    It is very likely that the cycle will shift.

  • Billy de Fretes


  • Mankit Yip

    Hong Kong!!!!!!

  • Zamirul Aimin II

    when will launch in malaysia sony xperia z2

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  • Subham

    Update rolling out for Sony Xperia SP!!!!

    I too got it :)

  • Jamshad Perumpilavu

    I Can’t Wait To See That Beauty..When a Boy See a Beautiful Girl his Heart beat should be increased,When A Samsung User see a Sony Smartphone his Heart beat also increased too.I think That’s Why Samsung Put heart beat checker in their galaxy s5. To check how much a Samsung user loves the beauty of Sony…A Make.Believe Creation……..Be Moved.

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  • RCN

    Did anyone see ” Z2 ?n Taiwan did not have G-Lens” ? cant believe this cam cant worse photo than S5. When did release worldwide ?

  • kannan

    on april 24th

  • Shishir Kumar

    if anyone belong to those country where it has been launched please reply me pricing details in local country currency

  • HardyHarHar

    Nobody cares. This is Xperia Z2 blog anyways what does the SP got to do with it?

  • Chew Loh Seng

    It’s XperiaBlog for a reason. It concerns ALL Sony (Ericsson) Xperia devices, including SP and Z2!

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Different countries have different pricing. I won’t be surprised that T-Mobile USA variant will retail for only USD600-700, just like any other flagships…

  • Sandeep Parulekar

    Is this true that z2 will launch in india on april 24th

  • Tushar

    Is this a confirmed date? any idea on price?

  • Sandeep Parulekar

    Is this true, that z2 will launch in india on 24th april??

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  • kannan

    as per my friends who work in sony mobile India(initially it was planned around april 10th)………..

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  • Andy

    Well, it has a slightly larger 5.2-inch display, slimmer bezels around
    the edge, a marginally faster 2.3GHz Qualcomm processor, the latest
    Android 4.4.2 KitKat software and a camera capable of capturing 4K
    And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.

  • Divya Bharathi

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