Xperia Z1 Compact owners: Any regrets moving to a smaller phone?

by XB on 7th April 2014

in Xperia Z1

xperia-z1-compact-2The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact sits alone in the smartphone world, by providing genuine flagship specs in a smaller form factor. The phone attracted many who railed against ever-increasing smartphone sizes and particularly against the fact it would only be these largest phones that would get the best specs. However, now that you’ve been using the Xperia Z1 Compact, how are you finding it?

Does the 4.3-inch 720p display feel limiting in any way? Would you prefer a marginally bigger phone or perhaps would you like to see the same display in a smaller form factor i.e. with less bezel? Does it feel awkward to pay pretty much flagship prices for a smaller phone, given what we’ve been used to in the past i.e. a smaller phone must be cheaper, right? Or has the Xperia Z1 Compact been a revelation and you can’t wait to buy into future models? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.


  • Mark

    It’s a beautiful piece of technology – I love it. No regrets about screen size at all – does exactly what I need it to.

  • Darryn Storm

    The Z1 compact is just the right size! I’d definitely get a Z2 compact! The flagship phones these days arewY too big! The 5″ phones are great to play games on etc, but horrible for everything else… Like like being comfortable in your pocket! ;)

  • ???????

    I have bought Z1 when there was a Z1 compact, I wanted a bigger screen and I got it.

  • PepeCallos

    I think 4.3 is OK, but I also think that the Z1 Compact could have a larger screen reducing bezels. My old phone is an Acro S with the same screen size and almost the same body size of Z1C, so there was no change in size for me.
    I hope Z2C will not be bigger than Z1C!
    Z1C’s notification LED is not easy to be seen. Speakerphone is weaker than Acro S.

  • Deckard_Cain

    I am patiently waiting to see if Sony releases a Z2 Compact with a 4,5” screen in the same body size. Or hopefully a 4,7”.

  • Pierrot

    No regret at all ! I’ve got the Xperia Z1 Compact since february, and it is just perfect ! Perfect size, perfect performance, perfect display !
    Il don’t feel like I need a bigger screen size, the 4.3″ display is enough for my usage (video, Internet, map, photos).

  • Vardemiro

    Add 1 for 4.7

  • Craig

    I’ve had this phone for a few weeks and love it so far. Performance is incredible, although I would like a phone to be even smaller than this. A phone with similar specs to this one in the 3.5″ – 4.0″ range would be just perfect for me, but I realize I’m in the minority there.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Then the Z3 Compact for 5″.

    The Z4 for 5.5″…

  • filo9011

    I would see a 4,5″ screen in the same body. Nothing more. Price is fair enough.

  • Stephen

    i would have preferred the compact to my Z1

  • shanefalco

    The problem of z1compact are buttons on screen and large frames. 4.3 inches is good.

  • XperiaS

    My only regret is Sony

  • Ali Alkhamis

    Z2 would be the best compact ever if = Z1C body size + 4.7″ + stereo speakers <== this would be a real killer

  • ZXcorr

    I’m glad I switched to a smaller phone. All those 5″+ phones/phablets are getting out of control. Z1 Compact is almost perfect for me. It’s compact yet very powerful. Just what I need. If they can make 4.5″ screen with less bezels, and perhaps make it slightly thinner, with front-facing stereo speakers… Then that’s it. It’s going to be the perfect phone for me.

  • notbugs

    I have the Z1 compact and i could not be happier. It’s everything i wanted in a great phone and more. I still keep finding cool things to do with it and it is snappy as hell, no lag issues as with previous Sony flagships such as the Xperia S which was poorly executed in every shape and form. But i knew Sony had it in them to put together a great phone that would appeal to my inner gadget nerd, so i was super happy when the Z1 compact was announced since it was exactly what i was looking for. A high end smartphone in a smaller form factor.

  • Doubleyoupee

    I agree new flagships are way too big.. My ZL is the max in size for me.
    Unfortunately, going back to a smaller screen size sucks ass..
    I think 4.7-5″ is perfect, depending on bezels…
    They should just make the new Z3 (compact) the size of the ZL with IPS 5″ and waterproof.

  • Gaurav Gaind

    I have a Xperia SL which has a screen size of 4.3. I believe 4.3 or even 4.7( nexus 4’s screen size) is the perfect screen size for daily usage. Screen size bigger than this doesn’t click with me at least.

  • HardyHarHar

    Xperia Z1 Compact was made for Asian markets hence it was first released at Japan only. But due to the demand on the international market they released it internationally too. Xperia Z1 Compact on it’s size is indeed a perfect fit for me(Asian here). So with the specs and the size I could rate it my most perfect android phone to date. If they increase it more in size then I wouldn’t consider it compact anymore. AFAIK it’s still bigger that the Xperia Arc I won’t consider it compact if it’s bigger than that cause I can’t operate it singlehandedly anymore.

  • Bialynia

    I bought my wife a Z1 compact, I own a ZR. After playing around with hers I plan on selling my ZR and getting myself a black compact . Fantastic phone, better camera, screen, and battery life.

  • Zino

    I must say that im already starting to get bored and annoyed with it. My gf has a l820 with a 4.3 inch screen just like the z1c, but the screen just looks smaller compared to it. You cant really game with it because your fingers take up to much of the screen. Ive also encountered lots of software bugs. And even though i have a case on it from the start, I still somehow managed to get scratches on the back.
    Dont get me wrong, its a pretty good device. The execution however seems sloppy. I still havent received kitkat on it but ive heard the software issues are even worse on 4.4.
    Yes i slightly regret it. I think im gonna move to wp after this..

  • Mac

    True that!

  • Mac

    I am willing to agree with all that but I didn’t have a 5 incher before.

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    best phone for me with the iphone 5s , hope it gets less wight and 4.5 or 4.7 screen with small bezel to keep the same dimension ,and better sound from external speaker and ear speaker.

  • ash

    Then z3 compact should 5.5″ and something more. Z4 compact should be 6″. Stupid

  • Sadab Khan

    Just bought it yesterday. I’m happy with my purchase. Waiting for z2 camera software on z1 compact though

  • painnogain

    absolutely NOT. the 4.3 inch screen size is so ideal and just perfect! it fits on my hand. I don’t need bigger size with stupid looks, rubbish material and less brain users….like…hmmm…. lol

  • Mac

    Yeah I also had a acro s before, and I just like 2 add that if the screen on my Z1c was 4.5″ but same overall size, it would be more realisticly the same since the acro s didn’t have onscreen buttons that steals the size, in general use. N yeah the overall loudness was better on acro s.

  • Telaran

    I’m a day one buyer (at least in Switzerland)

    The only regret I have: The back got too easily scratched.
    While on my Xperia S I could wait over a month for a case protection… well i would have needed one for my Xperia Z1C immediately. Now it’s too late.

    Otherwise I like the phone and the price fits the specs/service.

    The 4.4 Update had a bad start and due of my own mistakes I lost 1 month of “data” (SD Encryption, Backup Tool set on SD instead on Online, etc). But now I’m even happy with 4.4.

    High Specs, 3 Days Standby Time (and 1.5-2 days on “normal use”), One-Hand usable.. what do I need more? Okay better Camera Algorithm ;)

  • Tech Gospel

    I miss the Xperia ray size. I miss the Mini and Mini Pro. I already have a tablet Z, so I don’t need to watch movies or game on a puny 5″ screen. I need my phone to fit nicely and not look like I’ve got a picture frame in my pocket. 3.5″-3.9″ would be great. A flagship Xperia ray that’s IP rated with better battery life.

  • Xperia_S
  • 8oldemar

    ? ?? ????? ????? ????? ???????????? ???????? ?? ??????, ??? Z1 Compact ? ???????? ?????????? ?? ??????, ??? 4,3 ?????.

  • 8oldemar

    I would love to have the device in the size no more than Z1 Compact with a display diagonal not more than 4.3 inches.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    My Mini was too small for a smartphone, and the size of Ray was perfect compromize between small phone and large (enough) screen.

  • Kfir Ashkenazi

    the Z1 Compact is a great device, i bought to myself the Z1 and i bought to my mom z1 Compact. it’s a great size and i we don’t need a bigger phone then that. i moved from an iphone 5 to the Z1 and it’s feels like it’s too big. but except of this it’s an awesome device

  • Tech Gospel

    I loved the ray, it was actually smaller than the Mini (total volume) … I think they could’ve fit a 3.5 on the Mini if they wanted to. Same goes for the ray (it had a 3.3″ screen… 720p on that would look amazing!)

  • RVS

    I’ve had this since launch and is perfect for me. I think the screen size is the perfect balance allowing comfortable use without being too small or too big to fit in my pocket. Have a Tablet Z which I’m real happy with too so watch movies on that anyway.

    What would I change?
    Thinner frame would add to wow factor.
    Adjust the screen/bezel ratio: same phone size with bigger screen, or same screen in smaller frame. Add in the new Z2 noise cancellation and sound enhancements and you’ve got my next phone.

    Everything else totally does it.

  • Wen

    is the update fixing 4.4 bugs anywhere near??

  • cowanh00

    Moving from an iPhone 4S this phone is not smaller for me but larger! It’s my first Android phone and I’ve only had it a week but so far so good! No regrets. I just hope updates continue coming and that the camera gets improved a little.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I see people discussing now 4.5 or 4.7″ for compact – I would prefer Xperia Z1/Z2 with 5″ and no or less bezel !!
    no need to sacrifice the screen size – make the bezel compact!!

  • Daniel Malmgren

    I’m very happy with my Z1c. I didn’t move to a smaller phone though, Z1c is the biggest phone I’ve ever had (my previous phones were a X10 mini and a Xperia Ray). Except for the fact that it’s a little bit too big and that the placement of the micro-usb connector is just plain stupid, this is the perfect phone!

  • hansip

    Well Web Browsing ain’t one of the ‘everything else’ :)

    In my view, even my girlfriend Xperia SP 4.7 inch screen is too damn small.. After using my Z Ultra all this time.. I know i might be the only one, but geez it’s so funny that you can grab all corner of the SP easily now after using XZU for a while. Once you go big you can’t go small.

    Funny really, remembering that once i have said the opposite, when i still use my Ray and then trying to use Xperia Arc and felt cumbersome. That’s life. :)

    For Z1 Compact, i hope it can be the best seller, even though small size will make ordinary people think twice about the price.

  • Mac

    That’s what we mean, in same size as the z1 compact but with a bigger screen on same body. 5 inches is w big 4.5-4.7″ is the best compromise.

  • jd

    Maybe it is just me… but I only use my phone for casual browsing, I have a computer in the office an a tabled at home…

  • Mybad

    “Once you go big you can’t go small”

    You sounds like a bitch, no offense :P

  • jd

    It is my bigger phone to date and even that it feels a bit in the “too big” but no step back

  • tsewang

    Huge fan. The screen size and form factor are exactly what i was waiting for, a flagship specced android phone in iPhone size. THe 720p resolution with snapdragon 800 means it blazes through everything, with never any lag whatsoever. I was afraid that i wouldnt get used to the small screen, but the very fact that it is small means i actually end up using it more than i thought i would, even replacing my N7 for a lot of home use. Its just too easy to whip out, browse through and do whatever it is i wanted, as opposed to having to wield a tablet with two hands.

    only thing im waiting for is the kitkat update, so i can have clear navigation and notification bars

  • Silli Mitrah

    I regret that sony gives a f*ck about the broken camera and bugs in kitkat

  • Relax

    “The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact sits alone in the smartphone world, by providing genuine flagship specs in a smaller form factor. ”
    As if iphone does not exist.

  • JHMBB2

    “NAUGHTY PICTURES”??>>!! “Give it your best shot”???What’s Sony conveying here? haha

  • Berg

    I accidentally the whole sentence!

  • Perfect size for a perfect phone. I wasn’t downgrading to smaller, had Xperia Neo (3.7″) before, but one of the reasons I held onto that one was that I did not want a phone I can’t fit in any pocket and operate with one hand – I’ve tried my husband’s phone and colleague’s phone (both around 5″, not the very biggest around) – I

  • Berg

    genuine flagship specs, genuine flagship specs

  • alex

    Z1 compact size of just a very comfortable and screen 4.3 IMHO perfect for the flagship smartphone. I hate 5-inch shovels. ((

  • Relax

    Oops, You’re right.

  • Craig

    Ah the mini pro. I’d still be using my old mini pro if it wasn’t so underpowered. Loved that little phone.

  • TimAhKin

    I have a Xperia T and I think 4.5″ is the perfect size. If Z2 Compact will have 4.5″-4.7″ then it’s instabuy for me.

  • foxy

    it is perfect for me

  • dave birney

    i could still go smaller myself, just a tad less wide

  • Jeff Martinez

    NO REGRETS!!! as a matter of fact I plan on sticking with the Sony Compact lineup from now on. I don’t want a wanna be mini phone that’s still large in foot print. My only hope is that Sony releases the successor with the same size screen, minimizes the bezels a little and maybe rid of the little door flaps altogether. Oh and keep the Lime color. I’ve had people at work ask me where they can buy this phone over and over. The experience has been more than satisfying.

  • z

    keep the physical dimensions while enlarging the screen estate (4.5, 4.7….) would be icing on the cake. best purchase ever, waiting for it to be actually available for buying was agonizing

  • Carlos Guillén

    Z1 compact is a good idea, but i think it would be thinner and not exactly the same design. And the camera is not necesary to be the same, it would be very good with 13 or 16MP.
    I hope Sony could to the same launching a new Xperia Ray with a 4″ or 4.1″ screen, with a lot of pixel density, 13 MP camera, NFC, all sensor activated, 2Gb of RAM , quad core processor, 16GB storage, removable battery, external buttons, alluminium+plastic body and with the angles of the ray and not much square like Z.
    Who can tell this to the SONY smartphones department?

  • Melfes Wired

    if only there is Xperia Z2 compact

  • Melfes Wired

    well, i’ve been using SX, 3.7″ may sound perfect, but still a little be uncomfortable when i hav to use the qwerty-keyboard

  • Arie

    I missed my Xperia Active…..great little phone

  • Ali Alkhamis

    I don’t know what wrong with you but I really feel sorry for your situation!

  • xperiamike

    wish there was actually a 4.77′ rather with squarish design hmmmm…but 4.3 and 5″ are both cool on my palms and pocket….

  • Goose

    Had the z1 for 4 weeks before I lost it :(
    Absolutely loved it but it’s large size did have some drawbacks including being partially responsible for me losing it (long story)
    Now I have replaced it with the compact and have found my dream phone, the smaller form is the icing on the cake really.
    All the amazing performance of the Z1 but with superior handling!
    Incredible piece of technology.

  • waiting fr Z2 compact

  • Smuti

    Love mine. Only things that need to be “fixed” are smaller bezels, so the newer model gets even smaller and better screen tech. Need to see Z2’s screen if it’s any improvement, but would love to see sammy’s samoled on the new z compact, cause outdoor visibility is still poor.

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  • pleyto

    couldn’t be more satisfied. almost the perfect phone for me. i wish z2 compact can reduce the bezel and make it a bit slimmer, and of course Full HD would be a great upgrade…

  • H-R-K

    Yeah so much handy.

  • Faisal Jafar

    I miss my Xperia Neo I hope to find flagship with same size

  • Yahoo

    i thought you like samsung..may i know why you choose z1 compact?

  • Sadab Khan

    Yes I still like Samsung…… But there is simply no denying that the Xperia Z1 compact is too good……snapdragon 800 on 720p is an absolute monster….

  • Yahoo

    Ok dude..

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