Get your picture taken with Spider-Man at Sony shops worldwide

by XB on 10th April 2014

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Spider-Man AR_ThumbOkay it’s not the real Spider-Man and not even a man in a suit, instead this an augmented reality version of Spider-Man. Better than nothing right? We think so. To celebrate the upcoming movie release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony has tied in this Augmented Reality promotion.

To participate, first check whether one of your stores is taking part here. Then download the “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN MISSION” app from Google Play Store. Once you get to the store, point your phone at several AR markers to begin the mission experience. If you complete the mission, you get to take a 3D snap shot with Spider-Man. The video below gives more details, sound like a nice bit of fun to us.

Spider-Man AR Mission

Spider-Man AR_Thumb

Thanks Armaan and Rimas!

  • Diego

    Can’t install in Italy on my Xperia Z1 … compliments!!

  • Kenzo Fai

    “This item is not available in your country” – Malaysia

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    not available in india :(

  • Kenzo Fai

    “This item is not available in your country” – Malaysia

  • Killuha

    No Sony Shops In Switzerland so we don’t get in touch with anything nice sony makes.
    Too small market, you ever expected it could grow when there would be a Store ?

  • Ahmed Noori

    wow but not available in USA

  • Ahmed Noori

    can you provide us with the apk?

  • Mac

    not for Swedish users either.

  • marwan balu

    Its not available in usa

  • wei147

    Not available in your country WTF!

  • Vincentius Phang

    this is weird, cause i can download it in here – Indonesia

  • Jumbo

    The guy looks so gay…. which in turn makes Spidey gay…

  • kirakira

    and why would y’all want to install that app? it’s lame. it’ll make you look lame.

  • AlessandroBonaventura

    Please post the APK because in my country, ITALY, i can’t install it

  • Alfino Setya

    My niece will like it but for me I’d rather like go to Cinema and watch the movie :-)

  • Dion

    Guys use VPN one click select canada deinstall updates of playstore than open it again and then you can download it

  • AlessandroBonaventura

    Please post The apk

  • Ahmed Noori

    we need the apk

  • Jobs

    And being gay is a horrible thing! not..

  • Berg

    “Worldwide” might not be the correct denomination, if you read the comments here :P

  • ???

    Need apk here in Taiwan , plz help :)

  • Alisson Santos

    BRASIL: Não funcionando no Xperia Z1. Só aparece a logo marca SONY e depois a tela fica preta.

  • Dion

    I uploaded the file for those who the app isn’t available in their country “”

  • InspectorGadget80

    Um aren’t the SONY SHOPS closed world wide but more here in the u.s.?

  • kirakira

    it is when you’re not really gay and you just look like one unwittingly. we have tolerance for real “gayness” not for lameness :D

  • Dion


  • AlessandroBonaventura

    Anywone Can post the POSTER of Spiderman for the 3D snap, i try with STOP-MOTION of Video but it is bad quality images, can i have the Image Poster?

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  • Camilo Uribe

    Someone has the markers? Thanks

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