Xperia Z2 sized up against Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8

by XB on 17th April 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_12It is interesting to look at the latest Android flagships from Sony, Samsung and HTC side-by-side. Each company has adopted a design language that it is happy with, which shows how each handset looks very similar to the last. A very quick glance at the pictures below and you could be mistaken in thinking you are looking at the Xperia Z1 against the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One M7.

What we do have is the Xperia Z2 stacked against the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. All very capable Android flagships, each one attracting different users. It is interesting to contrast the monolithic, square Xperia Z2 against the curvier One M8 and Galaxy S5. As with the Xperia Z1, one of the early criticisms of the Xperia Z2 is how comfortable it is to hold the device. However, one cannot argue against the very sleek and elegant look of the Xperia Z2, which at least gives the phone a premium look to match the price tag. Have a gander at the comparison pictures below, courtesy of The Verge.

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_1

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_2

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_3

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_4

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_5

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_6

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_7

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_8

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_9

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_10

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_11

Xperia Z2 vs GS5 and HTC One M8_12

Via The Verge.

  • Kacho_ON

    Don’t poach the entire photostream guys. Be respectful.

  • TK

    S5 Design ……..

  • Raj Singh

    Z2. Wicked looking phone…

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    They should have turned off automatic backlight compensation for the Z2. It looks less vibrant than the other 2 this way.

  • volodymyrqa

    Z2 ???*???

  • lolop

    I thought the Z2 was MORE comfortable to hold than the original Z when I went to look at it (I got a Z1 Compact because I’m a poor bastard)

  • nlf

    htc m8:146.36×70.6×9.35mm ?5.0inch dual speaker 2600mah?
    s5: 142×72.5×8.1mm?5.1inch ip67 plastic 2800mah?
    z2: 146.8×73.3×8.2mm ?5.2inch ip58 dual speaker metal frame 3200mah?

    z2 best

  • grav1ty

    Honestly M8 is a really nice Phone, but wth with S5 ? That “wannabe-metal”-frame is sooo ugly for me. Well, it’s clear that Z2 won the competition between these newest flagships. Not only on the paper..

  • sdfdsf

    Xperia Z3 with the Z design but slightly less bezels and a better camera algorithm and you could have my money. Please no gimmicks like the One Max or the S5. Make the core of this phone better and better. Actually I don’t like the aluminium-plastic look of the Z1/ZU/Z2/Z2S etc. Come on Sony. It doesn’t look that premium any more. It looks so cheap IMO. I’m sorry for saying this but: just look at Apple. Their materials are astonishing and well chosen. Nevertheless I love this brand. Keep up the good work!

  • asdasd

    I’m feeling you bro.

  • xperiafan324

    This comparison also highlights the fanboyism of most people with the “DAT BEZELZ” comments we heard when the z2 was unveiled. When in reality it’s only marginally taller than the M8 and s5…. AND it has the biggest display, front-facing stereo speakers and the best camera in the industry currently.
    Yes I know a I’m a Sony fanboy. ;)

  • hyper0926

    Man Z2 looks so gorgeous.

  • Xperiafan11

    Yea, it really annoys me people complaining z2 have huge bezel. When I brought up HTC one. They go like HTC one is for dual speakers on both sides. But dude, z2 also have dual speakers. And the large punch holes area on HTC one doesn’t means it has large speakers.

  • The M8 is all about glue, glue, glue, and more glue. Heard the battery is installed underneath the motherboard too. Meaning, you can’t repair it as easily as the Samsung phones do. At least with Samsung phones, you can pop out the cover and remove/replace the battery. I’m assuming the Sony phones work like Apple’s, once the battery dies, you probably have to send it in for repair/replacement. Oh well.

    Proof that HTC M8 is all glued up from the insides: [ ].

    And yeah, after reading up on the article about the M8’s insides being covered so much glue and adhesive, I decided to pass on it. Well that, and the crappy camera. Man, the Z2 is the only phone I ever wanted this year, but I’ll never get one since…

    A) I’m from AT&T. And this carrier never gets Sony phones anymore. I think the last Sony phone they got was the Xperia… ion, I think? I don’t know. I never got that phone either since it took Sony equally as long to release it stateside.

    B) And it costs a crapload of money for the unlocked model ($800-$1000). I rather buy a PS4 with that money.

    C) It’s obviously taking WAY WAY WAY too long.

    Sucks. I guess I’ll just go phoneless for the rest of this year. That’s fine by me.

  • knightpt

    I’m gonna say something that i know i’m gonna get flames or hate, but design-wise both Z1 and Z2 are a realy big downgrade from the original Xperia Z.

    Xperia Z has the perfect omnibalance feel in materials used in much better harmony (sides look like the back material – glass), Z1 and Z2 look realy much less premium than XZ and even feel weird with a mix of aluminium and glass with diferent colors, no omnibalance there in colors nor materials used. Also, Xperia Z is thinner and lighter than both Z1 and Z2 and i value that a lot.

    Z2 has a much better screen than XZ, both Z1 and Z2 have much better hardware and camera, but all in all if i could choose i would still get a Xperia Z due to the sheer brilliance that is its design and materials used, perfect harmony.

    I honestly get realy sad they abandoned the Xperia Z design towards the Z1 and Z2 that look a lot bulkier and not as classy and thin.

    My “geek dream” would be a Xperia Z3 with everything hardware equal to Z2 but with Xperia Z exterior. I would buy it in a heartbeat. I didn’t buy the Z1 nor will I buy the Z2 simply because they look… worse imho.

  • jangaleon

    I couldn’t agree more. The xperia z best represent the omnibalance design. But the z2 is not too bad.

  • Jer

    Z2 wins. without a doubt

  • xperiafan372

    Samsung has the best camera….SORRY SONY!!!

    Sony fanboy too..:(

  • Carlo

    The HTC One series is a trendsetter, amongst the androids, while Samsung always goes against the flow (of Apple R&D) and uses plastic to prove a point that there is a lot more to the eye than just looks. Now getting to Sony, there is nothing original about their design in the Z2, look at the flat back, the sides, camera placement all are proof that Sony is picking up ideas from Apple. The last great original design from Sony, was the Xperia Arc/S under the Sony Ericsson badge.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Standard size for a phone is getting bigger. Waiting for the compact version!

  • Amitesh

    Sony’s each phone has unique features while samsung doesnt even know to change its design.Every model looks the same.

  • FirdausAraragi

    Samsung S5 has the ugliest design of the three in my opinion and at one glance it looks so cheap
    Sony fanboy too XD

  • volodymyrqa

    S5 looks not bad at all. Also S5 have physical home button which is a BIG plus…

  • biista

    The thing that bothers me about Z-series is that why didn’t sony put capacitive buttons on the bezel like samsung has? Seems like a wasted space on screen and outside of it to me.

  • Afnan Muhammad

    Z2 (still waterproof and smaller than Z1) side bezel seems same like S5 (bigger than S4 but with water ressitant) and smaller top/below bezel than M8 (z2 also got dual speaker) . This will shut up hater who always complain about Xperia bezel. Z2 even got bigger battery than both.

  • FirdausAraragi

    True it may have a home button but the soft button of the xperia makes thingd easier and less tiring as u do not have to press tht hard on the button

  • Peter

    I hate physical button on front of the phone, looks old! Yes, S5 looks like shit again. Sony fanboy.
    Current phone: Xperia Z

  • Peter

    OMG, finally I found someone which has the same opinion as me. I’m SONY fan and owner of Xperia Z. When Z1 was released I went to store to check the design, but I was disappointed because the design of my Xperia Z was way better than Z1. Z1 and Z2 both have the same design which I don’t like. In my opinion Xperia Z is still the best looking phone in the market. I’m happy owner. SONY XPERIA Z ROCKS!


  • volodymyrqa

    Maybe it looks old, but it’s far more convenient in daily use.

  • volodymyrqa

    With front physical button you can easily wake the screen :)

  • turboguy

    but since xperia z2 has 20 mp camera. good hardware,we can be sure that after a few software changes, it can become the best camera even after a few years

  • Hugo Mathee

    Or just double tap the Z2 screen

  • Sumo

    Whichever way you look at it Samusung’s Galaxy Ass 5 doesn’t look good at all. (in terms of design) They lack innovation… even HTC looks better than Ass 5….

  • Fynjy7771

    And Z2 has the best display with the best colour accuracy, huge colour gamut (130% of sRGB) and truly natural, not burning your eyes colours where it needs.

  • roeshak

    Well my z2 got delivered yesterday. The first thing that hit me hard was the very large top bezel. This needs to be reduced seriously. Sony and HTC are making bigger than needed devices and both need to work hard to address this. In truth I wasn’t really blown away by the design. It just looks like a taller Z with an aluminium frame. I’m happy though that unlike the z1, the frame isn’t as pronounced around the edges. The black version I got really looks a lot like the Z. More so than the z1. It also feels more comfortable to hold even if slipperier.
    The display certainly has the wow factor so well done Sony. The speakers too make gaming and videos a far more immersive experience so kudos there too. I’ve only played with it a few hours but one thing I can confidently say is the software is far from ready. I think that’s what probably delayed the phone release. Sony certainly has more work to do optimising it.
    As for the camera, I’ve only taken a few low and ambient lighting shots and can confirm that the z2 will probably be the best low light performer out there. Noise is greatly reduced and colour reproduction is just spot on. It’s a shame you can’t choose scene modes at anything higher than 8mp. Sony needs to fix that nonsense. The low light performance destroys the Z indeed. They could do with a bit more sharpening though.
    As for performance, well it’s an 801 cpu so there was never gonna be any issues. All the games I’ve tested on it ran buttery smooth with no lag at all. The Sony ui though creates a few issues here and there. Like I said, the software is far from optimised. I knew it was too good to be true, Sony launching with kitkat out of the box, it’s kitkat alright but it feels like beta software similar to the ics build the S launched with a couple of years ago.
    All in all, it’s looking good but if like me you own a z and are getting the z2, just don’t expect to be overawed by the design. It’s essentially the same thing with more premium materials. In fact I’m typing this still with my Z. It’s gonna take a while to move on from the champion who started it all for Sony.

  • volodymyrqa

    Double tap is a nice feature.
    Also it would be great that virtual buttons were hiding in all apps and games when needed. They are decreasing screen useful area.

  • ?????

    !!! This^^ When Z1 was to be released I was hoping it’ll have the same design as Z but just with thinner bezels. And in my opinion the Z has the most beautiful frame out there – glass frame which matches with the phone’s colour. And the feeling is genuinly premium. I really hope Z3 will have glass frame.

  • Bob

    Ahem, immersive mode does that too… And the home button actually makes the phone harder to handle as you need to press hard right at the bottom of the phone. I know from experience with an s3, and even the z, which is bigger, feels easier to use.

  • Guest

    Some ppl prefer on screen buttons, and the themes allow you to customise them. Maybe an option for off screen buttons would be nice tho

  • mitesh Patel solicitor

    Xperia is stupid software.

  • volodymyrqa

    This mode is not supported by all apps/games. That’s the problem.

  • Peter

    I hope so :)

  • Apple fanboT

    “Sony is picking up ideas from Apple” Ha, what a joke

  • JHMBB2

    I’d have to see the Z2 in person to have an opinion. I agree about the Z1 though, especially the Z1s that T-Mo sells. It made me happy that I got my Z before they brought out the Z1s. Love this phone!

  • simon t

    Sounds like what they did with the Arc when they ended up going down the S and Ion route. Shudder!

  • joe

    I got my Z1 Compact on Wednesday I’m still testing it , so far it’s perfect so don’t be sad .

  • Guest

    For me, when my thumb has to go that low, the phone feels as though it wants to fall out of my hand. Never liked the onscreen buttons at first but now I prefer them.

  • Auraa

    Samsung phones are the scum of the earth. The marketing Samsung uses shouldnt convince you to buy a peice of shit Samsung. The only real reason they sell a lot is they flood the market with phones. Coming from a Sony to a Samsung, compaired to the Sony my Note 3 cant even compair to my old Xperia Z. My Note 3 has restarted multiple times a day. Corrupted my expensive SD card and has crappy battery life. My Xperia Z has had water INSIDE it and survived while the slightest bump and my Note restarts. Samsung and its fans are the most ignorant people ever. Dont buy a Samsung

  • I’m captain

    T-Mobile US is your way, my friend.

    unless their coverage is not satisfying for you.

  • spade

    Wow! Dat bezels… 3 of them… I like it! XD

  • spade

    Glass on the back panel… Yeah, they did ;)

  • spade

    Not really, just too buggy imo :(

  • Ziich

    the speakers use up about half (if not less than that) of the speaker grill space. plus that htc logo chin

  • Steven

    When Apple started putting a metal back piece on their stuff, Sony went from metal -> glass.. seems like they just switched :P

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