Xperia Z1 Compact now on sale in Hong Kong

by XB on 18th April 2014

in Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1C ThumbA quick heads up to let you know that the diminutive Xperia Z1 Compact has gone on sale in Hong Kong from today for a suggested retail price of HK$4,298 (£330, €400, $554). All four colours will be available including lime, pink, black and white. The handset will be preloaded with Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Xperia Z1 Compact Hong Kong

Thanks @poke612!

  • Nidou

    Best phone in it’s category range!

  • Hahahahahah…. US will never get the Z2 at this rate. Might as well give up now Americans… just get the M8 and S5, or buy the unlocked Z1-Z2 models. Sony doesn’t care about their American fans. We won’t be seeing this phone hit USA shores until January or February 2015! And by that time, the Z3 will be announced.

    But who cares about the Z3, right? Because USA won’t even get the Z3 until 2016! So why bother? Just spend the $1K on the unlocked Z2 model now, you will not regret it. Ha.

    God I hate Sony sometimes. -_-

  • kirakira

    it’s the only one in its category:) no other device is comparable to it. if samsung’s note line created the phablet niche, this one is probably also creating its own niche.

    unfortunately, apple has already decided to go for bigger displays. without customers buying it, this category may not be sustained.

  • Colby Leong

    Where do you buy your unlocked devices from, just curious, because I’ve never had to pay $1000 for any new Android device. It’s sad how Sony doesn’t care about the U.S. market, but on the other hand there isn’t much they can do when there’s always a commercial playing for Samsung and Apple. The risk for them is too high to try and compete with Apple on their home turf, which is a shame because I think a lot of people would like the Xperia line. Eventually they do need to jump in, I mean look at HTC, they took a leap of faith and it seems to be working well for them.

  • Billy de Fretes

    In indonesia Z1 Compact price at US$ 565

  • I’m captain

    Blame your nose-poker carriers first, Sony don’t want to put bloatwares on Xperia.

    maybe CDMA’s difficulty is obstacle their jump on Verizon as well.

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  • The resellers on eBay and Amazon are pricing the unlocked Z2 phones at nearly $1K. About $800-$1000+ depending on how greedy they are. The Z1’s are about $500+, though. Which isn’t too bad for a Sony phone, I guess. I might save up for a Z1 if I don’t hear anything about the Z2 next month. I’m seriously aching to have these phones right now. But I’m still holding out on the hope that the Z2 will eventually go to all carriers.

    I actually got the pleasure to see the Z1 in person earlier this month. My niece has the Z1 since her contract is with T-mobile. And damn man, that phone is sexy as hell. Sleek, sexy, shiny and just beautiful. What I’ll do to have my hands on that phone right now. Sigh. AT&T sucks.

  • Lewis

    The US carriers are good at subsidizing the prices of phones they sell but they make you sign up for a long term contract. This is the reason why they are so cheap so don’t try and compare them to what stores across the world chatge for them. Most people in other countries have to pay in full for the unlocked phone aswell. The bonus of paying for a phone in full is that you are not locked in to a contract and you can jump bnetween networks where and whenever you feel like it, and the phone actually belongs to you. This maybe an american thing that they are used to in their culture of just getting a phone on contract as carriers basically own the market and phone manufacturers including the consumer is held to ransom by the US carriers.
    I hope more people can ignore the carriers and choose to look for themselves as there are alot of options past the first store you come across

  • Colby Leong

    Yeah that’s way too much for only a few upgrades from the Z1. But if you have the Z it would be a good phone to jump to. AT&T does such, and I doubt they would get the Z2. Which is a shame because it stands in the middle ground between the M8 and S5. Succeeding where both handsets fall short, but there isn’t anything to really brag about.

    Z1 is a great looking device, in fact all the Xperia phones are great, my only huge gripe is the handling. It looks great, if it’s handling matched it’s looks I’d die. I think the Z1 for T-Mo, has a hard plastic frame, one of the things they changed from the global Z1, and a weird earphone jack placement.

    Sony really needs to keep up the good work, improve on what they already have and don’t put prevent stupid mistakes from interfering with your device.
    2014 first top three flagship, Z2 some screen separating, and major delay in release. M8, poor gimmicky camera, and the S5, poorly executed bandaid.

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