Xperia Z2 image stabilisation compared against HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5

by XB on 19th April 2014

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Xperia Z2 Stable-TestWe are still yet to see some kind of optical image stabilisation (OIS) appear in any Xperia device, despite this Sony has done wonders with its SteadyShot digital image stabilisation. A great example of this is from the following video which compares video footage from three phones – the Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 – looking at their image stabilisation capabilities and the quality of general footage.

The footage was taken with the cameras fixed on a local MRT train in Taipei City to give a good sense of how well each phone coped with the rigor of a moving train. The Xperia Z2 did surprisingly well in this regard, easily coming on top of its competitors in our view. Which one did you think comes on top?

Xperia Z2 Stable-Test

Via Mobile Geeks.

  • Dion

    First comment HATE MEEEEEE

  • Keon Fraites

    That Image stabilization on the XZ2 O___O

  • lovebmw

    wow seeing is believing, Z2 kicked ass in that video

  • ym

    lolololol z2 in the bin

  • Eman Philic

    z2 won and putting the stabilizability aside, s5 won the cam recording ! im a frustrated sony user !!!! sony is tempting but definitely a bad choice in public

  • hyper0926

    Wow z2 is thre best in that

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Z2 has good stabilization while the colours on the S5 is very detailed. As for the M8…..:(

  • Simi401

    Hahaha, the Z2 just f**** them up =)) Incredible, its just like from a professional Hollywood movie or so :) … The S5 is just so hurting to watch at :S

  • RealityCheck2013

    Er the Z2 WON!!! By a LOT!!! :P The other 2 gave me a headache :D

  • Giannikosmo

    AMAZING difference with Xperia Z2!!!! So happy!! :D

  • Asa

    The Image Stabilization in the Z2 is amazing; The picture, however, is prettier on the S5. A shame really, because if somebody should know how to tweak their camera’s it should be Sony, being a big player in the camera business and all..

  • Darren Gaspé

    Details make the difference!

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    Excellent stabilization from Z2…

  • Alef

    Humilhou os concorrentes !!
    #sony <3

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  • Roy

    Am I the only one who noticed the girl was incredibly unconfortable being recorded without permission. She even tried dodging the camera at one point.
    That alone made me dislike this comparison video. With the world we live in now, eveyone with a cameraphone at their pockets, I think we need, more than ever, to be polite.

  • owl

    i wouldn’t say it’s a fair comparison actually. the three videos were obviously taken at different timings (look at the passengers in the train), and between the times, the lighting condition could have changed drastically. as for stability comparison, obviously the vibrations can’t be identical,
    but short of fixing the phone to the windscreen or something (i hope this is not what they did), you just
    can’t get a video as smooth as the one taken by Z2, so I would still say it won.

    what they should have done is to paste all three phones to a rigid piece of material, or tie all three phones together in a stack (with slight offset sufficient to expose the cameras) and turn on the video mode. that way we can make sure that all three capture the exact same scene (albeit in a slight position offset) with the similar vibrations and shakes.

  • Stevan Dj

    Excellent stabilization from Z2 but Man … I like the colors of ASS5

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  • lolwtfbbq

    you must be on crack.. I love Xperia’s but S5 in this case kick both arse. the detail, color, overall image is processed much sharper than Z2 or m8

  • lolop

    This is just a video, not a peer reviewed scientific endeavour to determine which camera has the best stabilisation. Even with the rigid material there’s other factors to take into account like the variations of the affect of the vibrations on different parts of the rigid material.

  • Fixery Foex

    Believe it or not, Sony is way more cunning than Apple in forcing customers to buy new products. Guess what? Xperia Z3 will have new design with same specs, Z4 excellent image and video, Z5 excellent music chipset, then Z6 new design with same specs -_- Genius

  • Z2’s stabilization is really impressive in that comparison. And to those who said the GS5 colors are accurate and perfect, bitch please. Have you guys seen the OnePlus One camera can produce great qualities and not to mentioned, it is using Sony camera lens. Even the iPhone too. So SONY, #wewantTWEAKINGnotTWERKING. I really believe in a major camera improvement soon. This is my camera sample taken using the Xperia Z2 last night and post edited using VSCO Cam. even my friends were impressed by it.

  • Julio Spinoza

    yes, even the girl shooting says “sorry”. We need more privacy, thats why the google glass are forbidden in many places

  • Clamser

    well, it would have been a perfect camera phone is they comined the s5 image quality and z2 image stabilisation. In terms of image stabilization obviously z2 is the clear winner here, s5 produces the best looking video and htc one is the worst at everything.

  • Abdul Ghani

    yeah i know sony needs alot of tweaking in the software not the hardware

  • Anonymous

    Really ?
    this video is a comparison about Stabilization ! ,don’t you see the great Stabilization in the Xperia Z2 ?

  • Utsav Shah

    lol. that choppy samesung s5 camera!

  • Beyonce’

    Hope smaller bezel is in the new design, expectly the above and below bezel.

  • digicloud

    Well….from an image stabilization point of view Sony was somewhat better than the other models but I was expecting something more dramatic. But clearly the winner.
    But this video also showed image quality and clearly even with all of the Sony optimization, the St was much superior, by a long shot.

  • naeemh123

    The Z2 was unbelievable, to think it’s all digital as well? bravo, Sony.

  • Jiyeon90

    doesnt the S5 have OIS?

  • Faisal Armand

    According to, xperia z2 has a score of 66 in terms of video stabilizations, making it the highest score for a cameraphone without OIS and also beating most of cameraphones with OIS, save for lumia 920..

    S5 image quality is good? I prefer S4’s camera if you ask me. S5 is so oversharpened and overprocessed that it make objects look distorted and unnatural. Samsung knew that it S5 will have to face 20.7MP Z2 so they put that crazy sharpening on the S5’s camera in order to compensate for the comparative lack of detail.

    S5’s lowlight capabilites are also lacking compared to Z2’s.. S5 has oversharpening and noise reduction artifacts all over the place

  • turboguy

    That means even after 2 3 years just after some software updates this will be the best camera out there :)

  • kirakira

    say that to the guys at dxomark

  • Colby Leong

    The ISOCELL did sound promising for Samsung, but in the end couldn’t stand up to Sony’s G-Lens and Exmor sensor. Sony has successfully got their camera department integrated into their mobile devices, and now with the stereo speakers representing their Walkman, and great display from their TV’s, what will they come out next for the Z3? Maybe an even better design and better handling?

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    WOW!! I’m very impressed with Z2! It’s like recording from a tripod with Z2. s5, m8, kiss Z2 ass!

  • kirakira

    i don’t actually see crazy sharpening. it’s just aggressive noise reduction and contrast adjustments. the crazy sharpening distinction belongs to the htc ones.

  • Killian Khoo

    nope , all of them also dont have OIS ~

  • kirakira

    he’s on hashish … let him get sober before arguing with him.

  • Issac Arc

    Sony gotta improve their camera software, put the great audio chip and of course ‘Smaller Bezel’
    Cmon make this real Sony, show us your sincerity, we wanna see the truly ‘best of Sony’ phone.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Obviously Sony allready done that.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Cant understand how people can say Samsung video has better colous than Sony Xperia Z2? To me it not the case, and I think Samsungs colours is to unnatural. Maybe sonys kamera take in a little to mich light, and that why get more lighter in the film.

  • Tim Vels

    The Z2 wasn’t strapped to anything right?
    Just kidding…… Watching the video blew me away. Freaking good Sony!

  • kirakira

    maybe sony just wants to make things look real. being able to capture the actual colors is better because you can easily do post-prod work. if you already have a tampered image, you won’t know what the actual colors are.

    if you prefer punchy colors, you can always get a new camera app.

  • EA

    grEAt job!

  • Colby Leong

    It’s a process, but for now it shows that they can incorporate the different branches into their phones. It shows they’re headed in the right direction they just have to refine and perfect it. They have more to go, and they are learning from their competition, and they do listen, sort of, to the fans, consumers, and reviews. I have somewhat high hopes for the Z3, with the great raves over the M8’s design and handling Sony will try something. New design, better handling, and less bezels are a great place to start.

  • kirakira

    detailed colors? that sounds weird.

  • adecvat

    Stabilization is good but overall video quality is poor.

  • adecvat

    There will be no updates unfortunately.

  • sfaisal

    Yup.i even posted to sony msia,improves the software.not the using xperia z.but i takes pic using snap camera apps.the pic is superb compare to sony needs to tweak the software…

  • Faisal Armand

    Zoom in on the s5 image that has a building on the other side of a river, then you’ll see what I mean.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Possibly a zl2?:) with the same specs as the z2 minus the waterproof and dust resistance though :p

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  • cesar suarez

    samsung is winner o.o

  • Anton Ingi Eggertsson

    I could not not compare it with HTC between, useless video. But I think Samsung was the best.

  • 23 years? Daaang.

  • Gotta love the sepia overlay on the M8. <3

  • Z2 may have done just that, but you just gotta remember, Z2 already lost the competition here in the US, Samsung and HTC already won since their phones are selling like hotcakes here. And once the Apple iPhone 6 comes by September, no one will care about the Z2 anymore. Nor would they care about the Z2 compact, Z3, etc. Because let’s face it, with all the delays Sony has been getting, people have already given up waiting and moved on. Sony already lost.

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  • Gamer


    its so clear that galaxy s5 WIN !!!!!!!!!

    just look at color and detail reality ….

    don’t make me laugh …

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  • owl

    of course we can’t make all external factors constant. but attaching all three cameras together isn’t a very hard thing to do to drastically make comparison between the three more applicable.

  • JG

    Well, in the stabilization part Sony wins, but it seems the quality of the z2 video is kinda cloudy. And the sharpness is very poor.

  • tango

    whatttt ?
    whay you show a picture in the dark environment ???
    i have both phone , just take picture on day , or sunny day , then you can see the poser of samsung .
    and about bitch peoples , all of them believe that you eating the sony’s penis every night .
    i like too test your pussy

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  • ashouhdy

    amazing steady shot for the z2 also the colors @s5 are great and bright check when the train was gettin out of the tunnel .. the skyline is best at s5

  • Eman Philic

    well dxomark has already gave the low score on video recording.

    DxOMark Mobile Video73

    Exposure and contrast95

  • kirakira

    are you trying to counter or bolster my point?

    Exposure and contrast 95

    exposure and contrast appears to be the main criticism people have on the z2’s video recording capabilities. 95 is certainly not a small number.

  • Eman Philic

    its called counter attack buddy

  • kororo

    well i guess you just don’t know what you’re doing

  • David Martin

    I agree with you as you’re right in some extent but there are lots of other things that should also be taken into account while comparing two high-end devices. I went through a post that given me an insight about these two smartphones.

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  • psychok9

    Z2 images have very low details in 1:1… S5 oversharpened photos still better.

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