China Mobile’s Xperia Z2 (L50t) unboxed; design differs slightly from global model

by XB on 21st April 2014

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China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_1China Mobile’s TD-LTE version of the Xperia Z2, with model number L50t, has been unboxed. The design of the Xperia Z2 (L50t) is marginally different to the Xperia Z2 (global) with dimensions of 149 x 73.3 x 8.2mm versus 146.8 x 73.3 x 8.2 mm for the global model.

Therefore, the Xperia Z2 (L50t) is 2.2mm longer, with other dimensions remaining the same. This is the same case for China Unicom’s Xperia Z2 (L50u), which sports the same design as the China Mobile version.

Other design changes include the removal of the lanyard and the three mic holes that sit at the bottom. Also, Sony appears to have used a plastic frame compared to the aluminium frame of the global Xperia Z2. Check out the Xperia Z2 (L50t) unboxing pictures below, along with some comparison photos against the global version of the Xperia Z2.

China Mobile Xperia Z2 (L50t) unboxing

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_1

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_2

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_3

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_4

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_5

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_6

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_7

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_8

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_9

China Mobile Xperia Z2_L50t_10

China Unicom’s Xperia Z2 (L50u) versus Global Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_1

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_2

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_3

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_4

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_5

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_6

Xperia Z2 L50t versus L50w_7

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  • afzal zainal

    Xperia z enhanced… I kind like it…

  • selvam

    its a great idea to fit their price tag… yet it looks awesome… great design by sony:)

  • selvam

    Sony Please Tell me when it will get launched in india.. going to ditch my samsung :(

  • So…

    Official? Or cheap watered down knock off?

  • Tony

    I believe that is not the official Sony, that’s a knock off chinese shit. That Japanese should try them to court and make them pay up.

  • Ado Kanashii

    …Its always the same thing, as one person comented before, in Japan they get the BETTER shit,
    china the WORST shit and the rest of the world gets AVERAGE shit! haa!

  • Arthur Simon

    LMAO! So true :D Though this is very weird. I mean those design changes are very drastic.

  • Nidou

    you WRONG!!!! Z1s/f back made of glass not plastic!… check the link which prove what i’m saying!

  • Amir

    no, you’re wrong. only japanese Z1C’s back is made out of glass.

  • Amir


  • Nidou

    damn it, check the link… you are the wrong dude!
    u got pics and video proof!

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    Wait isnt that the xperia z1 eh? Also Woah mother-effin 149mm, the global z2 is already way too tall for its screen. Glad i’m not from china.

  • chen

    can it still use the same DK36 charging dock??

  • Zerousen

    You’ve just confirmed Amir’s statement. The Z1f is made of glass, while the rest of the world gets plastic with the Z1c.

  • Mac

    Thats what I’ve been trying to say in the past 2 years.

  • Amir

    lol, this is what i was saying. we say the same thing. i did not read correctly what you wrote, that’s all.

  • Peter

    It’s not an issue for anybody, really… but still, this is not the way to go Sony.

  • Danny

    why are you mad?

  • DrKrFfXx

    You just proved yourself wrong :S

  • Ado Kanashii

    thats exactly what im saying bro, i prefer japanese version of Z1 has glass, and the rest of the world gets a shitty plastic back cover, now wich do u think is cheaper??

  • andrewstuart81

    Sony is a company that make smartphone with perfection i has not recently launched any phone so that makes me sure that this phone will be tremendous and

  • David van der Zande

    It looks exactly like Z2 tablet design! Probably made in the same factory in China.

  • Ado Kanashii

    judging by the position of the dock terminals looks like, yes you may… use it too.

  • Fynjy7771

    Having IR remote on my Xperia ZL during almost a year I used it only once and only for amusement. Do you really need it? Every TV-set has IR remote with it. Of course it is good to have it, but not critical. But, because of Z2 don’t have any disadvantages, the absence of IR remote goes on first place. :)

  • Guest

    It doesn’t matter that it wouldn’t be a frequently used option. Waterproofing won’t be used that much as well but you want it there so its available when you want to use it.

  • jake

    It is only me thinking china version have better look ?
    Just like the original z .

  • Guest

    Sony certainly has a knack for putting the same display size into a larger body.

  • Nidou

    ughhh damn it!

  • walker

    ohh god ,i love chinese variant ,the omni balance looks the same as Xperia Z

  • HardyHarHar

    Sorry but that’s not how the world works. Just because you don’t use a specific feature on your phone doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t use it like you. I myself own an HTC One a year ago and I have been utilizing it’s IR feature everyday. I like use it for my car’s alarm, controlling the aircon and TV.

  • Anon

    Funnily enough, I think this version actually looks better. If only Sony re-released the original Z with upgraded Z2 specs, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. The Z2 is heavy, big, and has way too much bezel.

    I don’t see why this plastic Z2 is longer though.

  • lol

    atleast everyone gets “shit”

  • PJ

    Z1F = Japan, Z1C = International

    in the linked video, it has proved that Z1F is made out of glass and Z1C is a plastic. Though it might sound cheap but the plastic is better because its durability

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  • Mike

    Well, as an xperia z1 user in Japan I must tell you this, We haven’t got 4.4.2 yet!!! We are still using 4.2.2!!! Every regions have their own pros and cons.

  • Ado Kanashii

    I see ur point mike, still i think you know what im talking about :-) software update is one thing but making the back of the phone made of glass instead of cheap plastic, well…thats a way of feeling different from the rest of the world, kind of having a premium version only for japan users…yes im talking about xperia z1mini…

  • Ado Kanashii

    Yeap still my shitty country gets average shit instead of shitty shit

  • God

    Am I the only one who prefer a Chinese Version one? but god it look hot like the Original Z

  • Mirrorpurple

    Japan always get the good shit… And i was right

  • Mirrorpurple

    Yeah i commented that hahahaha

  • Fung

    man, japanese get the best shit in terms of hardware, but u cant unlock the bootloader since the f**king provider docomo in Japan lock it up. (If u are a hardcore android guy u know why this is a problem. Ok for u if u are a standard user.)

  • Anon

    What is considered as the global phone? Is it the 6503 model?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • doom guy

    The same applies to you. Just cause you use the IR function for you TV, Car, doesn’t mean others do.

  • dsfdsf

    :/. This is what the Z2 should’ve been!

  • paul4id

    Waterpoofing is most needed when you least expect it. My last phone was water damaged after I was out in a rain storm (it was also in the pocket of my waterproof jacket, but even that was not enough!)

  • paul4id

    better to have than not

  • paul4id

    I can believe you. I had tried the DoCoMo software on my Z1 Compact (part of an elaborate rooting process) and it looked hideously ugly and cluttered, along with a stupid little sheep running all over the place.

    Japanese get the good hardware but the shit software.

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  • Adolfo Sun

    What’s the difference between china and international version in terms of spec?
    And between l50t and l50u, for international use?

    The china version without the 3 mic holes gets something worse?

    Sorry for the noobish questions, I’d like to buy the phone so I’m getting as many infos as I can.

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  • medo

    Is the length of the LCD screen same in all version?
    Because I bought from china replacement lcd screen for my xperia z2 and don’t fit in my phone. There is about 2 mm difference

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