Xperia Z2 Tablet hits pre-order in Canada; ships on 7 May 2014

by XB on 22nd April 2014

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Xperia Z2 Tablet pre-order in CanadaYesterday, we saw the Xperia Z2 Tablet hit pre-order in the United States and now the same has happened for our Canadian friends. The 16GB Wi-Fi version is available to pre-order on the Sony Store website for C$529.99 and is available in black. The 32GB Wi-Fi version is available in both black and white colours and can be pre-ordered for C$599.99. The Sony Store website states a ship date of 7 May 2014.

Xperia Z2 Tablet pre-order in Canada

  • nfs2010

    It ships on 5/3/2014 in the US. Finally, we got a shot at beating our neighbors :P

  • nfs2010

    By the way, could anyone in Canada provide some details on the availability of unlocked z2? I’ve been waiting to get an unlocked z2 (phone) from Canada. But if that doesn’t happen soon, I have to get one off ebay from Taiwan or Singapore. Thanks!

  • litoni

    Are you from vancouver? If you are I can refer you to a trust worthy store

  • timothy chan

    annnnnd it’s gone

  • nfs2010

    I’m from the US. Does that store sell stuff on eBay?

  • likenother

    hey, could you give me the store info please? thanks!

  • litoni

    in richmond, Lansdowne mall there is a bell authorized mobile shop called ” Mobile DNA ” their phones are directly from hk and france i believe… bought a bunch from them a bunch of times.

    but i think the current price for Z2 is around $900 CAD. Still pretty expensive here in canada though. but for sure the phone is unlocked and bootloader is unlockable.

  • Shadovv

    Ships 4/29/2014 in Australia, already beaten :P

  • likenother

    k thanks!

  • Micheal Archer

    At present there is no sign of an unlocked Z2 phone available on the Sony website. That said, you could buy one outright from Bell without a contract and then either pay Bell or try an online unlocking option for the unlock code making it compatible with all carriers (assuming the frequencies available in the phone match those of your selected network). Within one month of buying the Z1 from Rogers, I had it unlocked online so I could use it with T-Mobile in the US. My Xperia S was unlocked through Rogers for the same purpose but lacked the antennas for full functionality on T-Mobile.

  • litoni

    not that i know of, i doubt it though, but you can call them and see if they do such service. if you ever do take a trip down here to richmond bc you can purchase it from them. usually takes a week for them to ship it in. better to call them and make a small deposit.

  • I think in the event that they do such administration. on the off chance that you ever do bring an outing down here to richmond bc you can buy it from them. typically takes a week for them to ship it in. better to call them and make a little store. I would like to say Thanks for sharing such a nice article.
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