Xperia Z2’s slow motion video compared against the HTC One M8 and Galaxy S5

by XB on 22nd April 2014

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camera-copy-1024x678The Xperia Z2’s Timeshift video allows users to record slow motion video in 720p at 120 frames per second. This is a feature also found in other leading Android smartphones such as the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G Pro 2. Mobile Geeks has compared this feature across all four of these phones in the video below. The subject matter of each video is the fire hand, the problem with this is that it makes it difficult to compare results. Let us know which phone you think has the upper hand in the comments below.

Via Mobile Geeks.

Thanks Levered!

  • Makiz

    That’s not fair, the GS5 shot had the less flame so the exposure was almost unchanged

  • Micro

    oh dear, is it possible that even flame was against the SGS5? :D the whole universe? ok, but even a simple flame? No.. it can’t be.. (awesome test btw)

  • kirakira

    less flame and a brighter background

  • Sridhar

    The nature of the test made us worry about the hands rather than the video quality :). HTC and Z2 seem like the monster duo. Neck and neck in every feature :)

  • Gamer

    GS5 always win

  • Bogdan Marin

    Big uppdate, album and walkman

  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Exactly and the Z2 had more frames to play with… especially when the flame slowly disappeared in the air

  • hyper0926

    Offtopic: new update for album and Walkman released

  • hyper0926


  • laci_csk

    Sony is the best (always)

  • Giannikosmo

    The update of album is better than walkman one!…

  • Sumo

    You know… I’m getting sick and tired of these comparison reviews… not it is a bad thing, but where I am at the Z2 has been delayed to May. So seeing these comparisons, though it gives us info on the pros and cons of Z2, but it pisses me off that I can’t get my hands on the Z2 and do my own review!

  • Sumo

    Wait… you mean Samsung had a supremacy era?!?! How come nobody ever told me about it??


    Besides…. Samsung’s only tactics was to bombard consumers with phones almost nearly every 2-3 months. That hype is slowly transitioning to every 6 months now.

    Having money with no brains is a good thing isn’t it? They should focus on home appliances and LCD’s or TV’s. They’re quite good at that instead of phones.

  • vigneshprince

    awesome update

  • xperianer

    useless comparison…mobilegeeks isnt a new player, why they not tried a more fair comparison? different flames, different situations, different results….useless

  • alex

    It was camera test….? xD

  • @xperianer when you look at our article, this was also to educate people about the slow mo functionality of their phones. The video itself is for the fun of it and it also shows that the Z2 and G Pro 2 have the edge

  • adsfasdfa15

    That’s exactly what I always have been telling. HTC and Sony, despite of the low market share, make the best phones. And make them stylish. Chosing between those two is a simple matter of preference and needs, but one can still count on them to be good. Proud of my Z1.

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