Big Album (6.0.A.0.26) and WALKMAN (8.3.A.0.2) update hits Xperia handsets

by XB on 23rd April 2014

in Applications, Imaging

Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_2Sony has pushed out a big update for its Album and WALKMAN applications, showcasing a new UI similar to that seen in the recent Movies app revamp. Both apps see a new sliding menu, which contains most of the functionality you need by swiping right from wherever you are in the app.

The Album app moves from build number 5.4.A.0.20 to 6.0.A.0.26. The app now includes a slideshow recall playback, highlighting favourite memories at the top of the app whilst browsing pictures. The WALKMAN app moves from build 8.1.A.0.3 to 8.3.A.0.2 and introduces dynamic layouts and the ability to pinch-zoom so you can determine how much content you see in the main view.

Album and WALKMAN apps get big update

The Album app has been updated to version 6.0.A.0.26, whilst the WALKMAN app has been updated to version 8.3.A.0.2.

Album - Walkman Update

Album app version 6.0.A.0.26

The Album app is a 13.2MB download and includes a new UI, slideshow recall playback and bug fixes/performance enhancements. It can be downloaded here (Thanks Ben!).

Album_6.0.A.0.26_1 Album_6.0.A.0.26_1b

Swipe right to access a new navigation menu.


Clicking into “Camera” now shows all of your photos/videos separated by method of capture i.e. you can see only your Timeshift burst pictures or ones using Background defocus for example.

Album_6.0.A.0.26_5 Album_6.0.A.0.26_6

Sony has moved “Media server” from the drop-down menu and into the Settings menu. There is also a new item called “Rediscover memories”. We’re not sure if this is the same feature as “PlayMemories promotion” that previously occupied this space.

Album_6.0.A.0.26_3 Album_6.0.A.0.26_4

WALKMAN app version 8.3.A.0.2

The WALKMAN app is an 11.5MB download and includes a new UI, dynamic layouts including pinch-to-zoom and bug fixes/performance enhancements. It can be downloaded here (Thanks Ben!).


You can now choose how much content you want to see on your main screen using pinch-to-zoom.

Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_2 Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_3

Sony has added a ClearAudio+ option in the drop-down menu. The previous “Visible items” menu item has been removed. The Settings options remain the same as before.

Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_4 Walkman_8.3.A.0.2_5

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Deki

    Cool design! I like it!

    But, still nothing on my Z1…

  • kinjal

    Got it on Z.

  • Sumo

    This one is a good update!

  • Diego Mendes Fernandes

    Well, I only get Walkman for now
    The redesign is great

  • jumbo3220

    when you see these media apps ,,you can see the quality of Sony

  • Joh Kevin Manabat

    Got it. They removed the visualizer?

  • Dipanshu

    Best album and walkman update till date. Good Job Sony.
    Xperia SP


    i regret switching to iphone

  • Dipanshu

    No. Visualiser is still present.

  • Sahil

    Just updated it on xperia L
    I had pixlr express installed on my L
    Now all its themes, borders, etc is showing on album

  • Dipanshu


  • Robert Szombati

    Doesn’t it come OTA? Nothing for my Z1c so far.

  • Luxsaan06

    Best Sony Media apps; Movie,Album and Walkman update till date. Great Job Sony.

    Sony Xperia Z

  • Rutang

    Xperia T amaizing looking update :D

  • ashwini

    Is this update for Sony Xperia sl??

  • me

    Can I add folders to sort out my albums? If not, any good apps to recommend?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    There isnt any virtualizer now…..

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Don’t work on my Z1

  • Dipanshu

    Oh really?

  • Just got my update today. And in conclusion, they fixed alot of bugs that were found previously such as Song Title doesn’t change accordingly on the lock screen widget etc. Now who couldn’t be more happy to see a future major update on the camera side? I KNOW I’M ONE OF THEM ;)

  • sTEVEN

    Updates yet not available for my Z1… :(

  • laci_csk

    Download and install the apk. file from article, if you read it. How hard it be?

  • Serhat Ulusoy

    Big Album how to add instagram for social media applications ??

  • k

    that’s the app’s fault

  • Mohammed Khired

    actually it’s USTWO studios’ design…….it’s a great studio really….

  • cedou97yon

    sub support on movie app ? this will never hapened ? :(
    For xperia z owners:
    on walkman side is there a chance to get the hq audio support and also usb dac ?
    I must use a third app to get my usb dac working so it means the hardware on xperia z is ok to do that. just need a firmware or Walkman update..

  • Sadman Khan

    I got the OTA this morning for both Walkman and Album. I have to say this is their best UI yet and it is VERY pleasing. I’m loving Sony more and more with every passing day. I don’t like Kit Kat much as it has issues and so i’m sticking to 4.3 for now, which is perfect. And the addition of such redesigned apps has made it more epic.

  • Deki

    I want to update the proper way thru Update Center

  • laci_csk

    what is the difference?

  • laci_csk


  • guest

    yeah i got in the morning for XSP

  • raxxta

    Let’s hope later today…and that the album app is less laggy

  • xperiaDROID

    Got the update already on my Xperia Z. I like the UI, and it’s less laggy. Good job, Sony!

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony already drop support for Xperia SL, so I doubt it will be available for the SL. But you still can install the apk though.

  • xperiaDROID

    Which theme are you using? The notification bar looks different.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    He’s using Xposed module and customize whatever you wanna.

  • Mirrorpurple


  • xperiaDROID

    What’s the use of regretting? You already paid the money and you’re using the iPhone right now.

  • xperiaDROID

    What? Does it require root?

  • Giannikosmo

    I like the way how Sony behaves to the last year flagship Sony Xperia Z!! We have all the updates plus the 4.4.2 Kitkat in a month! That’s why SONY ROCKS!

  • marwan balu

    How could install it..its show to me zip file…..anyone help

  • varun

    will it work on xperia m?
    my phone is running android 4.1.2???

    plz reply???

  • laci_csk

    Try it and will see.

  • laci_csk

    Dowload it to your PC, extract, and install the “.apk” file on your phone.

  • nikfarid

    good job sony…..i loikeee…

  • Sadman Khan

    He is using Polybox.

  • Dipanshu

    Yes it is a module of xposed framework. And it does require root access.
    The theme is Polybox

  • ShinOrochiX

    It’s good to see that Sony’s media apps are following the Google theme of sliding out menus it makes everything feel more ‘integrated’.

    Although I’m still stuck on 4.1.2 on my Xperia SP. :|

    Hopefully I get 4.3 soon. I don’t like flashing other region firmware due to bloatware and stuff. :-o


    Super nice :-)

  • vigneshprince

    yeah worth to wait for kit kat update for Xperia Z

  • vigneshprince

    yeah so happy t see these updates

  • Marco

    I found a bug in the Walkman App. The artwork is fading to blank and white and it’s blinking.

    btw my phone is xperia z1.

  • Mujeeb Ahmad

    This is the quality of Sony that makes it stand out from all others. Really happy with the update :)
    Btw for Walkman, I’m not getting all these other menu option in the sliding menu as shown in the pictures like New Releases and anything below it.
    Any suggestions? Do I require Music Unlimited for these options?

  • marwan balu

    I download it from other website and it work with me

  • laci_csk


  • wei147

    Got it on my xperia zr this morning really like ir :-)

  • jag

    Anyone got it in Singapore?? Been waiting for this awesome update!!! Waaaaaaaahh!! I love how sony do with these media apps! Kudos to sony and the guys behind this amazing apps

  • Mirrorpurple

    Walkman UI slowed down… Sigh

  • Alef Almeida

    Eu apenas amo essas atualizações de aplicativos de mídia da Sony <3

  • Mirrorpurple

    Just download the apk

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    Does the Walkman app still change background colours according to the album artwork?

  • Ivan

    Album app successfully installed, but Walkman app I get “Parse Error. There was a problem parsing the package.”. Does anyone know what should I do?

  • laci_csk

    yes, and the background is like my avatar, like Z2 colors.

  • Toxicon

    WoW whats this Awesome Theme? :0 it look very cool :)

  • Mohammed Shameem

    Is this updation is applicable for Xperia Acro S?

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Got it on my ZL.
    Working wonderfully.

  • xperiamike

    xperia v, too??

  • xperiamike

    ooooooo clicking on “here” now now wil come and give my findings…..hope its smoooth like the movie app on my xperia v

  • Dihan Chowdhury

    Still no update in ota for xperia z1 :-(

  • Alessandro Romano

    I would love to use Walkman but all my songs belong to Google Play Music, so I have to use its music player :(

  • Mohammed Khired

    wasn’t a spam , so calm your tits down…

  • J

    Xperia V Singtel Version updated

  • Zaid Al Aqqad

    Nothing appeared till now while have 757 get them as apk?
    Xperia Z1

  • suit up !

    i love the way Sony is pushing the updates for its premium entertainment apps.
    But, Xperia Z Ultra running on KitKat does not get notifications for any of these updates. Movies app update notification came, when i was on Jelly Bean. But i didnt update it, which was a mistake

  • Zaid Al Aqqad

    I have all themes in my z1 downloaded for free from aptoide market

  • Zaid Al Aqqad

    I’m just like you….. How to solve this shit?

  • Sand

    Nothing for Brazilian Z1 yet :(

  • Guest

    Don’t worry, it is coming, i’ve got mine and i’m in the UK, so there is hope for you :D

  • sora77

    Why don’t I get OTA update? Still haven’t got update for movie app no matter how I refresh.

  • steve_21

    got here in the Philippines OTA..yeah..thanks sony.. :)

  • Ali

    All downloaded from the OTA on Xperia V

  • xperiamike

    please download the apk, from this website.

  • xperiamike

    i run the it now….splendid right!?

  • xperiamike

    type of xperia(firmware)..or maybe bad download.

  • Alisson Santos

    BRAISL: Eu achei muito lento essa versão. Não gostei muito não.

  • Dmitry Perets

    No, that one actually looks ugly on the screenshots =D

  • Dakota

    I don’t even care when 4.4 comes anymore, all I cared about was getting these updates. I’m completely content qith 4.3, I’m not a fan of the KitKat lockscreen, nor am I a fan of the new battery icon. I’m real happy with the way things are right now, this is the way it should be.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Well, I got these updates on my Xperia V which is 2012 model. These apps are developed separately.

  • Dmitry Perets

    After a long time, finally an update from Sony that I like =)

  • Ben Ling

    only for Android 4.2.2+

  • Ben Ling

    Album will work,only WALKMAN need to be at least Android 4.2.2+

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Okkiee… Thnx Bro, I thought they removed it :D

  • Mac

    I believe he like the feeling of something new popping up by it self as he is using a kinda fresh phone. Me myself would also prefer a OTA update on my Z1c, still not present tho.

  • Darren Gaspé

    How to install from zip?

  • Killian Khoo

    I got on my Xperia ZR in Malaysia ~
    So I think Singapore should get it alrdy ~

  • Killian Khoo

    Actually I just realize the opening time taken is longer than previous version , but ntg more at nw ~
    U using wat phone ?
    Xperia ZR overhere btw ~
    I realize that during playback as long as I opening the Walkman app , the notification light is kept lighted up ~

  • Mirrorpurple

    Z1 here… The abandoned flagship

  • Mirrorpurple

    Ota nothing just now, so i manual install

  • Killian Khoo

    I think ur phone wont be abandoned ,as long as Nexus 5 is getting the update , I think Sony wont abandoned it ~
    Like Nexus 4 getting 4.4 , all Xperia Z series using the chipset getting the update too ~

  • Killian Khoo

    That weird ,do u try connect to sony pc application ?
    Btw I getting from OTA ~

  • akito91

    At last i can play.gif pic

  • Thiolo

    why i cant find it on my update center Z ultra ?

  • Tony

    Hi! Ben are you saying that this update will only work on the Android 4.2.2 and above. If it is so please say that from the beginning of your post that way, people like myself would not waste time downloading the file.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    I got it in my xperia zl but didn’t get it in my tablet z2 don’t know why . any one have an idea why?

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    which website ??? when I extraxt it there is no apk to install

  • Nirav

    almost same problem, after 4.2.2 kitkat upgrade..not receiving any sony app update info neither after checking software update option.

  • lovebmw

    I NEED A SEARCH OPTION, i have more than 500 movies, and i have to go through them every single time to find something i purchased

  • francesco

    i didn’t had the push notification…

  • suit up !

    It’s ok… Just wait

  • spade

    Use these app ;)

  • metcarded

    gif support was added a while ago, maybe over a year.

  • XV user

    Still not get the update through OTA in my XV..btw I’m from malaysia too..

  • Aman roXtr

    Album Update is gorgeous, But Walkman update is shattered, its just looses the feel of walkman.
    Home is looking unmanaged,the graphical color changing is looking artificial..and what the hell written on top ‘ play next’…,not satisfied

  • Tulio Guilherme Grunwald

    The updates are good at all, but i’m so sad that they remove “visible itens” in main page of walkman, because now i can’t select or remove itens that i don’t want to see :(

  • Kris

    Has Sony added the possibility to sort Albums by Genre? (my Z1 Compact is in repair/exchange at the moment, as it sufferes also from the flashlight production problem)

  • David McLeod

    Are you able to play Music Unlimited through the Walkman app? I can’t because I can’t sign in to it because my Xperia T isn’t compatible with the account management app! Kinda defeats the purpose of integrating the two.

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    Just updated. True, the colours change, but I preferred it without the pattern,

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  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Yep it does.

  • Pingback: Big Album (6.0.A.0.26) and WALKMAN (8.3.A.0.2 ... - Xperia Blog | smartphone-hattansmartphone-hattan()

  • jhayp sevilla

    No ota update for my xv Philippines

  • Jackman

    I didnot get any update on my xperia sp, I donot update the system since I bought, Can this be the reason why I didnt get the update

  • KaiXperiaZ1

    Now this is great, but… OTA for those apps have not appeared on my Xperia Z1. Nice job sony! Love the new UI!

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  • 5ix4

    Now that is a dumb move but depends on what sony device ypu switched from. If you went from Xperia Z to iPhone, that is a dumb move.

  • Karthik

    thanks for the download link for both updates.

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  • Raie

    Have you tried manually updating it using Sony PC Companion? I’m from PH and I got my 4.3 update on my Xperia SP in that way.

  • Martin

    I received both updates in my Xperia M with Android 4.3. Why didn’t you update to 4.3? Isn’t it still available fotr you?

  • glein

    If you’re on a carrier firmware, why not flash the unbranded version and be done with it…

  • SPUser

    Does the LED light function work properly after the update for both the album and walkman apps? If you remember, they just fixed the LED light problem for the walkman with the recent android version update. (12.1.a.1.201)

    I dont want to update my walkman if the LED gets messed up again.

  • sTEVEN

    Still no notification of new updates on my Z1. Thanks Sony, great job!!!

  • Mujeeb Ahmad

    Well, I installed Music Unlimited but it turns out it is not available in my country(India) as of now. :(

  • laci_csk

    We talking about an applikation, not a sistem update

  • thembasicina

    Looks very similar to DoubleTwist’s version, which I’m very impressed with!

  • Ridhwan Azizan

    yes agree… really hate the battery icon… and we cannot change wallpaper on lock screen…

  • doom guy

    It’s his phone, it’s up to him how he wants to update. Why are you being so rude?

  • doom guy

    The walkman app is one the best in any android-ios :)

  • laci_csk

    I dont flashed my phone for same reason, and waiting for update from march, but repeat, its an applikation.
    Never installed an apk in your phone, only OTA?

  • Ben Ling

    this isn’t my blog

  • Mrjraider

    Yes… Works without problemss.. It was not app related but an error by Sony

  • doom guy

    I get your point, but it’s his choice mate. Don’t get worked up over small things that hardly matter.

  • Mac

    True, but stock applications only for Sony devices.

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  • ????????? ???????????????

    Can I FINALLY play all albums by an artist, in order?

  • laci_csk


  • urangsundaasli

    hore i can use
    new album on my acro s

  • madan

    Anyone received these updates in india for z1

  • jj

    I wish Sony would add a way to quick Scroll by letter in the walkman

  • Boris J


  • Caio Faria

    Do you have problems with flashing blue screen? It’s happened to me twice. I have the Xperia T, and have not received the update 9.2.A.1.205, which version is your Jelly Bean 4.3? I don’t like the performance of the camera, and 1080p videos are not fluid. I hope that Sony still fix it.

  • Nirav

    For how long. it isn’t there yet..

  • suit up !

    dude, why whine???

  • Eric Eagle

    I’m a big Sony fan but the WALKMAN update is still not there yet. It continues to lack the following basic functionality:

    1. No ‘clear queue’ button/option (every other Android player has this)
    2. Still no support for ALBUM_ARTIST ID3 tag

    I’ve also experienced constant crashing when Music Unlimited is enabled.

  • Tutzu

    Anyone in Romania got it? Nothing on my Z1

  • sTEVEN

    No notification on my Z1 RO Vodafone either. Sony people don’t give a f…k on Romanian users, be sure of that. Any firmware updates that were released till today become available to me after 4-5 days. I’d better bought an iPhone…

  • shanon

    hi i am in bangladesh and my phone is Xperia v. i downloaded the apps from here. but in the setting of my walkman app “share on facebook” and “music unlimited” these options doesnt show up and in album app “rediscover memories” and “all sync” shows fade and unusable. please help.

  • Tutzu

    All application updates so far reached my phone on the same day..

  • sTEVEN

    Same for me. This is the first time when I don’t receive a notification about a native Sony app update. My wife’s Xperia Z received the notification same day the updates were released. It seems that the problem is common to Z1 in some areas. Stupid Sony people, that’s a sure way to loose customers.

  • gef

    …not yet available in philippines…c6903..

  • madan

    dont worry it is not coming to any 4.4. another 4.4 update is on the way. After that u can see those updates…(a z1 user of india)

  • ash

    Still no update for both album as well as Walkman on.z1 compact in india. When will it release

  • gef

    ..what phone are you using? mine doesn’t get update..c6903

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  • P9

    Sony is only one who.understand people alot, even queue in WALKMAN, no any company got it. and we got it since SE.
    hope we could queue the artist, wonder why sony remove it.

  • CARL


  • DNDV

    My z1 was updated the same day the update was released and I loved the new UI,

  • Chris

    Hello all, although the app seems to be improved, faster and new features the automatic slideshow at the top of the galleries I find it annoying. I have been trying for over 1 hour to disable it. It takes too much space on the screen and if I want to see pictures I took 1 year ago I will go and look at them I do not need the app to flash random pics. If anyone has any idea how to disable this “useless to me” feature, please let me know. Reverted back to old version for now.

  • madan

    i think ur running 4.3.

  • sTEVEN

    For sure. Latest 4.4.2 firmware (14.3.A.0.757) does not find any Movies or Walkman app update.


    I am coming back to sony for Xperia Z4!

  • jamesbdx

    Actually no,for some strange reason the updates donn’t appear if you’re on the .757 firmware, my girlfriend was on the .681KK firmware and received the update the day it was released. Out of curiosity I rolled back my phone and sure enough the update appeared as soon as I turned my phone back on while on the 681 firmware…

  • patrick

    did anyone experience after the kikat update thee scroll bar for the walkman app disappeared?

  • Gaz Almonte

    here are they in apk format. Just install as a regular app. ( you are welcomed

  • Darren Gaspé

    Walkman is much faster, I’m liking the new update..

  • Mac

    Finally received the album update OTA on my z1 compact, but no signs of Walkman..

  • suit up !

    finally, got it on Sony Xperia Z Ultra running Android KitKat (C6802)….
    Album 6.0.A.0.26
    WALKMAN not yet !!!

  • Arvigee

    How.can i use or update my xperia.acro s with this kind of feature? Please answer. I want to update my phone.

  • Prncss

    I had the updates for both before i factory reset my phone, now I only received their update for walkman, others none. How long should I wait??????

  • STG

    How do I turn off the random image slideshow which occupies top-half space of album? I have some very private pics which was taken months back and buried but this stupid slideshow dig it up and plays it!
    Please help. I am using Sony Xperia L and Rediscover memories option is disabled and i couldnt turn it off!

  • Dean Saunderson

    im still on 4.1.2 in the UK on Tesco mobile

  • Dean Saunderson

    is that hard?

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  • Shreenit Shahapurkar

    I got another build, I got 8.3.A.0.7! :O

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  • glein

    There’s a guide on xda-developers:

    Although, T-mobile UK and unlocked handsets seem to be on 4.1.2 still according to Xperia Update Checker.

  • Satria Adi Nugraha

    online function doesnt work on xperia m. i am on 4.4.2 cm11

  • ai

    Help me how to disable the the thumbnails in album

  • poojan

    Hello.. I m. Currently using sony xperia c and I updated my apps.. but I dont have the account manager.apk file… I installed it but walkman.says dat I need to update it.. My device is not compatible with this apk… Can u plz send me the latest account manager. Apk at my email..
    Thank you

  • d2211basu

    can i run these apps on my htc desire u?

  • maccdroid


  • abby15

    And one more thing… Walkman.. Album and movies. App. Cn be run on other Andy device..
    My frns htc running. Walkman and album smoothly…. M soo irritated…
    I thot sony uses digital signature so its apps can’t be run.. On ther device.. Bt… Nothing like tht… >:(

  • etuna tabunidze

    as i wrote on picture there must be pictures and album too but now there isn;t pictures and there’s only albums but i’d like to see pictures,not in albums…..can anybody say to what to do?? :(((

  • Guest


  • Favas Muhammed

    I love Xperia…
    But it’s album…
    It was too slow….
    Too much time to open it…
    Jst hate it… When I capture any pic I can’t open immediately for the preview…
    Plz fix it….

  • Debbie Dagenais

    hey can someone help me please I need to know what free app I can use to locate music for free to download to my Walkman

  • Debbie Dagenais

    hey can someone help me please I need to know what free app I can use to locate music for free to download to my Walkman

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