Five new premium Xperia Themes available from “The Green”

by XB on 23rd April 2014

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The Green was one of the first developers to create a number of themes when Xperia Themes first launched, many of you have no doubt installed Noir or Prorobot. Well the developer has today launched five new premium themes into the Google Play Store including Bestfriends, Headbanger, Sporty, Blinger and NewEngland. You can see screenshots of each below – let us know which one is your favourite.


Cost: £0.82, €1.00, $0.99




Cost: £1.63, €1.99, $1.99





Cost: £0.83, €1.00, $0.99




Cost: £0.82, €1.00, $0.99





Cost: £0.82, €1.00, $0.99




Thanks Dion!

  • Darren Gaspé


  • Makiz

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like any of the themes available?? I prefer the stock Sony’s themes!

  • Ranjeet

    Blinger for me!!

  • Peter

    Nope. They are actually pretty lame. Wouldn’t put that on my device – ever.

  • RbbrDcky

    I love the Sporty one!

  • Dion


  • grav1ty

    Triflat is still the best

  • Hugo Mathee

    When will we see a ‘Nexus’ Inspired theme

  • Micro

    my thoughts exactly

  • metcarded

    Love the sporty one.

  • Dion

    I don’t like the pink sys bar in the sony apps

  • Patrol619

    It’s not pink.

  • Alessio

    Stock is always better

  • Dion

    What then

  • Patrol619

    It’s sort of red-orange

  • ShinOrochiX

    I agree but this guy does deserve credit for the hard work. I personally preferred the 2011/2012 Xperia themes where the backgrounds of most stock apps changed respective to the theme.

  • I prefer simpler backgrounds and subdued style. Sporty wins out of these 5.

  • Andrew Tan

    I love BestFriends and Sporty. Both is awesome!

  • Lucian

    You are not alone :)

  • Utsav Shah

    No. All those themes are so ugly !

  • Utsav Shah

    I want to know who the hell is making those themes :D

  • Mirrorpurple


  • XM

    Pay money to make your phone uglier? Pass.

  • Leo Lo

    I like the sporty one; but I like the stock one the most.

  • Sachin S

    Download link please……………

  • Billy de Fretes

    they should change all stock icons and match the themes.

  • vigneshprince


  • Maxxy

    SPORTY was the only one catching the attention!

  • Makiz

    There are so many creative artists out there, he should find one and leave him to do the job while he does only the “programmer’s” part.

  • Killian Khoo

    This time , new Xperia Themes look not nice ~

  • George

    dont like this type of themes they dont suit phones with on screen navigation keys

  • Vignesh Sridhar

    Download Link please

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Its Neon Pinkish-Orange…. Ummm Yeah that it is :D

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Still waiting for the Minimal, simple, and elegant looking theme.

  • Michael M.

    Yep, this is like winAMP+winXP in 200X years. Why can’t they make cool modern designed themes?

  • Vignesh Sridhar

    Download link guys

  • xperianer

    normally i not like to speak negative about themers and evs work, if its on xda for example…

    but since this stuff costs around 1-2euro per theme, i have to say i not like any of them.

    1. they look partly childish
    2. the design/colors, who like that?
    or better question….who pay 2euro for that?

    i mean, its good to see support for such things, but uhm…..i think we shouldt say “super” to everything, we should be able to critisize….and i do that with that work….

    maybe the themer is just at beginning and later work will look more mainstream and stylish.
    so, good beginning, but nothing i would pay for^^ and nothign i would use longer than some minutes^^

  • Abdullah Robben

    ugly and not free

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Why do these themes have such terrible navigation bars, can’t they just change the navigation keys and keep both the bars(navigation and status) transparent!

    That would look awesome! and more much better with the kitkat ui and immersive apps!

  • Sachin S

    thnx………..where is blinger theme and why easter theme not in google play ?

  • Sachin S
  • Mac

    I feel yaa.

  • Mac

    ..I am here with you

  • Free apk’s here
  • psyche

    downloaded immediately. very Pittsburgh.

  • gag21

    yes the are bad but triflat is superb theme

  • Dudeknows

    Doesn’t work on SP. -_-

  • djsilentg

    i like the triflat theme also

  • Mac

    if the onscreen buttons were cleaner and more like the rest of the theme and the navbar was transparent I might be using that one.

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  • Maesapraba Pande

    Yellow Page

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