Xperia Privilege is no more; merges with Xperia Lounge app

by XB on 24th April 2014

in Applications

Xperia Privelege mergeThe Xperia Privilege app is now defunct. If you try to access the app you will be met with the following screen. As we have already started to see more and more recently, any kind of promotions will now be run via the Xperia Lounge app. This probably makes sense in the long-term as having a dedicated app just for promotions, meant that for many users there were long periods without anything new. Feel free to mourn (or not) in the comments below.

Xperia Privelege merge

  • Jizz Head

    First comment! :-D

  • Luca

    what an acomplishment…you must be so proud -.-

  • Dan

    you have just one an xperia z2 for that, good for you :))))

  • thegoku

    clap clap clap

  • fried_egg

    It was “what is wrong with Sony” – somewhere someone must have known they had more than 1 similar product being developed and should have merged them long before they became “reality” individually. It is not what Sony does that is wrong but how they get there!

  • Mac

    I got that notification like a week ago.
    Not that much 2 mourn about. Actually it was about time I think.

  • HardyHarHar

    Finally! 1 more APK to debloat on my phone :D

  • Valerius

    If ANY of those promotions would ever work in my country… :(

  • Steven

    Didn’t realize it would become a family-name when I called your mother that..

  • Luca

    omg hahahhaahah

  • Guest

    I am in the UK with Z1 Compact and never have been able to get the free movies to work. It always says “This voucher is unavailable at this time. Please try again later”

    I also have unlocked my bootloader; anyone know if that makes a difference or not?

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