Please don’t trash your Xperia Z2, Z1, Z or Z Ultra for a OnePlus One

by XB on 25th April 2014

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2

smash-your-pastOnePlus is running a marketing stunt that in our view is both ill-advised and dangerous. It is offering the chance for 100 users in select countries to destroy a phone in an inventive way, in return for a 16GB OnePlus One for $1. There is a set list of phones eligible for the contest, all of them pretty new flagship models, including four Sony ones – the Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra. So if you were thinking about it, just don’t. We’re not sure we could bear it.

  • Ridhwan Azizan

    One word… Nonsense!!!

  • sahil

    Even if xperia ion was on that list..
    I wouldn’t trash it.. Instead sell it n buy z2 :)

  • Mirrorpurple


  • Eduard

    Haha this is ridiculous. How I will smash my new xperia z1, which has costs more than that piece of “premium plastic”

  • Lunkz

    Sure smashing an 600 € Smartphone for a 300 € one…

  • David Lettinga

    No one in there right mind would do this

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    hahaha….. One+ is insanely Fool…. It vl definitely make a negative impression for the brand !!! boycott this

  • Darren Gaspé

    Blasphemy!!!! Never would I harm my Honami I love it way to much

  • DooMLoRD

    This is just pathetic!

    why destroy such amazing devices?

    if you so wish please donate them to a developer… the user community will bless you!



  • Naranads

    lol.. as if I would trash my Sony phone for this cheap piece of crap..

  • Prateek Bhanushali


  • joseph carmine nero

    Sony way iam leaving for 1+1

  • Micro

    Oh my, are they really afraid of Xperias that much…? Good.. THEY SHOULD!

    I think I’m gonna buy this cheap shit and spectacularly torture it on front of a camera (to youtube the recorded document later). Like scratch it with everything I can find, sink it in a toilet, once dead smash it with my METAL Z1 until it break to tiny parts, and then maybe put it into a blender or something. No, this would be way too easy.. I’m looking for ideas now how to torture this crap..
    No, seriously, this is lame, pathetic and completely sick to advertise this way, no matter what they are about to sell and what to par with. Psychos..

  • MasterYoda

    in 1 year time 1+1 will not exist anymore, but i’m sure they will find pumpkins falling into the trap!

  • n.vier

    Only a retard would destroy a $600~ device for one that’s worth less and uses the same materials as Samsung. OnePlus one is second rate compared to Sony lmao, that ad isn’t gonna change anything.

  • xperia_forever

    xperia phones are waaaaayyy too premium and high-class to get smashed just for this new entrant. really, it’s not worth getting this one+, tbh.

  • Lucas Lam

    poor Samsung

  • theskig

    What about liquid nitrogen and then let it fall on the floor and break in a million pieces?
    Like T1000 in terminator 2!

  • Mac

    Can someone please give me a One plus One so I can drop it in the sea..
    fukkin reetz..

  • Micro

    yeah, definitely better than a blender to finish it off haha >:]

  • Legolas

    one plus one you suck…ok
    i wont buy your phone even if i have to damage my not working N8…so get lost from here…bloody $1…phone dats wat your standard is…

  • Micro

    agree, no phone should die this way, including Sammy.

    at least the idiots didn’t put any Nokia there, especially today.. :/
    [‘] Nokia, I will miss you..

  • Legolas

    one more thing…
    we will smash you and you will be past soon…one + 1 my foot….

  • Thiolo

    Why dont we do a video smashing oneplus one phone., well it cost less than our premium phone.,

  • Great

    You da man DooM!

  • afzal zainal

    For 16gb no sd slot = destroying my z1??? Nah…. If i can affort buying usd700 piece of device , for sure i can speed extra usd299 as my second phone without destroying my z1… :-)

  • FixMax

    5 Z1’s or 15 Z’s Ultra ? For what ? :-D
    I have bad feelings about using purposes :D
    —-Just joke.

  • Gabriel Franco

    dosen’t look like real this…

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Gosh, They are so desperate for some cheap attention.

  • Alfino Setya

    Are you kidding me? Destroy high-class devices to get an under-rated recycle plastic!? B*tch, please! Even a 4 years girl won’t do that!

  • Abdul Ghani

    They should have added Xperia s to destroy lol

  • cs098

    A nokia would destroy that machine :P

  • Toni Junior

    backed Doomlord!!!

  • Sadab Khan

    No Z1 Compact….. Even Oneplus knows that the set is too good. :p

  • Micro

    with only one 3310 we could tore this whole place apart lol
    sad day dude, sad day

  • Dan

    to smash my beautiful z, can’t have enough of this amazing phone, never i say never

  • Micro

    and the P910 too, it’s a smartphone after all, potentially dangerous..

  • Jase

    I put in an entry ( I have an Ultra) telling them how irresponsible and wasteful this type of stunt is. I’d recommend everyone do the same and flood their entries with bashing comments.

  • Alberto Cano

    if you are bent on getting the one+ then just sell your phone and purchase it…Some one smarter will enjoy a better phone and you will get up to 300 dollars in cash and an inferior unit.

  • Jase

    Doom – I posted in the Cyanogenmod forums about this, too. Exactly what you’re saying…these devices could be used by devs and Cyanogen is just as guilty if they condone this (as they are partnered with this company)…the community MADE THEM who they are today.

  • Mohammed Khired

    most of those who believed this actually are htc one (m7) owners…

    some of them thought this “oneplus”‘ device is htc one (m8) , not another “one”!

    it’s just plain stupid….”if”……….i ever wanted this “one” device……

    i’ll sell mine for 520 $ (xperia z1) and buy the 64gb for 400….and i’ll save 120$

    not by destroying and hoping to be “one” of the hundred who gonna claim the first hundred device of “one”..

  • kjmok

    No way Sony! Xperia Z is such a majestic phone that i dont even throw it onto my bed! Best looking phone ever made by human beings, only M7 can get close to the Z. The minute i see the first ‘smash the past’ video, i got so sick that i kissed my phone and said ‘im never gonna do that to you, not for any phone’ good job Sony in making me love the Z so much, that i dont even like Z1 nor Z2. Only disappointment is that you excluded tap2wake in 4.4. No problem, i shall just skip the update!

  • XtremeGamer0525

    This Is What I Think Of One+ One’s Latest Event….. (This Is Translate From Chinese Using Google Translate, Cause I Lazy Retype Them….. Hope You Guys Understand What I Wanna Say)

    The company designs and Idea with others, then ask someone to destroy the original phone. . .

    To accept less . . . The point is, it ‘s using a Sony 13MP Camera, also called the people to come smashed Xperia Z2. . .

    their mobile’s camera , he was sure can win the original ? ?

    Your LG Double Tap To Wake is first started , and then the same , you have to give it to those who called smashed . . .

    And his Speaker, took the iPhone ‘s design , I understand Xperia Z1 Speaker also get iPhone design. . . He then also as people smashed iPhone. . .

    Okay, if he says these Flagship slow over his cell phone , he will give users a chance to upgrade, I can accept that , the problem is , his cell phone running Snapdragon 801. . .

    Xperia Z2, HTC One M8, Galaxy S5 also Snapdragon 801. . .

    Then, Z2, M8 and S5 users, this may be a downgrade. . .

    First Camera, One + One only 13MP, Z2/Z1 is 21MP, M8 is a Dual 4 MP (Ultrapixel eh ? ? ) And S5 is 16MP, again a monster Lumia 1020 it has a 41MP camera , do you think these Camera win of a 13MP Camera? ?

    Second RAM, Z2 and One + One as 3GB Note 3 also ah. . .

    Third ROM, Z2 has Timescape UI, M8 has SenseUI, S5 has TouchWiz UI, you think these ROM bad? ? All are Android 4.4.2. . . .

    Fourth Sensor, you feel Flagship will be missing important Sensor do ? ? Some Flagship will be more redundant Sensor Oh !

    Fifth waterproof, smashed the Z series has to be waterproof . . . Then S5 is also waterproof ah. . . One + One waterproof ? ? No

    So, do not order One + to destroy residual brain Promotion 2014 HTC, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG ‘s Flagship machine, just to get their One + One machine . . .

  • Peter

    Basically, the company that claimed buying expensive smartphones is a waste of money – now encourages you to destroy your working, £500 smartphone, wasting the money you spent on it, labour of people who built it etc.

    You lost my respect 1+1. From a company that tried to at least look different – you went to another greedy and cocky firm. No thank you.

  • the most bullsh** thing i have ever seen !!!

  • Nikola Maruni?

    What idiot with Xperia Z/Z1 and especially Z2 would smash their device so they would get a cheaper phone?”

  • timothy chan

    It is not like the one plus one is magnet, water, fire and bullet proof… so what does this proof? smash the past and join the future?? This phone is at best on par with the current market, and in a few months time it will also be the past item…… what a bunch of arrogant fool , if i see that machine i might just go and get a one plus one and put it in there

  • rikimaru

    Smash a Z2 Z1 Z1s Zultra for this one plus make no sens !

  • rikimaru

    Yes you are right, but I guess this terrible thing will be the easiest way to make people hear about this One +…

  • P9

    thanks. anyway we will never do this ever. <3 SONY for life. :)

  • Keyvan Ghanbary

    Xperia Z2!!!…It’s like smash your Ferrari then I’ll give u a KIA for 1$ lol

  • timothy chan

    it’d be actually funny if the current mobile giant join hand and do the same thing to this phone…. this is way to easy to pull off by company that has backup principle…. although i don’t want to see this….. this might as well teach them a lesson

  • timothy chan

    i wouldn’t even smash a samsung for this….

  • andost

    don’t worry, i signed up with my Samsung S3 ;)

  • arcwindz

    They neglect zl… My phone… It hurts (T.T)

  • TechGuyChris

    Eh no reason for me to do that anyhow. Sony lost me to Nokia. I got the nokia lumia 1020 cause they were taking to long to bring the Xperia Z2 to the US. My Xperia ion was in dire need of an upgrade. kept crashing and getting slower. Plus they wouldn’t squash rumors saying it was an exclusive to Verizon so I just bought the 1020 and I have to say I love it! Windows Phone is under rated. I might however trade this in for A Sony Windows Phone if it comes out this summer if they can keep that promise!

  • Legolas

    its neglected from birth thats why i sold mine and now waiting for Z2

  • JHMBB2

    Destroy your 700 dollar device for a cheap phone? Wait-what? If it’s so cheap then you shouldn’t have to resort to such low levels.

    Low-blow in my opinion, loss of any respect they may have gotten.

  • abc

    Smash OnePlusOne after one day use

  • Jerry Berglund

    I dont know why we even have to do that. If its not broken sell it or something. OnePlus condone a really bad mentally. This thing is just bad buisness I think.

  • Mehdi Moghimi


    juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust Z

  • StraightEdgeNexus

    Right now i can destroy a lumia comic book for this beautiful 1+1. I can easily destroy nokia 1520 because i’m enraged and all fired up by these annoying nokia/wp fanboys.

  • Deveron

    “You should smash your phone”

    -OnePlus FAQ

  • Gabriel V.

    But I love Xperia, and I don’t even have a high end device but Xperia SP is so amazing. Lol, only 100 ‘lucky winners’. I think their marketing branch is led by a monkey. I really wanted to see this phone but that’s a bad first impression they made. My opinion…

  • Tutzu

    Any news on a rooting method for z1 KitKat without going back to 4.3?

  • karamelakimo

    i drop my sony Z in trash???
    it’s a hell..fuck to everyone say that

  • Bob

    Yay!! I’m gonna trash my brand new Z2 for a crappy chinese plastic smartphone with no company history… NOT! If anyone had the brains to buy the Z2 over the S5 and HTC One, they’d also have the brains to realise that the Oneplus One is a bit of a joke. It can’t even compete with Sony.

    So back off Oneplus!!

  • Luís Alberto Pérez

    I couldn’t smash my beautiful Z. I’m so happy with it. And we are close to get KK update.

  • Akuma

    why is Sony getting so emotional over this One+?

  • ryanmelendez93

    Cheap? A Snapdragon 801, 3GB RAM, 1080P Screen, and 13MP Camera? Cheap??? Samsung makes you pay almost $600 for those specs, and the OnePlus One has them for $299…. I hope you meant cheap in the good way, because its an awesome phone

  • ryanmelendez93

    more features, less price, but you’re so attached to your expensive xperia phones. Jealous? that premium specs can be found for such a little cost, and have more developer friendliness than Sony?

  • ryanmelendez93

    People seem to be jealous that the OnePlus One has similar specs to the high end phones, at a dirt cheap price. 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 801, 13MP camera, 1080P screen That’s not cheap, and if you think it is, you have mental issues, and perhaps are spoiled. Don’t be jealous because now people with less money can get the same specs as your high end superphones like the Z1 (but with plastic instead of glass) for a fraction of the price! SAMSUNG uses plastic and nobody seems to complain. I think the ad is cool. I wouldn’t trade my Xperia Z for it though, but its still cool

  • sddsf

    Because hardware isn’t everything. IMO stock-android/Cynagenmod is just not-done for the consumers, yet. Xperia UI is the best android-skin at this moment.

  • sdf

    I would buy a dummie phone and kill it. Don’t be stupid! These phones are worth money…

  • Umar Khan

    awwww dont worry Sony I would never trash you ….. XZ is my cute baby till i get XZ2

  • Kris

    What he meant is, that nobody is such an idiot to pay 600$ for a brand new Xperia Z2 (which in most countries is not available yet), just to destroy it after a few days and get a plastic phone with same or less good specs worth just half the price. Or would you pay for something just to get something else worth half of it in return? Think about it…

  • ryanmelendez93

    It might be for people who get phones at subsidized prices. For example, in the US, the Xperia Z1s is cheaper because its subsidized, as opposed to other regions which make people pay full price for the phone.

  • Kris

    It has not much to do with jealousy. It’s more that it is just foolish if you recently bought a 600$ device like Z2 just to destroy it, to get a $300 device in return. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay if the 1+1 is sold for a fair market value and I’m fully aware that we pay for example $100 more just for the sony logo on our devices and the company design. But from the financial and mental health point of view it’s just stupid to participate in such a marketing gag. The only person who wins, is the management of 1+1, which only lost 30’000$ for marketing purposes. All other persons can flash Cyanogenmod later on the rooted devices anyway and customize it to look exactly the same.

  • Kris

    $3000 (300×100) :) Maybe even less than that. My bad…

  • boyq

    PATHETIC. They are being cheap both literally and as a company itself.

  • HardyHarHar

    Seriously? lol! How about we do it the other way around? Let’s buy a oneplus one phone destroy it in from of Sony and we’ll get a discount when buying Z2 or any new flagships? :D Sony please hear us lol!

  • Ruub

    300 is cheap, stfu and live on

  • xperiaDROID

    How about you go smash yourself, OnePlus? Hell no, I’m not gonna smash my lovely Xperia Z for your One, what a dumb marketing. If you wanna compete with the big bros like Sony, LG, Samsung, you must be serious, not playing kiddy games like this, you can’t even win Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi. How pathetic.

  • xperiaDROID

    Praise the Lord!

  • Christian

    It’s really not about jealousy. The thought sickens me that phones you spend your hard-earned money on (what-ever brand that is), and that people from the manufacturer labor to make it, and you’re just going to “smash” it to get another phone.

    And as I’ve seen from the videos uploaded by idiots, they don’t dispose their trash properly.

    It’s not jealousy. If asked if I want to get a OnePlus One, I think I will. But not to the expense of my Xperia (or any other phone for that matter).

  • Michael Hernandez

    Smash yourself, OnePlus!!! Never i’ll smash my Z1 for your “Onecrap one”.

  • Michael Hernandez

    ……and hate about this One +……

  • doraemonboi

    I would rather smash One Plus One crap to get Z2 for 1 bucks.

  • Night of Xperia Z

    Quite silly this question,
    Who will trash our “BEST DEVICE” for a stupid fking rubbish phone??

  • Silverwagon

    Who would…

  • You also need to know that you need to be invited to buy the OnePlus One right?

  • Sadman Khan

    If you have an unlocked bootloader there is a root method where you flash a custom kernel, root and then flash the stock kernel again.

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    This is a very childish way of getting marketting attention.. Sure, the phone itself is great with great specs, but asking someone to smash their phone? Pfft. This is just pure stupid.

    And one thing, I’m not smashing my waterproof phone for a less premium phone.

  • Yasir Fawad

    Those who will be doing it, should be dumb, goof. In case you want a one plus one, sell your Xperia Z1, the resell value will be more than of the new one plus one, save urself a few bucks by reseling and buy the oneplus, if you dearly want it.

  • Weehaaw

    I own a xperia z and a Kia sportage! Both great machines! But yeah, aint NO ferrari.

  • kevin

    1)I think one of the main reasons it is cheap is because it is a new company that has no history, they only wanted to make people believe they made a cheap phone with high specs only because they wanted to but like all the new companies they won’t be putting a phone to a high price.
    2)It’s not jealousy, if people wanted the cheaper phone with the highest specs I don’t think we would be buying Xperia phones or any other brand we choose phones because we likebthem also because of specs but more about we like them

  • one12seven

    This is just for promotion, to make noise nothing more. But give it to oneplus one it has verry good spec for a price.

  • There must be some reason why samsung and sony charge 600$ ,1+ might be using some cheap components which might go down within few months usage,we must wait till it is put through use before judging a mobile

  • Jeff Martinez

    Even though the Z1 Compact isn’t listed (thank goodness) I wouldn’t trade it even if they paid me. Seriously. I’m not knocking the Oppo by no means, I’m just tired of phablet peaking phones.

  • well, i have a nokia 3310

  • Alessandro Romano

    There is no way you can get me to do this. My xperia Z is a trusty companion every day and I’m so attached. Then I can’t imagine someone passing from a global historical trusty brand like SOny to a new-born marketing-addicted new unknown brand.

  • Wouter Heijligen

    There are people who already have a broken Xperia Z or other device (broken screen for example) those can just smash it for a 1+ in my opinion :p but it’s still there own choice :D

  • roajah

    The z series is not quite the past.. I think of it as being the future of Sony.
    I’d rather keep the sweet past with me than trash it for some unknown cheap future.

  • Sumo

    The questions is the One Plus worth it? Look at your Xperia Device and you’ll automatically have a definitive answer comrades! :)

    However, if you have a Samsunk and a Apple, then go ahead and e creative! XD

  • Tutzu

    How about locked?

  • EowynCarter

    What ??
    I went from xperia sola to nexus 4. And I love stock android, does what needs to be done, no broken stuff… No crapy timescape, no forced facebook.
    And, the only phone that is still left un-rooted, because it actually works without having to try and fix stuff yourself!

  • RememberMe

    Hehe, smashing your $800 USD smartphone for a $299 USD one. It’ll take a genius to figure that out.

  • grav1ty

    i just read fanboy comments here. Yes, it’s a blog full of fanboys okay, but you also could answer in an objetive way. The point is not to sacrifice a Sony Phone, the point is, that it is not “okay” to destroy any phone to get a new one. This is Bullshit. But ppl just say “oh my god noo way my xperia, oh my xperia IM IN LOVE with xperia”

    How deep is your head in Sony’s ass ? Sry for that but, you guys dont get the point.
    As a Sony user with several Sony products i have to say that 1+one is a really awesome phone. Why cant you give a neutral opinion ? WHY?

    You ever looked at the speccs ? It is on the same level with Z2. Okay, it has no metal frame or glass-back, but then you have to look at the price.
    Sry but, most of you guys are just ass-kisser. 1+One is an amazing Phone and with his price it cant be beaten. The only stupid thing is, that they want you to destroy a flagship to be able to purchase it. THIS is the only bullshit.

  • Sture Karlsson

    Alot of the money goes to customer support, warranty repairs, different repair centers, future updates – and all the employees etc. Also depending on which company (samsung spends alot on this) Promotions, advertising, carrier-deals and more promotions.

    1+1 doesn’t spend alot on promoting.Cyanogenmod is updating the device (so cost is less on this) As far as I recall they only have a few repair centers (so if it has defects from warranty don’t expect a 2day repair) + you have to ship it yourself. Yeah with this phone all you get is the phone pretty much. If it breaks there’s not much you can do.

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  • Coelacanth

    No, it’s like destroy your Lamborghini Aventador and I’ll give you a ’99 Toyota Corolla for $1 :-D

  • Sadman Khan

    If it’s locked, then it involves downgrading

  • reDalerT

    dude… which part of “at this moment” did you not understand about timescape? just had to say it cos it’s been a long time since i heard that name lol.

  • EowynCarter

    I don’t think the Xperia UI have evolved much since then right ?
    Facebook integration still there right ?

    And that’s the point, i want a phone that LAST, that will work for 2-3 years without functionality being broken. I would still be using my sola had sony provided decent software….

  • Ziich

    just sell your phone and put it towards buying the one if you want it. you should be able to get 300 for the z and more for the newer ones

  • khan

    This is totally insane. May be afraid of xperia’s.
    I would never destroy my z1 for any new that too unfamiliar brand phone.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Why the hell would i TRASH MY XPERIA Z1 for something i won’t get. ONE PLUS are a bunch of fools and there are a lot of dumb asses will break their phone for a half off. just pay full price of the phone u idiots

  • InspectorGadget80

    exactly my point. now a bunch of dumb asses making videos trash their phone and never received their ONE PLUS.

  • rikimaru

    we are alrigt, better sell it to some one and then buy the one you really like.

  • LancerEX

    But Sony doesn’t force you to use Facebook integration, right?

  • HikaruKaze

    Try the Xperia Z family and comment again

  • EowynCarter

    You can’t uninstal Facebook… Annoying as hell.

  • EowynCarter

    Sorry, sony lost its chance. Just like HTC did.

    low – middle end sometimes are the fist impression one have of a manufacturer.
    That sad there are a lot of good ideas.
    I had my nexus 4 for almost a year, and still don’t feel like trashing it. Next pone is more likely to be a nexus than Xperia,
    Sola was trouble all over again, my Nexus hardly posed me any problem.

  • John Kingston

    GUYS in other words it only destroys SAMSUNG’s phone . ..

  • cherry

    so onePlus one is $300 & Z2 is $600. 1+1=2. seems legit enough.

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